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derza222 04-29-2012 11:04 AM

2014 Jets Draft Discussion
Why not? Obviously the team didn't hit on a few needs, so there are a lot of potential positions that could get addressed early next year.

The big ones that stick out are OLB, RT, and S.

No OLB was drafted this year obviously. I think that's a sign they like Maybin, so hopefully he steps up this year and does a little more than just bending the edge on third downs. Don't see Pace or Thomas staying past this year, so even if he does it's a need and if not it's a huge, huge need. Hopefully Coples improves the pass rush, but it's going to need to come from that spot too. Will be interesting to see what happens there. I think actually a relatively important factor in whether or not that gets drafted early is the team's success next year. Since it seems like they're going to hold onto the QB's as is for a bit, if the team is terrible and drafts high they might be in position to get a legit edge rusher. They seem very picky about it and don't want to reach on a guy just because it's a need if they don't like the fit, which I kind of like, but eventually it does need to get addressed. Next year's class looks good too, but as we all know that can definitely change quickly.

Obviously RT was one of the weakest spots on the team last year, and again it didn't really get addressed in the draft. Griffin seems like he has RT size but not RT feet, so it appears that he'll preferably stay in at guard and Hunter, Ducasse, and Howard will compete for the starting spot. Needless to say, the team is in trouble unless somebody steps up there. It appears that the team likes Howard and feels the need to give Ducasse a shot. Hopefully with a full offseason program for both young guys and a scheme that may fit them better as it's less complicated, one of them can find success and step up. If not, which unfortunately seems likely, after two years of ignoring it I think it has to get shored up. Shouldn't be too hard, signing somebody in free agency or spending a day 2 pick on a player who can be a solid starter, but it's tough for them to continue ignoring it.

Safety's an interesting spot because we're going to see a lot of turnover this year. Obviously Landry is coming in, and obviously Landry has had issues staying healthy. I think most Jets fans would like to see Eric Smith replaced as well given he really struggles in coverage, and a Landry-Smith duo seems like it would easily get exploited. I'm personally curious to see whether or not they bring back Leonhard, because that with mean three veterans (Landry, Leonhard, Smith), two rookies (Bush, Allen), and a second year guy who entered the supplemental draft and they carried on the practice squad and eventually the roster last year (Tracy Wilson). I think they like Wilson and he'll get the same opportunities that Bush and Allen do. I also think they may need to keep 5 safeties with Landry's health issues, and they can probably justify that by using the younger guys on specials and in sub packages. Regardless, Landry's on a one year deal and he can't be franchised plus he's likely to get hurt, Smith probably/hopefully isn't a long term starter and may not be around much longer, and we've got 3 essentially young unproven guys. Hopefully some of the younger guys stick and they seem like they could complement each other well, and I do think that Ryan's scheme asks things from safeties but it's not necessarily a priority. This could go in any number of directions, but it seems likely that we don't have two clear cut starters heading into next year. Similar situation to RT, I think both are better than OLB but quite shaky.

The three sleeper positions that could be somewhat significant needs are TE, CB and RB.

At TE Keller's in a contract year, and Cumberland is a really interesting guy but hasn't really proven anything. There's questions about how well Keller fit's Sparano's system given he doesn't block that well, and I know they started talks on a contract extension but nothing's solidified yet. I don't think it'd be a huge priority position since I think Sparano's looking more for ideally a Jason Witten type and probably a poor man's version of him but not a field stretcher you invest a high draft pick in, but there's potentially a need for a starter there.

At CB there's a lot invested but depth behind the top 3 is pretty bad right now, Revis is threatening to hold out again, and Ryan loves corners. It's something I could definitely see getting addressed early and being a big time priority position if things break the wrong way.

And RB's a pretty important one too. We all know they really liked Trent Richardson this year. Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight haven't proven anything beyond the fact that they're average NFL players who should be solid backups, Bilal Powell hasn't proved he belongs in the NFL, and Ganaway's a rookie. I think Greene's mediocrity was definitely partially to blame for the team's lack of success last year, and could certainly be upgraded if nobody steps up (which seems likely). For a run-first team I get having a big stable of backs, but they need to be able to run the ball successfully. If they continue to refuse to put together a dominant offensive line, then they need a dominant back. Otherwise I'm not sure how the "ground and pound" offense is supposed to be successful.

