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J-Mike88 11-17-2012 09:05 AM

Week 11: Packers @ Lions (+3)
Green Bay has recently dominated this matchup.

However, 2 "trends" point towards Detroit in this one.

#1- 2010..... the Packers have been ravaged by injuries just like the 2010 season. That 2010 season, mind you, had the Packers losing in Detroit.

#2- This point spread seems suspiciously low, baiting the betting public to put their money on the Packers -3. That means Vegas loses if the Packers cover, and Vegas doesn't like to lose, and they usually win.

Playoff race.
The Lions seem dead at the moment, after limpdicking in Minnesota to lose to the Vikings for the 2nd time this season. However, a win over the Packers and the Lions would be 5-5, just 1 game behind both current wildcard teams.... would be the Seahawks and the Packers at 6-4.

Tampa Bay also would be 6-4 if they beat Carolina tomorrow.
Dallas & New Orleans probably will also go to 5-5 tomorrow as well.

A Lions loss, and they're obviously done and looking ahead to the Draft. But again, the 2 trends above make me think the Lions have a good chance of winning, especially with the Packers missing both Woodson & Shields back there.... Megatron might dominate this game.... with no Matthews or Nick Perry off the edge, we have scrubs at OLB and are missing 2 starting ILBs.... Stafford should have a field day. Bet the over.

Maybe This Year Mayhew 11-19-2012 02:46 PM

Packers got incredible pressure STILL. Fail Detroit Oline and Stafford played terrilbe. Even with all that they scored 20 and still had a chance to win thanks to Mason Crosby and a failed 4th down but Detroit failed twice in the redzone. Plus the pick 6 was huge and now Detroit has given up 7 crap TDS (special teams, int returns) like that costing them 3 games.

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