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SickwithIt1010 01-13-2012 12:50 AM

Eagles 2012 Off-Season/Draft Thread
Write down your ideas or post any information regarding the Eagles off-season here.

So this is going to be an off-season in which we aren't rebuilding but we need to make moves that are going to help the talent on this team produce and live up to their potential. There is no reason that this team shouldnt have won the NFC East and be in the playoffs right now. I think next year we will benefit greatly from a full training camp and a 2nd year playing together will do wonders.

Coaching Change First thing on my wishlist and I'm sure everyone else is hoping for it too is to hire Spags as our defensive coordinator. I think he may be the best DC in the game, and would do wonders for our D. I like Castillo as a coach and he is very close to Andy so I would be all for assigning him to a position coach somewhere else, he was rushed into the DC job and he needs to focus on something else, rather than the defense as a whole. Spags with the toys we have would be awesome, he has worked with great defensive linemen in NY and with guys like Babin, Cole, and Graham I feel he would be happy as could be. Im happy as can be with the offensive staff, Reid and Wigs are an awesome combo.

Draft For the draft, obviously we all know and feel like we need to take a linebacker in the first round. If it were my choice it would be Kuechly and I wouldnt think twice about it. The guy is a tackling machine, and while he isnt a thumper and he isnt going to intimidate people he is going to get the job done. Our D line is going to go after the pass, enough said...they need a security blanket behind them. Kuech doesnt miss many tackles, and thats what we need. I wouldnt be opposed to Burfict but I feel Kuechly is a much better/safer pick.

We know that Reid doesnt like drafting LB's early so I wouldnt be surprised to see him address the DT spot or somewhere on the O Line. My 2nd choice if not Kuechly would be hoping that David DeCastro fell into our laps. I think this guy is the real deal, and is more of a sure thing than Andrew Luck to be honest. The guy is a great pass protector and just an absolute mauler in the run game.

Idk why but I feel like Desean is coming back, I know I shouldnt feel that way with all the signs and this past season, but he seems to be an eagle and I feel he will always be one. I dont like the idea of people giving us WR's in the first round, I just dont think we are going to need it. I wouldnt mind taking a bigger WR somewhere in the draft to give us a solid redzone threat. Guys like Tommy Streeter come to mind. Run cloggers in the middle and a guy like Robert Lester possibly in the 2nd have been on my mind as well. There are a couple areas I feel we HAVE to address.

Free Agency: The 2 guys I LOVE in FA are both linebackers so who knows if they are realistic. Manny Lawson and Thomas Howard, I expect Howard to go back to Cincy with the season he just had but one of them would be awesome. Lawson would be an awesome SAM...great in coverage, stout against the run, was a 3-4 backer in SF and knows how to rush the passer a little bit so would be good in blitz packages.

I wouldnt mind getting our hands on a bigger back, because our short yardage game is still horrid. I thought Brown would give us that this year, but he was terrible...Idk what type of runningbacks are on the market but might be something worth looking at.

Just my 2 cents...ill keep adding to this thread, hope to hear some ideas.

shylo3716 01-23-2012 09:47 PM

I won't be surprised at all to see us take a guy like Floyd or Wright in the 1st & potentially banking on a guy like Hightower in the 2nd.

1 thing about it, year in and year out, we always have a sure-fire pick heading into the draft up until Day 1. Right now that "plan" is LB, but I think we sway to WR. Andy is the man of deception.

SickwithIt1010 01-24-2012 11:09 PM

Holy ****, an Eagles fan is alive.

igglefanz 01-25-2012 05:14 AM

Well we do exist! and there is even a few of us that are not SWDC trolls!

As the days pass it looks more and more like we are going to give the Castillo experiment another year. I don't like the format but I will admit they got better towards the end of the year. Here is the moves and draft I would like to see.

Round 1. Floyd. WR Simple I do not Kuchley anywhere near this team. If we are going to give the same defense a look this year with Juan we need to make the priority of the off season in getting and signing an EXPERIENCED MLB. Let Rolle, Matthews and when healthy Chaney fight for the other 2 spots. Even then could bring in an older vet or spend a 3rd or lower pick on another LB to push for that spot.

