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D-Unit 05-02-2011 09:36 PM

Grade the Giants Draft
Round 1, Pick 19 (19) Prince Amukamara CB 6'0" 206 Nebraska

Round 2, Pick 20 (52) Marvin Austin DL 6'2" 309 North Carolina

Round 3, Pick 19 (83) Jerrel Jernigan WR 5'9" 185 Troy

Round 4, Pick 20 (117) James Brewer OL 6'6" 323 Indiana

Round 6, Pick 20 (185) Greg Jones LB 6'0" 242 Michigan St

Round 6, Pick 33 (198) (Compensatory Selection) Tyler Sash SS 6'0" 211 Iowa

Round 6, Pick 37 (202) (Compensatory Selection) Jacquian Williams LB 6'2" 216 South Florida

Round 7, Pick 18 (221) Da'Rel Scott RB 5'11" 211 Maryland

OSUGiants17 05-02-2011 09:39 PM

Value- A
Need- B-
Overall- B+

If Austin pans out and lives to his potential it's an A+

D-Unit 05-03-2011 03:41 PM

Now here is a team that understands the direction the league is headed. No other team in the NFC East invests as much into their secondary and defensive line as the Giants, and I think that strategy is a wise one. If you're getting pressure from your front 4 without having to blitz, and your secondary loaded with talent can rotate fresh legs in throughout the game and not skip a beat in stopping the pass, then it doesn't even matter who your LBs are or how much points your offense puts up. The Giants have built a sick defense where it matters most. Goddell has made the determination to increase the entertainment factor of the game by making it easier for offenses to score. The rules are in place for promoting passing and the Giants are well prepared to combat the league's best offensive passing attacks.

Landing Amukamara at 19 was good value. I'm not in the boat of thinkers that think he was a steal there, but he certainly was picked where the value was good. I also like his floor value. I think there is a relatively low bust factor with him, and that with NFL coaching, he could be a very good to great one for a long time. Adding Sash as a depth player in Round 6 is also pretty decent...although he looks like an old man. lol.

Austin is a guy that is also well deserving of his pick value. Love his fit in the 4-3 and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's the next Warren Sapp. That's how highly I think of him. That's who he reminds me of. He's got that body type. His COD skills are awesome for a big man his size. He's powerful and a load to handle 1 on 1. I'm pissed that the Giants got him. He might have a screw loose in his head, but good D-Lineman are all a little out of wack...their jobs are the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Jernigan... Another AWESOME pick. Playmaker who will give the Giants an option in case Steve Smith and Derek Hagan get lost to FA. Love his YAC ability. Love his jukiness. Love his game, man... That's how you strengthen your team with a 3rd round pick!

Brewer in the 4th is a very solid pick up. While I don't know how soon it will take him to become a full time starter, but the potential is there for him at RT. He's got very good quickness for a man his size, he's got the long arms, big hands, and adequate strength. He needs to continue to build on that, but at worse he's a great swing tackle candidate.

Greg Jones in the 6th? He could've went a round or two earlier and nobody would've flinched. A tackle machine at Michigan State. Good value here! He's not the glamour prototype, but his heart, and instincts make up for the lack of speed. 4.8 40 at the combine destroyed his stock, but he's got a fighting chance surrounded by the guys in this defense.

Filled out the rest of the draft with guys who can and will compete for roster spots. Da'Rel Scott has real ability. The Giants have shown in the past that they don't need much flash at that position in order to be effective. Can't argue the value of that pick one bit.

Grade: A+

Rosebud 05-03-2011 05:34 PM

I love the Prince pick, the guy seems like the player Corey Webster has become, versatile, a really good blanket guy who can struggle against some of the freakiest of WRs and isn't a huge play maker, but just does a great job of forcing guys into making great plays to beat him. Let him build up his confidence and comfort by having him battle Ross for the Nickel spot, a position where he could really flourish getting to blitz more than on the outside and sliding outside to cover #2 when we move Thomas over to safety for our 3 Safety packages. Plus with Ross coming off contract next summer and TT's struggles last season Prince has a great chance to become a stud #2 who eventually replaces C-Web as the man.
- A Love it, we've got Webster 2.0 on baord.

Austin is where this draft worries me, I just don't buy his maturation yet and we really don't have the great leaders on D who will kick Austin in the balls for slacking off. If he wants it he's in a great position to give us a beastly DT trio, but he just reminds me of William Joseph too much, another DT with effort question marks and top 20 talent who "fell" to us.
- C it's either great or awful...*shrug*

Jernigan I love, he gives us an impact return man for the first time in recent memory and gives us some cover in case Steve Smith demands too much $, ultimately I see him getting redshirted as a WR but ultimately supplanting Mario as our explosive WR.
- A- Our specials need some oomph, Jernigan gives our return game a spark which should help psych up our coverage units...hopefully...maybe...

