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scar988 01-12-2010 05:07 PM

Final CB Breakdown
Here is the final CB breakdown statistically:
CB Chris Owens - 336 snaps, 25 targets, 13.44 snaps per target, 9.64 YPA allowed, 2 TD's allowed, 2 INT's, 56.0% comp % allowed (take out the big Braylon Edwards TD and his YPA dips to 7.33)
CB Chris Houston - 724 snaps, 63 targets, 11.49 snaps per target, 7.97 YPA allowed, 2 TD's allowed, 1 INT's, 66.7% comp % allowed
CB Brent Grimes - 718 snaps, 93 targets, 7.72 snaps per target, 7.36 YPA allowed, 2 TD's allowed, 6 INT's, 62.4% comp % allowed
CB Chevis Jackson - 299 snaps, 33 targets, 9.06 snaps per target, 6.54 YPA allowed, 1 TD allowed, 0 INT's, 72.7% comp % allowed
CB Tye Hill - 119 snaps, 11 targets, 10.82 snaps per target, 15.73 YPA allowed, 3 TD's allowed, 1 INT, 90.9% comp % allowed
CB Brian Williams - 317 snaps, 29 targets, 10.93 snaps per target, 10.45 YPA allowed, 0 TD's allowed, 1 INT, 75.9% comp % allowed

By these stats you can see that Owens and Grimes are arguably our best CB's. Owens made some rookie mistakes but he could very well be the LCB starter next year. and Grimes was playing very well, especially once he moved to RCB. It also makes a case to keep Chris Houston as a reserve CB for solid depth and to have Jackson get more playing time (6.54 YPA is awesome). It also means we should let Williams walk and cut Hill... going into the draft with Grimes at RCB, Owens at LCB, Houston and Jackson at the dime and the nickel would be a good scenario.

Bosanac01 02-04-2010 12:39 PM

Damn that makes Tye Hill look so bad. This stat sheet means we need to get at least 3 CBs.

scar988 02-08-2010 08:11 PM

3? huh? we have 3 good ones and only need 5 on the roster. we need 1 starter and 1 backup.

Bosanac01 02-08-2010 10:59 PM

3 CB that will compete assuming we get rid of Brian Williams, Tye Hill, and Houston. One new CB will have to be the starter and the other 2 will compete for the last spot.

scar988 02-09-2010 09:18 AM

agreed. hopefully we sign Bodden and draft someone in the mid rounds.

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