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Which Clean Cut Athletes are Tiger Woodsing It Up?

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  • Which Clean Cut Athletes are Tiger Woodsing It Up?

    The thing that really surprised me the most about Tiger and his ladies is that he is one of the cleanest cut athletes out there. The only person who I think can compete with him is Peyton Manning.

    That brings up a questions...which clean cut/boy next door athletes do you think are really messing around with the ladies? They don't have to be married or having affairs...just need to be a "clean cut man $lut"

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    I've got a porno stache right now, but back in my shaven days I was known to skank it up.
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      Aside from Peyton Manning, the only other "wholesome" sports player I can think of is Tim Duncan.


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        Tim Tebow is a ho fa sho.
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          I'll second Tim Tebow.

          Also, Marvin Harrison, but we all figured that out a couple years ago. Not with affairs, but trying to kill someone kinda ruined his rep.

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            I bet Cal Ripken wa a PIMP
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            Just let it go RWO.
            We as Ravens fans are clearly scum of the earth, and should just be happy that these great people, who cheer for nothing than the finest, morally impeccable players, playing on the finest, most morally impeccable teams, will grace us with their presence, and words of wisdom.

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              How about Eli Manning?

              Derek Jeter has been known to tap some of the finest booty


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                Eli Manning is married and had the same GF since college.

                Derek Jeter just got engaged but he's been over every woman imaginable.

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                  Well we already know the report of him hitting his girlfriend but I think Larry Fitzgerald is generally thought of as a clean cut athlete. Also I imagine Tiki Barber is quite the staple at NYC *** clubs.

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                    Barry Bonds had a GF stashed here in San Jose the whole time he was playing for the Giants, it all came out in the Balco scandal. Extramarital GFs & baseball groupies were status symbols among MLB players for decades..... there's A-Rod, but it wasn't his fault he was chicken-hawked by Madonna. She might have been the STD source too, she's a cougary skank. Wade Boggs had I think a very expensive divorce b/c of these road game hotel orgies he & the MLB other players had, somebody kissed & told. That's why he does those hair restoration ads now, he has bigtime alimony. Mark McGuire did way too many roids to cheat, couldn't get it up anymore. But he had a famous divorce that may have involved adultery in his early career with the Oakland A's.


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                      If it's true, then Wade Boggs is my favorite Red Sox player now.



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