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J-Mike88 11-10-2012 10:20 PM

Packers Schedule: Closing Stretch
Bye Week, Current NFC Standings

Atlanta 8-0
Chicago 7-1
SF 6-2
NYG 6-3
GB 6-3

Sea 5-4
Min 5-4
Det 4-4
TB 4-4

Still pisses me off as we should be 7-2 & the SeaChickens 4-5.

Now, I want to catch the Bears because I want a bye, even though we've f***d up when we've had it, while we ran the table playing 3 road games. Like the Giants did twice (they won their WC game at home last year).

We come out of the bye playing the 5-4 Lions in Detroit (if they beat stumbling Minny, who will be missing Percy Harvin). A loss there would put us in the bobble as both of us would then be 6-4, and we head to the NYG the following week.

After those 2 road games, we're back home for 2, Minny and then Detroit again. You would expect to win both of these......

Then we go to Chicago which hopefully will play a huge role in who wins the division.

Week 16 we host Tennessee, which should be a cupcake game for us unless Chris Johnson is still there and we let him run wild.

Finally week 17 is at the team I have always hated the most, Minnesota. I expect them to be playing spoiler by then after their magical start to this season is long-forgotten.

The Bears of course host 7-1 Houston tomorrow night. Then they go to San Fran where I think they'll get beaten down. Let's go Texans tomorrow, wish that game was in Houston. I think the Bears will take away Foster (as we did), and make Schaub beat them, and I don't think he can.

The rest of their schedule looks easy to me... 2 against the Vikings. Of course they host us. They also host Seattle. I wish they had to play AT Seattle like we did.... maybe the refs will steal that game from the Bears.

And week 16, they play at Arizona. You never know what you'll get from the Cardinals. Last year they finished red-hot. This year they started red-hot.

I think 12-4 won't win this division, unless it's by tiebreaker.

Here's how I rank the teams who I do not want to face in the playoffs, and I did have the Giants at the top last year very late in the season in a similar discussion.


Nobody else worries me, and yes I would rather play at Atlanta than the other 3 teams. I think Rodgers loves that Georgia Dome and their defense. Also, Tramon owns Ryan.

The Bears, especially on their long muddy grass field, and in cold, with their defense, they slow us down.
The Niners kicked our asses, and they also have the slow track which would favor them and their physical running game, and defense.

I probably shouldn't have the Giants above them, but those b@st@rds love to see us in the playoffs, and Eli is clutch.

This is why I want the bye.
I want to only have to take out 2 of these teams, and would like a home win for Rodgers.

Lastly, you don't wish for injuries to anyone.
But God knows we've had WAY MORE than our share.
If there have to be anymore in the next 2 months, please let us avoid them and instead spread them out among Chi (they've been very healthy), SF, NYG, and Atlanta! I know injuries to Cutler AND Forte killed them last year, so perhaps they don't deserve to be derailed again.

jrdrylie 11-10-2012 10:42 PM

As a Bear's fan, I'm definitely afraid of the Pack catching us. After they demolished Houston, I said they would likely be on an 8-game winning streak when they come to Soldier Field. They are now halfway there. It could very well be 11-2 vs. 10-3 with the winner getting a first round bye. Should be one hell of a stretch run.

TimmG6376 11-11-2012 04:28 PM

Got some help from the Bengals and Saints today. Let's go Texans.

And Rams.

BloodBrother 11-11-2012 04:39 PM

They absolutely need to get as healthy as they can for this stretch run. Jennings and Woodson are still likely 2-3 weeks away still. Jordy should be back, Kuhn should be back, Shields might be back

they just lost Perry for the year, and now there are rumors that Bulaga might have a dislocated hip which would knock him out for the year

The good news for them is that 5 of their last 7 games are divisional games, so if they are to take the division...it's certainly in their hands.

J-Mike88 11-12-2012 07:42 AM

Thank you Texans defense.
Now we just have to take care of bizness.
Let's bury the Motor City Kitties this week, put their coach on the hot seat.

BloodBrother 11-12-2012 12:09 PM

The more this season goes on the more that Seattle screwjob pisses me off. Should be 1 GB of the top seed in the NFC and currently in 1st place with H2H tiebreaker over Chicago

like you said though, just need to keep taking care of business. Cutler may or may not play next week, so another L from Chicago @ SF is a possibility.

Packers may be without Clay @ Detroit, which is a huge blow, but they should still beat the Lions if they play their game. Hopefully Woodson/Jennings or at least one of them can return for the game @ NYG

PackerLegend 11-12-2012 01:19 PM

God if that Seattle game would some how screw us id be ******* furious! But we are in a good spot, just take care of our own business and were golden.

BloodBrother 11-12-2012 01:30 PM

I don't think it will screw them out of a playoff berth, but it very well could screw them out of a certain seed

Bears have some tough games here the rest of the way. I could see them losing next week and then hopefully the Packers take care of business vs them again. I think 12-4 will take the division

J-Mike88 11-14-2012 08:12 PM

That Seattle Grand Theft Larceny Job still pisses me off too, because 7-2 would be sitting there with a realistic shot at the #2 seed and a bye.

Now if the refs screw us this week, we drop to 6-4 and will be jumbled up with a ton of teams just fighting to get into the post-season.

Missing Woodson, Matthews, Jennings.... those are 3 of our top 5 or 6 guys entering this season, or most indispensible guys.

PACKmanN 11-14-2012 08:16 PM

How about a colts team we allowed to out score us in the second half of the game. Why do we only discuss a lost at Seattle when that wouldn't matter if we came out for a full 60 mins vs the colts

BloodBrother 11-14-2012 10:23 PM

at least in that game they deserved the L because they got destroyed in the 2nd half. Got outscored 27-6 I believe.

PackerLegend 11-15-2012 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by BloodBrother (Post 3182482)
at least in that game they deserved the L because they got destroyed in the 2nd half. Got outscored 27-6 I believe.

This... they deserved to lose for sure but it still shouldn't have happened. Atleast the Colts are looking a lot better then expected so its easier to take.

J-Mike88 11-16-2012 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by PACKmanN (Post 3182409)
How about a colts team we allowed to out score us in the second half of the game. Why do we only discuss a lost at Seattle when that wouldn't matter if we came out for a full 60 mins vs the colts

Yeah that was one we blew. It wasn't stolen from us.
The Seahawks one was obviously a blatant-THEFT, and it was an NFC game, to another NFC wildcard contender.
The refs, league, should be sued in the end if that costs us a playoff spot.


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