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Todd Bertuzzi 10-01-2012 02:09 PM

2013 Philadelphia Eagles Draft Thread
Didn't see one so I figured I'd start one. Right now there really are only 2 clear directions for us to go the way I see it, those being safety and OT.

The need for an OT depends a lot on Peters' recovery. Even then we could always stand to add some depth on the O-line and we all know how much Reid loves to look to the trenches in round 1.

On defense it seems like we've been struggling to find a replacement in the backfield since we parted ways with Dawkins. We reached on Jarrett and that failed miserably. Allen's outcome is still up in the air but I wouldn't mind nabbing a FS in round 1 to upgrade over Coleman. We neglected WR for a while before Reid went Jackson and Maclin in back to back years and I think this could be the year we stop neglecting S in round 1.

A wildcard pick could be another WR. This year seems like as good a year as any to have that need with guys like Hunter, Wilson, Woods, Rodgers, etc... all being able to fill that big body role that we're currently lacking. If one of them slips to the second round I wouldn't be surprised if we snatched them up like the Bears did with Jeffrey last season.

Todd Bertuzzi 10-05-2012 02:47 AM

do want

SickwithIt1010 10-05-2012 06:55 PM

SC football has always been my true love, im from that area and always been more of a west coast fan. I became an eagles fan because of McNabb. But TJ is one helluva player man, really. He could play strong or free to be completely honest, real physical player with the fluidity to play in coverage. Would be a great fit for us.

igglefanz 10-05-2012 09:16 PM

Its why I have been screaming for the last 2 years a big body WR. Would help Vick out so much if he had that big quick fire slant target. I know I will be beating that drum again this year lol.

Will have to see how Peters recovers I mean if he comes back to somewhere close to what he was then I am not as worried take a project like Herremans was a few years ago later in the draft. If not sure or it looks bad early round pick.

cunningham06 12-12-2012 03:24 PM

I feel like this year we need to overhaul our offensive line. I agree we need a safety and a big body WR would be nice, but our offensive line is so bad it can't be ignored. Danny Watkins appears to be a total bust, who knows if Peters will ever be the same player, and Vick/Foles are running for their lives out there.

I think Foles has shown enough so far for us to not take a QB high in this years' draft. If we get some maulers on this O-line paired with a new coaching staff, this offense could shift to a dominant run game and then we could reduce Foles's responsibility.

It may not be a sexy draft, but neither was the 49ers draft where they took Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati and that panned out great.

cunningham06 12-12-2012 03:35 PM

Move Herremans back to guard, and draft this man!

Todd Bertuzzi 12-12-2012 03:51 PM

I don't think we need a drastic rebuild on the line like you're suggesting, we just need to get healthy. A lot relies on Peters' health really. Even if he makes it back I still wouldn't be at all opposed to taking a franchise LT like Joeckel. Has Peters ever played the right side before?


I still don't see Foles as a long term solution at QB for us. Unfortunately I also don't see a top tier QB in this class that I think would be that long term solution. Lot's of solid guys but no one who has really set themselves apart. It sucks that the one year we need a QB and we're going to be picking high there's no one available.

Our red zone offense has been one of if not the worst in the league for a while now. We can't just continue to ignore that and we need to bring in a big body receiver. I wouldn't totally be against trading Jackson tbh. He's a one trick pony as a deep threat. Too small to play in the slot and he's useless as soon as we hit the redzone and he can't get in behind the dbs. Deal him for a pick and roll Woods/Hunter/Bowe, Maclin, Avant. Have to think we could get at least a 2nd for him.

Sign Bowe
Round 1. Joeckel
Round 2. TJ McDonald
Round 2. Poyer/Trufant

SickwithIt1010 12-12-2012 03:51 PM

If I were to rank my personal preference right now I would go with

1) QB - Preferably Tyler Wilson, I am not on the Foles wagon yet and I feel if we bring in a new staff they will want their own guy...If Wilson is available I think he has the best chance of being a franchise QB.

2) OL - Preferably Joeckel because he is the best of the class, like Cunningham stated...move Herremans back to LG and play him at RT unless Peters has a set back.

3) Safety - I love me some Eric Reid...the guy is a missile and just a ball hawk. He would be great to have at FS. I like McDonald too being a USC fan, but I see him going more 2nd or 3rd round right now.

