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NY+Giants=NYG 04-19-2012 10:55 AM

Pre-Draft Media day around the league
I am guessing now this is when GMs all across the country step in front of the podium and entertain questions from their local media since the draft is next week. Please put some key things from various GMs in this thread.

Here is one from the Browns GM I found.



Their GM (Tom Heckert) spoke to the media today. His quotes:

"I think we'd like to stay at No. 4. I do think we would be able to trade out. Right now, we hope we stay there."

GM Tom Heckert said #Browns know what they'll do at No. 4 if they stay there.

GM Tom Heckert said he would not hesitate to take a RB at No. 4.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said Ryan Tannehill is good player, just obviously very new to QB position.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said prospects team is considering don't have character issues.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said team wouldn't want to trade down too far; wouldn't want to miss out on certain players.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert: You can't stray from what you think about players just b/c of a perceived need. Applies to Morris Claiborne.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert on Claiborne: You need 3 CBs to survive in this league & that's why they're big deal. He's a really, really good one

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said height of a WR doesn't matter. How he plays more important.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said it's a big question mark whether he'll use one of top 3 picks on a QB.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said he doesn't buy idea QB Ryan Tannehill could not play right away. Mentioned that Tannehill played in WCO at A& M.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said he can't answer whether team will come out of draft w/ another QB who might start in 2012.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said he's made bad decisions in past b/c he tried to fill needs instead of drafting best player. Said long time ago.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said from a college standpoint, Justin Blackmon stacks up w/ other WRs drafted in top 5 in past.

#Browns GM Tom Heckert said RB Trent Richardson & WR Justin Blackmon are class guys.

This is probably where there is a lot of BS or general answers without going into specifics. Because of that GMs usually may reflect and talk about past stuff and general philosophy while dodging specific questions on players. Some might talk about each player and the positives, without giving anything away.

But none the less, I like to hear or read stuff from various GMs, especially since, as a giants fan, I don't get to follow other teams. So hopefully we can compile some information in this thread.

vidae 04-19-2012 11:00 AM

Pioli and RAC addressed the Media on Monday. One of the most noteworthy things Pioli said was that "we're not building this football team around Matt Cassel, we're building this football team" and "this isn't the Matt Cassel show".. hopefully that means we get a QB sometime in the near future!

NY+Giants=NYG 04-19-2012 11:53 AM

Jerry Reese is live now..

Here are some transcribed stuff


Feels good about their salary cap situation and FA.

target a certain position in a draft.

wait and see if someone falls to you, may move up if you love someone.

end of 1st round, think those guys are 2nd round picks. But someone could fall.

likes Andre Brown and Da'Rel Scott.

"really like" our young LBs.

Boley can play any position.

Jaquian is a WIL...SAM in some schemes.

Rivers really him. Great scheme and great front in front of him;.

there will be a good player available at 32.

don't want to push Travis too quickly. He's ahead of Ballard.

Mentions Pascoe and Bennett.

after draft try to fill holes.

Interview Done..

Supposedly some things to extract based on the forum I am reading.. Not thrilled with the talent at the end of the first round. May be willing to trade up to get their guy.

This is from someone who better articulated my paraphrase:


Sounds like Reese would like to move around this year

Seems like Reese does not view this as a deep draft. Only 2nd "row" guys will be available when we pick this year.

If that is how he feels, seems like we are more likely to move to get a 1st row guy or move down.

Reese mentioned a lot of guys of similar value, so it sounds like a trade down a real possibility.

he said 15-32. It did sound like he wasn't thrilled with the talent at the back end of the first.

Reese still open to Osi extension and says there's been "a little bit of talk" between the sides. Says it's "on our plate" moving fwd. #nyg

So basically the players thing is the only real truth I would believe. After that, I'd take everything concerning this draft with a grain of salt with the trade up or trade down stuff. I do agree with his draft philosophy because he is consistent with that pre draft and during the draft interview, and then post draft. His thought for this particular draft, I'd just take with a grain of salt.

phlysac 04-19-2012 01:22 PM

49ers' GM Trent Baalke's presser...


Da-Phins 04-19-2012 01:43 PM

Ireland had his PC today and the only things that really stood out was that he isnt pressured taking a QB and that he wants the 8th pick to be an impact player right away. Doesnt hold up well picking Tannehill then if thats really the case.

