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Brothgar 07-30-2012 01:31 PM

Broth's Season Previews
Don't know exactly how many I am going to get done but here we go.

St. Louis Rams

Players lost
RB Cadillac Williams
WR Brandon Lloyd
WR Mark Clayton
G Jacob Bell
G Adam Goldberg
C Jason Brown
DE James Hall
DT Justin Bannan
DT Fred Robbins
DT Gary Gibson
OLB Chris Chamberlain
OLB Brady Poppinga
CB Ronald Bartell
CB Justin King
K Josh Brown
P Donnie Jones.

Who will be missed most this season: Brandon Lloyd - The WR situation for the 2012-2013 season for the Rams is actually worse than it was last season,
if that is even possible. This is going to be a major issue when it comes to this season.

Veteran Additions:
WR Steve Smith,
OT Barry Richardson,
C Scott Wells,
DE William Hayes,
DT Kendall Langford,
DT Trevor Laws,
OLB Mario Haggan,
OLB Jo-Lonn Dunbar,
CB Cortland Finnegan.

Free Agency Thoughts
Lots of great additions here for the Rams. Cortland Finnegan a pro bowl CB follows his old head coach which will be paramount to helping the rest
of the Rams with the verbage and getting to know the scheme and responsabilities that go along with running Jeff Fisher's defense. Trevor Laws and Kendall Langford are also two big additions after losing Robbins and Gibson. I'm rather interested on what their plans for Barry Richardson is going
to be he wasn't exactly a world beater with the Chiefs are they going to kick him inside, or is he a depth pick up? Steve Smith has been bounced
from one team to another for a while now he hasn't looked nearly as good as he did with the Giants I'd say at best a slot starter.

Draft Picks:

DT Michael Brockers,
The Rams did a masterful job dropping twice in the draft passing on Morris Claiborn for additional picks. Brockers is a great fit for the scheme,
Jeff Fisher just loves bigger DTs.

Scouting report: Brockers is very good at anchoring and holding his ground as he defends the run even against the double team. In a division that is going
to live or die with the run the selection becomes even better. He could use a bigger boost in the pass rush moves but that should come in time but one thing I did notice is that he does a great job of getting his hands up and knocking down passes or forcing QBs to pump fake which could be a great assett if tiny QB Russell Wilson takes the starting position in Seattle.

WR Brian Quick,
Quick is physically gifted in every sense of the word. Big tall fast with good hands. But he struggles with the subtle neuances of the game rout running quickness etc. plus it is going to take a while for him to get use to the big jump in talent level from small school prospect to the NFL. But he was Josh Buchannon's top small school prospect and that has a lot to do with character being a team captain and a hard worker tells me that while it will take a while for him to see the field but when he does look out.

CB Janoris Jenkins,
Janoris has top 10 talent and 5th round character. He is the definition of cover corner he is small but fast with great ball skills. He isn't a slouch in the zone either. On the bad side drugs, and multiple baby mamas screams Pac Man Jones which is what dropped his stock but some people never learn as the man who drafted Jones drafted Jenkins. If he keeps his head on strait he will be a multi pro bowler and amazing value if not he's another 2nd round bust.

RB Isaiah Pead,
Pead is a guy I really like he is a kind of do it all back that I enjoy watching. He works best out of a zone style blocking scheme where he can find holes and exploit them. He has a great burst and is very elusive. On top of that he is a good receiver out of the backfield and can change direction well. He isn't a power back by any stretch so I wouldn't use him on the goal line.

S Trumaine Johnson,
Played corner at Montana but has the body type and his attributes make him better suited for safety at the next level. In spite of this the Rams are currently using him as a corner in training camp. Has the ability to rerout even some of the bigger WRs. He's raw but has a ton of upside. Plays the ball well.

WR Chris Givins
Speed speed speed. More of a polished rout runner than Quick. He is dangerous in open space. But he is also small with a huge injury history
(two torn ACLs in the past two years) .

OT Rokevious Watkins
HUGE powerful OT from South Carolina. He uses his feet very well for a guy his size. He may move in to guard which Was seen late in the year at SC but he needs to get faster off the line and become a little more agressive.

K Greg Zuerlein

Yep he's a kicker. Big time leg accurate from 50 yards diamond in the rough.

LB Aaron Brown

Brown is going to be a special teams player with a small chance to be a #2 OLB on the Rams roster. He is a decent tackler and runs faster in pads than his timed 4.8.

RB Daryl Richardson
Small school standout. Not big enough to be that slow I don't predict he'll make the team although I havn't watched any game film on him.


1 @ Detroit
2 Washington
3 @ Chicago
4 Seattle
5 Arizona
6 @ Miami
7 Green Bay
8 New England
10 @San Francisco
11 vs New York Jets
12 @Arizona
13 vs San Francisco
14 @Buffalo
15 vs Minnesota
16 @Tampa Bay
17 @Seattle

Predicted record: 4-12
High end 6-10
Low end 2-14

They have to play the NFC North and the AFC East that is a tall task for any team with a new head coach. The division is slowly getting better but for now they have
just as good a chance to beat 3 of the 4 teams in the division on paper as anyone. But lets not forget that the Rams do have by far the best QB in the division. It
really is going to depend on how well he adjusts to the fourth OC in as many years. It was what really hurt Jason Campbell's career and Bradford is going to have to
do it again.