Other than that I think the other positions probably aren't going to get looked at very seriously.

At DE obviously Coples and Wilkerson were high draft picks, there's some UDFA depth that they like there, DeVito, Pitoitua, and Dixon are all solid and they like adding other UDFA depth to that spot. Don't see it getting a serious look.

Then at NT Pouha should be around, Ellis is waiting in the wings and looked solid in limited time, and Tevaseu is a pretty solid player in his own right.

The ILB spot looks good with Harris-Scott right now, Harris-Davis if Scott plays terribly this year and hopefully long term, Mauga as solid depth and the UDFA Dowtin as an interesting depth project.

At QB I think financially they're kind of stuck with Sanchbow for a little while, although if both suck next year I'd be open to adding another one. But they won't, so I think it's moot.

Wide receiver could become an issue, but I'm not sure it's a priority position and hopefully it's in decent shape. I don't really see Schilens being here beyond this year, because if he starts and explodes he'll move on for a big contract elsewhere and if he's bad then he won't be brought back. Turner's a decent depth guy and probably has a better shot to compete than most give him credit for. Love Kerley as a slot guy, think he'll stick there long term, and White's interesting there as well. It essentially boils down to Holmes and Hill, but I don't think they draft a guy unless both suck. Seems like Holmes will be here for better or for worse, and they're not going to draft someone to replace their high upside rookie, they'll sign a veteran. So I don't think it's a major draft need, but could see it getting addressed in FA. Hopefully Holmes gets passes thrown his way and is happy and Hill has a Torrey Smith-ish (if maybe a little worse) season and begins developing into a long-term starter. But if not, I still think it's a FA need not a draft need after taking Hill this year.

Guard I kicked around adding to the sleeper needs because Moore's a FA after this year and they're probably letting him go, but I think they're happy with Slauson, love Schlauderaff, and just drafted Griffin. They'll probably let Schlauderaff and Griffin compete for the job next year, maybe sign a vet for depth or draft a guy late, but I think they're happy with that spot.

Center as we were talking about in the 2012 draft thread would be nice to add some solid depth at, and maybe Griffin can be that guy, but not a serious need for a starter.

Fullback they'll address if Conner falls flat on his face next year, but again not a serious need worth mentioning up top. Wonder if Ganaway gets some looks there too.

Kicker and punter I'd be very open to upgrading and think we all would, but that's something that late picks get used on so I didn't feel like throwing it up top.

YotoJets007 04-29-2012 12:06 PM

I know we should not waste our time figuring out what is the most pressed position that will be coveted for a first round pick. However, I like to add a quarterback because Sanchez and Tebow will enter the final season next year.

1. Wildcat quarterback is always plenty but Washington State quarterback Jeff Tuel should be looked at for late round pick up. He has all tools including arm strength and runner but he dealt with several serious injuries.

Geno Smith of West Virginia could be it since he has tools for both pocket and runner. The skipper Hog does not want him to run anywhere so his passing skill should be much better this year. He has a shot for the Heisman Trophy.

2. BPA at quarterback should begin with Tyler Wilson but the problem is I think all quarterbacks who served under either Petrino or Smith did not offer any good QB value for NFL longevity.

3. DE from Louisana State, Sam Montgomery, should be at least 1st round check out prospect for a package OLB. Pace and Thomas may be gone after this year.

Thats a start from me.

RG and RT are always that plenty for mid-late rounders but I do hope Sparano's man is able to turn a raw OL and Hunter into a solid strongside OL.

S will be the last position to evaluate. Deunta Williams went UDFA. Iloka went 5th. Forget it.

derza222 04-29-2012 09:30 PM

Entirely fair. Basically all we do on this site is speculate anyway though, so it's never really too early to start.

Just saw/remembered that Shonn Greene is a FA after the season. Given I don't expect him or anyone else to blow the lid off the league this season and he'll likely be gone, I'd imagine there's a good chance that position is targeted early since it's a major priority spot. But maybe we get lucky and somebody steps up, they've certainly used a lot of picks on the spot in the past.