Sloopy 04-19-2012 02:08 PM

It's been said in another thread but The Colts have announced they will be taking luck :P

XxXdragonXxX 04-20-2012 01:08 PM



Eric Williams at the News Tribune looks at the Seahawks’ interest in Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill, which likely will be just that – only interest, and from a afar: “ ‘He’s a really good player and he’s got a great upside,’ Schneider said about Tannehill. ‘We would definitely consider him (at No. 12). Just because we’ve done these things, the guys know – it’s no disrespect to Tarvaris, or Matt or Josh at all. The guys know at some point we wanted to get this thing rolling where we would be able to get a younger quarterback in, and kind of getting them going, whether it’s in the first round or second round or however it comes.’ But Schneider isn’t expecting Tannehill to last that long. ‘It’s fun to talk about, but I mean, he’s not going to be there,’ Schneider said. ‘You know, I think he’s going to get drafted pretty high.’ ”


The Seahawks are coming off back-to-back 7-9 seasons, but also “headed down the right track,” as Schneider put it – an assessment shared by many in the league.

Another strong draft will only enhance the collection of uniquely talented players Schneider and Carroll already have assembled.

“We’re in a position now where we’ve kind of covered ourselves a little bit where we can just be prepared,” Schneider said. “We’ve got good input from the coaches. The scouts have been out busting their tails. The preparation is in place. Our process is pretty much winding down.

“We can just sit and take players.”

Schneider and Carroll definitely like to move around and collect med round picks, they are really good in the later round. Wondering if they will drop back from 12, maybe someone will want to move up for Tannehill if he falls that far. As much as They say they like him, I don't see them taking him.

SuperPacker 04-20-2012 03:39 PM

Packers GM Ted Thompson
  • Doesn't feel they need to focus in on one position
  • Thinks it is a strong draft overall
  • Would prefer for everyone to stay in college until their Senior season
  • Wants leadership qualities in a quarterback
  • Wont intentionally draft towards defense
  • Prefer drafting for the future rather than for an immediate need
  • Doesn't have a problem with Russell Wilson's size and wouldnt shy away from picking someone who is small for their position

SuperMcGee 04-20-2012 05:30 PM

From a Buddy Nix interview yesterday:



“Look at the number of wide receivers that play great in the league and when they were drafted. Stevie Johnson was a 7th rounder, Victor Cruz was a free agent. Those guys come up every year. We think you can get a good sized, speed receiver in the 3rd or 4th round.”

What about offensive tackle? Nix was asked his opinion of the depth at that position in the 2012 draft class: “I think its better than a lot of people say it is and its better than it normally is. Normally you got 3 or 4 guys that can come in and play and we think there’s twice as many this year. So if we don’t get one at 10, we got a chance to get one after that.”

Nix said you should draft a cornerback every year because it is the hardest position to play on the defensive side of the ball.

“Its guys going up against an elite athlete with great speed”, the G-M said on WGR. “He’s got to react to what the guy(receiver) does and he’s on an island out there. If he messes up everybody knows it. Its mental plus physical.”

Nix on Gillmore: “Big, strong kid, great speed. This guy is a very good tackler, a very good run player which is unusual for a lot of them. He can play man and is strong enough and big enough to play bump and run.”

Nix on Kirkpatrick: “Tremendous ability. For a guy his size he’s a short armed guy and that might work against him a little bit but he makes up for it with his feet and tenacity.” Nix added Kirkpatrick is also good in run support.
These were the three most sensible positions for Buffalo and the ones on which he commented. No comment on wildcards like Kuechly or Tannehill.

Monomach 04-20-2012 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by SuperMcgee (Post 2958520)
From a Buddy Nix interview yesterday:

"I need to leave. The senior discount at the buffet ends at 3pm and I like to be in bed by 5."

True story.

fenikz 04-20-2012 07:23 PM


In terms of an offensive tackle, the team will not pursue one just to do so. Yes, it is a need, but Coach Whiz noted that there is talent in that field all throughout the draft and selecting one in the first round may or may not present itself. Said Whisenhunt, the team will not, "draft a lineman just to draft a lineman."

Many of you would like the Cardinals to trade down in the draft for the team to acquire a second round pick. According to Rod Graves, that opportunity may come to fruition as well. He confirmed that teams have already begun calling about possibly trading up to the 13th overall selection.

While these trade possibilities are often just feelers, there is the possibility that the Cards trade down and gain some extra picks. If they don't feel that the player they want is still on the board, then they may heavily consider trading out of the 13th spot.

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