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Cunningham 09-08-2010 12:30 AM

With the season being just around the corner...
let's hear everyone's outlook on the upcoming season. this isn't a thread made for the purpose of bumping at the end of the year to say i told you so, but rather because i want to hear the general consensus of denver fans on this forum. no need for hyperbole....

in assessing how this year's team compares to the team of last year, i think our biggest weakness last year, and the main reason for our terrible record down the stretch, was the lack of talent and size in the trenches. mcdaniels alluded to this many times and he addressed the issue over the offseason with the drafting of beadles and walton, in addition to the signings of williams and bannan. none of these guys are superstars but collectively they represent a big improvement in an area that ****** us last season. other positives include orton entering his second year in this offense as well as having much bigger contributions from moreno and ayers. my take on the improvement of last year's first rounders is clearly open to debate, but i really believe both of these guys are going to step up and establish themselves as plus starters.

dumervil's injury sucks, there's no way around that. clady, harris, buckhalter, and moreno are all either banged up and or very green heading into the season. there are unforeseen things that could go wrong, as there are with any other team. despite all of the adversities that this team has been faced with, i feel confident that denver will have a winning record this season. i'm a huge believer in mcdaniels and what he has done with this team. he's brought balance, size, leadership, and toughness to the broncos, all qualities that were lost under shanahan's final years with the team.

my prediction for this season: 9-7

Timbathia 09-08-2010 09:34 PM

If the o-line was 100% healthy, I would be confident of at least going 8-8, though I dont think we are yet ready to win 10+ games no matter how healthy we stay. Injured tackles and at least one rookie on the o-line will cause some early problems.

I do believe that Orton will be able to move the ball against most defenses. This will keep us in most games.

Hard to say from the preseason whether the run defense will work, but I am confident that we can get some pressure on the QB even without Doom. The secondary should hold up okay so long as we are getting some pressure. I think we may struggle against quicker running backs.

The early season schedule is tough with the colts, ravens and jets, but in reality they are probably the only 3 games that a re close to unwinnable.

Cunningham 09-08-2010 10:49 PM

also, who here believes in tim tebow? taking him in the first was definitely one of mcdaniels' more polarizing moves, which is saying a lot, but the guy has really grown on me. we all know about his intangibles but it's his natural accuracy and willingness to take shots down field that has impressed me the most. although inconsistent, he's shown the ability to deliver while in the pocket and has been extremely effective when running the bootleg. he seems to have a short term memory as well as he's consistently bounced back from poor plays.

Diehard 09-09-2010 02:07 AM

We have a good passing game and a nice set of defensive backs. If we can get a workmanlike running game and limit big gains by opposing backs, we'll have a pretty good year. I think 9 wins is a very reasonable target, but, at the risk of stating the obvious, we have to get healthy to make that happen.

As for Tebow, I remember feeling uneasy about the draft day rumors that he might go to Denver. However, I've warmed up to the idea considerably since then. He showed plenty in preseason to be encouraged about, and he's in a spot where the team can afford to be patient with his development.

Timbathia 09-09-2010 02:58 AM

I honestly think Tebow will become at least a good starting NFL QB. The problem is that he has to overcome some serious obstacles to become a great NFL QB, and that is what you want first round picks to become. We really could have used a number of different positions with that pick, so it is a big gamble.

luli123 09-09-2010 03:14 AM

fenders are rolled and pulled and he's running the wrong size tire.

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Cunningham 10-24-2010 07:13 PM

is it too late to change my prediction?

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