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Flood is def a word for me

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  • Flood is def a word for me

    So for those that don't know I'm from QLD, we're getting flooded at the moment, worst in fact in the last 120 years. Probably the worst in history.

    This has some pics and videos.

    To put this in perspective I've got this picture:

    The other picture was taken from the bottom of my street about 10 mins ago, not 3 and a half hours till the rivers peak, i.e. 3.5 hours till **** gets real. We've got a good couple of meters to buffer us against the expected rise, but it's going to be close, real close.

    For now I and my family have done all we can to be prepared to bug out, so I'm killing time by posting this.

    Just want to stress too, they're systematically cutting power in QLD to keep people safe so they may cut power to this area soon which means I won't be able to update, so if you guys don't hear from me for a while, don't worry it'll just mean I can't post, not that I'm incapacitated.

    Donate here if you want to:

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    Good luck man. Stay safe.

    Got stranded at my house for two days last year without power after our flood. Couldn't go anywhere. Best way to kill time is just read.
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      I've got a boat. Drew and I can come save you if you need it.

      It'll probably take a few days tho...
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        good luck man, im dutch, i know flooding

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          Kinda glad I'm in Sydney right about now.


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            Power is still on thankfully but I doubt for much longer, water levels are rising, since I posted that picture that blue and white sign in the distance is almost fully under water.


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              Good luck man. I was in a hurricane during the summer and huge chunks of the city were flooded. Power was cut, and my family and I had to improvise to keep the water contained and prevent flooding.

              Some suggestions:

              Stay alert, always have someone awake, get as many empty containers as you can, and put all essentials in a place you know they'll be safe.

              Best of luck to you, and I hope you suffer as little damage as possible.

              Props to clover_jeez!


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                Be safe, man.

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                  Hope everything works out well for you and everyone else there.


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                    get a boat. Solution to any flood.

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                      Hey, good luck man. That's pretty crazy stuff. Say dry and safe.

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                        You have really thin cars.


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              's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                          stay safe yo.

                          (I was honestly confused because of australia for a minute)


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                            stay safe my man


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                              I've heard about what's been going on down there, absolutely unreal, and maybe some of the worst flooding in the history of your area (I can't see how it isn't honestly). Stay safe and hopefully you'll come back to a dry home.
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