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Don Vito 05-16-2009 04:08 PM

2009 All-AFC East Team
Just saw the AFCN do one and I think the East could stack up with them. They included backups so I'll do the same.

QB: Tom Brady-Chad Pennington
RB: Marshawn Lynch-Ronnie Brown-Thomas Jones
FB: Tony Richardson-Lousaka Polite
WR: Randy Moss-Wes Welker
WR: Terrell Owens-Lee Evans
TE: Dustin Keller-Anthony Fasano
LT: Matt Light-D'Brickashaw Ferguson
LG: Alan Faneca-Justin Smiley
C: Nick Mangold-Dan Koppen
RG: Logan Mankins-Damien Woody
RT: Jake Long-Vernon Carey

Other guys to consider: Trent Edwards (QB), Fred Taylor (RB), Roscoe Parrish (WR-RS), Jerico Cotchery (WR), Ted Ginn Jr. (WR), Alex Smith (TE), Langston Walker (OL), Jake Grove (OL)

DE: Richard Seymour-Marcus Stroud
NT: Vince Wilfork-Kris Jenkins
DE: Ty Warren-Shaun Ellis
OLB: Joey Porter-Aaron Schoebel
ILB: Jerod Mayo-Bart Scott
ILB: David Harris-Channing Crowder
OLB: Adailus Thomas-Calvin Pace
CB: Darrell Revis-Will Allen
CB: Terrence McGee-Leigh Bodden
FS: Gibril Wilson-Brandon Meriweather
SS: Kerry Rhodes-Donte Whitner

Other guys to consider: Phillip Merling (DE), Paul Posluszny (ILB), Jason Taylor (OLB), Bryan Thomas (OLB), Vontae Davis (CB), Shawn Springs (CB), Yeremiah Bell (SS), Jim Leohnard (SS)

K: Stephen Gostkowski
P: Brian Moorman
KR: Leon Washington-Leodis McKelvin
PR: Roscoe Parrish


I'm going to start with the offensive line. I put Light in over Ferguson at LT because he is more consistent and well-rounded, but Ferguson could get the nod at LT because all of the passing we would be doing. However, I think this team would have the ability to pound the ball in the running game so I ultimately think Light would be the best bet. Long would be a stud at RT and I was contemplating putting him at LT and starting Carey at RT. Having Light, Long, Carey, and Ferguson as tackles would be great. At guard, Faneca and Mankins would be a beastly tandem with Mangold at center between them. Woody and Bill's rookie Eric Wood would be great interior OL depth guys with versatility and Justin Smiley would be a nice backup guard. This OL would be incredible and would give Brady great protection, plus the East would be able to pound the ball on the ground at will.

The passing game would be nuts with Brady having a ton of talented receivers as well as some TE's who can make an impact in the passing game. The RB's are all guys who can make plays as receivers, too. We would probably use a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets with Moss, TO, Welker, and Evans. Outside of those guys, there would be the reliable Jerico Cotchery and two guys who can be gamebreakers in Parrish and Ginn. Dustin Keller will be a dynamic pass catching TE, Fasano is very tough and can block as well as catch, and I think I would put newcomer Alex Smith over Ben Watson as the #3 TE. Smith is an athletic guy who can catch and block, but Watson could still see some snaps.

The running game would be great. That OL is big and nasty, some of the best run blocker in the NFL would be leading the way for some very talented backs like Marshawn Lynch, Ronnie Brown, and Thomas Jones. Those are all big backs with some serious speed, and all of them can also catch the ball out of the backfield. On third downs, Kevin Faulk and Leon Washington would be able to do some damage out of the backfield too. Faulk is also a good blocker. Fred Taylor is older, but he is still skilled and could do well behind such a nasty OL. Richardson is old at FB but he is experienced and has always paved the way for great running games. Polite would be a solid #2 FB.


We would use a 3-4 since that is what this division primarily runs. At NT, Wilfork and Jenkins would anchor the defense. The ends would be Seymour, Warren, Stroud, and Ellis which would be absolutely nuts. Phillip Merling was a rookie last year but he could be another 3-4 end. If we decided to go with 4 linemen on passing downs, Stroud and Seymour could shift inside to DT and Schoebel, Adailus, Porter, Jason Taylor, or Pace could line up at end. The DL that the East would put out there would be no joke.

Behind those big NT's, the East would have a very skilled group of ILB's. Jerod Mayo, Bart Scott, David Harris, and Channing Crowder would be a very intimidating middle of the defense. All of these guys have the ability to play 3 downs, but Scott and Harris would be the thumpers of this group for sure. Harris is a force in the running game and is always around the ball, and Bart Scott is a very intimidating presence who delivers bone rattling hits. Mayo can play the run but is very good in coverage too. Crowder is another very intimidating, tough ILB. That would be a very nasty ILB corps. As for DE/OLBs, we would have some top talent there too with Adailus Thomas, Joey Porter, Aaron Schoebel, Jason Taylor, and Calvin Pace. All of those guys have made a living getting to QB's but can also play the run. It would be hard trying to figure out how you get all of these LBs onto the field, which is not a bad problem to have.

At corner, Darrell Revis would lead the group. Revis is quickly becoming one of the best in the NFL. Terrence McGee is one of the more underrated players in the league, he is a playmaker. Will Allen had a very good year for Miami last year, and he would be the nickel guy. There would be some other guys who could get thrown into the mix, including new Pats accquisitions Shawn Springs and Leigh Bodden as well as Dolphin's rookies Vontae Davis and Sean Smith (could also play safety). Kerry Rhodes would play SS with Gibril Wilson playing free, a very solid safety duo. What would make the East secondary special is the depth here. Brandon Meriweather and Donte Whitner are both super talented young DBs who can play anywhere in the secondary, which would be very helpful. Yeremiah Bell would also be a great depth guy at SS as would be new Jet Jim Leonard.


The East would boast Gostkowski and Moorman, who are among the games best at their positions. There would be some very explosive return men in Leon Washington, Roscoe Parrish, Leodis McKelvin, Ted Ginn Jr., and Terrence McGee.

Overall, I think this team could measure up with any other all-division team. The offense would be a force and the defense is very talented and deep.

AntoinCD 05-16-2009 05:48 PM

I would love to see any team even attempt to run on that defense. That front 3 with a rotation of Stroud, Ellis and Jenkins and I would also put Merling and Jarvis Green would be absolutely awesome. A few things I have to say about the team there though. Firstly at FS I would be more inclined to play Merriweather than Wilson. While he is still developing, Merriweather makes far more impact plays than Wilson and his hands are getting better. Secondly, with all the receivers in the East I think you would see a lot of three and four receiver sets and the scheme would be very similar to the Patriots of '07. In that case I would have D'Brick over Matt Light as he is a superior pass blocker. Also, and I really am just spliting hairs here but I would have Jason Taylor as a reserve over Schoebel simply because I don't think he can play OLB and Taylor can still offer a lot in a pass rushing mode.

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