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Shane P. Hallam 04-15-2011 12:50 PM

News Thread!
Post news and notes about your team and picks!

zachsaints52 04-15-2011 02:19 PM

Jets looking to trade down into the 2nd.

D-Unit 04-15-2011 02:43 PM

Announcing the list of 20 players who will attend the 2011 NFL Draft in the Green Room:

Auburn Quarterback, Cam Newton

Cal Defensive End, Cameron Jordan

Texas A&M Linebacker, Von Miller

Alabama Receiver, Julio Jones

LSU Defensive Back, Patrick Peterson

Iowa Defensive End, Adrian Clayborn

Alabama Running Back, Mark Ingram

Missouri Quarterback, Blaine Gabbert

Georgia Receiver, A.J. Green

Wisconsin Defensive End, J.J. Watt

Missouri Defensive End, Aldon Smith

Auburn Defensive Tackle, Nick Fairley

Nebraska Cornerback, Prince Amukamara

Alabama Defensive Tackle, Marcel Dareus

USC Tackle, Tyron Smith

Clemson Defensive End, Da’Quan Bowers

UCLA Linebacker, Akeem Ayers

Florida Center, Mike Pouncey

Illinois Defensive Tackle, Corey Liuget

Baylor Guard, Danny Watkins

diabsoule 04-15-2011 05:22 PM

Saints Getting Defensive
New GM's looking to emphasize defensive in April's NFL draft

Metairie, La. -- New Saints General Managers, diabsoule and Saints Dome Patrol, look to address the biggest issue for the New Orleans Saints last year: defense.

When questioning why the Saints need to improve their "D" one needs look no further than the NFC Wild Card game against Seattle. In that game Matt Hassleback carved up the Saints secondary and Marshawn Lynch ran through the entire defense. On his last play from scrimmage, Lynch mauled his way 67 yards down field and even threw CB Tracy Porter 5 yards off of him in the process.

"We plan to draft the best player available and trading down is definitely an option", said GM diabsoule. He continued by saying that linebacker and defensive end are the biggest priority with depth at defensive tackle, running back, and offensive tackle also key positions that need to be filled.

Look for the Saints to be very active with their new GMs as both have expressed their opinion that New Orleans is primed to make another Super Bowl run.

"We have the offense. Drew Brees, Colston, Thomas, Bush, Ivory, Nicks, Evans. The list goes on and on. We can put up points, we just need to stop people from scoring on us", said diabsoule.

One thing is for sure, the Saints are looking to draft impact players that will be able to contribute immediately.

RaiderNation 04-15-2011 06:18 PM

Raiders Looking to Move Around in Draft

New Oakland Raiders GM RaiderNation has told some media outlets that he is hoping to move up into the late 1st round if the right prospect(s) are still on the board. The Raiders do not have a 1st round pick after trading for DL Richard Seymour who has helped the team as not only a pro bowl type player, but as a leader in the locker room.

fenikz 04-15-2011 06:43 PM

#5 On The Block?
Arizona Cardinals may be looking to move down if certain players don't fall to them at five. Rumor is that they will be fielding offers for the pick after the first four selections are made.

Saints Dome Patrol 04-15-2011 07:14 PM

Saints look to move up?

METARIE, LA (WWL) -- The NFL Draft is mere hours away, and new co-general managers, diabsoule and Saints Dome Patrol, are already in talks with several teams, discussing their first round position.

"We already have a list of ten top caliber players that we're interested in," said Saints Dome Patrol. "But, we would definitely be willing to trade up for the right prospect, if the price is right."

The price; however, is likely to be too rich for the Saints' blood, as New Orleans only has six selections, with two of those in the seventh round.

"If a certain player happens to fall, then no price is too much to get that game-changing, franchise player," said diabsoule.

When asked who that player might be, diabsoule had this response.

"We have our eyes on several players that we feel would be immediate impacts on their position."

Stay tuned to Channel 4 WWL for the latest details and information as the the 2011 Draft approaches.

Caddy 04-17-2011 01:18 AM

Buccaneers Considering Move Up?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rumoured to have an interest in a particular player and are strongly contemplating a move up to get their man. It is believed they will need to move in the 12-17 range.