2a Alameda Tea'meu DT We need a big bruiser and space eater. I know it goes against the wide nine but Minnesota ran a similar formation with Pat Williams up untill last year. I know that we have Jenkins and Patterson but I think a rotation including him would bolster our run defense.

2b Fleener/Allen TE. I think this would really open things up not only for McCoy but for Celek too. As it is now a 2 TE set is getting to be used more and more by NFL teams and with what NE did its a monkey see monkey league. I really think Fleener can be a big difference for Vick giving him protection when needed but can be a second checkdown, bailout.

3. George Iloka S I love what he brings to the table. A big safety that can cover some of the TE's in the league . He has work to di is raw but can push for either starting spot against allen or Coleman/Jarett. I wouldnt mind taking a project LB here too someone with incredible upside but higher risk.

Offseason I would like first for us to pursue D'qwell Jackson. Although it sounds like the Browns want to keep him. Will have to see how that pans out. 2nd is EJ Henderson if he becomes available. I know he is older but will bring a valuable presence in the middle of the team which it is lacking. If he is to costly I would like to see them go after Tulloch instead.

A decent backup to Vick. Now i know this may get some flames but if Mcnabb is willing to come back as a backup and put in the effort I would welcome him back. He knows the system and be a nice way for him to finish out his career but I don't see it happening. But someone is needed for 2-3 games as Vick struggles to stay healthy and we need a solid backup.

Those are the big things I would like to see happen but hey any fan can dream huh?

Lord_Anubis 01-26-2012 01:47 AM

no to mcnabb
get loften(=top 5 d with good lineback)/bowe(won't miss a beat)
trade desean for w/e after a franchise tag on him

SickwithIt1010 01-27-2012 02:02 AM


Originally Posted by Lord_Anubis (Post 2841030)
no to mcnabb
get loften(=top 5 d with good lineback)/bowe(won't miss a beat)
trade desean for w/e after a franchise tag on him

Oh so we should sign the top LB and top WR on the market...

...if only it were that easy. This isn't madden my man, as much as I wish it was.

Lord_Anubis 01-28-2012 04:22 PM

Reid does play some Madden on FA. Look at last year lol. But this time he needs to see how bad we really need a stud LB for once. We have sucked at drafting LBs recently beside Chaney and picking up has-beens and coulda-beens ain't cutting it either.

I don't really see us getting Bowe, since I am guessing he will be tag. Maybe trade possible with Desean? Theres probably a chance for Stevie or Colston in FA, in which case I would like to take a chance on Stevie.

SickwithIt1010 01-30-2012 12:56 AM

Colston is going to want big money, money that we arent going to be able to give him so that idea is out the window. I honestly think Desean will be back, even with how bad it looks right now.

apb540 01-30-2012 11:14 PM

I think we need to get three new LB's. I'd love to see us grab two with our first three picks and grab another in FA. As far as wide receiver, I don't see us spending a high pick or a lot of money on one. Just too many other needs.

igglefanz 01-31-2012 08:26 AM

Welcome to the boards apb but I am going to disagree with you on using high draft picks on replacing 2 starters at linebacker. 3 new starters all together is just asking for a mess. The team has glaring needs and even if they are great players they will still be a year behind what we have and either are high risk or not overly impressive.

You have to remember that we do not have a mastermind at DC and we need experience. Now I am not saying we don't push the other 2 spots and draft people that will push them but spending all those picks that early will NOT give the results we want. Also towards the end of the year I know Rolle and Matthews were playing alot better. Chaney is still up in the air as of his injury. I am comfortable in taking a high risk/high reward guy if they fall to us in the second but not a first.

Now Sick I am 50/50 on Desean chance of returning and if he does would you agree that in order to improve our red zone offense we need some help down there. The Eagles need to take one of the best tight ends available in the draft. My off season post earlier is if he leaves/sign and trade. I do not want them spending a first on a #3 receiver.

