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MrRedskins 01-28-2011 03:11 PM

The 10th pick
Considering we have a plethora of needs I personally think we need to trade down, perhaps even out of the 1st round if possible, to acquire more picks. But of course what I want DON'T MEAN SHEEIT, that being said.........

I feel like Cameron Jordan needs to be the pick (unless DaQuan Bowers drops which I doubt =\) ...Not only does he fill the need at 5 technique, he is a cold beast. The reason I say go DE as opposed to OLB in the 1st round is because: A) we need to stop BS'n and give Chris Wilson a chance, if he fails, Rob Jackson looked pretty damn good in the last 2 games of the season. B) Vonnie Holiday, Kedric Golston or Phillip Daniels have no business starting.

Round 2: Interior lineman (offense)
No need to really explain that.

Not only would drafting Jordan would instantly make our D instantly better, it would give us quality depth in the aforementioned lineman. To cap it off, if we can move Zo to DE and give Wilson/Jackson the other DE spot (whishful thinkin).


Umoro 01-28-2011 07:25 PM

If you could trade Donovan McNabb to some QB-worthy team for another 1st round pick, you could target, say, Cameron Jordan with the 10th pick and then just get Justin Blackmon or Julio Jones with the other 1st round pick that you got in that McNabb trade.

Orakpowned 01-29-2011 03:26 AM


Originally Posted by Umoro (Post 2499758)
If you could trade Donovan McNabb to some QB-worthy team for another 1st round pick, you could target, say, Cameron Jordan with the 10th pick and then just get Justin Blackmon or Julio Jones with the other 1st round pick that you got in that McNabb trade.

There's no chance McNabb is worth a first round pick. Oh how I wish he was. He's worth a 4th, 3rd at BEST, and that's pushing it.

Justin Blackmon stayed in school. Love the thought of him being a Redskin next year, though.

As for the OP, if we stay at 10, here's the players I'd draft (in order) if they're there:

1. Robert Quinn - I love this guy, and he could be a beast opposite Rak. I think he has the potential to be the best player in this draft. He's got all the talent in the world. Imagine the havoc that OLB duo would create.
2. Julio Jones - We need a big time number one wide receiver. Julio is the total package. Beast with the ball, hard to bring down. Great acceleration once he has the ball, and he's an excellent blocker on the outside. I love this guy a ton.
3. Blaine Gabbert - but this is almost pointless seeing that there's almost no shot he'll be at 10.
4. Marcell Dareus - I think he's somehow flying under the radar with Jordan having such a great week at the combine. I think that's a good thing, though. If we were to land him, we'd be solidified at DE.

With the second round pick, I'm HOPING Phil Taylor is there at 41. If he is, we HAVE to snatch him to man the NT. I feel he could dominate in the 3-4 given time. I love his athleticism for his size.

Imagine that with the first two picks in the draft, we have 2/3 of our d-line set for years. I get giddy thinking about it.

With the remaining picks (for grins and giggles, say we get a 3rd for Haynesworth and a 4th for McNabb):

I would go with Andy Dalton in the 3rd round. I think he has the potential to be a very solid QB in the NFL. He's got the size, mobility, and smarts for the position. He won't wow you with his arm, but he doesn't make the boneheaded mistakes that cost you the game. He's a winner.

With the 4th round pick, I would select John Moffitt out of Wisconsin. He's played in the ZBS all of his Wisconsin career. He has experience at center, so if we were to pick up Davin Joseph in free agency, Moffitt could man the center.

In the 5th round, if he's still around, I'd select the free safety out of West Virgina, Robert Sands. The guy is huge (6'4" 220) and has excellent ball skills and range. I don't believe Kareem Moore is a starting FS, and it's time to address it. I love Sands here in the 5th.

With the 6th round pick, I'd look to address the RB position. I LOVE Derrick Locke here. The guy is blazing fast, shifty, and a hell of a back. He can run and catch very well. I believe teams will shy away from him because he's small, but I would take him in a heartbeat in the 6th. He's be a perfect compliment to Torain.

In the 7th round, I would address the WR position. If Lester Jean is there, we have to take him. He's got good size and catches everything he touches. Runs excellent routes, and knows how to use his body to make the catch.

So, if it played out like this, which we all know isn't likely, our draft would be:

DE Marcell Darius
NT Phil Taylor
QB Andy Dalton
OG John Moffitt
FS Robert Sands
RB Derrick Locke
WR Lester Jean

I think that would be one hell of a draft and a great way to build the team.

MrRedskins 01-29-2011 09:59 AM

@Umoro, any team that gives up a 1st for McNabb will be in the CFL for 3 years as a punishment. I wish that sh!! would happen but there is no way in hellllllll. We may get a 4th at the most and knowing Shanny, he will snub the 4th pick...cut Donny Mac...and we end up with no draft pick for him (Frickin idiot).

@Nick, I wouldn't be 100% mad if your mock scenario played out, buuuuut, Marcell Dareus is likely gone by the 10th pick, Robert Quinn is now your dream option (assuming Zona doesn't snag him with their pick). Here is my bone to pick with that:

Let me clarify, I WOULDN'T BE MAD AT THE PICK, but take into account that for whatever reaon the front office is sold on Lorenzo Alexander. When he and Rackpo were hurt last year Andre Carter (puke) and Rob Jackson got the call as starters (in fact, Carter began the year as the starter...smh). Rob Jackson played like a mad man, he was all over the field! The Giants game I believe he had 2 sacks and 1 against the Jags. That alone is enough to warrant us starting him at OLB opposite BO98 next year, which means for 2 or 3 games (if Jackson sucks next year) Quinn is on the bench. On top of that, Chris Wilson is a star in the making and if we let him walk, he is going to shine wherever he goes. You can quote me on that. We can't afford to have a 1st rounder on the bench for any amount of time.

Julio Jones?!?! I'll pass, too many failed attempts at drafted a WR. Maybe your man Malcolm Kelly will finally pay dividends..lmaooooo, picture that. But no WR with the 10th pick.

Blaine Gabbert, nahhhhhhhh. If we manage to acquire more picks then we should take a QB but in the later rounds, though. (Christian Ponder, Ricky Stanzi or Andy Dalton...h3ll maybe even Colin Kaepernick) if not......2012 is when we make that move.

In round 2, Phil Taylor is a beast!! But again, let's see what the incumbent players can do. Anthony Bryant was pretty good when he got a chance and Joe Joseph was raw, but he showed potential. Let us draft in the areas where we completely SUCK in rounds 1-3 (if we get a 3rd rounder).

Here is my mock (Justin Tryon pick...plus Donny Mac, Fat Al and Andre Carter all traded so we get a 3 & 4) :

1. Cameron Jordan
2. Stefen Wisniewski
3. Christian Ponder
4. Greg Romeus
5. Will Hill
6. Casey Matthews
Compensatory Pick
Graig Cooper
7. Jock Sanders

Are u loving that mock? Lol

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