WMD 04-17-2011 06:44 PM

Detroit Lions looking to trade down from #13?
Cryptic quote from troubled Lions GM Martin Mayhew gives an inside look into the Lions draft plans..

"If you're asking me if I'd rather trade down or do something Tom Kowalski suggests, I'd rather trade. Why is that guy allowed to write about the Lions and the Draft? If he was in a burning house and Sammie Hill was locked in a cage at my house and Sammie Hill knew where the fire was and wanted to rescue Kowalski and all I had to do was open the cage door for Kowalski to be saved, I would not open the cage door. I would laugh and continue playing the Mortal Kombat demo."

Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew stares angrily at a horrible trade proposal

Matthew Jones 04-17-2011 07:27 PM

Patriots exploring all trade possibilities

The New England Patriots have reportedly had discussions with multiple teams about trades at different points in the 2011 NFL Draft, and rumor has it that the Patriots have considered the possibility of trading up as well as down. Head coach Bill Belichick is notorious for moving around the draft board, so nothing would surprise us at this point in the draft process. The Patriots have two picks in each of the first three rounds, and picks in the fourth, fifth, and sixth round as well. Opposing teams will surely know how to reach Belichick if they are interested in making a deal.

Saints Dome Patrol 04-17-2011 10:53 PM

Saints News Update

Draft Underway, Saints "To Be Movers", Says Co-GM
New Orleans could look to trade up in first round
By Rick Marion, Staff Writer

METARIE (AP) - The first round of the National Football League Draft is already underway, and one of the New Orleans Saints's newest member of their front office is keeping his eyes on the comings and goings, even if he isn't in the Saints facility in Metarie.

Saints Dome Patrol, one of the two new co-general managers for the Saints, was spotted at the Staples Center in a luxury suite, watching New Orleans' other team, the Hornets, take on the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA playoffs.

Saints Dome Patrol was still keeping up to date with the first round action on his smart phone and communicating with his co-general manager, diabsoule.

"I'm definitely keeping a watchful eye on the Draft," Saints Dome Patrol said. "Right now, both diabsoule and I are just watching and waiting to see what will happen."

"There's a long way to go before we pick."

The Saints, one of the NFC's Wild Card teams last season, currently hold the twenty-fourth selection in the first round, but the co-general manager said that could possibly change, if the right deal comes along.

"We'd be willing to listen to trade opportunities to move up if there is a can't-miss prospect that is falling down the first round," Saints Dome Patrol said. "There are a couple of game changers that we'd consider moving up for."

When asked who the Saints could be looking into choosing, the loquacious co-general manager fell silent.

"I'm not at liberty to say," Saints Dome Patrol said. "I'll just say we've got our eye on some top notch players on both sides of the ball that would definitely be great fits for us and look great in a Saints uniform."

Rick Marion can be contacted at the Times-Picayune Sports Desk at (504) 867-5309.

D-Unit 04-18-2011 08:17 PM

ESPN Live Draft Coverage

Berman: The 2011 NFL Draft has been an interesting one so far. We're now through pick 13 and the St. Louis Rams are on the clock. The top 10 had a few surprises and one mysterious trade between the Browns and the Cardinals. Mel, give us a recap of the Top 10 with your analysis.

Kiper: Sure thing Chris.

The Carolina Panthers had a difficult decision to make with the #1 pick. Do they continue to invest in last year's 2nd round pick Jimmy Clausen or do they go a completely new direction at QB? Do they stay at #1 or look to trade down and recoup some additional picks, seeing that they don't have a 2nd round pick this year?

What they told us is that they don't believe in Clausen and that it wasn't worth trading down to miss out on the opportunity to have Cam Newton be the new face of the franchise. A very gutsy and bold move by the organization, but this is the pick that I have had them solidly mocked with for the past month now. What will be interesting to see is if they rush him in or keep Clausen in as the starter or trade Clausen and bring in a veteran until Cam is ready to take over. Depending on how they handle the situation, will determine how I will eventually grade the pick, but for now, the grade is incomplete.

Kiper: The Broncos addressed a one of their biggest needs in selecting Marcell Dareus out of Alabama. Dareus is not on the same level that Ndamukong Suh was last year as the 2nd overall pick by the Lions, but he is the safest of this year's defensive lineman class. The history of busts at DL is so great, that I think that is one of the reasons why the Broncos decided on Dareus over Fairley and his character concerns. Dareus doesn't have the biggest upside, so going this route tells me that new GM and HOF QB, John Elway is not going to be a high risk type of gambling GM.