YotoJets007 05-04-2012 03:37 PM

I have tried to build the draft prospect ranking but it could send me to a mental hospital. *knocks on wood*

It is virtually impossible to complete draft ranking of my preference without a season underway.

Never hurt to start earlier, my foot. :cj:

SenorGato 05-28-2012 07:13 PM

Jarvis Jones or some emerging pass rusher...Sam Montgomery is a player I really like.

YotoJets007 05-31-2012 05:02 PM

No draft discussion for a month? lol.

YotoJets007 06-21-2012 11:46 AM

Okay, I will start.

Jackson Jeffcoat from Texas? Is he top 10-15 talents?

I know a picture does not justify anything but his arms look short. I don't think he offers a good run defender. to be fair, Texas defense always shift players around so it is going to be difficult to identify prospects' actual talents. I may think that Alex Okafor is a well around player including run defender as he should be taken off the board before Jeffcoat.

For S part, Tony Jefferson, T.J. McDonald, Eric Reid, Matt Elam, Kenny Vaccaro, and Isaiah Johnson are on my list.

Jefferson out of Oklahoma, JR.- a true ball hawker with man cover skill. He may need to bulk up to handle NFL ballcarrier.

McDonald out of USC, SR.- Has been playing zone coverage with above average run support.

Reid out of LSU, JR.- Similar to McDonald but his talents remain unnoticed because of Claiborne, Taylor and Matteieu being on the field with Reid. He may not forgo his senior campaign unless his talents are unveiled by himself in 2012.

Elam out of Florida, JR.- I think I like him as SS better. His coverage is good but not enough for bigger range. Instinct and run defenders are too much to ignore.

Vaccaro out of Texas, SR.- Nobody dares to challenge at his side. He is a well around FS but does not make any thunderous play. I am not going to campaign for him to be a Jet but I will keep eyes on him. He can be a good steal in 3rd or 4th round depending how progressing the season and scouting will be.

Johnson out of Georgia Tech, JR- He has untapped talents to be a solid either S and he plays under Al Groh. Problem is GT has too many players to compete for secondary jobs. If he plays a lot this year and impresses enough numbers of scouts then he can be a solid 4th rounder.

Keep it in mind, I did not watch all of them play. I just picked up words throughout internet to set up the wish list for me to watch those players or you to chime in with your knowledge.

YotoJets007 08-16-2012 12:09 PM


I have Jets taking Te'o in the 1st round, Rambo in 2nd and Renfree in 3rd.

Te'o has an abundant of experiences in both 4-3 and 4-3 schemes. He can blitz or pass rush from anywhere as LB. He is big enough to play standing up OLB and has enough speed to play SAM or Will in 4-3. No brainer pick I believe.

Rambo can cover TE and RB well to upgrade the S talent. I am not sure Landry or Bell will stay with us for another 2 years after this season. It does not matter because adding talents to the safety depth chart will always be appreciated.

Renfree has a good package as a prolific passer. He improves in decision making under David Cutcliffe. The pick should create a shock for Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow because both Sanchez and Tebow are not committed to a long term as a Jet, yet. Both deserve a serious push from Renfree. Just because he is a Blue Devil does not mean he is not worth anywhere higher than 4th round.

RT replacement is on hold because I am not ready to call OL impotent. Austin Howard tended to have a good first impression but after that, he is nobody. Hunter can be a good service at RT under Sparano as OL coach has been protecting Hunter. Matt Slauson could be a full time RT next year, meaning G becomes primarily with Brandon Moore potentially electing for FA.

what do you guys think?

derza222 08-17-2012 12:14 AM

As of right now, I have no idea whether or not the Jets are going to be playing 4-3 or 3-4. That said, I don't like Te'o as a 3-4 OLB, and the Jets have no need for a 3-4 ILB with Harris and Davis, at least at this point. And I think the major perk to moving to the 4-3 is there would be no need to add anything particularly significant (or draft any position early) except maybe a DE since you can get really talented 4-3 OLB's in rounds 2 or 3 and I presume you'd see Davis at WLB and Harris at MLB, both of whom would play most downs so you're looking for a guy who's basically going to be in on early downs and could easily be found in round 3 or 4 or as a mediocre FA. All of that said, regardless of scheme I'm not huge on Te'o.