For the Future: Don't expect the Rams to be bottom feeders for much longer. The D-Line is amazing Quinn Brockers and Long will be mainstays of the defense for a long
time. The OLB position is the biggest question but James Laurenitus will be their guy for the next 5 years. If Jenkins can stay reletively out of trouble they have
the #1 and #2 CB positions locked down for the next 5 years between Jenkins and Finnegan. The safety position is the question mark but I still think that eventually
Tru Johnson will start at the S position and play reletively well there. The offense is the big question. What exactly can we expect from Bradford this season?
Will age catch up to SJax? How many snaps will Pead get this season as the change of pace? What exactly is their plan at the WR position. Danny Amondola is good
but I can't see any of the other guys on the roster at that position being a big contributor this season. What do they get from Quick in the future I'm not sure.

News from training camp: Thus far Jenkins and Bradford have been very impressive according to the press. Quick is standing on the lower part of the depth chart while Chris Givins is getting early 1st team reps across from Amendola.

bigbluedefense 07-31-2012 04:52 PM

Do you plan on doing this for every team?

I love that St. Louis DL. Curious to see what Coach 500 can do with them.

vidae 07-31-2012 04:58 PM

How many teams are you going to do this for? Do the Chiefs next!

NY+Giants=NYG 07-31-2012 05:25 PM

Good job man! I always like when people go the extra mile an create posts like that. Do you plan on doing it for your team or for all the the teams? That would be a lot of work to do it for all the teams. But again, great job plus rep for you!

ArkyRamsFan 07-31-2012 08:04 PM

Excellent job, Broth223

It makes me smile seeing some love being given to the Rams. Of course, if we play like we have for the last 5 years I expect that will go away quickly.

A couple of comments for your consideration:

1.) Quin Ojinnaka is also a veteran pickup and he is currently running with the 1's at left guard. I do expect Bryan Mattison and maybe even Rok Watkins to make a push though.

2.) The Rams just signed Ovie Mughelli to compete at fullback. If he has anything left I gotta believe that he will beat out (the immortal) Britt Miller for the job. Steven likes his fullbacks big and nasty!

3.) Greg Salas is healthy and looking very good so far. He is playing as an outside the numbers receiver and may even win the job. Looks like 'Dola is keeping the slot job.

4.) Scott Wells is still recovering from knee surgery and has not been cleared to practice yet. From what I can gather Fish isn't worried about it but I am getting a little antsy, though. Brads and he need to develop some chemistry and timing soon.

5.) Mario Haggans is holding down the SAM position for now but I expect Rocky McIntosh to make a push as soon as he gets acclimated to the new defense. It could end up with McIntosh at the WILL and Jo Lonn Dunbar at the SAM. Stay tuned.....


ChiFan24 07-31-2012 08:22 PM

I want to make a comment but I'm too lazy to go and look up the Rams depth chart. I'll give the short answer and say the Rams will suck.

Brothgar 07-31-2012 08:39 PM

I don't know exactly how many teams I'll be able to do but depending on a few things I'm looking right around two to four a week. The next teams on the schedule are the Chiefs and the entirety of the NFC East (as I think they are the topic of the podcast this week). Going to Giants camp on Thursday which will be awesome that should give me extra energy to do them that night.

RCAChainGang 08-01-2012 05:17 PM

Excellent write up Broth. I would love to see what you have to say about the Colts, but I know you only have so much time and a lot of teams to evaluate. +rep

GaMeTiMe 08-01-2012 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by broth223 (Post 3074654)
I don't know exactly how many teams I'll be able to do but depending on a few things I'm looking right around two to four a week. The next teams on the schedule are the Chiefs and the entirety of the NFC East (as I think they are the topic of the podcast this week). Going to Giants camp on Thursday which will be awesome that should give me extra energy to do them that night.

All I have to hear.

vidae 08-01-2012 05:50 PM

Where is the Chiefs write up?! GOSH!

Splat 08-01-2012 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by vidae (Post 3075507)
Where is the Chiefs write up?! GOSH!

Jamaal is back look out bitches!


vidae 08-01-2012 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by Splat (Post 3075518)
Jamaal is back look out bitches!


You clearly forgot Berry and Moeaki. You're better than that Splat! C'mon son!

Brothgar 08-01-2012 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by vidae (Post 3075507)
Where is the Chiefs write up?! GOSH!

Picking through the schedule. Pending on Mafia I'll finish tonight.

Grizzlegom 08-01-2012 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by vidae (Post 3075581)
You clearly forgot Berry and Moeaki. You're better than that Splat! C'mon son!

Moeaki will get hurt again, he doesn't count :smile:

Brothgar 08-01-2012 10:50 PM

Kansas City Chiefs

Offseason Losses:
QB Kyle Orton,
RB Jackie Battle,
FB Le'Ron McClain,
TE Leonard Pope,
OT Barry Richardson,
C Casey Wiegmann,
DE Wallace Gilberry,
NT Kelly Gregg,
CB Brandon Carr,
S Jon McGraw.