Kiper: In Von Miller, the Buffalo Bills selected one of the hottest risers in this year's draft. If you told me that he would go #3 overall at season's end, I would have denied it. Much credit has to be given to Scott Wright at DraftCountdown.com to being the first draftnik in the public media to come out with that prediction. Kudos Scott! The rest of us followed like sheep. The only thing that scares me about Miller is his fit in Buffalo's defense. He measured in at 6'2, 246 at the combine. Will he be able to beat NFL caliber Offensive Tackles with what many consider... his undersized frame? There's a lot to love about Miller, so that's really nitpicking there, but yeah, that part doesn't quite sit easy with me. I can't help but have nightmarish flashes of Aaron Maybin all over again.

Kiper: Patrick Peterson is my #1 ranked prospect in the draft, so there's no real faulting Cincinnati in this pick. ..but I do have some. This all but asures Jonathan Joseph's departure in Free Agency, but I wonder if this is their best bang for the buck? Did they entertain any offers for a trade down? This is a team with multiple needs and an owner who has heavy financial constraints. My guess is that a trade down could've allowed them to fix multiple holes by picking up additional picks, and it would have also saved them money by moving out of the cost it takes to sign the #4 overall pick. Which they then could have used to keep a guy like Joseph.

Kiper: When the commissioner approached the podium to announce a trade, this was the least likely trade scenario that I could've imagined. The decision by Cleveland to jump 1 spot and give up a 4th rounder in the process for AJ Green, who by my guess would not have been selected by Arizona was a mysterious move to say the least. We've since heard the Arizona GM come out and say AJ Green would have been the pick, but I don't doubt for a second that there was posturing and smoke screen signals being put out from their front. Therefore, I give major props to the Cardinals for pulling this trade off. Ultimately, in the end, Cleveland got their man and a 4th round pick is often gone to waste anyways, so it's not entirely a bad move.

Arizona selecting Robert Quinn will only come back to bite them if Blaine Gabbert turns out to be a franchise QB. I don't knock them for doubting in him, so I like the pick of Quinn. He's not the next Demarcus Ware, but he could have a Cameron Wake type of career.

Kiper: With the 7th pick of the draft the San Francisco 49ers selected CB Prince Amukamara. Nate Clements really slowed down last year and Shawntae Spencer was never someone to write home about, so this is a sound pick here by the Niners. Amukamara erased his speed concerns by running a 4.3 40 at the combine, but there are legit concerns about his ability as a playmaking corner, and they did pass up on a potential franchise QB in Blaine Gabbert, so we'll see if they made the right choice. That said, I don't doubt for a second that new Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh already has his sights set on a certain QB who will be entering the 2012 NFL Draft. ;)

Kiper: When Jerry Jones selected Tyron Smith, the OT out of Southern California, that signified the first time in his reign as owner of the Cowboys that the team would use a 1st round pick on an offensive lineman. Part of it is timing vs need, but another part of it goes to show a shift in philosophy. Jerry has typically gone to FA or trade to address immediate Offensive Line needs. Bringing in the the likes of Marco Rivera, Kyle Kosier, Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo in recent times. The draft has typically been used to select developmental linemen like Doug Free, Robert Brewster, Sam Young, Stephen Peterman, Jacob Rogers, Ryan Petitte, EJ Whitney, Al Johnson and the like.

Berman: Hey Mel, let's take a moment and turn to Suzy Kolber who is sitting down with Tyron on the couch right now.

Kolber: Hi Tyron, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Did you have any hunch that the Cowboys would select you with the 9th pick?

Smith: Actually, I was really hoping for it, but I was unsure. I mean, I heard the rumors, and talked with them at length at my pro day, but you never know how much they like you. I saw the tweet by Mike Pouncey that the Cowboys showed a lot of interest in him too, so yeah... I'm happy about it, no question. I'm just excited and ready to get to work.

Kolber: Have you found out yet, whether they will play you at Right Tackle or Left Tackle?

