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SCSteeler 07-24-2012 08:12 PM

Any Penn ST. fans among us?
I'm only asking this here because I only care about what you guys have to say about football.

I lived in Pittsburgh from the ages of 1yr-7yrs old. From '77-'83 (Good years right?!) My sister was born there, middle names after the hospital and doctor. My dads born and raised there, 3rd gen? And a die hard Steelers fan.
I was even babysat by some back up O-lineman, i can remember the sick Batmobile he had in a toy trunk.

I grew up a Steelers fan. Wasnt until I was older that I discovered how much of a great thing that was. What the Steelers represent, how they do business, the integrity; not only working with the community, but being the community.
The commitment provided by the organization has been astonishing. The Rooneys are the Steelers, their not just owners, and they've opened their arms to us as equals.

I'd been raised a military brat and have moved all over this country. Seeing all types of fanbases and exposed to numerous teams and organizations.
We have no equal in that department.

I loved Penn State for many of the same reasons.
I love Joe Paterno for many of the same reasons.

I can accept and love most everybody. I understand why people do things and don't always immediately judge.
I am very loyal, too.

But somethings pulling me away from my commitment to PSU.
Is this such an awful crime that I shouldn't root for the University anymore?
Did JoePa blow it?

All this i'm marinating in, and then I had the idea of asking you guys this question?:

If The Steelers Organization was guilty of the same things, and I mean GUILTY, not Roethlisberger guilty, would some of you cut ties to Steeler Nation?

Smooth Criminal 07-25-2012 10:24 AM

Grew up following Penn State football, but obviously changed when I decided to go to Ohio State.

And no, you shouldn't not root for Penn State. And people that went to Penn State shouldnt think it's a bad thing. What happened happen, they should be punished and accept it. People should think of Paterno differently, but no their school. Hate the men involved, know that the punishment is fair, and move on. That's how I picture it at this point.

The blind loyalty to Paterno by some is crazy though. I was talking to my dad about it and how ridiculous Jay Paterno has been and his answer was well it was his dad. I assured him that he wouldn't get any benefit of the doubt from me if I heard he covered up a child molester.

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