Who will they miss the most? People will laugh but I'd say Le'Ron McClain. He was one of the better fullbacks in the league and while Brandon Carr is good, people forget that they grabbed Stanford Routt who was a cap casualty from the Raiders.

Veteran Additions:
QB Brady Quinn,
RB Peyton Hillis,
TE Kevin Boss,
OT Eric Winston,
DE/DT Ropati Pitoitua,
CB Stanford Routt.
OT Tony Ugoh
DE/OLB Martin Rucker
LB Edgar Jones

Free Agency Thoughts: Kansas City was a team that was very injured, had fighting within the organization and still was able to beat the Packers and was a game out from the top of the division. In spite of all of that they improved this off season. Peyton Hillis will be an upgrade to old Thomas Jones. Eric Winston will be an upgrade to Barry Richardson. The Chiefs
don't lose too much from Carr to Routt. Watch out for this team.

Draft Picks

Dontari Poe NT Memphas

Dontari Poe is just a physical freak he takes great angles when the ball is kicked
outside. He played DE and NT at Memphas. The tape is shaky he need to get better
leverage and abandon that spin move he does it never works. But I expect something
good from him specially with Romeo Crenell as the head coach. If they set him up
early at the NT position allow him to bull rush he'll do better than he did at Memphas

Jeff Allen OT Illinois

With the off season moves that they have made mainly picking up Eric Winston I assume
Allen will be kicked inside to the OG position where he should excell in pass protection
from this position.

Donald Stephenson T Oklahoma

Very athletic, fast and can get to the second level. Moves his feet very well and does well in pass protection. He could use to get more push in the run block. He has a ton of upside which is nice that he will be a backup for the first year or two of his careerbut can be a great bargaining chip when it comes time to negotiate Brandon Ablert's contract.

Devon Wylie WR Fresno State

Wylie was a guy that looked good in the East West shrine and really impressed during drills at the combine and seems to catch everything that comes his way. He's much faster than a Wes Welker or a Dane Sanzenbacher. I expect to see this guy do very well in the slot. But I'm not sure if there is room there with Dexter McCluster.But worst case scenario he is a very dynamic return guy that should start at that position.

Dquan Menzie CB Alabama
Strictly a zone corner doesn't have the speed to play man to man. Good tackler should be an assett in special teams and run support. Good instincts. Lacks height which will be a concern if he is asked to play the S position.

Cyrus Gray RB Texas A&M
Good vision and lateral movement but only OK strait line speed. He sometimes won't
hit the hole and try to create when there is nothing there.

Jerome Long DT San Diego State

Big strong player that was the leader of the defensive line and has a high motor.
Its expected that he becomes the backup DE if he makes the team.

Junior Hemingway WR Michigan

Big and strong for a WR, good at playing against zone coverage. He adjusts to the ball
well and can make the big catch at times, on the other hand he'll have lapses in concentration
and drops those easy ones from time to time. Also, he's rather slow to be a shorter guy.


Atlanta at Kansas City
Kansas City at Buffalo
Kansas City at New Orleans
San Diego at Kansas City
Baltimore at Kansas City
Kansas City at Tampa Bay
Oakland at Kansas City
Kansas City at San Diego
Kansas City at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Kansas City
Denver at Kansas City
Carolina at Kansas City
Kansas City at Cleveland
Kansas City at Oakland
Indianapolis at Kansas City
Kansas City at Denver

Preditction 11-5
high end 13-3
low end 8-8

The Chiefs get a ton of talent back from injury this season. Jamaal Charles was lost in week 3 last year Tony Moeaki was looking very good before his injury and Eric Berry is one of the better safeties in the league and even without them they were able to get 7 wins and one game out of first. Plus unlike Denver and San Diego Kansas City has a fourth place schedule. With Denver likely to be missing Elvis for the first two games of the regular season, that could help them out big time. I think they will shock people this season maybe if they stay healthy they could steal this division and dare I say a first round bye?

For the future? The Chiefs have a strong future but the only thing that is really holding them back is the QB position. Matt Cassell is an average/below average QB. This is a QB centric league maybe Stanzi comes in and something happens but until that happens I don't see a championship in KC's future.

vidae 08-01-2012 11:05 PM

Good KC write up and pretty fair all things considered.

Brothgar 08-19-2012 06:37 PM


Offseason Losses:
QB Donovan McNabb,
TE Visanthe Shiancoe,
G Steve Hutchinson,
G Anthony Herrera,
DT Remi Ayodele,
OLB Kenny Onatolu,
ILB E.J. Henderson,
CB Cedric Griffin,
CB Benny Sapp,
CB Asher Allen,
S Jarrad Page,
S Tyrell Johnson,
S Husain Abdullah,
K Ryan Longwell.

Who is going to be missed most? In my opinion its likely going to be Steve Hutchinson while he wasn’t the OG that he was when the Vikings signed him out of Seattle for big bucks he was still as smart veteran lineman who will not be easily replaced. The Vikings are the only team in this division that is a fully run based team and with the change at both guard positions it may affect what that offensive line will be able to do moving forward.