I like Brewer if he's going to work hard. This guy was getting some first round mentions before the season and it's because he's pretty smooth on his feet for a guy with his gut and long arms. He does bare a lot of similarity to Kareem McKenzie if he puts in the work, with Diehl possibly moving out to RT if Beatty and Petrus are successful so we've got time to let him develop and be our swing tackle backup for a while.
- B a potential valuable Swingtackle/RT starter in the 4th is a good pick, it'll take a while though.

The next 3 guys are purely special teams guys IMO but that late that's okay. If one of them becomes a special teams captain and they can make our coverage teams not embarassing that's a hit.
- Collective B as we should get at least one key special teamer from this troika.

And I like Scott to finish it off, reminds me a little of Ahmad Bradshaw kid knows how to run, has some talent and runs hard. As a 7th round pick if he can't keep his noes clean it's no biggy and if he does we could have a nice big play RB for our rotation.
- B+ if he makes the team, aka doesn't go full ****** before the season starts.

Overall - B+

igglefanz 05-04-2011 02:38 AM

Overall I think that the giants had a pretty good draft probably best draft in the division as of value.

The Prince pick I really like as of value. In a passing league like the NFL is now you need depth there with nickle packages and can push for a starting spot right off. Post draft pre free agency the Giants have easily the best pass rush and secondary in the division. I don't think he has the ceiling to be top 5 but will be a great fringe pro bowler for years to come. I think Peterson ((where taken)) and Smith ((headcase/issues)) have more upside but for where he went Great pick.

The Austin pick I am not overly wild about. Its what made me not give a A or A+. With the media and circus that is NY and nightlife of what to do just screams to me problems. I would of gone Paea here instead at DT. Paea is a freak as of skills, high motor and never gives up on a play. I know had injury issue but Still was the better pick at that position at that spot.

The Jerrigan pick i do like. Great slot option and will give help to special teams as a return man which They nipped KO's a bit but will help greatly in punt returns. Only thing that worries me about him starting if he has to is getting pressed and locked down. He isn't that big and doesn't have the blazing speed that other smaller receivers have. Will have to see but still like that pick.

The brewer pick is a good pick that may pay off huge. Not a mauler for his size but moves great. If he can get that added into his mix and take it to the next level will be a great pick. A risk worth taking at that spot. Was someone I was hoping would fall a bit more after the Eagles got Matthews.

BaLLiN 05-18-2011 12:26 PM

the more and more i read about the giants draft, the more i hear about different players in this draft being booms and then read another article and those same players being labeled as duds.

Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Even prince is being subject to this, which completely surprises me because he was outstanding. His game against Justin Blackmon was overblown, and when you look at the stats you actually see that Prince did a very good job against him without any help over the top at all. He definitely bounced back from the first half, and shut him down. Blackmon did not catch anything on Prince in the second half.

2 catches 47 yards 0 TD against the third best receiver in college football last year (without that gimmick flea flicker where the nebraska safeties both bit hard leaving Prince out to dry)

I predicted Prince would fall, but i thought that tampa would trade up and take him, but he could have easily went top 10. We got a steal, and because it would've been a need next year with Thomas and Ross both having contract years. His skillset is perfect for our defense.

When I first heard Prince I thought he was a little slow, but after hearing him more I understood how he was trying to pick his choice of words closely because of the media and the lockout. He seems like an intelligent and genuine young man that knows how to handle himself, exactly what we need in New York.

Marvin Austin UT North Carolina

Austin is a prime example of this Boom/Bust label. He is either loved or hated, it doesn't help that we've had some duds in NY with Willaim Joseph (former first round pick) and Rocky Bernard (FA pickup). Couple that with the fact that he didn't put up great numbers and didn't play up to his potential, and you have legit concerns.

Most people disliked him because of this, regardless of where he would be drafted. But where he was drafted was at least up to his value, probably better value for the giants as a team because of our need and trust in coaching.

We have as good of the coaching and supporting cast as anyone else in the NFL, so Austin landed in a situation that is ideal for his success. He will be getting 1 on 1's and playing the position he should (UT, he played mostly over the 1 gap at UNC) which will utilize his burst and strength to its best.

I think Funbuncher said this "you don't just wake up and run a 4.8 forty at 308 pounds". Austin has shown his re-commitment to the game through a full year of hard work. He wants to get better, and his motor should not be in question. If he wins 1 or 2 out of the 10+ 1 on 1's he will get in a game, those 1 or 2 plays can completely change the tide of the game.

Jerrel Jernigan WR/Slot/PR/KR/Gadget Troy

This pick out of all the other picks besides Austin has had the most scrutiny, mostly because we already have 3 WR's that could start for most teams in the NFL and after that we have soo many guys that could be big contributors (Domenik Hixon, Victor Cruz, Ramses Barden, Devin Thomas (former redskin), Derek Hagan, and even Michael Clayton (former Buc)).

