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Where would you turn if all your favorite sports teams in your town moved away?

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  • Where would you turn if all your favorite sports teams in your town moved away?

    Here's my question: If all the professional AND college sports teams moved away from your city, would you follow them to their new location and remain a fan, or adopt a new team? Which teams would you adopt?

    For me, I'd follow my old teams but adopt these new ones

    MLB: Baltimore Orioles - Love their colors, love some of their players, The Wire

    NBA: Toronto Raptors - Because they don't get enough love, and I like Canada.

    NHL: St. Louis Blues - Oshie, Backes, Al MacInnis was my hockey idol

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs - Been to one game at Arrowhead when I was 12 and it was ridiculous. Love the atmosphere at their stadium. Not that far away. Not the Packers, Bears or Lions

    NCAAF (if Miami and Minnesota both disbanded their footall programs): Penn State - Joe Paterno, plain/clean jerseys

    NCAAB(If Minnesota and Miami both disbanded their basketball programs): This is the one that I would have the most problem with. I have no idea. I guess Syracuse. Gotta love the zone.
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    MLB- Diamondbacks, i like their logos

    NFL- Seahawks, Shaun Alexander was the ****

    NBA- Heat, all hail King Lebron

    NHL- lol


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      NBA - I don't care about basketball
      MLB - I follow the Cardinals and don't have a home team so I'm safe
      NHL - nope
      NFL - I don't know what I'd do. Probably just become a fan of players I like and therefore their teams, so I guess I'd be a Lions and Ravens fan.


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        It's really just a matter of the Bills and Sabres for me. I try never to think about the Bills situation because... yeah. But if I had to go for another team, it'd probably be either Arizona or Green Bay. Maybe Seattle because my best friend is already a huge fan. All would be very difficult to actually get to a game, though.

        I'm already a pretty big fan of the Nashville Predators, so if anything ever happened to the Sabres I would turn to them.


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          If the Vikings move (And this is a real possibility), I'd still follow them, even in LA.
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            If all the Ohio teams left. I only root for teams that are aleast in driving distance of where i live so i can go see them. I guess even though i would hate myself i would guess if i followed my rules i would have to root for all Pittsburgh teams.

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              I'd probably turn to crack because I can't root for teams other than my own, mainly because how much Boston sports teams are hated by other teams.


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                I'd hit the bottle... hard.

                If either the Eagles or Phils left I'd have to stick with em. If they would go away completely, I honestly don't know what I'd do. I can't think of any FNL team I could pick to replace them, As for the Phils, that'd be tough too, I think I'd be a Red Sox Fan, they're my AL team I liek the most, and since I already hate the Yankees, I think they'd welcome me. If Penn State were to disappear, I'd follow Temple and Mizzou closely. I don't care as much for hockey, but I guess I'd be a Penguins or Sabres fan. Basketball I don't care about anyway, so it doesn't matter.
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                  I'd still follow all of my teams to whatever city they moved to.


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                    I'd finally be able to work on my doctorate.

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                      NHL - I guess the Dallas Stars, got no problems with them, plus I have this mini hockey stick blade thing that you attach to a pencil with the Stars logo on it.

                      NFL - Lions, I've always liked them, plus they have my favourite coach in the league.

                      MLB - I'd become a Marlins fan, no reason really.

                      NBA - Thunder, love Durant and the young team they have.

                      NCAA - Miami Hurricanes


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                        I live 3 hours away from Green Bay, and about 7-8 hours away from any other professional sports team. I think it's safe to say I don't have much local loyalty. I'd continue to cheer for the Celtics, Red Wings and Braves, and I guess I'd cheer for the Lions if the Packers didn't exist.


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                          NFL: Probably the Ravens or Steelers. Whichever one plays tougher D and gives the finger to Goodell more.

                          NBA: Trailblazers. Already a semi-fan of them.

                          MLB: Probably would stop following. Maybe the Royals.

                          NHL: No reason to follow if its not the Wings.
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                            I would follow my teams but if they were dispanded all together;

                            NFL: Washington Reskins- (Santana Moss is my favorite player in the league)
                            MLB: I guess the Chicago Cubs.
                            NBA: I liked the Nets back in the day when they had RJ and Kenyon.
                            NHL: No problem going from the Devils to the Rangers. I don't really follow the NHL much anyways.
                            NCAAF: Either SCAR or Michigan.
                            NCAAB: Miami Hurricanes. (I'm a St. John's fan)

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                              follow them in their new town




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