Veteran Additions:
FB Lex Hilliard,
WR Jerome Simpson,
TE John Carlson,
OT/G Geoff Schwartz,
ILB Marvin Mitchell,
CB Chris Carr.

Free agency thoughts: Geoff Schwartz will be a fine replacement for one of the two missing guards but there is still concern along the offensive line. They also lost quite a bit of depth. With that said Jerome Simpson is going to do great things for them and finally take some pressure away from Percy Harvin and with AP’s injury I expect they will be throwing the ball considerably more this season. The move from Shianco to Carlson isn’t all that bad and Kyle Rudolf would have been the starting TE for the Vikings anyway.

Early Draft Picks:
OT Matt Kalil, OT USC

Kailil is one of the best perhaps even the best LT to come out since Joe Thomas there are very few holes in his game he can move his feet well has good power and is going to only help Christian Ponder’s ability to play QB amazing pick here.

SS Harrison Smith, Notre Dame
Safety has been a huge issue for the Vikings for a very long time. The safety class is very weak and that means that the Vikings had to reach in able to not have a major hole at that position this season. Smith is a down in down out guy but he wasn’t this huge playmaker in Notre Dame. But he’ll be able to do what is needed.

CB Josh Robinson, Central Florida
Josh Robinson is an elite athlete he ran the fastest 40 at the combine. He has fluid hips and A better tackler than his size would indicate. He’s a guy who does his best against top competition and that is something that the vikings are going to need in the NFC North

WR Jarius Wright, Arkansas
Wright is a short slot guy with decent speed and very good rout running ability that allows him to create separation from the CB he has good hands and can catch in traffic. Press coverage is a major problem with Wright and will likely be insurance for Percey Harvin/.

FB/TE Rhett Ellison, USC
Played both fullback and TE at USC Elsion can play both positions well. He is a high character guy on the field and will do what it takes to play football he has good bloodlines his dad played linebacker for USC, 49ers and Oakland. He’ll also play a role in special teams as well.

WR Greg Childs, Arkansas
Childs is a big bodied athletic receiver who can go up and get the ball has long arms and big hands you have more room to throw him the ball or lead him more. But the biggest problem with childs seems to be his injury history and quickness which are not that great.

S Robert Blanton Notre Dame
Blanton is going to be a special teams monster with his athleticism and his seek and destroy type attitude. Very powerful hitter and can play safety inside the box very well his deep cover skills and deep speed need some work.

K Blair Walsh. K Georgia
Highly accurate kicker from Georgia he also has the leg power that you look for in a kicker. He had a down year in Georgia last season though posting the worst FG% of his career with the bulldogs.

ILB Audie Cole NC State
Smart productive player out of NC State. Also a high effort guy. Should be a good special teamer. [note] I wrote this before any pre season games [/note]

Trevor Guyton DE Cal
Strong bull rusher who can play in the 3-4 or 4-3 scheme as DE or can play UT in the 4-3 as well.

3 SF @ MIN
8 TB @ MIN
10 DET @ MIN
11 Bye
12 MIN @ CHI
13 MIN @ GB
14 CHI @ MIN
15 MIN @ STL
16 MIN @ HOU
17 GB @ MIN

Predicted record: 4-12
High end: 6-10
low end: 1-15

The Vikings have several winable games this year but this is still a team that is deep within the rebuilding process. Peterson might not be ready for week 1 of the season which will hurt them in the easy part of their schedule in week 1 and 2. With that said they are getting younger which is needed for them to make that next step. As for this year they don’t really have the corners to really contend with the 3 great ones in this division. Josh Robinson is good but lets face it a rookie against arguably 3 top 10 WRs in the league isn’t going to be pretty. The stars on this team are really starting to show their age be it Allen, Williams etc.

For the Future: The Vikings are in a rough division and for the foreseeable future the vikings are going to have the worst QB in it. Peterson is a great player but can’t carry the team anymore. Kalil will be the starter for the next decade but if this team is going to see any success Ponder needs to improve. Oddly enough I’d like to see Joe Webb in a starting position on some team. But that is neither here nor there. I wonder if the head coach of the future is with this team as well I think that if the Vikings have another 5 win or less season that Fraiser will be looking for another job. This is a very tough division and I just don’t see the Lions or the Packers falling anytime soon.

Brothgar 08-29-2012 06:34 PM

Baltimore Ravens

Veteran Additions:
WR/KR Jacoby Jones,
G Bobbie Williams,
G/C Tony Wragge,
DT Ryan McBean,
CB Corey Graham.

Offseason Losses:
WR Lee Evans,
G Ben Grubbs,
DE/DT Cory Redding,
NT Brandon McKinney,
DE/OLB Jarret Johnson,
CB Chris Carr,
SS Tom Zbikowski,
S Haruki Nakamura.

Ben Grubs is going to be sorely missed this season and the SS position has also taken a considerable setback with Zbikowski heading to the colts. But the biggest loss this off season wasn’t someone who left for free agency losing Terrell Suggs the reigning DPOY is the real concern with Upshaw not looking all that great in pre season play.