Rambo I could see. I think realistically the team doesn't put a huge premium on the safety spot and is developing Allen and Bush to start next year. Both have played well in camp, they complement each other very well and I think both fit the scheme. But it's still a question mark so I can't knock it.

As for QB, I think that's a position that if the Jets are drafting where you have them they don't need to add another. If they have a worse record I'd have no problem addressing it in round 1. You're kind of unlikely to find a worthwhile player in another round though so I'd rather either see them burn a pick on a first rounder or a late round backup time. Seems like a waste of a third to me, but that's just my personal opinion.

Major need spots would include RB (I think the group of RB's is terrible for a run first offense, can only hope Powell or McKnight emerges as a legitimate option heading into next year), OL (pretty much anywhere, with Slauson and Moore as FA's guard works and RT is obviously a huge question mark), TE (Keller's gone, don't see it as a first round need but maybe day 2 or early day 3), DE as I mentioned, and then the positions you drafted. That's my take.

YotoJets007 08-17-2012 03:40 PM

If Sparano system was not working then I would scream for new regime. However, Super Bowl will be held in New Meadowland Stadium for 2013 championship season (Feb. 2 2104) so I am pretty sure Jets want to stay contending for an obvious goal.

If Jets can't run anywhere then G will be vastly revamped. Jets could either draft G in both 1st and 2nd rounds or pay a lot of money to get 2 Gs (unlikely). 2 Guards and TE Fauria in first 3 rounds are my kind of jumpstart.

SAM is one of the easiest positions to fill in, I agree. When I had him going to Jets in the first round I thought he was at least 6 3 255. It looks like he is merely 6 1 250 or lighter now. He would upgrade to either Davis or Harris for 3-4 ILB so it is a mistake on my part. Size is the reason I picked Te'o over Porter who will pay OLB in 4-3 for Sumlin and Jarvis.

YotoJets007 08-21-2012 03:22 PM

I have been focusing ponderously on a quick fix until I saw one comment somewhere in the internet about Jets picking Coples over DeCastro even though Jets owned one of the worst OL in NFL last year. Defense suffered a "down" season but it was still above average.

If Jets actually drafted for future then I should change the draft strategy. I reviewed the 2013 and 2014 potential free agents and few potential cuts in either year on the nyjetscap site. I believe that 2014 is the best time to trim down the roster. That could mean Jets ride it out hard this year and next year with veterans. 2013 draft may be an essence to bolster 2 teams (1st and 2nd stringers) if Jets actually cut several key players in 2014.

Since I could not foresee who will be cut in 2014, I focus on potential unrestricted free agents because if you fill out those contingent positions for upcoming free agent departures then the draft needs for 2014 will be fewer.

I know it is frivolous to count on late round draftees or undrafted prospects to replace starters in near future but it is Jets' job to develop those young players into at least solid 2nd stringers. Right now, Jets have only one team on the squad and most of the rest is worth 3rd stringer or worse. For me, I think Jeff Cumberland, Bilal Powell and Caleb Schlauderff are worthy of 2nd stringers. Look at those upcoming free agents and potential replacements and tell us what do you think to adjust the 2013 draft priority for any picks prior to 5th round.

2013 Free Agents and Internal Options:

Brandon Moore. = Robert T. Griffin
Dustin Keller. = Jeff Cumberland (RFA).
Mike DeVito. = Quinton Coples.
Shonn Greene. = Bilal Powell.
Matt Slauson. = Caleb Schlauderff.
Aaron Maybin. = Ricky Sapp (RFA).
Laron Landry. = Josh Bush.
Yeremiah Bell. = Antonio Allen.
Bryan Thomas. = Garrett McIntyre.
Chaz Schilens. = Stephen Hill.

Tanner Purdum RFA.
Marcus Dixon RFA.
Joshua Mauga RFA.
Austin Howard RFA or UFA.

2014 Free Agents:

Calvin Pace.
Joe McKngiht.
Eric Vladimir Ducasse.
John Connor.

Nick Bellore RFA.
Garrett McIntrye RFA or UFA.
TJ Conley RFA.

