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eaglesalltheway 07-26-2010 10:57 PM

Eagles Training Camp 2010, "Inside Edition"
Its that time of year again, and now is the time we will see our first glimpse of the newest version of our Eagles. With lots of new young faces, (including 13 of our draft picks) I'm sure many of you are just as excited for this as I am. Rookies and select veterans reported today (minus our top two rookies) and will get Camp started tomorrow at 8:45 and then another afternoon practice at 3:30. The Camp schedule will be this way for the next three days, until the rest of the team shows up, when the morning practices start at 8:15 and either 2:00 or 2:45 in the afternoon, depending on whether or not the focus is on Special Teams for the afternoon practices.

Over the next three days (when I can show up) I will be keeping a particularly close look on Kolb, of course, as well as all the rookies, drafted or UDFA, and our new acquisitions gained in the offseason. Don't expect to hear too much about our recovering players (Herremans, Abiamiri, etc) as some are starting off on the PUP, and others, like Herremans, I expect to see only minor time until the rest of the team arrives.

Just like last year, I will talk about what I know, and I know more about the lines than most other positions, so most of my most useful info will be there, though I do have good enough knowledge of the rest of the positions that I will be able to add more than just typical input from a casual fan. Also, just like last year and the year before, I will have some things that aren't necessarily worth writing about, just things I think are interesting or things that may not even have to do with what goes on on the field itself. Hopefully some of it will be a nice change of pace so what I come back with isn't along the lines of a "same ****, different day" type of thing.

The weather this week is setting up pretty decent, we have one hot day Wednesday that should get some of these guys a taste of what usually is a hot and humid Lehigh Valley when the Eagles are in town, but the next week and a half looks fairly tame, especially compared to last year. The forecasts right now arecalling for most days in the mid 80s and not oppressively humid, which will bode well for keeping cramps and other injuries down, fingers crossed.

I will be going to the morning and afternoon practices tomorrow, work has found a nice convenient lull for me at the moment, but I do expect there to be a 3-4 days stretch (at some point) where I may not get there, as well as some missed practices due to my schedule or work, or wanting sleep, or needing to recover from sunburn (I doubt that'll even be a concern for me this year). Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow around lunchtime and check in and let you guys know my impressions on how everything and everyone is going.

frubulubu 07-27-2010 12:13 AM

Cant wait to hear how our young guys look out there. For unknown reasons, Im intrested to see how Alex Hall will play in our D. The secondary is what im most intrested in seeing. Please let us know who will play opposite Samuel.

superman8456 07-27-2010 12:25 AM

I loved this stuff last year, so I'm definitely looking forward to what you post.

Is it too early to say I'm on the Ernie Sims bandwagon?

eaglesalltheway 07-27-2010 10:20 AM

This morning was an ease into contact, with just helmets, no other pads. I spent most of the practice watching the O-linemen, and with the crop that is here now, its painfully obvious that most of the linemen who participated in today's practice will not make the team, or practice squad. A.Q. Shipley and Fenuki Tupuo are the most likely to make the team of the present linemen, and even Shipley is a big question, I expect him to be more of a PS linemen. Dallas Reynolds may make the PS, but the other linemen present (Zipp Duncan, Austin Howard, Greg Isdaner, and Jerail McCuller) will most likely see their time with the Eagles end after camp is over. McCuller is wearing number 73, and it pains me to see that number flat out suck. Poor guy can't even keep his feet. From what I've seen of him today, he may be the worst player I've ever seen at TC, that bad.

On a more positive note, Kolb and the rest of our QBs looked sharp. All three QBs have a nice tight spiral, which is something we haven't seen the last few years. One thing I noticed, Kafka has real thin legs, almost as bad as Pinkston. I knew he had small legs, but seeing it in person, his legs worry me a bit, both for potential injury, and a potential lack of generating power. He has good arm strength and velocity, but it seems it all comes from his hips and upper body. His throwing strength could improve a considerable amount if he can stengthen his lower body.

During the one on one linemen drills, one D-linemen kept standing out to me. 66 looks real active, aggressive, and was constantly flying around putting in great effort, and having success. 66 is Boo Robinson, who most of you will remember as a once highly-thought-of prospect, who went undrafted. I was at a poor angle and far away, so I couldn't see his handwork and his technique, but he was having the most consistent success of the D-linemen. Both him and Sapp (who is listed as a DE on the camp roster) were having success, though Sapp struggled with Tupou, who right now looks like a man amongst boys talent-wise compared to the rest of the O-line. I didn't see Jeff Owens at all, IDK if he wasn't there, or just did absolutely nothing to stick out, but I picked up a program on my way out and looked through it and thought to myself, "So that's what number Owens is". Either way, not good, especially with the crap we have here along the O-lines right now.

