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StripedWalrus 11-10-2012 08:54 PM

Bengals Draft Rules -- What the Bengals will do. (Marvin Lewis era)
Rule #1 - 1st Round player will start if not injured in their first year.

The only exception to this rule is Carson Palmer and Chris Perry . Since then every player on the team has started. The Bengals will not draft someone that will be sitting back and learning for a few years. They simply do not have that luxury.

Rule #2 - They will draft a DE or DT, sometimes both in the draft. There is a high chance it will between rounds 3-5.

Since Marvin came aboard in '03 they have drafted a defensive lineman every year. I am counting Moch in '11 since he plays both DE and LB. In ever draft except '07 and '11 they have drafted two defensive lineman or more. In at least half of the drafts since Marvin has coached the Bengals they have drafted a D-lineman between rounds 3-5.

Rule #3 - If you think they are going to draft them in the first, they prolly will.

Most people had the Bengals with Rivers in 08, Smith in 09, Gresham in 10, Green in 11, and Kirkpatrick in 12. It is a rarity that the Bengals will ever shock you with a first round draft pick.

Rule #4 - They will draft a late round (6-7) WR or RB.

70% chance that they do it. Thats only because the first 2 Lewis drafts didnt do it. Since then they are 7 for 8.

Rule #5 - Their first round pick will be from a big conference school. Usually the SEC. Their 7th round picks will also be big conference schools too however not usually from SEC.

1st Round
5 - SEC
3 - Big 10
2 - Pac 12
1 - Big 12

100% chance of big conference school

7th Round
3 - Big East
3 - Independent (2x Notre Dame, 1x BYU)
2 - Pac 12
2- Big 10
2 - Big 12
1 - SEC
1 - ACC
1 - Conf USA
1 - WAC
1 - Missouri Valley
1 - Mountain West

77% chance of being a big conference school.

Rule #6 High chances that the Bengals will draft at least one player from a really small conference school, Division 2, or a place you never heard of.

It has happened in 8 out of 10 years since '03. Usually happens late...sometimes can happen as early as round 2. Usually happens later post round 5.

Rule #7 The biggest Bengals misconception is they will draft players with major character concerns in the 1st round. They have drafted 1 out of 11 since '03, Andre Smith.

Rule #8 They will draft need over BPA in the 1st and 2nd. Round 3 and on is almost always BPA.

It just so happens that most of the time, need and BPA are intertwined. Its 10 out of 11 on 1st round and 9 out of 11 on 2nd round. 19 out of 22.

StripedWalrus 04-27-2013 01:20 PM

Lets see which of my Bengals rules have kicked in so far in this draft.

1. Tyler Eifert, will start, and will be a weapon for Dalton.

2. Drafted a DE a little earlier this year, but they drafted one.

3. This rule is iffy. Most people had us with safety. But there were a few out there that had us mocked with Eifert for a decent amount of time.

4. To be cont.

5. So far this one is correct with Notre Dame

6. SMU, is small enough to fit this...still it is kinda stretching the rule but there are still 5 picks left.

7.They havn't drafted a character concern thus far.

8. Ok, this one is kinda busted. in round 1 I wont say TE was a need. It depends on how you look at it. In the 2nd they def drafted need. so far in the 3rd and so forth, I think they drafted BPA. Best SS left and imo one of the Best olb in the draft.

Pat Sims 90 04-27-2013 03:08 PM

OT Tanner Hankinson don't know much about him. OL Depth with Collins and Roland being a FA next year.

StripedWalrus 04-27-2013 11:34 PM

Rule #1 - Eifert will start. Gresham will too.

Rule #2 - DE drafted, Hunt.

Rule #3 - There were some mocks out there drafting Eifert to us. He was def a player that was on the radar.

Rule #4 - Drafted two. Hamilton and Burkhead

Rule #5 - Check, Notre Dame.

Rule #6 - Check, Conference USA, SMU

Rule #7 - Check, No character Concerns that I know of. At least not in high pick players.

Rule #8 - Check, if you consider that Gresham has stone hands and to be successful in the NFL you need multiple big weapons. Eifert fits a need. RB and DE were also needs.

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