Best savings by cutting players will come up next week.

YotoJets007 08-21-2012 08:27 PM

Get over with it.

I merely list all savings of over 1mm per potential cut player.

I don't have any concrete information for trading player because nobody ever knows until a trade is actually imminent. Sorry.

This lists may be inaccurate due to a potential holdout, restructure, contractual language, etc but it is an excellent basic (nyjetscap) to figure out the future. I add the 2015 list because 2013 late round draftees could be groomed into starter for cheaper.

Remember it is totally unbiased. Highest to Lowest saving sort.

2013 Sufficient Saving if Cut-

Jason Smith: 12mm saving out of 12mm.
Calvin Pace: 8.56mm saving out of 11.57mm.
Bart Scott: 7.15mm saving out of 8.65mm.
David Harris: 4mm saving out of 13mm.
Sione Pouha: 3.83mm saving out of 6.17mm.
Eric Smith: 3mm saving out of 3mm.
Antonio Cromartie: 1.25mm saving out of 10.75mm.
Tim Tebow: 1.05mm saving out of 2.194mm.

2014 Sufficient Saving if Cut-

Antonie Cromartie: 9.5mm saving out of 10.75mm.
Mark Sanchez: 8.3mm saving out of 13.1mm.
Santonio Holmes: 8.25mm saving out of 10.75mm.
Bart Scott: 8mm out of 8mm.
Sione Pouha: 5.5mm saving out of 6.67mm.
David Harris: 5mm saving out of 7mm.
D'Brickashaw Ferguson: 2.55mm saving out of 10.42mm.
Muhammad Wilkerson: 1.31mm saving out of 2.19mm.
Kyle Wilson: 1.17mm saving out of 2.26mm.

2015 Sufficient Saving if Cut-

Mark Sanchez: 12.4mm saving out of 15.6mm.
Santonio Holmes: 8mm saving out of 9.25mm.
Nick Mangold: 7.4mm saving out of 10.4mm.
Darrelle Revis: 6mm saving out of 6mm.
D'Brickashaw Ferguson: 5.25mm saving out of 10.42mm.
Stephen Hill: 1.03mm saving out of 1.5mm.

YotoJets007 09-01-2012 06:16 PM

If Geno Smith and Shawnee Alston have monstrous senior campaign then I would want them for first and 2nd/3rd round picks. Don't argue with me!:diablo::diablo::diablo:

derza222 09-02-2012 12:02 PM

I do like Geno Smith. Big, nice pocket presence, gets good zip on the ball. Like the way he's able to buy time and keep his eyes downfield. Alston isn't really the kind of back I'd like to bring in though, think the Jets would be better off adding a home run threat at RB or try to hit on a smaller, quick guy who can catch the ball out of the backfield (Ray Rice, Maurice Jones-Drew, Doug Martin, LeSean McCoy).

Frankly there are a good amount of quarterbacks I like in this draft, at least as of right now since obviously a lot can change during the season. I'm not giving up on Sanchez quite yet and frankly I do think he'll be a good NFL quarterback at some point, I'm just not sure it will be with the Jets. But I think at this point if the offense really craps out like it looks like it will something needs to shake up, and if it's a quarterback so be it.

While we're talking about West Virginia guys, how about Tavon Austin? Would be a great guy to bring in and add an explosive element to the offense IMO.

YotoJets007 09-04-2012 05:29 PM

Tavon Austin is a nice distraction causer. No objection here.

I watched Clemson game. I thought TE Brandon Ford should be bigger than the listing said and looked good in both passing and blocking. Love his cute revenge on Auburn's CB #25.

Andre Ellington may be the exact RB Derza has been screaming for. He looked a real RB despite his questionable size for durability.

YotoJets007 09-10-2012 03:29 PM

Bryan Thomas, Aaron Maybin and Calvin Pace could be goners after this season. I can see Pace's contract restructured to stay.

I doubt Tannenbaun will draft pass rushing OLB in the first round ever again. Jets can pull the similar manner with Stephen Hill in 2013 draft's 2nd round to grab a fallen 1st round grade OLB.

