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princefielder28 02-03-2013 10:46 AM

Offensive Backfield Rankings (Top 15 QBs/RBs)
Please continue with the discussion, criticism, and posting of other rankings now with the quarterbacks and running backs.

Previous Rankings
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1. Tyler Wilson : ARKANSAS
2. Matt Barkley : USC
3. Geno Smith : WEST VIRGINIA
6. Ryan Nassib : SYRACUSE
7. Matt Scott :: ARIZONA
8. Landry Jones : OKLAHOMA
9. Tyler Bray :: TENNESSEE
10. Jordan Rodgers :: VANDERBILT
11. Zac Dysert : MIAMI(OH)
12. Brad Sorenson : SOUTHERN UTAH
13. Sean Renfree :: DUKE
14. Colby Cameron :: LOUISIANA TECH
15. Ryan Griffin :: TULANE

Analysis: Tyler Wilson is the leader of this class, and my impressions of him being the only "franchise" caliber quarterback hasn't changed even with all the controversy that surrounded Arkansas this year. Tyler does struggle with the deep ball, but from breaking down plenty of his game, it is an issue from inconsistent footwork rather than a physical limitation. Matt Barkley and Geno Smith come in next, and recently I bumped Barkley up after watching more tape on Geno Smith and continually seeing question marks with accuracy on boundary throws and fitting throws into windows in the intermediate to deep throws. Matt Scott moves up the board with struggles from Senior Bowl QBs and he possesses a live arm with good mobility, which may intrigue a team given the league's read option phase. Ryan Griffin has gained momentum as a late round option and backed up the talk with a strong week at Texas vs the Nation. Overall evaluation of the collection of the quarterbacks this season can be described with one word: developmental.

Running Backs

1. Eddie Lacy : ALABAMA
2. Montee Ball : WISCONSIN
3. Giovani Bernard : NORTH CAROLINA
4. Stephan Taylor : STANFORD
5. Marcus Lattimore :: SOUTH CAROLINA
6. Johnathan Franklin : UCLA
7. Andre Ellington : CLEMSON
8. Mike Gillislee :: FLORIDA
9. Joseph Randle :: OKLAHOMA STATE
10. Kenjon Barner : OREGON
11. Kerwynn Williams :: UTAH STATE
12. Christine Michael :: TEXAS A&M
13. Dennis Johnson : ARKANSAS
14. Le’Veon Bell :: MICHIGAN STATE
15. Jawan Jamison :: RUTGERS

Analysis: A very deep class, like many others positions as well, at running back is led by Eddie Lacy and is followed by four backs who will prove to be starters/contributors immediately. Marcus Lattimore is the wildcard but recent reports suggest that he could be ready by week one of the upcmoing season when previous reports said he'd be out the entire next season. A team like Green Bay could roll the dice on him late in the 2nd round and keep their fingers crossed he becomes the player many thought he would be at South Carolina. Christine Michael has the skill set of an early round back, but there are some character question marks connected with him and a team hoping to reel him in could get a steal in the draft. Plenty of quality prospects are not listed, and a player like Zac Stacy may get the chance to contribute early like Ballard was able to do for Indianapolis this year. Overall, an impressive group with the ability to fit niches for the teams based on what their needs may be.

Iamcanadian 02-04-2013 11:05 AM

I think you are pumping a dead horse in Wilson. He showed little at the Senior Bowl to even suggest he ranks near the top of this field. I doubt he gets picked even in round 1 never mind leading the pack. Of course, there isn't a whole lot at QB in this year's draft to suggest any of them will ever reach franchise status but Wilson would be 5th on my depth chart.

princefielder28 02-04-2013 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by Iamcanadian (Post 3265088)
I think you are pumping a dead horse in Wilson. He showed little at the Senior Bowl to even suggest he ranks near the top of this field. I doubt he gets picked even in round 1 never mind leading the pack. Of course, there isn't a whole lot at QB in this year's draft to suggest any of them will ever reach franchise status but Wilson would be 5th on my depth chart.

From reports I read during Senior Bowl week, Wilson showed considerable improvement day-to-day and was the most consistent QB in Mobile. Now that may not be saying a ton given the collection of quarterbacks down there, but to say he possesses nothing to suggest he ranks near the top of this field is ridiculous.

bucfan12 02-04-2013 11:36 AM

I have to disagree with Wilson. I think he's more of a career back up. I've turned back the film and he really checks down a lot and throws a lot of short crossing patterns that work in the college game. The senior bowl I saw no different and I think his arm strength was overrated. A lot of ducks and wobbling balls on deeper routes that weren't completed.

EJ Manuel is a guy I like long term. Not ready to see the field yet, but could be a nice find if he's under the right circumstance (holding the clipboard for a year). I like his poise and confidence in teh pocket. His accuracy is better than most think. I think Consistency can be improved learning for a year.

Barkley is a guy who I liked, but when you regress from JR to SR year, there is a concern (see Brian Brohm). Not just the situation, but if you're not improving, I don't know why you should be a top pick. Plus, I see too many screen and short routes that Barkely threw where Lee and Woods just made a play.

Geno Smith is another guy I don't really like. He shredded terrible defenses that he will never see again and struggled against better defenses. I think he benefited from the two playmakers he had at WR.

Nassib I see no pocket presence what so ever. He gets flustered out of the pocket too easily. He's got a strong arm, but I just don;t see a top QB in him.

OVer the past week, I';ve been able to watch more of these QBs. And the senior bowl, here is how I'd rank them:

1. Mike Glennon: Not sure he's really an elite QB prospect, but I just like his upside. I;m not even sure if I have a first round grade for any of these guys, so this really means nothing.

2. EJ Manuel
3. Geno Smith
4. Matt Barkely
5. Zach Dysert
6. Tyler Wilson
7. Ryan Nassib
8. Tyler Bray.

princefielder28 02-04-2013 11:50 AM

Assessing Wilson's game film this past season needs to be done so with caution. Everyone is aware of the mess that occurred with the coaching staff and the instability is not conducive to creating a successful football program/season. Arkansas's offensive line was a terrible unit outside of Alvin Bailey. Dennis Johnson is a solid three down back but with the poor line it was difficult to get much of an attack going on the ground. Wilson hardly worked with much time back in the pocket and it contributes to the poor footwork he displayed and has created for himself; it can be fixed with coaching though. Chris Cragg was hurt for a chunk of the season and Cobi Hamilton was the only real threat and while he has good size, his hands are not consistent. Factor in playing against SEC defenses and it's not a situation where anyone is set up to be successful. I know it may appear I am making excuses for him, but what I take away from this season is Wilson's toughness and ability to lead.

MaxV 02-04-2013 12:27 PM

With so many people viewing Landry Jones as overrated, he might actually be underrated at this point.

Yeah, he is far from a sure thing, but which QB in this draft is a sure thing?

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