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  • Favorite Animated Series Characters Thread

    List your faves from animated TV series, & why with personal comments.

    I'll go 1st:

    South Park: Butters. Hands down, best naif on TV, also loving his alter-ego Captain Chaos.

    The Simpsons: Sideshow Bob. Villainous & *** as a maypole, but who else can do all the lyrics to Gilbert & Sullivan operettas? Love the hair & bone in his nose. Runners-up -- Montgomery Burns, Krusty the Clown, Jeff Albertson the Comic Book Guy (Proprietor of The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop), Otto Man the stoner schoolbus driver who announced at an AA meeting "My name is Otto & I love to get blotto!"

    Peanuts: Schroeder. The child prodigy who always rebuffs Lucy the ballbuster; I have a 3-in. vinyl figure of him at his piano. Schroeder's Theme is the music played at the intro to all the Peanuts specials. Runners-up: Snoopy, the unseen schoolteacher with trombone wah-wah voice.

    Archer: Sterling Archer himself, when your mother is also your mgr, there's that Oedi-pull in every episode. Props too for Carol the erotic asphyxiation **** secretary.

    Rocky & Bullwinkle: Boris & Natasha the inept Commie spies. Runnerup: Bullwinkle as Mr. Knowitall.

    Your turn.....

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    Anyone who enjoys Archer should check out Frisky Dingo. Very similar feel as Archer with characters that are fantastic.

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      Haha! Dangly Parts.
      Such a great show. I miss it so.

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        This prick.

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          Xander Crews!

          Randy Marsh!

          Derek 'Stormy' Waters!


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            Stormy, Randy, and Archer are all good.

            But I'd probably have to go with


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              Get it together people.


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                Old school giant robot anime ftw


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                  Old days


                  Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
                  I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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                    Originally posted by JordanTaber
          's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                      And its not even close.

                      Other shout-outs:
                      Eugene from Hey Arnold - He was the super geek that got picked on all the time but Eugene is my real name and I was kind of a geek so...
                      Tommy and Chucky from Rugrats - what's not to like?
                      Michelangelo - who doesn't love the party dude from TMNT?
                      Squirtle - best Pokemon ever.
                      Tien and Chiaotzu - in the early stages of Dragon Ball they were badass and Tien never really stopped being relevant. Chiaotzu's self-sacrifice against Nappa and Tien's Tri-Beam against Cell were two of the greatest moments of DBZ, even though both efforts ended up being futile.
                      Do R2-D2 and Obiwan Kenobi count since they are in the Clone Wars cartoons?

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                        Rusty Shackleford aka Dale Gribble

                        My favorite anime character is Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

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                          Grizzlegom, your freaking awesome. Although i do have to say that Gohan was nasty in Dragon Ball Z, Goku always got the spotlight and is overrated


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                            Futurama had too many good ones. I nominate

                            Will also mention:

                            Sven Hoek - Ren & Stimpy

                            The Kid with the Helmet - Clerks: The Animated Series

                            Duke Phillips - The Critic - it's nothing short of a Duketastrophe that he hasn't been mentioned yet. And yes, I use the word duketastrophe all the time.


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