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Maybe Next Year Millen2 06-01-2009 06:05 PM

Breaks of the Schedule/Season
Didn't know if thus was a good idea or not but I thought it would be fun to have a reference point to see the breaks of the schedule for each team. For instance, to post major injuries/players that miss a game against one North team but play against another team during the season and note when your players get injured during games. Just too see how quickly things can change with our opponents during the season and then discuss the implications/have a quick reference of all the injuries.

I'll start it off with the bye breaks/short/long weeks.

Play after their bye week: GB bye: Home vs Detroit
Min bye: Home vs Detroit
Chi bye : Away vs Atlanta
Det bye: Home vs St Louis

Byes are good for all but GB/Min probably want a better opponent to have 2 weeks to prepare for but Detroit does have 11 new starters so it should help. Really stinks for Detroit on the road twice. Really good for Chicago to prepare for Atlanta.

Teams coming off a bye week:
Detroit: play at GB and at Min off byes
GB: play at Tampa after their bye
Chicago/Min: No opponents with byes

Tampa seeminly an easier a game becomes a little tougher on the road and after a bye for GB. Chi/Min catch a break with no byes and for Detroit it makes at Min/at GB that much tougher.

Chicago will have a short week to prepare for at San Fran and then longer to prepare for Philly(home). Green Bay is then short to prepare for the second at Detroit game and then longer to prepare for Baltimore(home). Short week for Detroit again on Thanksgiving vs GB and then longer to prepare for at Cincy.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 06-01-2009 06:10 PM

Suspension breaks TBD:


Kevin and Pat Williams against at Cleveland, at Detroit, San Fran and Green Bay. Possible huge break for all the opponents including two division games. Makes three should wins for Minnesota into tougher games and then Green Bay at home very very tough.

Grady Jackson: at New Orleans, Minnesota,Washington, at Chicago
If Williams gone so is Grady. Minnesota/NO loses on that break more, but Chicago/Washington gain for sure getting to face Chuck Darby/Sammie Lee Hill at nose.

Will Smith and Charles Grant: Week 1 for Detroit at NO. Need all the breaks we can when facing Drew Brees.

Johnny Jolly?: Whats the deal with hiim?

Yatta! 06-01-2009 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Maybe Next Year Millen2 (Post 1683358)
Johnny Jolly?: Whats the deal with hiim?

His situation is really still up in the air, he's due in court later over the summer I believe. Even if he is suspended, it might not be as big a loss as it could have been with Raji likely playing some DE and dare I say the possible emergence of a healthy Justin Harrell.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 06-01-2009 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by Yatta! (Post 1683376)
His situation is really still up in the air, he's due in court later over the summer I believe. Even if he is suspended, it might not be as big a loss as it could have been with Raji likely playing some DE and dare I say the possible emergence of a healthy Justin Harrell.

Yes the 3-4 and Raji definitily minimizes the loss if any with Jolly. Raji and Pickett shoud be just fine at the nose maybe some usual rookie lumps maybe not, Jenkins has one end locked down and then Harrell gets his big chance and thats interesting that Raji could move over and play end some with Pickett at the nose. Kind of like what Ngata does in Baltimore.

Addict 06-04-2009 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by Yatta! (Post 1683376)
His situation is really still up in the air, he's due in court later over the summer I believe. Even if he is suspended, it might not be as big a loss as it could have been with Raji likely playing some DE and dare I say the possible emergence of a healthy Justin Harrell.

you still think that might happen? At this point the packers are probably best off cuting their losses. Harrell's a bust. Happens to the bet franchises out there (more often to the worst, but Packers FO has been too solid to mock them).

