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Witten4HOF 01-13-2013 08:29 PM

RGIII Injury

Apart from the fact that there’s no way to know how the ACL will rehab, the biggest concern, as the source explained it, is the damage to Griffin’s cartilage. With the ACL in the right knee now torn twice in less than four years, Griffin has lost enough cartilage in his knee to raise concerns about how much remains and how long it will last. Eventually, Griffin could be dealing with bone-on-bone contact, and the chronic pain that goes along with it.

Wow, as frustrating as it was to watch him dismantle our defense twice I can't help but be a fan of the kid. I hope this isn't the downfall of his career before it ever really became. On the plus side he is still on 22 which will help in recovery and even if he isn't the explosive player he was he does have decent throwing skills so he could potential re hash his playing style if need be.


SickwithIt1010 01-13-2013 08:36 PM

Gotta go over to Germany. Kobe will get ahold of him I'm sure.

Caulibflower 01-13-2013 08:38 PM

RGIII just makes me shake my head. All the physical ability in the world, but I've always felt like he thinks he's immortal on the field. Always, and I always thought he was going to get hurt because of it. (I also thought it would inhibit his game in the NFL; kind of thought he'd be more like Tebow, just running around and trying to make the BIGGEST PLAY EVER on every play, but his arm, instincts and speed are superior enough that I obviously underestimated the level of his initial success.) And then, of course, Shanahan couldn't help but run the hell out of him. Shanny loves the run game. How could he not use Griffin? It's like a little kid getting the souped-up, high end all-terrain RC car he's always wanted and driving the **** out of it until it's battered and broken with the antanna snapped off, fender hanging in half and the front axle bent the wrong way. And you can imagine it all happened within a week of getting it, because he was just way, way too excited and there was no one to be like, "Hey, Mike - you're gonna break it."

FUNBUNCHER 01-13-2013 10:23 PM

From Redskinsland, we've heard there's nothing at all wrong with his meniscus(cartilage) in his right knee.

I've read nothing in the local rags or interviews with Dr. Andrews that imply Grif has a compromised meniscus because of his ACL.

RG3 didn't tear his ACL this season. DR. Andrews scoped his knee while repairing his LCL, evaluated the procedure done at Baylor and decided to 'modify' it and make it more sound.

Eventually Robert is going to have to revamp his game but I don't think he'll ever stop being a mobile QB.

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