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  • Originally posted by fenikz View Post
    It's unknown sometimes there is more than 1 evil entity, like in the werewolf game there was a zombie
    Why do you have to bring up old ****?

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    • Yeah, but it's normal to do that. Most of us would have even if IBC hadn't. I didn't even notice who said it. I agree ATL is a little suspicious, but until we truly find suspect I like my logic. I'll change mine when someone else deems themselves suspicious. I've changed it three times now so I'm gonna sit and wait.

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      • Last game Caddy ran it was 1/4 mafia.. We also had 13 less people.

        I defended myself as to why I voted no lynch... I also maintain that unless someone can provide a decent enough argument that makes me question someone I will stick with my no lynch vote.


        • Just realized how many votes it's gonna take to lynch someone


          • Originally posted by fenikz View Post
            Just realized how many votes it's gonna take to lynch someone
            Yeah, it's going to take a metric **** ton.

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            • Actually, 17.


              • I just got the PM that the game was started. I don't really have time to catch up right now, but I will tomorrow at work.


                • Unless someone comes forth with any evidence they got from their powers the decision should be no lynch. If no one can come up with anything other than just random speculation we might as well not do the mafia's job for them by making the mistake of killing one of our own. Further more, if we do end up randomly getting a mafia goon, it would be without any relation to anyone else and wouldn't be super beneficial with the odds most likely stacked against us shooting in the dark. If someone comes forward with information from one of their abilities, we'll know the next day whether they were teling the truth or not. Really this isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be whenever something like this starts.

                  VOTE: No Lynch

                  Originally posted by WMD
                  Jesse realizing Walt was Santa Claus could really shake things up.
                  Originally posted by gpngc
                  I don't know how old you are, but if you can get to 24/25 without getting arrested or killed, you've done well for yourself lol.


                  • I've made up my decision that it's not worth risking 2 innocent lives with random killings based off of no evidence. For now...

                    vote: no LYNCH
                    Last edited by Caddy; 02-21-2012, 12:50 AM.
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                    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


                    • I'll vote no lynch as well, but we better get some evidence tomorrow or we're just doing the Mafias job for them.

                      vote : no lynch

                      edit: typos, on stupid phone

                      Originally posted by fenikz
                      His soft D really turns me off
                      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


                      • Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
                        I just got the PM that the game was started. I don't really have time to catch up right now, but I will tomorrow at work.
                        I'm in this boat. Spent the whole day turning wrenches.

                        But I really do need to catch up on everything. So tomorrow at work i'll get to it.

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                        Originally posted by TitanHope
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                        • What the hell guys ?!

                          DEEP is bad i know it. bad bad bad.



                          • Someone is nervous talking.

                            VOTE SHANE


                            • I see no convincing arguments

                              Vote: NO LYNCH


                              • Seeing as how there is no evidence,

                                vote: No Lynch

                                Props to clover_jeez!



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