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Abaddon 01-03-2012 08:37 PM

Zimmer to Oakland?
Heard a rumor Zimmer might be offered the head coaching job in Oakland. What do you guys think about him as a coach?

VernonLawson89 01-03-2012 09:03 PM

Someone lied to you lol

Abaddon 01-04-2012 01:21 PM

Quality post. You're an asset to this site.

VL89-4-Mod imo

Bengals78 01-04-2012 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by Abaddon (Post 2811329)
Quality post. You're an asset to this site.

VL89-4-Mod imo

Well he has a point, I dont see Zimmer leaving. I think the Bengals are his team soon. Our "director of football operations" or some such **** retired, and Katie Blackburn (Mike's daughter) has been seemingly more active lately. Leading a lot of people to believe Mike's days of absolute control are over. Very evident in the most recent draft. Brown wanted Mallett...bad. Gruden and Marvin said no, we need Dalton. Ive been a fan of making Marvin the first GM in Bengals history. He has a working relationship with the Brown family and the players like him. His shortcomings are on the field for in game decisions.

And what the hell is with Oakland wanting to be the Cincinnati Bengals West?

Hue, Bresnahan, Palmer, TJ, Ndukwe....

rickscott 01-06-2012 09:40 PM

We would hate to lose Zimmer. Don't know how he would be as a Head Coach, but he's a solid Def Coord.

MetSox17 01-06-2012 10:51 PM

I loved Zimmer in his Cowboy days. That is all.

Play Hard 01-07-2012 10:54 AM

Where did this rumor come from ?

Play Hard 01-08-2012 11:08 AM

Now hearing his name along with Marty Schottenheimer as HC candidates in Tampa

FootballGod 01-08-2012 01:50 PM

I heard he is going to interview for the HC job at Miami.

Pat Sims 90 01-08-2012 07:06 PM

I would be really surprized if Mike Zimmer was with the Bengals next year.

Bengalsrocket 01-13-2012 06:29 PM

Zimmer is really good at getting a lot out of nothing. I don't think he would be a bad head coach in that respect.

Honestly, he doesn't having any head coaching experience yet. He's just as much of a gamble as any other unknown at this point. His experience under a lot of different head coaches should give him some insight on how to run a team efficiently though.

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