I did spend some time watching the secondary and LB corp in drills. Both Chaney and Clayton, as advertised, are very athletic, quick LBs. I was actually very impressed with both of their fluid hips (no ****), both look to be factors in a LB corp that should be much better in coverage this year. As for the secondary, Lindley looks a lot like Asante, both in body type and hair style, with flowing dreads sticking out the back of the helmet. I also caught a little bit of the TEs, Ingram was out there and seems recovered, hopefully it stays that way. I only saw a little bit of their drills, but I didn't see him or Harbor drop a ball.

I took one decent picture, its of the LBs, and its Chaney at MLB picking up a RB out of the backfield, played by some coaches assistant.

Edit: This pic was taken by my phone, and doesn't zoom any further, but its a decent pic, better than nothing, lol, and I'll post as many pics that don't suck as I can take, lol.

eaglesalltheway 07-27-2010 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by superman8456 (Post 2242293)
I loved this stuff last year, so I'm definitely looking forward to what you post.

Is it too early to say I'm on the Ernie Sims bandwagon?

No, but I hope you're right.

eaglesalltheway 07-27-2010 10:44 AM

Oh also, I may be on 6ABC's news tonight with the Eagles chant with about 8 strangers, you couldn't go more than 10 minutes without being asked for an interview or to do that chant, so eventually I just decided what the hell, so I may be on TV tonight. I also had an interview with the reporter, but I doubt he'll use any of it because I corrected one of his questions. He said there were a lot of changes on offense, and when I answered I said there were actually more changes on the defense, and he seemed like he got defensive (no pun intended). His next question was "I heard the Redskins picked up a new stud QB, what are your thoughts?" But that was it. It was a real shame, because honestly, he made Dave Spadaro look good.

Speaking of Spuds, one of his tech boys ****** up big time during practice, and there was a loud bang (I think the lady next to me may have pissed herself) and lots of loud return noise coming through the speakers for about 3 minutes, and they couldn't figure it out, so he just yells, to them to unplug everything and is asking them what the hell is going on. So he was all flustered for a while, which made me laugh pretty hard.

Spuds gets a lot of crap for being way over the top or too much of a fan, but I said it last year, and I'll say it again, his job basically requires him to be that way. I've met and talked with him, he's a nice guy, who actually knows his stuff, most of the time, and is an enthusiastic fan. It just so happens we see and hear him more than any other Eagles fan, so people get tired of hearing it.

eaglesalltheway 07-27-2010 01:58 PM

McCuller is the first one out for afternoon practice for a little extra work with Juan Castillo. He needs it.

eaglesalltheway 07-27-2010 07:37 PM

After practice started, I watched most of the D-linemen and LBs, as well as some secondary. In pass rush drills, Boo Robinson once again looked good, real quick and had great technique to his pass rush moves, most of the time you could hear him being applauded by the coaches. Sapp, as expected, struggled, particularly with telegraphing his moves, especially his rip. DTN had good moments and bad, though his bad were simple mental mistakes. I actually notice Jeff Owens, he too had good and bad moments. One thing that I noticed, for as big as he is (very barrel chested) his legs are tiny. He has legs like our DEs or LBs and with his mommoth upper body, he just looks out of porportion. Eric Moncur, a rookie DE from Miami, must be deathly afraid of bees, because you could see himswatting and actually grunting and screaming a few times. He is very sound technically, I like what I saw from him, particularly in this drill. Its a shame he will most likely be stuck behind the rest of our DEs.

One thing in particular I took note to while watching the DBs, I heard Jaron talking to them and he said that the team will try to keep the CBs close to the line of scrimmage, and both Safeties right around 6 yards off the line of scrimmage. I don't know if that was for one play, one drill, or something to look for in the secondary, but I'll keep my eyes on it. Kurt Coleman is the DB standing out most to me right now, with Lindley right behind. Coleman has very, very quick feet, and showed it off in a few drills today. Pretty much all of the DBs need to work on scoop and score, they all bent too much at the waist throughout the drill. As per usual, most of the important imformation will come when the team gets in full pads, but this was some information from a practice that didn't really have too much going on while I was there, approximately until 4:30.

eaglesalltheway 07-27-2010 07:38 PM

I won't be able to be at the morning practice tomorrow, but the job we have tomorrow is one we should be able to finish in time for me to make the afternoon practice at 3:30.

frubulubu 07-27-2010 10:26 PM

Good stuff EATW! Im always looking for the unknown names that can be a strong element on the team.

eaglesalltheway 07-28-2010 07:18 AM

I forgot that in the afternoon practice you could here most of our young players were going over punt coverage. This year there is more focus on "landmarks" to reach while persuing the bal, then adjusting to the returner once you have reached your spot in your alley. The ST coach was going over diagnosing more than execution, and Ingram and Scott did a great job of knowing there responsibilities and technique. Sapp got reamed out a little bit because it is his job to yell out the ball and then diagnose which coverage scheme to use during the drill, but wasn't vocal enough.

eaglesalltheway 07-30-2010 11:05 AM

I was at yesterday's morning practice, and it honestly didn't have too much going, it was very short, maybe because of rain showers, or just that was how the schedule worked out. Kolb and Vick must've had the practice off (much like McNabb had when he was here), and Kafka took every rep at QB. He looked sharp, as I've said before, throws a real nie ball, as expected. Even when he has a "bad ball", it has a nice tight spiral to it, its just off the axis from nose to nose.