But what people don't realize that Steve Smith and Domenik Hixon had major injuries that could make them incapable of being the player they used to be. Cruz, Barden, Thomas, and Clayton all showed big flashes in their careers thus far, but it should be a fight between them for the remaining spots. Derek Hagan might be gone, but i could easily see him make the team because of how well he played coming of the street.

Steve Smith is a FA, Mario is a FA next year i believe, so this pick makes sense if you take that into consideration and how questionable the rest of those receivers are despite their potential. Ontop of this, Jernigan adds another dimension to our offense and gives us a returnman, something we've been lacking since Hixon, and were rumored to be trying to get in CJ Spiller the year before.

James Brewer OT Indiana

This pick is usually ignored or applauded. Brewer, being a former basketball player has the nimble feet and hand dexterity as well as body positioning skills that come with that sport. He isn't as developed as a run blocker, but has shown that he is capable of being a mauler when he locks onto his defender.

This pick is an obvious need, and although most people think that we neglected taking a LT, we already have Beatty and (maybe its just me) Shawn Andrews who both did very well at that position last year while our we were playing musical Offensive linemen. Brewer is much less of a project than Beatty was, I expect him to be our RT in a year or so.

Greg Jones LB Michigan St.

This pick is being pooped on by many people, including giants fans. This was a legitimate steal, and people are denouncing it by overlooking his tape and probably not knowing much about him and speaking out of their ass.

Linebacker was weak in this class, and taking one early on would've been poor value so I don't think the Giants should be criticized for waiting until later, especially when they landed Jones. Jones is only 6 foot, but he has long arms for his height and is very fluid in coverage. He added some weight, which probably slowed him down a bit, but he still showed that he had great closing speed and was a superb tackler.

Jones showed that he could cover, he could tackle, and he could blitz. He was a leader, and there is no question that he has the ability to avoid blocks with his film against wisconsin where he goes up against two of the best run blocking OL in the nation. He could easily be a starter as soon as this year and i would not be surprised.

Tyler Sash S Iowa

This pick is pretty much regarded as a solid pick, it was good value and we do have a need with Grant and Johnson both being free agents, and Chad Jones still not back from his serious car accident injuries.

Sash is a physical safety, he also had a knack for making plays on the ball and causing turnovers. He is not a terrific athlete, but he is an overachiever and gets the most out of his skillset. He came out early, which may have hurt his stock, but he showed in his three years that he was a very intelligent and hardnosed football player with a great motor.

He will likely be just a backup, but could be used as a nickel safety (as we did with Deon Grant). So this pick was not just for a backup, but a guy that will actually be used in certain packages.

Jacquian Williams OLB South Florida

Williams is obviously not someone that is well known, even by draftniks. He is either completely disregarded, labeled as just a special teamer, or people think he can be a future star as a SLB (giants forums).

He followed JPP through the JCO and USF path, and this past year was his only year of starting in major college football. He performed very well, earning All conference honors, as well as being a team captain just in 2 years on the roster.

He was probably not looked at by many teams because he was 6'2'' 216 lbs, but he showed up to his pro day at 231 and ran a terrific forty time in the 4.5's at that weight. His film is very good, he seems very comfortable in coverage, blitzing, and is a very good chase and tackle linebacker. He showed the ability to work through traffic as well, but his technique definitely needs refinement.

I am amazed that we found an unknown guy that looks as good as him in the 6th round and am in awe at our scouting staff and Jerry Reese by pulling the trigger on this pick.

Da'Rell Scott RB Maryland

The general feeling of this pick is positive across the board. Scott ran into injuries, but when was productive for the most part. His speed and size are impressive, and when you look at his junior season as well as some of his last games as a senior, you cannot understand why he wasnt a much earlier pick.

RB is clearly a need, Bradshaw is a FA, Jacobs is extremely inconsistent, and Danny Ware has not made the most of his opportunities. Scott can definitely make this team even if all three are kept (danny ware has already signed a contract).

When looking more of Scott's film it is clear that his ankle injury bothered him, he had little to no lateral movement. Although he does show the ability as a junior to shimmy and shake defenders, he is more of a one cut guy with blazing speed and ability to shed the arm tackles and non-wrapups.

When looking at our history of picking up runningbacks with later picks, UFAs, and even other teams practice squad player this pick definitely looks encouraging. Ahmad Bradshaw 7th round pick, Brandon Jacobs 4th round pick, Danny Ware UFA, Ryan Grant UFA, Derrick Ward off of Jets practice squad. Looks like Scott could continue this trend.

jakehobby 04-05-2012 02:40 AM

Sounds great!I agree with you.

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Rosebud 04-07-2012 02:59 PM

Weirdest bump I've seen in a while.

BaLLiN 04-12-2012 06:41 PM

I like my analysis, but Greg Jones really didn't show he could cover :/

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