Todd Bertuzzi 12-12-2012 04:03 PM

I think it's important to remember while Foles did look good last week it was against the worst pass d in the league. Still didn't really have a completion over 15 yards through the air unless you count the prayer Avant somehow came down with.

igglefanz 12-13-2012 02:33 AM

I am not 100% sold on Foles either but i have hope and i like what i see so far, but I want to watch him the rest of the year. He is gonna get a good test tonight against Cincy. I never hated the Foles pick and after Russell he was the QB i wanted the Eagles to get.

Also have to factor in that there is no shady, the line is depleted and no Jackson. He made Riley Cooper of all people look good against Clairborne in that Dallas game.

Also it could very well happen that Alex Smith could be cut after this year. Not perfect but I think Alex is as good and more NFL ready then any QB in this class. Really though I think Joeckel is the best pick we could have at that point and we really do have to take him. Peters is not Suggs and he may never return to form he is a 350 lb man with an injury to a major tendon. I hope he does and that he is in at least shape but i fear any injury that keeps a big OL off his feet for a long time.

superman8456 12-18-2012 01:34 AM

As long as we're being completely honest about the state of the Eagles, it should be noted that our roster is pretty much up **** creek without a paddle.

The needs are plentiful. Besides Demeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks, our defense is pretty putrid and has most definitely underperformed. Of course there are quality pieces in Trent Cole and Fletcher Cox, but I'm hesistant to include any other players on that side of the ball.

Hopefully by breaking down each position, it will give us a greater understanding of just how bad the shape of this roster is.

Defensive End
Trent Cole: All-Pro caliber player, but he didn't play like it this season. For supposedly an anchor of the defensive line, 3 sacks is hardly the production needed. He definitely is a piece that we need to keep, but this could be early signs of a regression with age.
Vinny Curry: Need to see more. Hopefully the fact that he has virtually seen no playing time this season isn't an indicator of what is to come for him.
Darryl Tapp: Decent back-up player, but thats what he should be.
Brandon Graham: Stepped up his play this year, but I'm still not a believer that he is a long-term solution.
Phillip Hunt: Feel good story, stats don't quite show his impact. Good player, but he will probably just be depth.

Grade - B

Defensive Tackle
Fletcher Cox: First round pick and has lived up to the billing in my opinion. I know we rotate our line a lot, but he has made an impact. Would like to see an improvement against the run.
Cullen Jenkins: I like him because hes a competitor and produces.
Cedric Thornton: Great depth player, I still see even more room for him to improve on top of his incredible growth.
Derek Landri: I don't think he's starting quality.
Mike Patterson: Didn't like him before the injuries, now I think he's an easy cut.

Grade - B+

Mychal Kendricks: stud
Demeco Ryans: I believe that he is a player we can build around.
Jamar Chaney: Decent enough player. Not overly productive.
Casey Matthews: special teamer
Akeem Jordan: special teamer
Ryan Rau: who?

Grade - B-

Nnamdi Asomugha: We know what he once was, but he just hasn't been playing like it.
DRC: Good player
Brandon Boykin: has made a good impact as a rookie, good fit for the nickle in the future
Curtis Marsh: fits the press scheme
Brandon Hughes: special teamer

Grade - C

Nate Allen: Hasn't panned out. I'm ready to move on.
Kurt Coleman: Hate him. Cut.
David Sims: I like, but not love, the small sample size. Could be a good depth player.
Colt Anderson: phenomenal special teamer, would like to see a more expanded role

Grade - F

Michael Vick: Regressed, we're gonna move on. Easy cut.
Nick Foles: I like what I've seen.
Trent Edwards: Good depth. Experienced.

Grade - C

Lesean McCoy: great player, unfortunate injuries
Bryce Brown: so much potential, gotta fix the fumble issue or he won't play
Dion Lewis: good player.
Stanley Havili: I like him. Well-rounded game.
Chris Polk: would like to see an expanded role

Grade - A

Wide Receiver
Jeremy Maclin: good, not great, player
Desean Jackson: deep-threat, great player
Jason Avant: best role player we have on the team
Riley Cooper: big guy, has responded well to increased role
Damaris Johnson: awesome pickup
Marvin McNutt: eh

Grade - A

Tight End
Brent Celek: regressed, I think we could do better
Clay Harbor: role player
Emil Igwenagu: versatile, special teamer

Grade - C

Offensive Line
Jason Peters: no idea how he will respond to the injuries
Evan Mathis: quality starter
Jason Kelce: bad injury, hopefully he can come back
Herremans: out of position at OT
Danny Watkins: bum
Jake Scott: don't think he is gonna be with us long-term
Dennis Kelly: who? honestly, he hasn't played
King Dunlap: good depth
Demetress Bell: cut

Grade - D+

All in all, injuries have decimated this team this season, but to bank on players coming back to be the same player after season-ending injuries is flawed logic. Other players have underperformed, either due to coaching staff or trying to do too much. This team has SO many needs its ridiculous.