And on the subject of Desean by resigning him will that leave enough money for both Maclin and Shady who i find to be much more crucial to the team? I think that if we lock all 3 up in the next year or so will leave us with very little wiggle room.

apb540 01-31-2012 12:43 PM

Igglefanz, I hear ya on the experience at LB. I'd love to add two starters via FA instead of the draft if possible but I'm not sure what our cap situation is going to look like. And as far as any LB we had on the team last year goes, they are all expandable imo. Mathews and Rolle might not be bad special teamers/back-ups but I don't want to see either starting. Same goes for Chaney and Fokou. I want to get some real talent in at the position, not the same junk we've been fed for years.
As far as DeSean, I totally agree on the franchise and trade idea. He is simply going to cost too much for the Eagles and I'd like another draft pick (second round maybe?) to help sure up some holes or use as ammo to trade up.

Lord_Anubis 02-01-2012 12:39 AM

booo on the Chaney hate. Think you are underestimating him. But I agree with rest of your opinion on the other LBs. I hope for Loften so much. I miss the days of Trotter.

From what I read on Reid on Desean, we are probably going to keep him. I like his playmaking abilities, but prefer a true #1 WR. Maybe get Plaxcy Glass since he would be good for redzones since we keeping DJ.

And o yea, I hate this year's Superbowl. I want both teams to lose so bad. Pats cheating us at our chance at it and Giants, enough said.

SickwithIt1010 02-01-2012 12:50 AM

I would be down to get a big tight end somewhere in the draft or take a chance on a guy like Plax to be a big physical slot guy. However, I think the Jets will probably bring him back. A guy that I really like in this draft is Tommy Streeter from Miami, big physical receiver who could give us something we are looking for.

igglefanz 02-01-2012 08:34 AM

Well for me its more of what can Chaney do after he recovers, He had vertebrae in his neck fused and that is by no means a minor thing and its an injury that may limit him or I do not want to say it end his career. From all reports he isn't suffering from any nerve damage. It is not on the same level that Manning is going through but still he may not be ready at the start of the season or even play this year.

As of the linebackers I think Ideal would be bring in a major free agent prefer middle LB but will take a great OLB. I would not give up on Matthews and Rolle yet but I would sign some veterans and/or draft a rookie/s 3rd round or lower to push them or start over them. We cannot afford to have 2-3 high priced linebackers with all the money we have everywhere else. And if healthy at training camp Put Chaney into the mix too. Would it be great to have high priced olb, a high priced mlb free agent and brown from NC? Yes but we were one of the worst red zone offenses in the league.

If we keep Jackson I do like the idea of the kid from Miami or one of the many big WR in the draft that would go 2-3rd round. Toon form Wisconsin, Jones UNC, Randle LSU Mcnutt Iowa (( my favorite early second day WR)) Hill GT and Posey OSU could be maybe had for maybe a 4th rnd. All are bigger more physical WR then what we have. But in that case I do not want us passing on either of the TE with our firsts in Allen or Fleener. The red zone offense just made me sick the last 2 years and NEEDS to be fixed more then the LB's. Vick needs bigger weapons in the red zone.

If Jackson stays I will be ok with us spending one of our 2 2nds on a LB but not a first. I will go on record saying this now Luke Kuchely is not ever going to be a pro bowl linebacker in the nfl. I do not like the pick and don't want him. If Brown or Taze is sitting there early mid second then I am ok with it if they fall.

apb540 02-01-2012 12:30 PM

I agree with fixing up the red zone offense but I think a lot of it has to do with the play calling, more so than the personnel. I'd still love a big WR thou and McNutt would be cool with me.

SickwithIt1010 02-02-2012 12:24 AM

You dont want Kuechly because he wont make Pro bowls? Pro bowls are nothing more than a god damn popularity contest, the guy has a nose for the ball and will make the tackle when he gets the chance, thats what we need.

igglefanz 02-02-2012 05:18 AM

If I am picking in the top 20 of any draft I do expect to get what will turn into a top 8 player in the NFL at that position. A player that should be in pro bowl consideration or capable of making at least one in his career. Kuechly is no Ray Lewis, No Brian Urlacher, Hell he is no Sean Lee. He is going to not scare anyone why I am ok on Taze if he slips into the second but I do not want to see this fraud/stat compiler anywhere near the Eagles.

