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gpngc 02-17-2013 10:19 PM

gpngc Mock 2-17-13
Looking for feedback. Hate the top.

01. Kansas City Chiefs: Star Loutelei
02. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jarvis Jones
03. Oakland Raiders: Sharrif Floyd
04. Philadelphia Eagles: Bjoern Werner
05. Detroit Lions: Kenny Vaccaro
06. Cleveland Browns: Ezekial Ansah
07. Arizona Cardinals: Luke Joeckel
08. Buffalo Bills: Chance Warmack
09. New York Jets: Damontre Moore
10. Tennessee Titans: Sheldon Richardson
11. San Diego Chargers: Eric Fisher
12. Miami Dolphins: DeAndre Hopkins
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dee Milliner
14. Carollina Panthers: Desmond Trufant
15. New Orleans Saints: Dion Jordan
16. St. Louis Rams: Lane Johnson
17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Cordarrelle Patterson
18. Dallas Cowboys: D.J. Fluker
19. New York Giants: Kevin Minter
20. Chicago Bears: Menelik Watson
21. Cincinnati Bengals: Eddie Lacy
22. St. Louis Rams (f/WAS): Tavon Austin
23. Minnesota Vikings: Jonathan Coooper
24. Indianapolis Colts: Xavier Rhodes
25. KC f/Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Nassib
26. Green Bay Packers: Jonathan Hankins
27. OAK f/Houston Texans: Geno Smith
28. Denver Broncos: Jonathan Banks
29. New England Patriots: Quinton Patton
30. Atlanta Falcons: Barkevious Mingo
31. San Francisco 49ers: Margus Hunt
32. Baltimore Ravens: Sylvester Williams

phlysac 02-17-2013 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by gpngc (Post 3275446)
31. San Francisco 49ers: Margus Hunt

I really, really hope not.

Seasonticketholder 02-17-2013 10:33 PM

Outstanding pick for the Saints!

SickwithIt1010 02-17-2013 10:34 PM

Do not like that Eagles pick at all.

vidae 02-17-2013 10:36 PM

If the Chiefs moved up to draft a QB after drafting Star, I'd be ecstatic.

If that QB was Nassib, over Geno and Tyler Wilson, I would be furious.

You get a C. :)

scottyboy 02-17-2013 10:39 PM

I'm really "meh" on the giants pick

coordinator0 02-17-2013 10:45 PM

I don't think Williams is a bad pick for the Ravens but I question whether or not they actually view DE as a need. Jones and McPhee really stepped up when they were both finally healthy towards the end of the season and with Ngata on the other side I think Baltimore will look in a different direction. Especially with Brown and Te'o on the board.

Shupp 02-17-2013 10:55 PM

Man, taking Hunt in the first round would be a huge reach. My heart can't take that 2 years in a row.

ChicagoBearsVet23 02-17-2013 11:03 PM

Terrible Terrible Bears pick. Watson is not a 1st rounder. We would take Cooper or Mingo.

proshoota25 02-17-2013 11:17 PM

id be furious if the pats took patton over allen

CJSchneider 02-17-2013 11:34 PM


Originally Posted by Seasonticketholder (Post 3275456)
Outstanding pick for the Saints!

I'd prefer KiKi Mingo, but that is a personal choice.

thebow305 02-18-2013 12:10 AM

It's cool if you like DeAndre as the top WR, but I'd prefer Cordarrelle over him at 12.

T-RICH49 02-18-2013 12:43 AM

hold on Nassib over Geno or Wilson?Why do you hate me?

RCAChainGang 02-18-2013 01:45 AM

Love Rhodes for the Colts, nice pick.

My only criticism is that if Mingo was still on the board I would rather take him, but nonetheless a great pick.

VernonLawson89 02-18-2013 01:39 PM

I would be f**king furious if we took Margus Hunt in the 1st.


wicket 02-18-2013 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by CJSchneider (Post 3275499)
I'd prefer KiKi Mingo, but that is a personal choice.

same here, by a mile

killxswitch 02-18-2013 01:56 PM

I like Rhodes. I wonder about his timed speed. But if he runs well we won't have a shot at him at 24 anyway. I agree with RCA that Mingo would be another good option. I wonder how heavy he'll be though and if he is still athletic at his new weight.

BallerT1215 02-18-2013 02:08 PM

I'm assuming you think we dont resign Levitre?

gpngc 02-18-2013 02:26 PM

The Bills make no sense. Who on that defense is so bad that teams run for like 5 a carry on them? Their LBs? Does their DL just underachieve? Is it the coaching?

Nastradamus 02-18-2013 02:52 PM

I love two of your most hated picks. Hunt to SF makes a ton of sense. I'm still not quite sure if he's Jarron Gilbert or Dontari Poe, but in theory it works.

I LOVE Watson to the Bears. He's exactly what they need and at least as good as Lane JOhnson. The Bears need to reach a bit for a LT anyways.

Nassib over Geno makes some sense, as he'd be a good fit for Reid's system. He's probably underrated.

BallerT1215 02-18-2013 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by gpngc (Post 3275808)
The Bills make no sense. Who on that defense is so bad that teams run for like 5 a carry on them? Their LBs? Does their DL just underachieve? Is it the coaching?

ILB play was horrible last year.

When Mario was healthy, the dline really came on last few games and the numbers reflect that. At the same time, we had no presence of ILB play at all. Nigel Bradham played really well on the outside once he was named started around week 10.

leroyisgod 02-18-2013 03:07 PM

Fluker is growing on me.

Menardo75 02-18-2013 04:58 PM

Yeah no to Marcus Hunt in the first.

eliasrapp98 02-19-2013 11:30 AM

No to the Eagles pick. I'd go with Moore or Joeckel if Star and Jones aren't there.

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