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Ozzy 08-23-2011 09:54 AM

The Giants roster
Saw the Giants game last night obviously, and wow I am impressed with that roster, they have a lot of prospects I liked coming out of college. Here are a few thoughts on some of their prospects.

Will Beatty- he should do just fine at offensive tackle, good athlete and has great upside.

David Baas- Good sign by them, not a star but fits their style of football.

Kevin Boothe- I assume he is coming along well, I liked him as a rookie, is he going to start or still be a backup?

Stacy Andrews- So what they got him over his brother, that is odd, I was always a Shawn Andrews fan, still Stacy is not awful and is more than a good backup.

James Brewer- This is where it gets impressive, huge tackle, one heck of a project to develop and he could be a decent player.

Jarriel King- Really liked him at South Carolina, a lot of talent and a lot of size.

Jamon Meredith- Never a huge fan of his, because people said he would start in the NFL, still a solid player to have around though.

*Overall, really like how they have good young offensive tackles to mold and build, few teams even have ok starters much less backups like that.

Jake Ballard- Loved his size, always thought he could be a good solid run blocker in the league, hope he gets that shot.

Travis Beckum- Great pass catching target and it seems his college injury is not an issue anymore.

Daniel Coats- Thick kid, good blocker, nice pickup.

Bear Pascoe- Not sure he is a full back, but he can block and is a good player.

*I like there power tight ends, they have guys that can block and that fits their system perfect, not a bunch of stars but they have solid players.

Ramses Barden- Big tall talent, has potential that is for sure.

Michael Clayton- How is he doing, was always a fine player on Tampa but I assume injuries got the best of him.

Victor Cruz- will make the team easily, very fine slot receiver with speed.

Domenik Hixon- I assume he is not turning out, still has a chance but doubt he makes this roster.

Jerrel Jernigan- Love his return ability, good solid receiver with great quickness, fine pickup.

Mario Manningham- He is better than average that is for sure.

Hakeem Nicks- Possible star, really fine receiver and was a great draft pick.

Darius Reynaud- Reynaud I thought always had potential as a return guy but will be hard to compete against Jernigan or Thomas.

Devin Thomas- I really like Devin Thomas, he hopefully will breakout on the Giants, he has more potential than he showed on Washington.

Todd Watkins- Nothing great, but I always liked him on BYU, he has good ball skills and catches the ball very well, just not a great athlete.

*Really deep at receiver, with Nicks, Manningham, Cruz, Jernigan, D. Thomas and maybe Clayton or Barden they have a very good receiver core I would say.

Da'Rel Scott- I liked his speed and potential on Maryland, and clearly showed that last night.

Henry Hynoski- I really like him as a full back on Pitt, I assume that is why Bear played tight end because he was injured? Or does he still need some more work to become the starter?

*The defensive line speaks for itself, they always have had talent there and a lot of it at that.

Gabe Watson- was a surprise signing I think, does not really fit what they do but would provide some size they usually do not have.

Ayanga Okpokowuruk- I liked him, good size and he has some potential I feel

Marvin Austin- Will see how he does, question mark possibly but if he plays well that would really help their defensive line.

A few of their defensive end prospects are guys I was not a fan of, unlike most of this roster. Guys like Craig Marshall, he was ok on USF but never really a star or anything like Selvie or Pierre Paul, not even close. Trattou is ok but nothing compared to the other defensive ends on this roster.

Michael Boley- Very good pickup for them, should be the star linebacker in this group.

Phillip Dillard- Always liked him on Nebraska, he should make the roster I hope.

Mark Herzlich- Awesome pickup, really hope he makes the roster, fits their mold of linebackers who can get after the passer from time to time like Sintim and Boley can or like Blackburn did when they had him. In a way physically he is a lot like Blackburn.

Kenny Ingram- Loved him on Florida State, very fine athlete and great to see he is getting a chance on the Giants.

Greg Jones- Good to see he got on this team, dropped in the draft but is a good player that can make a lot of tackles and was a star on Michigan State forever.

Spencer Paysinger- Nothing great but was very good on Oregon and could be a good developmental guy.

Clint Sintim- Is he starting yet, always loved his strength and power, a good guy to have around even as a backup.

*Have a lot of talent a linebacker as well, a lot of guys who can run and are good athletes.

Corner is one issue with Prince being injured that is a little questionable. Especially with Thomas possibly out as well. Ross is a solid player though and with those two healthy they would be fine, but will see.

Chad Jones- How is he doing, he had a lot of potential at LSU, I assume he is underachieving?

Tyler Sash- Loved him on Iowa, really surprised he dropped so far, he was an instant playmaker. He should make this roster I hope, kid has ability.

David Sims- Liked him on Iowa State, will need time to develop but is a good solid safety prospect that is for sure.

Jerrard Tarrant- Good in pass coverage, good athlete, plays the ball well and is a good project player.

*Nothing great at safety but have good starters potentially in Phillips and Rolle, Grant is getting old but it still ok. The young guys though, they have four of them and one if not two of them should become very good players.

A lot of randomness, but again I think the Giants have a very good roster. Might lack super star power to some but overall their depth is very impressive. They have a lot of sound prospects and clearly do a fine job scouting and getting their type of player on this roster.

Rosebud 08-23-2011 10:34 AM

Chad Jones is still recovering from that horrible accident the summer before his rookie year.

I doubt Devin Thomas breaks out since the only impact he made was on special teams where he was a good player for us. Still he's behind Nicks, Mario, Barden, Cruz, Jernigan and maybe Hixon.

PS Reynauld is an absolutely pathetic return guy. I started to fist pump everytime he successfully caught the ball.

Giantsfan1080 08-23-2011 11:03 AM

I thnk you're off in that WR chain Rose. I think it oes Nicks, Manningham, Hixon, Thomas, Jernigan, Barden, Cruz. Cruz is living off of 2 games last year. He hasn't had a good camp this year and he's been mediocre in the games also showing a lot of mistakes. Thomas seems to have found himself in NY. He looked great on returns last night and the coaches have praised his work ethic and how well he's doing in camp.

Rosebud 08-23-2011 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Giantsfan1080 (Post 2658292)
I thnk you're off in that WR chain Rose. I think it oes Nicks, Manningham, Hixon, Thomas, Jernigan, Barden, Cruz. Cruz is living off of 2 games last year. He hasn't had a good camp this year and he's been mediocre in the games also showing a lot of mistakes. Thomas seems to have found himself in NY. He looked great on returns last night and the coaches have praised his work ethic and how well he's doing in camp.

Probably since I haven't been able to pay nearly as close of attention to camp and preseason this year as I did last. I still really worry about asking Thomas to make the reads necessary in our offense, special teams will get him on the team unless everyone was playing great, but I think there's no way he makes it over Jernigan and Barden. As for Cruz the kid just seemed to the quick wit to really learn this system well, if he's been playing poorly this preseason though that's a bummer, especially if he's making mental mistakes and not just still showing signs of his injury. As for Hixon I'm just really hoping someone steps up to ensure that he's expendable. He's not a bad WR, but he's just so mediocre, his best asset is his speed and he's just fast, not crazy fast or running-away-from-the-cops speed fast.

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