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DoughBoy 05-02-2010 06:39 PM

Titans Roster Next Year...
My thoughts

QB-Vincent Young / Chris Simms / Crusty Rusty

RB-Chris Johnson / Javon Ringer/ Lagarrette Blount

FB-Ahmard Hall

WR- Kenny Britt / Nate Washington / Justin Gage/ Damian Williams/Domonique

Edison/ Lavelle Hawkins

TE- Bo Scaife / Jared Cook / Craig Stevens

LT- Michael Roos / Troy Kropog

LG- LeRoy Harris

C- Eugene Amano/ Kevin Mawae

RG-Jake Scott

RT- David Stewart/ Mike Otto


DE- Derrick Morgan / Jacob Ford

DT- Tony Brown / SenDerrick Marks

DT- Jason Jones / Jovan Haye/ David Howard

DE- William "doughies man crush" Hayes/David Ball

OLB- Gerald McRath / Rennie Curran

MLB- Stephen Tulluch/ Collin Allred

OLB-Will Witherspoon/ Stanford Keglar

CB- Cortland Finnegan / Jason McCourty/ Alterraun Verner / Ryan Mouton/

Rod Hood/ Tye Hill

FS- Michael Griffin/ Robert Johnson

SS-Chris Hope/ Myron Rolle

K-Rob Bironas

P-Brett Kern

LS-Ken Amanto

IDK if its more or less than 53 someone count for my lazy butt!

TitanHope 05-02-2010 07:37 PM

I counted 52!

All that matters is the inclusion of this mamajamma!

All other changes are irrelevant! :cool:

DoughBoy 05-02-2010 07:58 PM

Leroy is so sexy.

TitanHope 05-02-2010 11:47 PM

My prediction!

QB: Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Rusty Smith
RB: Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer, LeGarrette Blount
FB: Ahmard Hall
WR: Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Lavelle Hawkins,
WR: Justin Gage, Damian Williams, Dominique Edison
TE: Bo Scaife, Jared Cook, Craig Stevens
LT: Michael Roos, Troy Kropog
LG: Leroy Harris,
C: Eugene Amano, Kevin Mawae
RG: Jake Scott,
RT: David Stewart, Mike Otto

DE: Derrick Morgan, Jason Babin, Dave Ball
DT: Tony Brown, Sen'Derrick Marks
DT: Jason Jones, Jovan Haye
DE: William Hayes, Jacob Ford
ROLB: Will Witherspoon, Keith Bulluck
MLB: Stephen Tulloch, Colin Allred/Stanford Keglar
LOLB: Gerald McRath, Rennie Curran
CB: Cortland Finnegan, Alterraun Verner, Rod Hood
CB: Jason McCourty, Ryan Mouton, Tye Hill
NB: Vincent Fuller
FS: Michael Griffin, Robert Johnson
SS: Chris Hope, Myron Rolle

K: Rob Bironas
P: Bret Kern
LS: Ken Amato

ST's may impact it a lot. I think we could bring KBull back at the beginning and have him backup Spoon at ROLB, then once he's healthy take over ROLB and move Spoon to LOLB - and have McRath focus on the #4 LB and ST's. Allred and Keglar could be fighting each other for the last LB spot, so the better ST's guy gets it. No Donnie Nickey, but he'll stay if neither Rolle nor Johnson can handle the duties. I could see one of the WR's (Hawk, Edison) cut to make room for Nickey. I think David Thornton will probably get cut as well, but if KBull isn't brought back, I think he sticks. And yes, I think they pay Collins the money and keeps him backing up VY.

DoughBoy 05-03-2010 12:09 AM

I did forget fuller... I thought we traded him in our fantasy draft though... lol

EDIT: Forgot Babin also... fml

TitanHope 05-04-2010 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by DoughBoy (Post 2160594)
I did forget fuller... I thought we traded him in our fantasy draft though... lol

EDIT: Forgot Babin also... fml

Haha, I figured you just didn't have Babin making the cut.

I wonder what kind've impact he'll have for us next year? Are we hoping for another KVB, or expecting Kearse 2.0 or Dave Ball?

What we do know is this: He has the cheesiest YouTube clip of all time (OF ALL TIME!!! /Kanye).

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