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dj825 12-09-2011 03:44 PM

Cam is a Lion

just curious what does everyone think of this? i kinda like it tbh, hes trying to make it so winning isnt just accepted here and it shouldnt be. it was obvious last year that the plan was just lose and get a high pick and get rid of Fox and that wasnt right so i like the fact that our young QB is calling them out on that.

ShutDwn 12-09-2011 04:05 PM

Some people made a big deal out of the "get on my level" thing. I really don't give a **** that he said any of that, but he needs to stop using language that lets people misconstrue his meanings.

Some people, who still haven't realized that all those predraft beliefs about him aren't true, will try and say he is a "me first kind of guy." If you've seen or read interviews with him, he avoids talking about himself and talks in team terms. If he were that type, he wouldn't look like he just lost a huge game every time he loses.

As Panther fans, you have to find this refreshing compared to Fox. The "it is what it is" **** really started to get on my nerves. I always think back to a radio interview that Bo Jackson had talking about Cam where he said that Cam is already one of the "baddest men" in the NFL. I can see it when I watch him and how he acts after losses, Cam has a rare competitiveness about him and it shows.

dj825 12-09-2011 06:46 PM

i completely agree. i love the new attitude the team has and love the fact we get actual information about the team rather than as you said "it is what it is" or "well we will see".

Cam has been nothing but a team player and a great guy on and off the field. he hasnt talked himself up and iirc never even mentioned the records hes set this year and barely talked about them when asked. hes been a professional and pretty much no one thought that was gonna be the case.

i wasnt sure about drafting Cam at the time but honestly im really glad we did, hes brought something to this team that Carolina fans have never had, a QB who can be great one day. and hes brought a competetive spirit on the field.

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