Smith: No, I haven't heard anything regarding that, but I feel like I can play either spot and I'm willing to play where they need me most. Like I said, I'm just ready and excited to get to work and be with the team.

Kolber: Thank you Tyron for taking the time to chat with us.

Smith: You're welcome, I'm loving this draft experience.

Berman: Let's wrap up the top 10. Mel, what did you think of the Colts moving up for Fairley at #10?

Kiper: Chris, I absolutely LOVE the move by Indy to move up and grab Fairley who fell here strictly due to character concerns and not talent. Based on talent and production last year, Fairley would arguably be the #1 pick of the draft. What he did was nothing short of remarkable. The only concerns are the one year wonder thought and the character concerns, but on a team like the Colts who have captains like Dwight Freeney and Peyton Manning, I think they have the support system in place to keep Fairley from being a bust. This is not a franchise in disaray like the Oakland Raiders.

Berman: Thanks Mel, that wraps up our analysis of the Top 10 picks! Stay tuned for more! Be back after these messages...

Saints Dome Patrol 04-18-2011 09:25 PM

Chris Berman: Welcome back, folks, to the 2011 NFL Draft, and there has been another blockbuster trade made in the first round. The Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints have swapped their first and third rounders respectively, with the Saints now on the clock... and it looks like the pick is already in. Let's go down to the podium and the commish.

Roger Goodell: With the twenty-first selection of the first round, acquired from Kansas City Chiefs by trade, the New Orleans Saints select Da'Quan Bowers, defensive end from Clemson University.

Chris Berman: Well, that selection continues the run that we've seen on defensive ends, and really helps shore up their front four. TJ, what do you think of this selection?

Tom Jackson: I really this pick, Boomer. The Saints now added a stud defensive end to add to the mix with Will Smith and Alex Brown, and with the signing of Shaun Rogers, the Saints have now done two things this off-season to bolster their defensive line. Mel, do you like the Saints pick here?

Mel Kiper: Oh, no doubt about it, Tom. The Saints definitely helped their front four out a great deal with the signing of nose tackle Shaun Rogers, who should really help collapse the pocket and really clog up the middle of the line of scrimmage. Yes, there might have been some issues surrounding Da'Quan Bowers and teams passing on him because of injury concerns. But the Saints pull the trigger on a trade, without giving up too much and now, with Bowers now in the mix, the Saints add an explosive pass rusher off the end and someone who will really fit in Gregg Williams's hybrid 4-3 defense.

Chris Berman: Well, there you have it, both TJ and Mel give the Saints a thumbs up for not only their pick, but their trade as well. The 2011 NFL Draft continues more, after this!

CJSchneider 04-19-2011 12:33 AM

Rumor has it that the Buffalo Bills have sent a trade offer that would secure the Jets two additional draft picks in this year's NFL draft.

fenikz 04-19-2011 04:25 PM


With the 5th overall pick the Cardinals found them selves in an odd situation 2 of the teams top targets had been selected and their best offensive player was still on the board. The Cardinals took advantage of this by forcing a trade down with Cleveland to add a 4th round pick. With the 6th overall selection Arizona then took North Carolina, OLB, Robert Quinn. The former Tar Heel had been suspended for the 2011 season and had some medical concerns coming into the offseason but has also lit up work outs. Measuring in at 6'4 264 with a 34" arm length Quinn was built to be a pass rushing force. To top it he improved on his combine time to a run a sub 4.6 40(4.58) at his pro day while putting up 24 reps of 225 and a 34" vertical. Quinn should very well start the season for Arizona at ROLB with the expected departure of Joey Porter, Clark Haggans and O'Brien Schofield will battle it out for the other starting OLB job.

As the middle of round one passed Arizona began to try to trade up. While sitting and waiting for possible interior o-line talent in the 2nd would of been understandable, The Cardinals wanted to make a move and found a potential trade partner in rival franchise Seattle. Costing them only their own 4th round pick to move up from the 2nd. Castonzo has the potential to become a starting OT in the league one day and with the strength and conditioning program of John Lott and the attention of now full time o-line coach Russ Grimm we feel he will reach that potential. Depending on the outcome of the CBA and FA following he may also play some guard early in his career.

