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Eazy Picks 10-27-2012 12:38 PM

Eazy Picks Week 8
OK so I believe I was 10-3 last week, pushing me to 65-38 on the year. I swear I made the Tampa pick before thursday night, ive always admitted when ive picked thursday night games wrong in the past

Week 8 Picks

Tampa Bay (2-4) at Minnesota (5-2)
The Vikings have been perfect at home this year, and are hosting a Buccaneer team that hasn’t won a road game yet. The Viking defense has overachieved this year, but could get exposed this week by an underrated Tampa Bay offense. Josh Freeman needs to get the ball to Vincent Jackson, and the Bucs need to find a way to slow down Adrian Peterson.
Eazy Pick: Bucs

Panthers (1-5) at Bears (5-1)
Cam Newton is having a nightmare rookie season, and there’s no reason to expect him to turn it around against the Bears. Their front seven should be able to shut down the Panther ground attack and put a lot of pressure on Newton. The Bears should have success on the ground with Forte and Bush, and there isn’t anyone in the secondary who can match up with Brandon Marshall. The Panthers will need a virtuoso performance from Newton and great play from their pass-rushers to win this game.
Eazy Pick: Bears

Chargers (3-3) at Browns (1-6)
The Chargers have had a full weak to stew after blowing a 24-0 lead against the Broncos and will likely take out all their frustration on the Browns. Rivers has been struggling this year, but the Browns don’t have the pass-rushers or coverage units to stop him from torching them. The Chargers have been extremely stout against the run, which means rookie QB Brandon Weeden will need to have a great game for the Browns to win this.
Eazy Pick: Chargers

Seahawks (4-3) at Lions (2-4)
The Seahawks are not a good road team, but their defense matches up quite well with the Lions. Their defensive backs have the size and speed to match up with Calvin Johnson, and they should be able to get lots of pressure on Stafford. If they can get HB Marshawn Lynch going on the ground, the Seahawks should be able to take control of this game.
Eazy Pick: Seahawks

Jaguars (1-5) at Packers (4-3)
The Jaguars come limping into Green Bay without their starting HB and QB. Aaron Rodgers is on fire and will likely torch the Jaguar secondary, and it’s hard to see where the Jaguars’ offensive firepower is coming from. Chad Henne looked pretty bad in relief duty last week.
Eazy Pick: Packers

Colts (3-3) at Titans (3-4)
Andrew Luck is still looking for his first road win, and this could be a good spot to get it. The Titans’ defense has been extremely porous, and Luck should be able to move the ball through the air. Chris Johnson is coming off his best game of the season, but the Colts have good team speed on defense and may be able to bottle him up.
Eazy Pick: Colts

Patriots (4-3) at Rams (3-4)
This showdown in London could be closer than expected. There have been a lot of breakdowns in the Patriots’ defense, and QB Sam Bradford is the kind of QB who will exploit mistakes. The Patriots will likely be without TE Aaron Hernandez, and the Rams’ feisty corners could make it tough on the Patriots’ receivers. Still, you have to think Brady will make the necessary plays to win a game on an international stage.
Eazy Pick: Patriots

Dolphins (3-3) at Jets (3-4)
These two teams went to OT the last time they played, but that was before the Jets lost Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes for the season. The Dolphins’ defense has been very tough against the run, which means Mark Sanchez may have to win this game for the Jets. RT Jason Smith could have his hands full with DE Cameron Wake. QB Ryan Tannehill has been having an outstanding rookie season for the Dolphins, and Rex Ryan will do his best to make him uncomfortable with complex schemes.
Eazy Pick: Dolphins.

Falcons (6-0) at Eagles (3-3)
The Eagles are coming off a bye and have to be amped up for this game. They lost their last two games and don’t want to dip to 3-4, but know they will need to knock off an undefeated team to stop that from happening. The Eagles have the defensive pieces to match up with the Falcons’ offensive weapons, and Michael Vick could have a good day against an Atlanta defense that has is not at its best against mobile QBs. The Falcons have been forcing a lot of turnovers and will look to keep it going against the league’s most turnover-prone QB, and Matt Ryan will look to keep executing on the offensive end.
Eazy Pick: Eagles

Redskins (3-4) at Steelers (3-3)
QB Robert Griffin has passed one test after another as a rookie, and he’ll have another tough one this week. He’s fortunate that Troy Polamalu won’t be on the field, but Dick Lebeau’s defense should still give Griffin a lot of problems. If the Steelers can stop the Redskins from establishing the run with rookie HB Alfred Morris, this could be the first time we really see Griffin struggle. The Redskins offense has been getting gashed this year, and Ben Roethlisberger should have his way with it.
Eazy Pick: Steelers

Raiders (2-4) at Chiefs (1-5)
This is one of those games where anything can happen. Both teams are completely dysfunctional at times, but can be pretty good when they play well. The Raiders pass defense has been questionable this year, but with Brady Quinn at QB, the Chiefs’ best chance of moving the ball will be with HB Jamaal Charles. Darren McFadden has had some big games against the Chiefs in his career, and the Raiders would love for him to bust out of his slump with some long runs this week.
Eazy Pick: Raiders

Giants (5-2) at Cowboys (3-3)
The Giants head into Cowboy Stadium, where they have never lost, with a lot of momentum. The Giants lost to the Cowboys in their opener, but seem to have regained their form since. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have struggled with consistency and recently were hit with a rash of injuries. Losing HB DeMarco Murray and LB Sean Lee takes a lot of punch out of the Cowboys lineup, which means guys like Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and DeMarcus Ware are going to have to step up and play like stars.
Eazy Pick: Giants

Saints (2-4) at Broncos (3-3)
Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are two of the hottest QBs in the league. You have to give the edge to the Broncos because they are playing at home and have some semblance of an actual defense. TE Jimmy Graham has been hindered by injuries, and New Orleans could get a big boost if he could make a strong comeback this week.
Eazy Pick: Broncos

49ers (5-2) at Cardinals (4-3)
The Cardinals will be looking to even things up in the NFC West, while the 49ers have the opportunity to gain some separation. The Cardinals have been doing a terrible job protecting their QB, which could spell trouble against the likes of Justin Smith, Ahmad Brooks, and Aldon Smith. WR Larry Fitzgerald was a non-factor last week, and the Cardinals will need more out of him this week. The Cardinals have a stout front 7, so the 49ers may need to get away from their conservative offense and stretch the field in the passing game.
Eazy Pick: 49ers

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