Draft Picks:
DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw,
Upshaw is a guy that should have been selected in the late first round. He is a speedy OLB in the 3-4 but is versatile enough to be able to play ILB and pass rush specialist in the 4-3. His coverage skills need some work if he is going to play the OLB position.

G Kelechi Osemele,
Osemele was an OT at Iowa state and the Ravens have been using him as such but could easily move into the OG position and I feel that is where he will ultimately end up. He is big with good feet and long arms but struggles in pass protection.

RB Bernard Pierce,
Hard nosed power downhill runner who has good vision and do really well in blasting between the tackles. Durrability is a concern and don’t expect him to go for 30 yards but if you need 3 yards in a cloud of dust this guy can get it for you.

C Gino Gradkowski,
Small school prospect out of Delewere who will need time to develope luckily it seems that Matt Birk is going to give it another year or two before Gradkowski takes the start. He’s a smart player that isn’t exactly big or strong.

S Christian Thompson,
Physical punishing safety from SC state has some real off the field character concerns which is strangely different than his on the field persona. He needs work on tracking the ball and figuring out some of the finer points in playing the safety position but luckily he will be sitting behind Ed Reed.

CB Asa Jackson,
Jackson is an under rated small school prospect out of Cal Poly. His height is a major issue at 5-9 he gets in and out of his breaks well and can make plays on the football he needs to do a little better on coverage which should come in time.

WR Tommy Streeter.
Tommy Streeter is TALL AND FAST that alone is enough to get him drafted. He needs work on rout running and also needs to work on his ball cathing skills. Streeter has the upside to be a true #1 Wideout if it works out it will be a major steal for the Ravens.

DE Deangelo Tyson
Tyson played nose tackle in Georgia but could shift to DE in Baltimore if the play doesn’t come right at him he doesn’t tend to make the play.

Week 1 9/10: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 2 9/16: Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles,
Week 3 9/23: New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 4 9/27: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 5 10/7: Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs,
Week 6 10/14: Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 7 10/21: Baltimore Ravens vs. Houston Texans,
Week 8 10/28: BYE
Week 9 11/4: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns,
Week 10 11/11: Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 11 11/18: Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers,
Week 12 11/25: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Diego Chargers,
Week 13 12/2: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 14 12/9: Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins,
Week 15 12/16: Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 16 12/23: New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens,
Week 17 12/30: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals,

Predicted 9-7
Low 8-8
High 11-5

The Ravens will be knocking at the door for the playoffs but I’m not so sure that they will make it. The AFC is a stronger conference than it has been in years past. They have a tough first place schedule where they play the best teams in top heavy divisions like East and the South which means that the Ravens have the hardest schedule by far in the division. With the injury concerns and age maybe catching up to them Joe Flacco is going to have to step up if the Ravens want to make the playoffs.

For the Future: The Ravens have one big question where the future is concerned. What will happen when Lewis and Reed finally retire. The day is coming when the biggest leaders of the franchise’s history will be walking out the door and the team will be leaderless. Someone will have to step up into that role. With that said as long as Ozzie Newsome is the General Manager the Ravens will never be too far from the playoffs.

D-Unit 08-29-2012 07:11 PM

This is pretty ambitious. Good luck.

Brothgar 09-02-2012 09:00 AM

Pittsburgh Steelers

Veteran Additions:
TE Leonard Pope,
ILB Brandon Johnson.

Offseason Losses:
QB Dennis Dixon,
RB Mewelde Moore,
G Chris Kemoeatu,
DE/DT Aaron Smith,
ILB James Farrior,
DE/DT Aaron Smith.

The two big losses in my mind are Aaron Smith and James Farrior both were big time starters for the Steelers for years. They are losing some veteran presence are their replacements going to be able to bring that same fire that these two have brought for years? Only time will tell.

G David DeCastro,
Instant starter for the Steelers and a much needed boost to the offensive line the guy is seriously a prototypical OG which is why he was drafted in the first round expect pro bowl within 3 years and for many years to come.

OT Mike Adams,
Adams is nice value for the Steelers in the end of the second round. Adams was expected to go late in the first round. For a man his size he moves rather well and is a real asset in the run blocking game. He doesn’t have that killer instinct you look for but can do the job and should start right away.

NT Alameda Ta'amu,
Ta’amu is a guy who was often overlooked in washington but is a guy who can really get the job done. He can achor and take on double teams but can also collapse the pocket. An amazing value in the 4th round.

ILB Sean Spence,
Spence is a very instinctive player out of the university of miami fast a little undersized to play the Strong side. but is good in coverage but can come up and make the tackle as well.

RB/KR Chris Rainey.
Rainey is a guy that really excites me and was a true dynamic player at florida and really showed off his stuff during the senior bowl practices if it is possible he might just play faster than his 4.39 40 yard dash at the combine. Health is an issue for him being only 180 lbs .

Toney Clemons Colorado

Clemons is 6‘2 210 lbs with NFL bloodlines. He was able to produce in a bad Colorado Offense and has had some of his best games against top competition. He has good hands and runs a nice 4.4 40 yard dash is isn’t bad for his size. His rout running can use some work and needs to bulk up a little bit.

David Paulson TE Oregon

Paulson is just the type of guy people root for. Hard working high character and smart. He has great hands but is just not athletic enough to make an impact at this level.