RaiderNation 04-19-2011 08:04 PM

Breaking News: Oakland Raiders Select Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas

The wait was long, but it finally came to an end for Ryan Mallett. He was just chosen with the 48th pick from the Oakland Raiders, who plan to have him be the QB of the future. New Raiders GM RaiderNation has just given a statement to the press:
"I'm proud to bring in Mallett, who was too much for us to pass up here in the 2nd round. We still plan to have Campbell be our starter at the start of the season, but Mallett will get a chance to compete once the new CBA deal comes around. He is a perfect fit for our down the field passing and I am sure Head Coach Hue Jackson can coach the kid up. He helped Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco become Pro Bowl type QB's, and Mallett is very similar to those 2. Welcome to the Oakland Raiders Mr. Mallett!"

D-Unit 04-19-2011 09:58 PM

ESPN Not-So-Live Draft Coverage

Berman: The draft is rapidly progressing, Mel. Let's pick up where we left off. What were your thoughts about picks 11-15?

11. Houston (6-10) - Julio Jones WR/Alabama
12. Minnesota (6-10)- Jake Locker QB/Washington
13. Detroit (6-10) - Cameron Jordan DE/Cal
14. St. Louis (7-9) - Aldon Smith DE/Missouri
15. Miami (7-9) - Mark Ingram RB/Alabama

Kiper: The one thing I was surprised on for those teams who picked in that range was that none of them decided to make a move and pull off a trade. They all seemed content to stay at their pick. There were a lot of rumors leading up to the draft that perhaps Houston would trade up for Patrick Peterson, St. Louis would trade up for a WR like Green or Jones, and Miami would consider trading down. None of that happened. That said, I think all of those teams should come away happy with their results.

You should expect to see massive fireworks in Houston with Julio Jones lined up opposite of Andre Johnson. They've failed miserably in the past in trying to counter the Colts passing attack within the division by investing heavily and incorrectly into their secondary. This new strategy might work. Rather than trying to stop the Colts passing attack they've decided to try to outmatch them! Their offensive potential is scary good, and teams will be less focused on trying to stop last year's breakout RB Arian Foster too.

Minnesota courageously took Jake Locker, but I actually really like his fit there if they are willing to let him sit. If they rush him, I don't think he'll survive. But if they bring him along like Green Bay did with Aaron Rogers, then the reward could be just as great.

No surprise that Detroit didn't trade out of that spot. They had a lot of options on the board at DE where they ultimately decided that Cam Jordan attracted them the most. I can't knock the pick because Jordan was an absolute beast during the Senior Bowl and opened a lot of teams eyes. I'm sure some of those teams had their fists to their desks when Detroit announced that pick.

When St. Louis hired Spagnola from the Giants, one of the things that attracted them to him was his high pressure defense. Since arriving in St. Louis, that vaunted pass rush hasn't quite come to fruition as they imagined. Getting Aldon Smith here is a step in that direction. If the Rams can add talent to their front 4, Spags will take care of the rest.

Ingram to Miami has been the single most common theme throughout the millions of mock drafts that have been released since the end of the season. Predictable because it makes too much sense. Mark Ingram is your prototype workhorse back. The NFL has gone away from the single back system, but he reminds me so much of the Emmitt Smith of the 90's Cowboys who were able to win multiple Superbowls on the shoulders of a back like that.

Saints Dome Patrol 04-20-2011 04:44 AM

The Crescent City "Quannection"
Saints get two top players to improve defense
By Richard Johnson, Staff Writer

As the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft comes to a close, the two co-general managers of the New Orleans Saints are quite pleased with the selections they have made thus far.

In the first round, the Saints were able to swap their selection at 24 with Kansas City for the Chiefs' first rounder at 21. The Saints also swapped third round selections, giving their third rounder that was acquired in the Jammal Brown trade from the Washington Redskins to the AFC West team, while receiving Kansas City's third rounder, the 86th overall selection.

By making this move, the Saints were able to select Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers, the Nagurski Award winner and unanimous first team All-American for the Tigers. Bowers was passed on by several other teams due to injury concerns with his left knee, but one of the Saints' newest members of the front office said that was not a concern.

"We're not worried about his injury history," Saints co-general manager diabsoule said. "Our doctors have evaluated him and we made our decision based on their diagnosis."

"We were comfortable with his health and feel it will be a non-factor in the long run."