Maybe Next Year Millen2 09-09-2009 10:35 PM

Preseason Injuries

Jared DeVries starting LDE IR
Daniel Bullocks possible starting SS IR
Damien Cook backup LG IR
Cody Spencer, possible backup Mike LB

Green Bay
Justin Harrell, backup DE/NT that answers that question
Patrick Lee nickel or dime CB
Charlie Peprah S

Dusty Dvorcek, rotation DT,possible starter
Kevin Jones backup RB
Henry Melton backup DE

couldn't find any lucky Vikings, no suspensions at this point either plus Favre. The defending champs are smelling like roses at this point.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 09-09-2009 10:40 PM

Week 1 Breaks

Detroit vs New Orleans
NO without: Jamaal Brown, Pierre Thomas (both pretty good breaks though it won't matter with Brees and company), NO hot in preseason
Detroit missing Phillip Buchanon(Neck)
Wasn't good at all and Brees torched us but he would have done that anyway. Mike Bell was great in place of Thomas. Bushinrod was fine at LT with Brees and no pass rush from Detroit.

Chicago at GB
Urlacher out beginning of second half, possibly out for year which is huge
Tillman limited

Minnesota at Cleveland
Maybe Berrian but I'll edit, he should play
Cleveland appears healthy

Maybe Next Year Millen2 09-28-2009 09:52 AM

Week 2

Detroit: Cliff Avril, Loper out but ManRam played decent. Sims hurt late.
Vikings were healthy versus Detroit.

Green Bay: Safeties banged up, Clifton hurt early 2nd half, Odom did well. Cincy was healthy.

Chicago: Missing Urlacher and Pisa, Steelers missing Stapleton at RG and Polamalu.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 09-28-2009 10:01 AM

Week 3

Green Bay: Clifton out, Bigby out. St Louis Jason Smith out, Bulger knocked out of game

Chicago: Urlacher out, Pisa out. Seattle missing Hasselbeck,Tatupu,Leroy Hill,Walter Jones, Locklear, Josh Wilson. Huge breaks for Bears in Seattle.

Vikings: Healthy starters, 49ers Jason Hill, Brandon Jones,Walt Harris so no real effect but Gore hurt 1st Quarter. San Fran still played well

Detroit: Ernie Sims but Levy played well, Avril out no pass rush for 2nd game, Loper for 2nd game(Man Ram played well), Eric King at nickel, Kevin Smith hurt late 3rd, no run game without him. Redskins missing Randy Thomas,Portis banged up but played, Haynesworth hurt in 2nd Quarter very limited, Renaldo Wynn

Maybe Next Year Millen2 10-08-2009 11:52 AM

Week 4

Detroit at Chicago

Chicago missing some LBs in Pisa,Urlacher and Hillenmeyer. Didn't matter as Smith was stuffed all day, good depth for Chicago at LB plus good Dline play. Hester got banged up during the 2nd quarter along with Knox later in the game. Cutler didn't have alot of yardage but didn't have too with short fields. Both should be fine. Lions without DeWayne White,Sammie Lee Hill so 2 starters on Dline, Kalvin Pearson(special teams). But Sims/Avril back. Could have used those Dline guys for the long Forte runs and it made backup Dline tired for special teams, but Chicagos special teams was too good on the day with field position. Then Cutler/Forte made the Lions pay and Chicago D very good in second half with adjustments. And Stafford injured in 4th down 34-24 on FG drive. Destroyed any comeback chances along with long KR allowed on next play followed by Forte run shortly after. But you got to hand it to Chicago for the second half.

GB at Minnesota
Clifton out, Allen destroys Colledge. Atari Bigby out, continued shoddy safety play with Green Bay. Blackmon injured in 2nd Quarter, hurts returns for Pack. Vikings missing Erin Henderson special teams and Reynaud special teams. Vikings are very heatlhy and look great and Favre did what he does.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 10-13-2009 11:35 AM

Minnesota at St Louis
Vikes missing Loadholdt and Reynaud. Rams missing Ayedanju, Dorrell Scott

Pittsburgh at Detroit
Detroit missing Matt Stafford,DeWayne White,Sammie Lee Hill,Gosder Cherlius,Terrelle Smith. Calvin Johnson injured during late 1st Quarter which is obviously huge, Jason Hunter injured 2nd Quarter, Eric King injured 4th Quarter now on IR.

