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GoRavens 01-13-2012 12:34 PM

Road to the Superbowl thread
I'ts been quite some time since I've posted on this site, but overall a great season by the Ravens.
Now, the injury rattled Texans travel to Baltimore in what is guaranteed to be the loudest game of the season in Baltimore. Although the Ravens are favored, the team won't take it easy and this game will be a defensive battle. The Texans offense sports a powerful, diverse zone blocking run game, one of the best in the league. Foster and Tate are a great 1-2 punch and even with top NFL receiver Andre Johnson coming back healthy, the Texans passing game should struggle. If the Ravens front 7 stuffs the run game like they should, rookie QB TJ Yates will surely have a tough time against Baltimores relentless passrush and much improved secondary.
For the Ravens, the key to victory is feeding Ray Rice the ball. It's no surprise Rice remains the heartbeat of the offense, but Cam Cameron should be versatile with how Rice gets his touches. Flacco and company should pick apart an average Houston secondary if the offensive line protects him against a young but aggressive Houston pass rush. All in all, the Ravens energy and overall team balance will be too much for the Texans to handle.
Prediction ---- Ravens: 24 Texans: 17

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