By moving up three selections, the Saints feel that they have really gotten their money's worth in this selection.

"Da'Quan Bowers was actually on top of our big board going into the first round," Saints co-general manager Saints Dome Patrol said. "There were other players we had ranked under him that went higher and so when we were able to successfully negotiate a trade with the Chiefs, we knew who we were going to pick."

diabsoule agrees.

"Da'Quan is the prototypical base end that is capable of impacting the game in a variety of different ways. He can stop the run, pressure the quarterback, disrupt the backfield, and provides valuable field leadership," diabsoule said.

"He led the nation in sacks last year and to land a player of that quality this late in the first [round] presented too much value for us as a team to pass up."

Saints Dome Patrol said Bowers should fit in quite nicely in Saints' defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' aggressive, attacking defense.

"Da'Quan not only has the explosiveness and ability to bend off the edge as end, but can bull rush up the middle, and has an excellent football IQ," Saints Dome Patrol said. "He showed this against top talent in college and we feel that Da'Quan could play end or even tackle in certain situations and will definitely be a great addition to our team."

In the second round, the Saints went back to the state of North Carolina and another top notch defensive player from the Atlantic Coast Conference, this time, drafting North Carolina linebacker Quan Sturdivant with the fifth-sixth overall selection.

diabsoule said the team had been wanting to get a linebacker to compliment middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma and weakside linebacker Jonathan Casillas and possibly slip into the starting role in case strongside linebacker Scott Shanle leaves as a free agent.

"I have talked to [head coach] Butch Davis down at UNC and he told me [Sturdivant] is the most instinctive 'backer he has ever coached," diabsoule said. "I've had numerous scouts tell me that as well. We were lucky to have such a quality, productive player fall to us in the second [round]."

Saints Dome Patrol agrees.

“We were definitely looking to add another quality linebacker to our team, and when we saw that Quan was still on the board, diabsoule told me was leaning hard toward him,” Saints Dome Patrol said. “I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, that he was still available.”

“I told him, ‘Let’s do it.’”

“We feel we drafted another immediate contributor to our defense and are very, very happy to have Quan don the Black and Gold,” diabsoule said.

When asked about concerns surrounding his character, Saints Dome Patrol shrugged them off.

"Both diabsoule, myself and the scouting department were well aware of these concerns before making our selection,” Saints Dome Patrol said. “Quan is well aware of the team chemistry that we have here in New Orleans and that we will not put up with his shenanigans if he becomes a distraction off-the-field.”

“We and Quan have spoken and he has shown a great deal of remorse for his past actions, and we feel he has grown and matured because of it.”

With the first two selections for the Saints in the books, New Orleans still has two selections at the end of the third round and two more selections in the seventh. It would not be surprising to see the Saints attempt to move one of those third round selections and move down in order to acquire more selections.

“Anything is possible,” Saints Dome Patrol said. “We still have a few tricks up our sleeve for the rest of the draft.”

One thing is certain, all Saints fans throughout the Who Dat Nation should be excited to welcome the Crescent City “Quannection” to the Big Easy.

Richard Johnson can be reached at the Times-Picayune Sports Desk at (504) 867-5309.

D-Unit 04-20-2011 03:11 PM

ESPN's Not-So-Live Draft Coverage

Berman: Hey Jon, we've just heard Mel's thoughts on picks 11-15, now take us through 16-20 with your analysis.

16. Jacksonville (8-8) - JJ Watt DE/Wisconsin
17. New England (f/ OAK) (8-8) - Mike Pouncey OG/Florida
18. San Diego (9-7) - Cam Heyward DE/Ohio State
19. New York Giants (10-6) - Gabe Carimi OT/Wisconsin
20. Tampa Bay (10-6) - Ryan Kerrigan DE/Purdue

Gruden: I'll tell you what Chris! Jacksonville ended up with a HECK OF A PLAYER in that big 'ole, terrorizing monster from Ohio State named JJ Watt. I love what I see from him on film and his last name is so fitting to his game because he will LIGHT YOU UP if he has his sights on you! Great Great pick for Jacksonville!

