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Ness 01-12-2013 05:43 AM

2012 49ers Gameday Thread: NFC Divisional Playoffs Packers at 49ers

Might as well get this started. I hope this is a good game and the 49ers come out on top. I pray that the 49ers don't just roll over like when the Giants came here in October. If we could just get THIS game and have another chance at just GETTING to the Super Bowl, I'll be so happy. Of the remaining NFC teams left, Green Bay is the team I least want to face. It is what it is though. I think Colin is going to have to have a huge game and rise up like Alex did last year and secure us the win. Maybe Frank Gore will go off. I don't know. Everyone seems to be picking the Packers. Whatever.

Brent 01-12-2013 11:32 AM

get ready

49erNation85 01-12-2013 11:40 AM

I just hope we pull out a win also.It has been an up and down season this year and it sucked. We were suppose to win this division with ease this year and almost lost it. We got lucky and GB lost to Minn at the end of the season to give us the bye. We should of had that locked up when Atl had their. It's been a frustrating end of the season.With our kicking sucking ( usually don't happen) then injuries to Justin Smith etc. But seriously I just hope we can win this game and get to super bowl with Kaepernick. I believe he can be our QB of the future for a while. Not sure how long. Gonna depend on how well he develops next off season and gets his passing game worked on. Can't wait for tonight . GOOOO 49ERS!! it will be a blessing hearing what excuses these packer fans in GB come up with if they lose.

Brent 01-12-2013 11:47 AM

also, this:


Ness 01-12-2013 01:50 PM

I was thinking of making a gif of that still image last night.

Menardo75 01-12-2013 03:02 PM


Let's get ready!

binary 01-12-2013 03:41 PM

Let's Gooooooo!

If J Smith is healthy we got this.

dan77733 01-12-2013 04:27 PM

Watching that video was awesome. I know most of you guys hate T.O. but come on, you have to at least love him for making the game winning TD reception against those damn Packers.

On a side not, in that pic of Favre, am I the only one who thinks that he looks like a thinner Justin Smith.

Anyway, moving on to tonight.

Offensively, im more concerned about the play-calling than anything else. If the play-calling is good and makes sense, we should do good. Gore should have a good game. Kaepernick has a lot of pressure on him and even if we lose tonight, I just hope he plays good and has good stats that can be build on for the 2013 season. With that being said, if the OL holds up in pass protection, I do believe that Kaepernick can have a real good game.

Defensively, its all about Justin Smith. If he can play good and be effective, then our defense should do good. Its all about getting pressure on Rodgers. The Packers OL is average at best and has guys out due to injuries. Our front seven must take advantage of this. I would go after Rodgers as much as possible. Not really concerned about their running game. Passing game is a huge threat which is the number one reason why we need to get pressure on Rodgers throughout the entire game.

Prediction time -

Packers 24
49ers 28

Niners will win with a TD at the end ala that video. My guess for the receiver who catches the TD pass from Kaepernick - rookie A.J. Jenkins. That's right. Instead of going with the obvious choices in Crabtree, Davis and even Moss, im going with the rookie. :)

Side note - If we win, im cheering for the Seahawks tomorrow. I want that ******* rematch. If we lose, then im cheering for the Falcons. :)

49erNation85 01-12-2013 05:33 PM

Gonna be a hell of game tonight. Justin Smith is expected to start tonight that is a major big plus. I just hope we win... Gonna be a long wait while this game is getting threw.

Ness 01-12-2013 06:11 PM

Delaine Walker better not have a case of the dropsies. As if we don't have enough mental problems with Akers missing kicks.

49erNation85 01-12-2013 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by Ness (Post 3242456)
Delaine Walker better not have a case of the dropsies. As if we don't have enough mental problems with Akers missing kicks.

Too late one drop already.

binary 01-12-2013 10:08 PM

Delanie Walker has been an epic massacre in this game, guy is really pissing me off.

Kap's legs are saving us in this game. The guy is constantly getting us out of tough situations with his legs.

Green Bay is also playing dirty. Staley has crazy heart.

Great game.

dan77733 01-12-2013 10:12 PM

Walker is dropping everything and the one good catch he made, he landed out of bounds.

It's all Kaepernick. His arm and his legs are matching GB score for score. No matter how this game ends, im really happy that we finally have a franchise QB who can gun the ball downfield with little to no effort. His accuracy has been good too for the most part. A few passes should have been higher but its all good. Love his playmaking ability.

Anyway....second half...let's go!!!!

49erNation85 01-12-2013 10:15 PM

A great / good first half by the 49ers .Kaep is gaining good experience tonight. But I think the 49ers need to get to run the game now and tire out this defense. I love our passing attack right . But we just need to slow down a little take some time off the clock.

Walker needs to freaking go dam it. I agree with Dan. He has been **** this game. We have other weapons to replace him. He is drop fest if you throw it to him.

WhatWouldBillyBajemaDo? 01-12-2013 11:27 PM

I need a cigar after this game. 446 total yards of offense from Kap! It looked like Madden on the rookie setting. One win away from the Super Bowl!

Brent 01-12-2013 11:36 PM

Let's get drunk! Whooooooooooooo!

farfromforgotten 01-12-2013 11:36 PM

Where is Brent's "feels good man" post at?

farfromforgotten 01-12-2013 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by Brent (Post 3243345)
Let's get drunk! Whooooooooooooo!

You aren't drunk yet?

dan77733 01-12-2013 11:40 PM

What a damn good game. Packers offense only scored 24 points, 10 in the second half including that garbage time TD. Team played good all around.

Kaepernick though showed why Harbaugh made the switch. Best of all, he'll only get better as he progresses in his career. Dont know about anyone else but I was excited when Kaepernick was named the starter and still am because his play making ability is something that Smith will never have.

Congratulations on a RECORD setting win against the overrated Packers. The cheese were just melted by Kaepernick, Crabtree and everyone else.

Anyway....moving on....

Bring on the ******* Seahawks!!! :)

binary 01-12-2013 11:41 PM

This is just awesome. Harbaugh is awesome.

Ness 01-12-2013 11:41 PM

That was awesome. I didn't think we could win the game in that fashion. Kaepernick flat out dominated tonight after that pick-six. I thought this game was going to end up like when the Packers visited Atlanta a couple of years back. Nope. Now it's on to the NFC Championship game. We can't let it slip through our fingers this time. I want the game to be here and have revenge on Seattle. Man it feels good to be back.

Brent 01-12-2013 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by farfromforgotten (Post 3243347)
You aren't drunk yet?

49erNation85 01-12-2013 11:55 PM

Just freaking awesome game 49ers. I loved all the way threw.I e.noted how kaep kept his cool after thaf pick six. I'm glad also that Akers made that easy field goal early on. I'm juat glad it all worked out and we killed the Packers . it feels damn food.

I can't wait for the local news in green bay for all the be excuses on why they got got killed . will be fun oh yes it will

Menardo75 01-13-2013 12:47 AM

Colin Kaepernick with one of the greatest performances in playoff history!

Ness 01-13-2013 12:49 AM

Chip on Aaron Rodgers shoulder my ass. Tired of hearing about that ****.

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