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nepg 02-04-2013 09:03 PM

Quinn Sharp, K/P, Oklahoma St.
I haven't seen much talk about Quinn Sharp. I don't see why a team wouldn't jump all over the opportunity to save a roster spot by drafting him for all kicking duties. He has one of the smoothest placekicking motions I've ever seen and is an insanely consistent punter.

As a kicker, he compares well with the top prospects, but you don't see him on rankings because he's listed as a punter where his numbers beat everyone except Ryan Allen.

I think Carolina is the only team that fits into a situation of having a poor punter and kicker (though I liked Graham Gano)...but how great would it be to save a roster spot?!

(it's actually kind of funny how team with poor kickers have great punters and vice versa)

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