The Bill Belichick/University of Florida pipeline is alive and VERY WELL with this pick of Mike Pouncey. We've seen Belichick pluck players from Gator Nation over the years and his relationship with Urban Meyer was/is very special. I see no reason to believe it will be any less with Charlie Weis the new OC down there... but as for this pick, it's truly a "Patriots" type pick. *another abiguous Gruden special*

I'll tell you what, San Diego has had a rough time with 1st round picks in recent years. Ryan Matthews didn't pan out last year, Larry English looks like a bust, Antoine Cason has shown flashes, but they passed on a lot of talent that they could've been using today... guys like Ray Rice and Desean Jackson... and truthfully I'm not in LOVE with their selection here with Cam Heyward... There are gonna be some players from this draft that have yet to be selected that San Diego will once again be kicking themselves for passing. They really needed to hit a homerun, but I don't think they did that. I think they could've traded down and still gotten Heyward.

The Giants selecting Gabe Carimi is a solid pick. He fits the prototype of a tough blue collar Tom Coughlin type lineman. The Giants have a lot of things going right at the skill positions, so beefing up the trenches is a smart move for the franchise. Keeping Eli Manning on his feet is the key so this is a nice pick. I personally thought Coughlin would've gone the Boston College route where he was once HC and had tremendous success with former BC player, Chris Snee. With Anthony Castonzo sitting there, he was my prediction here, but Carimi is a steady player. I just think Castonzo offers more with the ability to play LT.

Tampa Bay selected DE Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue. Hmmm... No comment.

Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I have nothing against the Bucs even though they fired me and haven't had the same success since. They surprised a lot of people with the success they had last year and I think things will continue to get better because they got a heck of an athlete in Ryan Kerrigan. He's a machine who only knows one speed and that is balls out full blast. Love the effort this kid gives you.

fenikz 04-21-2011 03:49 AM


After finishing the 1st round with selections Robert Quinn and Anthony Castonzo, the Cardinals stood put in the 3rd and selected New Mexico State, CB, Davon House. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that the sitting and waiting was not by choice, "We had been trying to trade up with multiple team to secure House but he fell right into our laps." House should challenge for the starting CB spot opposite of DRC, Toler had a below average year and many believe he is better suited for a nickle role.

Just like in the late 1st round the Cardinals were feeling out multiple trade up scenarios for a few targets, one of those happened to be Tennessee, TE, Luke Stocker. The Cardinals found a willing trading partner in the Baltimore Ravens to help them acquire Luke Stocker. After many years of settling for mediocre TE play, Arizona now has a potential dominate blocking TE as well as a very reliable receiver which is essential to the development of any young QB.

While the Cardinals still have 4 picks remaining the earliest one is at the top of the 6th round. Look for the Cardinals to add some depth and special team talent to round out the draft.

RaiderNation 04-21-2011 07:11 PM

Raiders Add Help to Both Sides of the Ball

With the 81st pick in the 2011, it was annouced the Oakland Raiders have drafted Marcus Gilbert. Gilbert was a 2 year starter for the Florida Gators and is a fit at RT or OG depending on what the Raiders see from him during training camp. At 6'6 330lbs, Gilbert has NFL ready size and is another young piece added to the oline, joining Jared Veldheer and Bruce Campbell.

In the 4th round, the Silver and Black decided to trade up to pick 103, to secure CB Curtis Marsh from Utah State. Giving up only a 6th round pick, the Raiders added a high potential CB that has nice size at 6'0 tall and 197lbs, to go along with his 4.46 40 time speed. Marsh has only played the CB position for 2 years during his football career, but has shown a lot of promise and is considered a steal by Raiders GM RaiderNation in the early 4th round. Marsh could see playing time early depending on if Nnamdi Asomugha comes back, which starts to more unlikely each day.

D-Unit 04-21-2011 10:43 PM

ESPN Not-So-Live Draft Coverage

Berman: Jon took us through the past 5 picks. Mel you get the next 5.