The best look into any real action yesterday was in the one on one and double team drills between the O-line and D-line. Sapp plays too tall to ever have a chance at beating a double team, at least for now. But Jeff Owens looked pretty good, showed some power, and a little nastiness, and along with DTN, performed the best out of the DL in the drill. Once again Tupou outshined the rest of the O-linemen, but I noticed Jirelle McCuller, who had struggled so much the first two days, was beginning to look better (realative term however), and it made me think I'm pretty sure, with enough time, Juan Castillo could turn Akers into a successful O-linemen.

Overall, through the first three days, from what I was concentrating on, Kolb, DTN, and Coleman, along with Fenuki Tupou, stood out. Jeff Owens, Boo Robinson, Sapp (except against Tupou and Shipley), Lindley, Ingram, Harbor, Riley Cooper, Jamar Chaney, and Simoni Lawrence all looked good but didn't consistently stand out. Players that had some struggles were Charles Scott (only catching the ball), Dobson Collins, as well as most of the O-linemen that were there, with the exception of Tupou, though Howard separated himself a bit from the rest of the OL group a bit, but still is a couple steps below Tupou. If Howard can keep it up, we may see him on the practice squad.

frubulubu 07-30-2010 10:56 PM

Everyone is speaking highly of Kafka! DTN I hope he can come around quickly and contribute.

eaglesalltheway 07-31-2010 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by frubulubu (Post 2246350)
Everyone is speaking highly of Kafka! DTN I hope he can come around quickly and contribute.

I liked Kafka coming in, he's further proving why a lot of people liked him. He's the perfect WCO QB, though, as expected, he loses some accuracy on long balls, and his spiral rotates off axis. Since his lower body is so skinny, hopefully his throwing power (which is a notch or two below Kolb's) will increase, as QBs get a lot of their power from their legs and hips.

DTN has looked impressive. I liked him as well, maybe drafted a little high, but he so far has shown he was worth his draft spot. I want to see how he does against NFL O-linemen though.

cunningham06 08-01-2010 12:55 AM

Good stuff, good to hear that Boo Robinson's doing well, I really like the guy. Both DT and DE will be interesting to watch develop.

Sniper 08-01-2010 07:14 AM



I liked what I saw from Brandon Graham, including a great spin move against Stacy Andrews in the one-on-one drills. Andrews was OK in those drills, but not dominating.

eaglesalltheway 08-02-2010 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by Sniper (Post 2247393)

Graham has been looking really good. Strangely enough though, he seems to be struggling with King Dunlap, who has got himself up to about 330-335 it looks. Dunlap has made great progress every year, and is continuing to do so. I am much more confident in him being the backup LT (and RT, since he's been getting time there as well, and is handling Graham better than any of our other O-linemen) than even last year. He makes big strides every season, and with his body, he is beginning to develop into a good O-linemen at the NFL level.

I haven't had time to get on over the weekend, but I was at each practice over the weekend (except Saturday morning) and I'll share some extra tidbits.

Sims is still impressing, showing his speed and ability to hit. He almost took Mike Bell's head off in the morning practice when Bell was hung up in the pile. Jordan took over duties as starting SLB yesterday, for how long, we'll see, but Reid and McDermott made it seem like the team will be rotating in a lot of guys at SLB and testing how it works. I would be perfectly fine with Jordan there, he's a player I like on the field. I expect Fokou to get more time there, Gaither could see some time at SLB (he's the first LB to sub in at all three positions if someone would go down), and Chaney could also get worked in at SLB, maybe even Clayton. But its obvious with who the team has playing at SLB, there has been a change in philosophy about what the team wants out of the SLB position. With Gocong, run stopping was the number one priority, then coverage, then blitzing. With the current group of guys they have at SLB, priorities have been adjusted. First priority is coverage, followed closely by stopping the run, and then blitzing. With this change in philosophy, it will be an interesting battle to watch for that spot, as there are 4 players who could be in the starting spot week 1.