Pittsburgh missing Polamalu and Willie Parker both pretty huge help for Detroit. Trai Essex RG injured for one quarter

So I guess everyone on the Lions will be injured this year at some point. Oh well we suck anyway but are getting better

Green Bay bye to get ready for Detroit. Woohoo they'll be ready to go and kill Detroit.

Chicago bye to get ready for Atlanta which is a good team to rest up to play.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 10-18-2009 08:25 PM

Baltimore at Minnesota
Reynaud PR for Minnesota and Erin Henderson special teams. Harvin played but was banged up. Vikings continue to be incredibly healthy. Winfield hurt at some point in 2nd Quarter(foot). First big Viking injury, more results this week on foot.

Ravens missing Jared Gaither, Oher did decent in his place.

Detroit at Green Bay
Green Bay missing Jason Spitz and Korey Hall
Detroit missing everyone, Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson,DeWayne White, Sammie Lee Hill, Jason Hunter,Manny Ramirez,Ko Simpson
Didn't matter, Green Bay dominated on D and went up 14-0 early and cruised from there off the bye week. Clifton hurt in 3rd once game was over. Clifton didn't play well but could be big later in season.

Bears at Falcons
Urlacher, Pisa hurt in 4th.
Falcons missing Peria Jerry.
Good game, but Falcons pulled it out.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 10-19-2009 01:52 PM

Some big injuries

Lofa Tatupu out for season for Seattle. So all 4 North teams didn't have to face Seahawks with Tatupu.

Antwan Odom. Huge break for Minnesota,Chicago and Detroit. I bet Green Bay wishes they could have played the Bengals without Odom and with Clifton healthy(maybe).

Maybe Next Year Millen2 10-26-2009 10:50 AM

Week 7

Detroit had a bye so therefore didn't lose(huzzah as Mr. Burns would say!!!). No new crazy bye week injuries to report or trips to Cabo with Jessica Simpson. Hopefully Calvin and Stafford get healthy, we'll find out this week.

GB at Cleveland

Gb injuries Korey Hall,Clifton(Lang played well and might take over anyway as Cliftons days might be numbered in a contract year),Jordy Nelson,DeShawn Wynn on IR

Cleveland missing DQWell Jackson,traded Braylon Edwards,Robert Royal,Steve Heiden and Phil Dawson but kickers don't count. Plus everyone had swine flu or herpes or something on the Browns.Packers trounce Browns,would have anyway.

Chicago at Cincy
Bears missing Urlacher,Pisa,Tommie Harris which was big in letting Benson run wild and Adrian Peterson(the bad one but good on Special teams)

Cincy missing Antwan Odom which wasn't a factor suprisingly, Brian Leonard and Chase Coffman. Cincy looks legit with this beat down.

Minny at Pittsburgh
Minnesota first big injury with Winfield. Very huge we'll see if he makes it back for the Packer game. Reynaud and Erin Henderson for Special teams too. Pittsburgh missing Aaron Smith but otherwise very healthy with Polamalu back. Tough road game for Vikes, setting up big game in Lambeau where Pack could get back in this thing.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 11-04-2009 02:39 PM

Week 8 Minny at GB
GB missing Korey Hall,Nelson,Jason Spitz and Jermichael Finley. Finley and Spitz are pretty big but the Vikes are just too good.
Vikes missing Winfield and Reynaud. Huge win for Vikes without Winfield. They deserve the North crown if they keep it up.

Browns at Bears
Pisa and Urlacher out for Bears. Hillenmeyer and Tommie Harris back. Bear domination. Browns missing DQWell and Robert Royal. Browns are terrible but good beat down by the Bears to recover from Cincy

Rams at Lions
Dear lord we need Calvin. 10 points against the Rams without Calvin. Tons of dropped balls but Steven Jackson ruled the day plus the trick play fake FG. Lions also missing Jason Hunter,Jerome Felton and Anthony Henry was inactive for some reason. Jansen started at LG which was a coaches decision. Kevin Smith got hurt in 2nd half but Morris played well. Kevin Smith might not play in Seattle. Could have used Henry and Felton but no excuse to lose to the Rams at home even without Calvin.

