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D-Unit 05-02-2011 08:33 PM

Grade the Eagles Draft
Round 1, Pick 23 (23) Danny Watkins OL 6'3" 310 Baylor

Round 2, Pick 22 (54) Jaiquawn Jarrett DB 6'0" 198 Temple

Round 3, Pick 26 (90) (From Ravens) Curtis Marsh DB 6'1" 197 Utah St.

Round 4, Pick 19 (116) (From Buccaneers) Casey Matthews LB 6'1" 231 Oregon

Round 4, Pick 23 (120) Alex Henery K 6'2" 177 Nebraska

Round 5, Pick 18 (149) (From Chargers) Dion Lewis RB 5'7" 193 Pittsburgh

Round 5, Pick 30 (161) (From Jets) Julian Vandervelde OL 6'2" 301 Iowa

Round 6, Pick 26 (191) (From Ravens) Jason Kelce OL 6'3" 280 Cincinnati

Round 6, Pick 28 (193) (From Patriots) Brian Rolle LB 5'10" 229 Ohio St

Round 7, Pick 34 (237) (Compensatory Selection) Greg Lloyd LB 6'1" 246 Connecticut

Round 7, Pick 37 (240) (Compensatory Selection) Stanley Havili RB 6'0" 227 USC

superman8456 05-02-2011 08:41 PM

I'd give it a low B, high C. The players don't blow you away with potential, but for the most part they all have high floors and seem to fit needs.

D-Unit 05-03-2011 01:43 PM

I'll tell you what... I think the Eagles did the rest of the NFC East a big favor with this draft. This draft has zero playmakers. Actually, I'll give in a bit. I think pretty highly of Stanly Havili. That was your best pick of the draft, imo. I think he's a hell of a dynamic player from the FB position. He just gets hurt a lot.

Passing up on Jimmy Smith will probably end up being a mistake. I guess Andy wasn't as confident in his core leadership like the Ravens were. Taking a Guard who will be 27 years old when the season starts.... in Round 1? Really? This ain't exactly Mike Iupati here... I can understand patching up the OL, that was definitely a need... But boy what a high price to pay. It breaks my first rule - Using first rounders on positions that are high priced in the NFL.

Your linebackers are still shoddy... to your credit, you seem to max out their abilities, but there is nobody with high upside that can put fear into opponents. Sorry, but Casey Matthews doesn't do it either.

There's just not a lot to get excited about in this draft. Especially compared to year's past. Jarrett was a reach. Marsh is fair value, but don't expect immediate impact. A kicker in Round 4? C'mon.. even you must have thrown your hands up in the air on that one... plenty of cheap FA options... or Round 6/7 fine... but round 4? That's a sign of desperation. I know Akers missed kicks cost you in the playoffs, but this is an overreaction.

Very underwhelming draft.

Grade: C-

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