21. New Orleans (f/ KC) (10-6) - Da'Quan Bowers DE/Clemson
22. Baltimore (f/ IND through WAS) (10-6) - Jimmy Smith CB/Colorado
23. Philadelphia* (10-6) - Brandon Harris CB/Miami
24. Kansas City (f/ NO) (11-5) - Phil Taylor DT/Baylor
25. Arizona (f/ SEA) (7-9) - Anthony Castonzo OT/Boston College

Kiper: I absolutely LOVE the aggressiveness the Saints showed in trading up for Da'Quan Bowers! Just as little as a month ago, Bowers had been rumored to possibly go #1 overall to Carolina. I really think that his fall was caused by too much over analysis of the scouting process. Teams convinced themselves to worry too much about his knee injury. I guarantee you that it turns out to be a complete non-issue. The Saints got the best steal of the draft here, so far...

It was no big secret that Baltimore would be looking for a cornerback early in this draft. I knew Jimmy Smith was a possibility, but I had predicted them to go with Brandon Harris from Miami. The Ravens have a tremendous track record going through the Miami pipeline. Jimmy Smith is a big cornerback who doesn't play as physical as his frame would lead you to believe. He's not the type to sacrifice his body to make a play, but I can see how they fell in love with his statistics at Colorado. He only gave up 4 completions last year... but buyer beware, he wasn't really tested either with only 12 targets coming his way. He's sure to be tested more in the NFL.

The Ravens are going to second guess themselves if Smith doesn't turn out to be better than Brandon Harris who went one pick later to the Eagles. I really think the Eagles hit big here. I have Harris as the best "pure corner" in the draft. Peterson has some trouble against shifty WRs and Amukamara has trouble against the deep ball. Harris is the Devin McCourty of this draft. The NFC East is a potent division against the pass. The WR talent there is among the best in the league. Harris should find himself plenty of work early and often.

When Scott Pioli came to KC from New England, he brought with him a lot of enthusiam for a quick turnaround. I think it's been a little bit of hit and miss so far. With this selection of Phil Taylor, I think he'll be looking back at this down the line wishing he had made a different selection. The need is there, sure. Taylor made an impression at the Senior Bowl, sure. What I don't like about his value here is that he never showed that he was a big time difference maker on the field during his 4 year college career. He's also a guy with early character concerns. Pioli usually avoids drafting those kinds of players. They possibly filled a need here, but like I said, I don't like the value of the player at this pick. He's a high riser due to predraft workouts, but doesn't have the film to back it up. There are some serious players they passed up here. Good luck the Chiefs.

Arizona is showing that they are in this to win this! Wow, a trade back into the first round after already selecting one-man wreaking crew, Robert Quinn. Taking Boston College product Anthony Castonzo is a bit of a surprise though. I thought for sure, this would be a Quarterback pick right here. Adam Schefter went on record for saying Ponder and Dalton were going to be first round picks. I guess teams aren't reaching for QBs as he might've predicted. Still, I really like the pick of Castonzo here. I think he has the ability to play LT from the start better than any other OT in the draft. I know Larry Fitzgerald wasn't in favor of a rookie QB, so look for them to go to FA/trade once the new CBA has been agreed upon. So far the Cardinals have hit 2 Home Runs.

fenikz 04-25-2011 01:25 AM

666 - The Number of the Beast

While it is no secret that the Cardinals had been having a great draft up until this point, Arizona's 3 6th round picks might really set it apart. With thier 1st selection in the 6th round the Cardinals took local college standout Ricky Elmore, OLB, Arizona. Elmore considered by most a steal at this point is very much to blame for Brooks Reed's rise to being a potential 1st round selection. Elmore forced offenses to worry about both edge rushers allowing Reed to go 1 on 1, and will look to prove to doubters and scouts that he is every bit the prospect that his fellow Wildcat brethren is.

With their 2nd pick in the 6th round Arizona took standout FB Henry Hynoski out of Pitt. Hynoski is thought of by many as the top FB in the NFL draft and fills a huge need for AZ who had been considering starting former RB Jason Wright at the position.

And with their last pick in the 6th round Arizona once again went BPA and selected Michigan, OG, Stephen Schilling. Schilling is a high upside prospect with the potential to one day be a starter at either Guard spot. While Castonzo may start off his career at guard his future is certainly at OT which means this pick fills one of the few remaining holes on the Cardinals roster.

1. Robert Quinn, OLB, North Carolina
1. Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
3. Davon House, CB, New Mexico State
3. Luke Stocker, TE, Tennessee
6. Ricky Elmore, OLB, Arizona
6. Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh
6. Stephen Schilling, OG, Michigan

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