Look at his highlights its alot of him making tackles and getting carried a few yards. He is a good player on a bad team any of the other scrbs at BC gonna play in the NFL? He makes his living off being the only one with some talent on a bad team. That does not make him great do i need to remind everyone of how great Kevin Kolb was. Same story different position.

And what agitates me the most about him is that he lets the runner come to him alot of the times. He struggles to be the one that pursues. He is going to be in on alot of plays. I am not denying he is smart player but his lack of physical play is going to overrun him in the NFL. How many times a what should be 2nd and 8 now is 2nd and 4 are we as fans gonna tolerate? People like Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Jacobs, and Legarette Blount are going to make him a whipping boy for them. And don't even get me started on what some of the TE's will do to him. If you are unable to stand up and push back college players what makes you think that he will be able to do that to a NFl one?

We need a LB in the middle that scares people and Luke Kuechly is not that. If we want a smart LB that has good form but drags people to the ground and waits for the play to come to him then yes draft this joke. For all the plays he made he isn't even close to other LB's in making impact tackles for a loss. That to me is a warning sign but whatever. I know we need help at the LB spot but do not blindly put alot of stock into him.

apb540 02-02-2012 02:13 PM

In response to your point Igglefanz, would anyone be cool with trading back a few slots in the first and drafting Vontaze instead of Kuechly? I'm personally a big Vontaze fan but I'll admit the dude has some flaws in his game. Still, I'm willing to roll the dice and go with Taze over Luke. His upside is that high imo.

SickwithIt1010 02-03-2012 12:12 AM

So we take Taze who will consistently over run plays and is a walking personal foul, with work ethic and off the field problems over a sure thing in Luke? hmmm...What good does having an intimidator in the middle do if he doesnt consistently make tackles?

I really wouldnt mind a guy like Brockers in the 1st either if he fell to us.

igglefanz 02-03-2012 06:40 AM

I would only take Taze in a trade down IF he has a good showing at the combine and interviews well with the Eagles. As of right now he is worth a 3rd round with all the questions but that can change if he has a good showing. I do like Audie Cole NC state in the 2-4th round too.

I am a fan more of the Eagles getting a big boy ((Alameda or Poe))as of DT but more i think of it Brockers or Still both look like solid picks and would be happy with either one of them in the first. Also the kid from MSU Worthy and Thompson from Clemson are possibilities. Really Jenkins probably has 1-2 good seasons left in him and would give us incredible depth at the spot with Dixon.

I saw some people giving us an OT like the kid from FSU Saunders in the second or third and I am ok with that too. He needs a year or 2 to develop but could be a top level starter under the guidance of Mudd.

Free agency is going to be such a huge factor and what happens with Desean. I am 50 50 still, one person says he is staying and another says he is as good as gone . What happens to him will be huge on what the Eagles do.

SickwithIt1010 02-03-2012 04:01 PM

Yeah, I dont think we need to go for a tackle super early. Herremans and Peters played great...I'd be happier to go after a guard. If DeCastro fell to 14? I would be tempted to take him.

brat316 02-19-2012 09:04 PM

What about backup/development qb?

big wr target would be nice.

igglefanz 02-20-2012 01:19 PM

As of backup yes but I do not want the Eagles sitting on a rookie and Kafka, The backup needs to be able to start 2-3 games and hold the fort over when Vick is hurt.

brat316 02-20-2012 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by igglefanz (Post 2865757)
As of backup yes but I do not want the Eagles sitting on a rookie and Kafka, The backup needs to be able to start 2-3 games and hold the fort over when Vick is hurt.

Kafka will lead the eagles to victory.

igglefanz 02-21-2012 12:29 AM

Kafka may but he may not. In a season the Eagles should at least be looking at the playoffs having an unproven person in Kafka and a rookie if Vick is down for an extended period is scary. It doesn't have to be a big name backup but someone that can step in if Kafka completely melts down and goes 0-3 as a starter with 1 td and 7 ints. I want someone else a veteran that can lead a team.

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