Rams missing Carriker,Ruvell Martin,Anthony Smith and Icognito and traded Witherspoon. No Witherspoon was a help but still only 10 points without Calvin. Calvin should be back this next week at Seattle. Woohooo.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 11-09-2009 01:10 PM

Week 9

Pack at Bucs
Pack missing Jemichael Finley,Spitz,Chillar,Korey Hall,Jordy Nelson
Bucs missing Antonio Bryant and Aaron Sears

Wow did that bye help the Bucs. Suprising W

Cards at Bears
Urlacher,Pisa,Hillenmeyer injured during game, Tommie Harris ejected on 4th play. Huge mistake by Harris

Cards missing Geno Hayes and Boldin. Huge loss in Boldin but it didn't matter with Fitz and Breaston.

Lions at Seahawks

Calvin is back but Stafford had the worst game ever. Det missing Grady Jackson(health scratch based on Hawks style of play),Felton,Loper and Jansen. Blew 17-0 lead, terrible, terrible

Hawks missing Lofa and Walter Jones, but mainly back healthy. Hasselbeck shredded us slowly and surely

Maybe Next Year Millen2 11-16-2009 11:22 AM

Week 10

Lions at Vikes
Vikiings missing Winfield, Lions missing Louis Delmas(infected tooth WTF), Aaron Brown, Avirl?, Anthony Henry benched, Landon Cohen?

Vikes are the superior team coming off a bye. Favre just throws it up and Rice comes down with it. Peterson big day except for fumbles. Game went as expected.

Dallas at GB
GB missing Finley,Kampman,Poppinga. Pretty big injuries but GB D was very solid. Cowboys had some in game injuries, Colombo 2nd Quarter, Jenkins and Hamlin in 3rd and Flozell early 4th. Didn't matter, Pack dominated and are back in playoff race.

Chicago at San Fran
Chicago missing Afalava,Urlacher and Pisa
49ers missing Clements,Coffee,Isaac Bruce and Joe Staley but still put out win in ugly defensive game.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 12-01-2009 01:14 PM

Week 11
Browns at Lions
Browns missing DQwell Jackson,Erik Barton,Robiski
Lions missing Stephen Peterman,DeWayne White,Ernie Sims and Terrelle Smith

Lions great comeback against loser Browns.

Seahawks at Vikings
Vikings missing Winfield,Erin Henderson
Hawks missing Walter Jones,Tatupu,Julius Jones,Josh Wilson
Vikes in a rout as expected

San Fran at Green Bay
Pack missing Jeremy Thompson, Kampman,Harris hurt mid game
49ers missing Joe Staley,Takeo Spikes, Nate Clements

Green Bay push to the playoffs with revamped Oline of Tauscher in there

Eagles at Bears
Eagles missing Stewart Bradely,Westbrook,Shawn Andrews,Stacy Andrews,Kevin Curtis
Bears missing Urlacher,Pisa and Desmond Clark

Bears lose at home, playoffs hopes dashed

Maybe Next Year Millen2 12-01-2009 01:27 PM

Week 12

Pack at Lions

Lions missing DeWayne White,Ernie Sims,Stephen Peterman
Stafford and Calvin play hurt but it doesn't matter
Pettigrew hurt on first series now on IR
Loper hurt at half replaced by Dylan Gandy

Pack missing Kampman and Al Harris

Pack make Lions look like turkeys

Bears at Vikes

Vikes missing Herrera,Winfield
Bears missing Urlacher,Pisa and Desmond Clark
Tillman hurt already down big, Briggs hurt later in game