Lets assume Jets stay pat.... Quanterus Smith of Western Kentucky should be the ONE Jets and fans keep eyes on. 6 5 250 speedy edger who registered 3 sacks against friggin Alabama. His latest list has read 6 5 246 so I am not certain that he actually has fast game speed at 250-255. Because he has been undersized, his run defense isnot there yet.

Keep eyes on him. He will play against Kentucky and Southern Miss in next 2 games. Afterwards, unfortunately, he wont play against bigger games until the bowl berth if clinched.

Hurricanes25 09-10-2012 09:43 PM

If Greene continues to run like this, I want a RB in that 2nd-4th round range to pair with Powell (hopefully he shows us something this year).

thetedginnshow 09-11-2012 05:21 AM

I don't really think we need any additional games to let us know that we need to draft another RB.

derza222 09-11-2012 07:04 PM

I could have told you that another RB was necessary before any games. Maybe we get lucky and Powell breaks out, but otherwise it's pretty much a lock that they draft one I think. Doubt they re-sign Greene, I'll be disappointed if they do.

YotoJets007 09-13-2012 01:49 PM

Powell is the RB of the future. Greene fits in just fine. At least 85 yards per game for 13 games will get him 1k a season. That is good.

Only thing Jets lack is 2nd stringer RB. I can count on Powell taking over that job some time soon. McKnight get nowhere.

Remember Tannenbaun is Bellicheck's boy, not Parcells'. Bellicheck did draft RB in the first round once and it was disastrous. Parcells had never drafted RB in first round I believe.

Bellicheck and Parcells liked to trade down. Tannenbaun likes to trade up. The value of RB remains unclear as I still don't believe Tannenbaun will ever draft any RB any higher than 3rd round.

Giants drafting David Wilson in the first round last year so it may possibly influence on Tannenbaun's decision-making.

Knile Davis is so so, so far. I hope his value will slip into 2nd round and Jets snare him in the exact fashion of Stephen Hill.

YotoJets007 09-13-2012 02:16 PM

Oh, I forget about Florida's Mike Gillislee. If his actual size is acceptable then he will be a 1st round prospect. He is about to surpass his collegiate career in total offense yards this weekend and he is senior. His wear and tear should be very fresh for NFL career.

YotoJets007 09-17-2012 11:29 AM

Scratch Quanterus Smith off. I have no idea how the hell could he register 3 sacks against Alabama. Unless he had leg injury, he played like he had the thyroid condition issue.

- Finally went ahead of LOS but did not finish off plays.
- no explosiveness.
- frequently lost balance.
- no moves other than bull rush.

RB Mike Gillislee looked all right with groin injury. Groin injury was not a reason why he struggled. It was IOL. Could not open any holes. Gillislee made 2 big plays as a result OL finally opened hole twice. Andre Ellington is easily better because he has tons of experience.

YotoJets007 09-17-2012 12:37 PM

I wish Jeff Driskel is senior this year. I like the way he has played.

YotoJets007 09-24-2012 03:12 PM

Perhaps, Jets should draft 2 G or 1 G and 1 T that high. Howard would be called for holding many times if regular referees were officiating.

2 Gs with Howard at RT as he continues developing.

Or Jets could draft better T and move Howard inside replacing Moore.

derza222 09-24-2012 09:14 PM

I don't see Howard moving inside, don't see many guards that small I think shorter tackles would get leverage way too easily.

That said I could easily see drafting a couple of offensive lineman early. Frankly I don't think the offensive line is the biggest problem on the team, but a dominant offensive line would certainly help the run game and it would be easier to pass obviously.

Obviously with both guards being FA's that's a potential need spot, although with Ducasse getting time I think they're trying to groom him for a starting spot next year. Then I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they either re-signed Moore to a short term deal or tried to let Schlauderaff start or compete with a rookie. And I don't think tackle is locked up with Howard either so that's an option, although it would be nice if he developed into a starter.

Not to beat a dead horse but I'm obviously not thrilled with Greene so unless someone steps up I could see that being a spot. Tight end is obviously potentially a need with Keller as a FA. Both safeties will be FA's so that's potentially a need, one OLB spot is pretty much wide open and there's a ton of pass rushers so that's another potential direction too. And depending on what happens the rest of the season QB could be an option. Should be interesting.

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