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D-Unit 05-02-2011 07:17 PM

So how do you feel about your team's draft?
I'll say I liked the Cowboys draft, but to start the convo...

The player that scares me most that the Cowboys drafted is Bruce Carter. He's apparently a special teams ace, but if he's not that and he's not anything more than that, then he's a big time bust as a 2nd round pick. I'm scared because in 2009 the Cowboys raved about how they bolstered their special teams with those players, and that draft was a complete bust from top to bottom. If he was picked with that kind of draft philosophy in mind, then I'm scared. I don't want a guy who's just a special team ace with our 2nd round pick.

The fact that he's coming off an ACL injury further concerns me.

AND... if you look at the ILBs in next year's draft... it's AMAZING! So well, I just hope Carter turns out to be a stud. If he's the next Bradie James, then he's a bust for me. Bradie has been mediocre his whole career. ...and I'm tired of mediocre at the ILB position.

Any high picks scare you guys?

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