Vikes blow out Bears, dominate North

Maybe Next Year Millen2 12-07-2009 12:55 PM

Week 13
Lions at Bengals

Lions missing Stephen Peterman,Dan Loper,Brandon Pettigrew, Will James got stinger late,Eric King,DeVries,Ko Simpson,Ernie Sims(edit didn't even put him on here earlier, just forget about the guy with Levy playing well). Another Millen pick gone maybe with Levy taking over for Sims.
Bengals Crocker hurt his ankle during the game,Antwan Odom,Domata Peko

Bengals wore down the Lions with Benson, Ocho had a good game

Rams at Bears
Rams missing Bulger,Jason Smith,Adam Carriker,Will Witherspoon traded,Tye Hill traded
Bears missing Urlacher,Pisa,Briggs,Desmond Clark,Orlando Pace

Bears beat lowly Rams and end the losing skid

Vikes at Cards
Vikes missing Herrera,Winfield. Loadholdt hurt for a few series
EJ Henerson terrible injury, Tyrell Johnson and Cedric Griffen got concussion in the 2nd half. May have effect on future. EJ big injury
Cards missing LT Mike Gandy

Cards rout Vikings in the Desert.

Ravens at Pack

Pack missing Al Harris,Kampman,Spitz,Jeremy Thompson
Ravens missing Fabian Washington,Ed Reed,Terrell Suggs

Good win for Pack on a roll for sure despite the penalties and letting Ravens back in it. Big win for the Pack. Much different team with Clifton and Tauscher healthy and that D is really coming together. Raji and Matthews are looking like studs too.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 12-14-2009 11:17 AM

Week 14

Packers at Bears

Pack missing Ryan Pickett,Spitz,Jeremy Thompson,Barbre(depth)
Chicago missing Urlacher,Pisa,Pace,Hester

Close division game but Pack are running on high cylinders. Big road win in the division despite Bears struggles

Cincy at Minnesota
Cincy missing Damata Peko(big in run game),Antwan Odom and Bernard Scott
Vikings missing Harvin,Tyrell Johnson and EJ Henderson

Another impressive Vikings win. Tough to beat at home

Lions at Baltimore
Lions missing Stafford,Pettigrew,DeWayne White,Fluellen,Loper,Felton,Eric King,Kevin Smith hurt late

Baltimore missing Ed Reed,Gaither,Mark Clayton

I went to the game to see the Lions get destroyed in the rain. **** that.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 12-21-2009 06:50 PM

Week 15

Green Bay at Pittsburgh
GB missing Kampman, Al Harris(really missed him),Jeremy Thompson,Barbre
Pits missing Troy Polamalu,Aaron Smith,Chris Kemoeatu

Great game, Pit alive for playoffs. Another North team can't win a decent out of division road game against a decent team.

Vikings at Carolina

Holy Favre meltdown batman. Well more like Oline but another road loss for the North champs. Super Bowls are played on Sunday nights usually, Vikings better fix that stuff.

Vikings missing EJ Henderson and Harvin was banged up
Carolina missig Maake Kemoeaut,Tank Tyler,Jake Delhomme,Jordan Gross, Jeff Otah,DeAngelo Williams hurt early.

So many injuries for Panthers but Peppers,Steve Smith and company dominate Vikings at home in Charlott.e

Chicago at Baltimore

Chicago missing Hester,Urlacher and Pisa
Baltimore missing Ed Reed,Mark Clayton,Jared Gaither and Tavaris Gooden

Baltimore rolls, playoff bound? Chicago continues monumental disappointment

Lionst at Zona

Lions missing Stafford,Pettigrew,Kevin Smith,Peterma,Eric King, Turk McBride
Zona missing Rackers and Mike Gandy

Suprsiingly close game with Lions 17 point come back, but with DC and Drew Stanton we had no chance. Zona offense took over in 4th to win it. Moral victory lol. Zona clinches West but are a very inconsistent team.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 01-03-2010 12:29 AM

Week 16

Seahawks at Packers
Seahawks missing Walter Jones,Tatupu,Aaron Curry, Nate Burleson
Pack missing Al Harris,Kampman and Jeremy Thompson