In summation I belive we need:
1) safeties (both spots)
2) QB
3) tight end
4) offensive line help
5) linebacker help
6) corner help

superman8456 12-19-2012 12:58 AM

Our team's free agents this offseason are:

Jake Scott
Akeem Jordan
Derek Landri
Jon Dorenbos
Kind Dunlap
Darryl Tapp

Dunlap might get offered a starting role somewhere else. DRC will most likely ask for too much money. We might let Darryl Tapp just walk due to the log-jam at DE. Akeem Jordan only really has special teams value.

I would love to see how much cap room we have for next season. Anyone have a ballpark estimate where we're at?

EDIT: I'm looking at some players that will likely make it to free agency, and some names that pop out are: Kenny Phillips, Will Beatty, Jake Long, Branden Albert and Dashon Goldson

eaglesalltheway 12-26-2012 09:31 AM

I'm not going to categorically deny it as a possibility, but any team who offers King Dunlap a starting spot should be laughed out of the league. I'm not sure what's going to happen with DRC, it may depend on Asomugha. Landri is a guy that the team may be able to bring back if they want, Jake Scott as well, though that'll depend on what happens with Danny Watkins. Magic fingers should be back next season, very rarely do you find teams getting in bidding wars over long snappers. And with the young talent at DE, I do think Tapp is gone, unless he doesn't get much heat in the market and can come back cheap, which I don't expect.

superman8456 12-27-2012 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by eaglesalltheway (Post 3222566)
I'm not going to categorically deny it as a possibility, but any team who offers King Dunlap a starting spot should be laughed out of the league.

Last year you would have laughed if I told you that Winston Justice, AQ Shipley, and Mike McGlynn would all be starting for a playoff team.

shylo3716 12-28-2012 09:38 PM

What are the odds we take Dee Milliner with our pick?

SickwithIt1010 12-29-2012 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by shylo3716 (Post 3224378)
What are the odds we take Dee Milliner with our pick?

Hopefully very low. I'm really banking on Joeckel or a QB.

superman8456 12-29-2012 01:56 PM

I'm banking on trading down, but that can mainly be attributed to the fact that I really have no idea who will be coaching us next year. A slight factor is also that I would like to see Nick Foles given a real opportunity.

Ideally, a team really values Star or Joeckel and offers us a good deal for him, allowing us to trade back and nab Eric Reid, along with some other picks.

SickwithIt1010 12-29-2012 01:58 PM

I'd be down with somethin like that. Reid would look sexy in Philly.

shylo3716 12-29-2012 05:19 PM

Chip Kelly may be an option as HC. This is not the year to take a QB in Round 1 for us. If we do go QB I'd rather take Glennon.

SickwithIt1010 12-30-2012 05:58 PM

If Chip is hired as HC I think it will be a lock that we take Geno if he is available....

With that being said I know this is a draft thread but Andy has been fired.


superman8456 01-01-2013 10:41 AM

Everything I've heard from Roseman leads me to believe that he wants Foles to be the QB of the future and he is going to bring in a head coach that would allow that. Don't really see Chip Kelly being that guy.

SickwithIt1010 01-01-2013 07:33 PM

In the end it is Lurie's decision and Kelly has been linked to the Eagles for a while now. I'd rather see someone in the mold of Roman or Bill O'brien though.

Todd Bertuzzi 01-04-2013 09:59 AM

As much as we may need a QB I really hope we stay away this year. I'm not even a fan of Foles but I just feel like any pick used on a QB early on this year will be wasted. Fill all the holes other than QB and wait for another year where we can grab a can't miss guy even if we have to pay a price to move up ala Washington. This year draft lot's of secondary players and o-linemen and find a big bodied receiver either through the draft of FA. Then next year or the year after when we have the pieces in place across the board you add the final and most important one in the QB.

SickwithIt1010 01-04-2013 02:28 PM

Chip Kelly for HC, draft Taj Boyd in the 3rd or move up to the mid to late 2nd to get him!

Thats my plan.

shylo3716 01-04-2013 05:33 PM

I'm aboard with your plan but I want Milliner in the first.

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