Terrence Frederick CB Texas A&M

Under sized corner who isn’t that great in coverage. I’d be surprised if he makes the 53 man roster.

Kelvin Beachum T SMU
An under sized athletic ZBS style offensive tackle who may be forced to kick in to guard at the next level.

1 PIT @ DEN Sports Authority Field at Mile High L
2 NYJ @ PIT Heinz Field W
3 PIT @ OAK O.co Coliseum W
4 Bye
5 PHI @ PIT Heinz Field L
6 PIT @ TEN LP Field W
7 PIT @ CIN Paul Brown Stadium W
8 WAS @ PIT Heinz Field W
9 PIT @ NYG MetLife Stadium L
10 KC @ PIT Heinz Field L
11 BAL @ PIT Heinz Field W
12 PIT @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium W
13 PIT @ BAL M&T Bank Stadium L
14 SD @ PIT Heinz Field W
15 PIT @ DAL Cowboys Stadium W/L
16 CIN @ PIT Heinz Field W
17 CLE @ PIT Heinz Field W

High End - 12- 4
Low end - 9-7
Prediction - 10-6

The Steelers benefit from a very easy schedule this season specially if you compare it to the rest of the division. The biggest concern for the Steelers this season has to be weather or not the rookie offensive linemen can make that transition to the NFL game in a short period of time. They do finally have some depth on the offensive line as well so that can only help them going into this season. The steelers have also lost to highly touted veterans from the defensive side of the ball in James Farrior and Aaron Smith a presence that will be missed for sure.

For the Future: I have to say that the Steelers are continuing to draft very well. Three positions on that offensive line are solidified for the foreseeable future. The big question is are they going to have enough time to fill in that D as they start to retire. Also how long is Troy going to play with his injury issues over the past few years. That is the major concern for them going into the future.

Brothgar 09-02-2012 10:05 AM

Cincinnatti Bengals

Veteran Additions:
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis,
G Travelle Wharton,
DE Jamaal Anderson,
CB Jason Allen,
CB Terence Newman.

Offseason Losses:
RB Cedric Benson,
WR Jerome Simpson,
WR Andre Caldwell,
G Bobbie Williams,
G Nate Livings,
DE/DT Jonathan Fanene,
DE Frostee Rucker,
OLB Keith Rivers,
OLB Brandon Johnson,
CB Kelly Jennings,
S Chris Crocker.

Free Agency Thoughts: I think they have made several improvements by adding the Lawfirm and Jason Allen. Jamaal Anderson on passing downs as a second DT with Geno Atkins is another good pickup by the Bengals. Losing Simpson to the off-season had to happen and that is the player they are going to miss most this season because he was the beneficiary to the attention that AJ Green was getting.

Early Draft Picks:
CB Dre Kirkpatrick,
Kirkpatrick is a very athletic and smart player he plays bump and run and zone coverages very well. He doesn’t gamble on the big play which leads to less interceptions. Good athlete but has trouble with super with speedster WRs.

G Kevin Zeitler,
Zeitler is from wisconsin that tells you he’s good right away. Very powerful and a monster in the run game. He bends well and is athletic enough to pull and block in space. He isn’t very mobile and that at times hurts him in pass protection.

DT Devon Still,
A strong bodied DT who can anchor against the double team. He’s quick and can bull rush very well. I personally had him slotted as a late 1 early 2 round pick so it was amazing value for where the Bengals got him.

WR Mohamed Sanu,
Sanu is a posession receiver who excels on underneath routes he has fantastic hands but his speed leaves a lot to desire. He is tall and can be a real threat in the red zone.

DT Brandon Thompson,
Thompson is another value pick for the Bengals he plays the run very well and at many times can command the double team. One trick pony but boy the guy can bull rush which collapses the pocket. He also gets off the ball well and he’ll be an asset to the Bengal’s rotation and specially in the goal line package.

TE Orson Charles,
Very athletic TE who runs great routes but really doesn’t catch the ball very well. He is a willing blocker but will have to develope this skill.

CB Shaun Prater,
Slender CB from the University of Iowa. He impressed at the east west shrine game. Smart with decent instincts and good footwork. A big concern is his weight at only 190 lbs and being skinny in the legs makes him a prime injury risk.

WR Melvin Jones,
A 6‘2 wide reciever who frequently had to make adjustments to bad passes jones is a guy who plays faster than his 4.46 40 yard dash time. A polished route runner who can really get separation and is a real candidate to take the #3 WR position from the recently cut Jordan Shipley.

S George Iloka,
Iloka is a good all round athlete who may be the future at the S position at 6‘4 he will be able to take away the height advantage from taller WRs specially in the red zone. With that said he needs to work on his ball skils and tackling technique. Things that are very coachable. Definition of a Boom or bust prospect. But that is the kind of pick you can make in the 5th round.

RB Dan Herron.
Ohio State’s Herron nicknames Boom is strong for his size has a low center of gravity and is tough to bring down. Not the fastest of RBs specially for his size.