Pack dominate, get wildcard

Vikings at Bears

Bears missing Urlacher,Pisa,Pace,Hester,Afalava,Payne,Tillman hurt late
Vikings missing EJ Henderson,Winfield not the same as he was pre injury,Karl Paymah

Vikings meltdown? Still have shot at 2 seed though

Lions at 49ers

49ers missing Clements,Walt Harris,Isaac Bruce, added Crabtree Vikes didn't have to play with Crabtree but other three did. Staley hurt late

Lions missing Stafford,Pettigrew,Kevin Smith,Stephen Peterman,Larry Foote,Phillip Buchanon,Eric King,Ko Simpson.

49ers dominate in Stantons one big chance. Stanton sucks too thank goodness we took Stafford

Maybe Next Year Millen2 01-03-2010 09:06 PM

Week 17

Bears at Lions

Bears missing Urlacher,Pisa,Tillman,Daniel Manning,Johnny Knox
Lions missing Stafford,Pettigrew,Kevin Smith,Stephen Peterman,Larry Foote, Eric King

Bears win in a competive game. Lions D is atrocious and much be addressed. Hester back but the arrival of the other Devin Aroshomandu may be big for Chicago next year. We will shall see.

Pack at Zona
Pack missing Harris and Kampman and Spitz
Zona missing Antrelle Rolle, Ben Patrick, Mike Gandy, didn't play Warner much resting for playoffs. Pack rout to go 11-5 but will play a tougher Zona next week in a good WC game.

Giants at Vikings

Vikings missing Jimmie Kennedy,EJ Henderson,Karl Paymah, Winfield limited
Giants missing Antonoi Pierce,Corey Webster,Aaron Ross,Rich Seubert,Kareem McKenize

Vikings dominat and earn a huge 1st round bye. Really needed that while struggling.

Maybe Next Year Millen2 01-03-2010 09:25 PM

Analyis of the breaks

All North teams fairly healthy. Everyone was missing 1-2 big time players, Bears Urlacher,Hester/Pace missed some time,Packers Harris and Kampman and Vikings Winfield then EJ. Few other starters missed/played dinged up for a few games from time to time and Pace didn't last as expected. Pisa was a starter down early but they had depth at LB with Hillenmeyer/Roach.

Lions had alot of little dinged up people missing 1-4 games on defense(Sims,Avril,DeWayne White,Foote,Hunter). However the Lions D is atrocious and needs some pass rush and corners in the offseason. Then some big injuries late in the year to offensive players in Stafford,Pettigrew,Kevin Smith and Peterman. Injuries didn't matter for 2009 as Lions already with a poor record but the injuries to Pettigrew and Kevin Smith could linger into 2010 which sucks. Both knee injuries. Stafford needs Oline help and some defense but has 10 games of experience under his belt and has some potential for sure. His injuries shouldn't linger at all but he needs Oline despite the shoulder injury not being the Olines fault.

Everyone caught some breaks it seems playing teams with injuries. Will have to look further into that. Home/away makes a difference for sure as Vikings only big road win was at Green Bay and Green Bays only big road win was at Zona where they rested Warner and at Chicago I guess. Bye week was big as Tampa beat GB off bye. Bears were the disappointing team out of the 3 in contention but they do have hope finishing strong. Aroshomandu has come on some against Vikings and Lions. Bears have no draft early but will have some FA to fix things. Plus they went 3-3 and played GB close in both games so still hope in Chicago despite no draft. Lions are as expected in a long rebuild but the rookies showed good promise.

On to the playoffs for Green Bay and Vikings. We'll see if any injury breaks occur. Vikings earned a nice break getting the first round bye and a home game which is huge considering the road woes for everyone. Green Bay will have to battle on the road, though they did beat Zona, See if they can do it again with Warner playing. All came down to the road win at Lambeau. If Pack would have won that, things may be different. Should be fun to watch both teams in playoffs.

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