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Jimmy 08-01-2010 11:32 PM

Dwight Smith, RB, TCU
I've heard very little news about this kid, but every time I hear something new, its about how amazing he is going to be. Kid is 5'10 and has been measured from 218 to 225 lbs. he is a "greyshirt" which means he was academically ineligible for a year.

"Add that to his hand timed 4.24 and 4.39 electronic timed 40 yard dash at a USC workout and his brute strength" and you have a freakish NFL RB who is only a "true" freshman at TCU.

Those times are iffy, but worse case scenari we have a 220 LB
kid who can run a 4.4 flat. As a freshman. Who is this kid, and can any tcu fans tell me if he is going to start?

22 on the red team.


it almost seems to me as if this kid doesnt exist, and is some TCU marketing ploy. you'd think he'd have more hype.


FUNBUNCHER 08-02-2010 09:27 AM

Is he the reason that Aundre Dean, the AA prep tailback formerly of Katy HS and UCLA transfer, switched to safety??

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