8 Bye
10 NYG @ CIN
11 CIN @ KC
12 OAK @ CIN
13 CIN @ SD
14 DAL @ CIN
15 CIN @ PHI
16 CIN @ PIT
17 BAL @ CIN

\High End - 10-7
Low End - 6-10
Prediction - 8-8

The Bengals had proven last year that they are able to beat the teams they should beat that is how they made the playoffs last season. The challenge is for them to beat some teams that they shouldn’t beat. Right now they are in a position to be an 8-8 team doing what they did last year beating the teams they are better than but if they want to make the playoffs this season they have to go and beat a team that they go into the game as an under dog.

For the future? The future is bright for the Bengals AJ Green is a monster and Andy Dalton can hold his own. They are a young team with great pieces on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. It looks like the scouts are getting more of a say in the draft room and it is showing on the scoreboard. It also seems like the old days of the Bengals being the Ohio State Penal Sysyem team is now over if that continues this team should be the class of the division within two years.

Brothgar 09-03-2012 10:18 AM

Cleveland Browns

Veteran Additions:
DE Frostee Rucker,
DE Juqua Thomas-Parker.

Offseason Losses:
RB Peyton Hillis,
OT Tony Pashos,
G Eric Steinbach,
DE Jayme Mitchell,
S Mike Adams.

The Browns didn’t lose much this off season. Peyton Hillis won’t be missed due to the acquisition of Trent Richardson Eric Steinbach was playing well but is on the back foot of his career. Jaqua Parker and Frostee Rucker are good DE who should really do well in that rotation.

Draft Picks:
RB Trent Richardson,
The loss of Peyton Hillis makes this pick inevitable after they failed to move up for the #2 overall pick. Trent Richardson may be the best RB to come out since Chris Johnson in my rankings. A quick runner with great vision and can break through the line he is a great receiver out of the backfield and can run both inside and outside the tackles.

QB Brandon Weeden,
I really really don’t like this pick Brandon Weeden is a 28 year old rookie who has a long baseball career to look back on that must have put a real toll on that rotator cuff. Weeden is also coming out of a spread offense, with a strong WR, in a conference with bad defenses. The move up to the NFL specially against teams like the steelers ravens and bengals is going to be a culture shock.

OT Mitchell Schwartz,
Schwartz is a good OT prospect who could move in to guard at the next level he is an excellent run blocker who has a nasty streak. He comes off the ball very well and should start right away.

DT John Hughes,
I really don’t get this pick. I don’t even think he was draftable let alone taking him in the third round. His abilities were easily overshadowed by teammate Derek Wolfe and didn’t stand out at all. If he even makes the team he will be nothing better than a backup. Lets put it this way he isn’t even the best DT that the browns drafted this year.

WR Travis Benjamin,
The hurricane WR is likely going to be looked at as a slot/KR prospect. Very small at 5‘10 175. He is a speedster with quickness and elusiveness.

ILB James-Michael Johnson,
Johnson is a sideline to side line MLB hei s pysical whe he attacks the line of scrimmage. He plays the run well but can also be used as a blitzer. He doesn’t shead blockers as well as he sould and his instincts could use some work as well. At times he can over pursue the play.

G Ryan Miller.
Very strong OG prospect but I wonder if he isn’t too tall to be an OG at 6‘7 if he is stood up he could close down some passing lanes.

OLB Emmanuel Acho
Acho is a good edge rusher for the longhorns has an ability to play OLB or 4-3 pass rushing specialist at the DE position. He’s a developmental prospect who could be something.

DT Billy Winn
Winn has great potential. Very strong and athletic and physically could be the most talented player at Boise State. He has a poor work ethic that made his stock drop a lot.

CB Trevin Wade
Wade is a special teamer because while he has good instincts he is on the short end of the CB spectrum (5‘10) and isn’t fast. He also has small hands and small arms which doesn’t help him much at all.

1 PHI @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
2 CLE @ CIN Paul Brown Stadium
4 CLE @ BAL M&T Bank Stadium
5 CLE @ NYG MetLife Stadium
6 CIN @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
7 CLE @ IND Lucas Oil Stadium
8 SD @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
9 BAL @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
10 Bye
11 CLE @ DAL Cowboys Stadium
12 PIT @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
13 CLE @ OAK Oak Coliseum
14 KC @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
15 WAS @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium
16 CLE @ DEN Sports Authority Field at Mile High
17 CLE @ PIT Heinz Field

Predicted record 2-14
Low end 0-16
High end 4-12

The Browns are improving but looking at this schedule I’m having a hard time finding wins. They tend to play the division tough granted but I don’t think that they beat any of them. Then they have the NFC East a ridiculously good division from top to bottom I don’t see them beating any of them. SD is a possibility but it is going to be a rough year for Browns fans yet again. What I really wonder is if the Browns will take Barkley if they do get the #1 overall selection.

For the future: Its always darkest before the dawn the browns have a solid core of guys in Richardson, Little, and Thomas and the D has some real under rated players on it. I think they will rise from the ashes if the Steelers and Ravens decline even then they will have to battle with the Bengals. To say the least I don’t see a ton from the Browns for a few years specially after they are going to fire Holmgren and Shurmer \at the end of the season.