Riley Cooper is already a fan favorite, and whether he likse it or not, will have many people calling him "Sunshine". But he has been impressive the last few days, very impressive. He is HUGE, GE 77 will tell you, but he is jacked too, and veins poping out everywhere. He has been abusing Hobbs, both before and after the whistle, and has taken advantage of most of our CBs. That rivalry with Hobbs, I have a feeling it won't be too friendly, as he has been jabbering to Hobbs every time he makes a play over him, and it happens enough to piss Hobbs off. But the one thing about Cooper that has me jizzing my pants is he and Juan Castillo are constantly talking going over blocking. I've seen Castillo talk to him in the last week of TC more than I've seen him work with all the other WRs combined. As I've said before, he can block, and that alone will boost his stock with the team and get him on the field. But he has some serious speed, he was running a streak and tracked down a Kolb ball down the right sideline, blew past Asante and sneaking between the sideline marker and Allen to make a hell of a TD catch, which took some serious afterburers. I see him firmly entrenched at the #4 WR spot already, he has been impressing that much.

The DL is going to be nasty, probably the best I would ever remember seeing. Cole, Graham, Tapp, and DTN all are impressing me a lot, and Juqua Parker and Ricky Sapp are looking very good as well. Sapp is the weakest link of the group, but he is out there making plays and getting work done. I loved the Tapp addition in the offseason, and still do. He ran down one of our WRs 40 yards downfield from the opposite side and made a TD saving tackle. He has a stockier build than all our other DEs, and still has the athletecism. We'll see a lot of him on the DL, and he will help keep the productuion up for all our DEs. At DT, we all know what we have in Bunk and Patterson, and Dixon is continuing to impress, Jeff Owens and Boor Robinson have been looking very good, but unfortunately, Laws hasn't done much and could see his spot on the roster in jeopardy. Having Dixon and Owens on the DL and having Tapp and Graham on the ends isn't fair for our backup O-linemen, especially when its the third stringers.

The CB group is doing better than I expected, however I still expect them to be the weakness of the team. It is strange seeing anyone else besides Sheldon wearing 24, but Macho Harris is looking pretty good, though having struggles against Avant and Cooper. Lindley is performing better than I expected, and has made some plays, but like GE 77 mentioned in his post, he has a slight frame, and that worries me a bit. Lindley has struggled with Cooper since the opening of camp, but many of our CBs have, Hanson has one and lost some battles with Cooper, and Asante has don a good job against him. Maclin has been causing issues for out CBs, which is promising for him.

Our Safety group is looking very good. Mikell is doing well, and looks more like his '08 self than last year. Allen is sticking out to me more than any player besides Cooper. I expect him and Mikell to be a very good S duo for a while. Coleman has been a very pleasant surprise. For a guy who was touted as an in the box type of safety, he sure makes a lot of plays everywhere else. His footwork is great, he has good hands, and is a smart player out there. With further developement, we may be looking at the future replacement for Mikell when his time here is up.

Babylon 08-02-2010 11:10 AM

You guys got a steal in Riley Cooper. Someone is going to have to explain to me why he lasted till the 5th round.

camp_eagles 08-02-2010 11:24 AM

Whats going on with Fokou getting reps at DE?

Go_Eagles77 08-02-2010 11:40 AM

I agree about Cooper, he's the real deal. He is that big possession receiver that eagles fans have been clamoring for (no Hank Baskett does not count), he's a very good blocker like you mentioned EATW, and he should also be a gunner on special teams. I think our top 4 receivers may be set for at least the next 4 years.

frubulubu 08-02-2010 11:46 AM

EATW, who do you see being the fav to replace Brown in TC?

eaglesalltheway 08-02-2010 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by frubulubu (Post 2248331)
EATW, who do you see being the fav to replace Brown in TC?

Right now Hobbs has been getting almost all the reps at first team RCB, so its his job to lose right now. None of the other CBs are truly playing a step above him right now, so it'd be hard to say anyone will take it over right now, but if anyone does, it'll be Hanson (who I think is playing marginally better right now) or Macho (who I think is playing marginally worse).

eaglesalltheway 08-02-2010 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by camp_eagles (Post 2248323)
Whats going on with Fokou getting reps at DE?

IDK, I was wondering the same thing. His play doesn't fit that of a DE, but perhaps they were trying him there for when they have some 3-4 sets to see how it would work. That is the only thing I could think of, but why not just put the team in a 3-4 alignment then.

ironman4579 08-02-2010 11:04 PM

Just throwing this out there, but Brandon Graham has apparently already started running with the first team. He is also apparently raping fools. That is all.

eaglesalltheway 08-03-2010 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by ironman4579 (Post 2248871)
Just throwing this out there, but Brandon Graham has apparently already started running with the first team. He is also apparently raping fools. That is all.

Yea, he's started working in since Sunday afternoon. Its what I expected, half way through the preseason I expect him to be firmly entrenched as the starting LE. It doesn't really mean much though because we have 3 or 4 non-starting DEs who will see a lot of playing time anyway.

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