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Prowler 12-10-2011 11:28 AM

Kings of the Interwebz/Most Dominant Team Yo Mama Fight
I've been thinking about this site and ways to improve interactivity and maybe even "unite the clans" a little bit. It would be kind of cool to actually segment everyone off by their teams and then verbally smack each other off(phrasing?). Maybe a yearly competition held after each Super Bowl to determine who winz the internetz.

Imagine each team picking its captain(s)/leaders/sith lord/president/triumvirate and then having one massive mega troll/team smack-off against everyone else. NJX leading the Tebow newbs in a smack talking contest vs like Xio or Scotty D with a unified and deep cast of Lions posters, Bearsfan, BB, and Midway or someone with Bears, all the Packers people, Steelers, Ravens, etc. Pick our teams for a combination of both educated beat downs and also newbish trollism. I'm still thinking of how to judge it though. Maybe a mega seeded bracket with each team having a few days of going after one another followed by a poll where each team can not vote and the victor is decided by a panel of other team leaders/forum users? The winner claiming the title, Kings of the Interwebz.

Maybe judging based on a wide variety of:
1. insults against other team(This will not be against other posters!!! but more like, Tebow throws like Napoleon Dynamite's vagina)
2. educated statements of dominance (We did beat you in the Super Bowl)
3. stats (Tebow beat your team 100% of the time, while only completing 46% of his throws thus making your statement about having a great defense invalid)

Bonus Points added to memorable posts.

Maybe even having a few referees to deduct points or allow for a period of nonresponse to repeated verbal beatdowns for a predetermined period of time for any major violations of whatever rules we may decide(if any).

Basically I'm imagining a giant Yo Mama fight involving rampant homerism in a more measurable setting that allows for an actual victory to be declared for the year. The Victor will represent the true superior team on this board for at least one year and everyone will be forced to represent their dominance or participate in another wack off/smack off.

-Bragging rights to winners
-Build unity with teammates
-Kills time/something to talk about
-Sharpens argumentative skillz into a universally recognized system
-Maintains interest on this board. Maybe even hold it after the draft so we don't have a zombie board until the season starts.

-Hurt feelings when people realize their team isn't the greatest
-Organizes people into giant roaming packs of unstoppable trash talkers

I'm still trying to hammer out some ideas, any input?

I'm trying to figure out a way to make it fair for all team's fans too. A team like the Jaguars would have no chance unless the rules get properly tweaked. Maybe a team has to declare "winners or losers" before each round? That way a team like the Lions can argue that they have a great young core of players, hope for the future, etc one round and then also argue decades of worthlessness, 0-16 season, we suck so hard Larry Flynt called us with a job offer, etc.

CashmoneyDrew 12-10-2011 11:32 AM

Sleep on it.

Prowler 12-10-2011 11:43 AM

I was slightly inspired by the tosh.0 average homeboy web redemption


prock 12-10-2011 11:44 AM

You need hobbies.

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