Brothgar 09-03-2012 12:24 PM

Philadelphia Eagles

Players Lost
QB Vince Young,
FB Owen Schmitt,
WR Steve Smith,
OT Winston Justice,
C Jamaal Jackson,
DE Juqua Thomas-Parker,
DT Trevor Laws,
CB Asante Samuel.

Players Gained
OT Demetress Bell,
ILB DeMeco Ryans

The Eagles may have lost some pieces from thei team but what they lost is nothing compared to what they were able to pick up. Demeco Ryans is a pro bowl caliber ILB who is a true leader on the defense the reason that Houston was willing to let him go was due to salary and the fact that he wasn’t the greatest fit in the 3-4 defense. But the Eagles don’t run a 3-4 so this is going to bring huge dividends for that D who was victimized up the middle all last season. Also lets not forget about Demetress Bell who is going to come in for the injured Jason Peters at the LT position and there won’t be too much drop off from that.

Draft Picks

Fletcher Cox DT Miss St.
Big time passrusher from the DT position can get to the QB with power and finess. The big question comes from his ability to stop the run, something that the Eagles had big trouble with last season. But, they will have new ILB Demeco Ryans to help with that.

Mychal Kendricks ILB
Kendricks is a three down linebacker with speed enough to close on running backs. He’s a big hitter able to make WRs think twice. High character mentally tough LB. I would expect him to start at the WLB position even though he played inside in college.

Vinny Curry DE Marshall
Vinny Curry is a great pass rusher who is an amazing value in the third round. He is a high motor guy who is very quick and has a bunch of pass rushing moves who was very productive at Marshall. Curry could have easily been a first rounder with his explosiveness and ability to
get to the QB and in all honsetly I think he will end up being better than Bruce Irvin when it is all said and done.

Nick Foles QB AZ
My least favorite of the picks the Eagles have made. His mechanics are fine and he has an above average arm but, his footwork is terrible and he never played in a pro style offense but luckily for him Andy Reid seems to find a way to turn any QB into a serviceable one.

Brandon Boykin CB Georgia -
Boykin is your prototypical nickle/dime corner small, short, but covers pretty well. Don't expect him to lay the lumber on anyone anytime soon so passing situations are going to be it for Boykin.

Dennis Kelly OT Purdue

High football character two time team MVP and team captain. Played 37 games with the boiler makers. Big and raw. Flagged a few times for holding much more of a depth developmental pick.

Marvin McNutt WR Iowa
McNutt was a productive WR in Iowa and gives the Eagles something they haven't had since
TO which is a true red zone threat at nearly 6'3 and a decent vertical.

Brandon Washington OG Miami
Washington played left tackle at Miami but will likely move inside to guard at the next level. He has good power and athleticism but needs to get his balance under control I'd suggest wrestling training.

Bryce Brown RB Kansas State
A high ability player that just doesn’t have a ton of film since his freshman season with Tennessee. Which as caused him to slide in the draft. Brown is a sneaky fast RB who shows some polish getting small things right. The guy has really high upside and could take the #2 RB spot within a few years.

Philadelphia at Cleveland
Baltimore at Philadelphia
Philadelphia at Arizona
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
Detroit at Philadelphia
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Philadelphia at New Orleans
Dallas at Philadelphia
Philadelphia at Washington
Carolina at Philadelphia
Philadelphia at Dallas
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at Philadelphia
Washington at Philadelphia
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants

Prediction 11-5
High end 14-2
Low end 9-7

This is a make or break year for one of the best coaches in NFL history in Andy Reid he has to at least make the playoffs which shouldn’t be very difficult with this team. But in all honesty there are two major factors determining if the Eagles have a successful season. The first is the health of Michael Vick. If Vick goes down and Nick Foles has to start year one for any more than two games that could spell doom for the Eagles. The other is the in division record. The Cowboys and the Giants are both playoff caliber teams that will give the Eagels trouble on top of that they can’t sleep on the Redskins either. With all that said they have a strong defense and an offense that nearly any QB can run this should be a good year for Eagles fans.

For the future? Well its now or never for the Eagles. On paper they are a top 3 team in the NFL while the Eagles are not a team that is very old at any position they have to at least make the playoffs. Eagle’s owner Jeff Lurie made it clear. Playoffs or bust for the Eagles if they switch head coaches at this juncture I think it will take a few years for this team to retool to what a new head coach would want and honestly outside of Cowher and Gruden I don’t think there is a coach in Andy Reid’s league out there right now that would be available.

Rosebud 09-03-2012 12:47 PM

The Eagles are not a top 3 team in the NFL on paper or the field. Their offense is too hit or miss, Vick too injury prone, the defense is tiny and Andy Reid still likes to "pull a lovie" whenever the games on the line.

bigbluedefense 09-03-2012 02:17 PM

This thread isn't getting enough credit. Very ambitious and well done. Major props.

In regards to the Eagles, I will say this about Michael Vick. It's not just his health that's a concern. Even when he's healthy, he hasn't been very good. His first 8 games in 2010 he was on fire, since then he's been a mediocre passer. And that's just as much a concern as his health.

If Vick doesn't improve, they're not coming out of this division. Vick has to improve.

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