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Matthew Jones 02-20-2013 03:59 PM

2013 Forum Offseason Free Agency Thread

Teams will begin with their current salary cap space as defined by the most recent salary cap projections; these figures are listed at the bottom of this post.

Teams which are over the salary cap will be forced to make cuts in order to clear cap space. In order to cut players, send an email to the address listed above with a list of players you would like to cut as well as a link to their Rotoworld page (where their contract details are shown.) All salary cap savings will be determined by Rotoworld for uniformity. I reserve the right to reject an unrealistic cut. Once a player has been cut, he will be added to the list of available free agents.

I will keep track of each move a team makes and how it affects their salary cap situation. Intermittent updates on salary cap situations will be provided as requested.


Before free agency begins, teams may designate franchise players and extend tenders to their restricted free agents. Designating a franchise player will grant him a one-year contract worth the average of the top five salaries at his position. The franchise tag tender amounts are as follows (rounded to one decimal place):

QB: $14.6 million
RB: $8.1 million
WR: $10.4 million
TE: $6.0 million
OL: $9.7 million
DT: $8.3 million
DE: $11.0 million
LB: $9.5 million
CB: $10.7 million
SF: $6.8 million
K/P: $2.9 million

In restricted free agency, you may offer players one of the four tenders listed below. By tendering a player, you are designating which level of compensation you will receive by choosing not to match offers from other teams. However, higher tenders also cost more money. The restricted free agency tender amounts are as follows:

First-round tender: $2.9 million
Second-round tender: $2.0 million
Original round tender: $1.3 million
Right of first refusal tender: $1.3 million


At a set time (to be determined once teams are announced), the free agent signing period will begin. At this point, general managers will no longer be allowed to designate franchise players or make offers to their restricted free agents; these players will enter the free agent pool.

You may remember that a four-tier system was used in last season's forum offseason; this year, the tiers will be replaced with a financial system in which teams will offer a contract which includes the number of years being offered as well as the contract's total value (represented as a whole number.) The average annual value of the contract will be subtracted from a team's available salary cap space. Below is an example of a free agent offer:

QB Joe Flacco: 5 years, $100 million

The team which signs Flacco will be spending $20 million of their available cap space, because $100 million divided by five years equals $20 million. If multiple teams offer contracts with the same total value, the free agent will be assigned to the team which offered fewer years. For example, a bid of four years and $100 million would take precedence over a bid of five years and $100 million because the average annual value is higher. However, the four-year bid would also be more costly to the signing team ($25 million as opposed to $20 million.)

If multiple teams offer a free agent identical contracts (ex. two teams each offer five years and $100 million), I will determine the free agent's destination.

There will be three rounds of free agency: two before the NFL Draft, and one afterwards. When submitting offers, please mention any contingencies; for example, if you would like to extend offers to Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings, but only want to sign one of the players, please specify that and list the players in order of preference. Feel free to submit an updated list of free agents after the first signing period.

The deadline for each round of free agent offers will be announced at the start of the free agent period.


Trades will be selectively approved based on realism. I reserve the right to reject all trades which appear either uneven or unrealistic. It will be more difficult to trade star players and starters than reserves. Do not consider a trade approved without consulting me first; all approved trades will be posted in the trade thread. Trading for a player will affect your salary cap situation. No free agents signed may be traded; however, your franchise player may be traded as long as it appears to be an even, realistic trade. Player-for-player trades will almost never be approved; most trades will require at least one draft pick for approval. Future draft picks can be traded. Both parties must send identical trade submissions in order for a trade to be approved.


The draft clock will typically run from noon to midnight (Eastern Standard Time) unless otherwise specified; the clock will not run on weekends. Teams will have two hours to make their first-round pick and one hour to make additional picks. No teams will be skipped if their time expires; instead, I will make a selection for them unless their general manager has submitted a big board. I will attempt to contact all general managers when they are on the clock; however, not being contacted is not an excuse for missing a pick. Free agent signings will be suspended from the end of the second wave of free agency until after the draft concludes.




Arizona Cardinals: $10.5

Atlanta Falcons: $3.1

Baltimore Ravens: $1.3

Buffalo Bills: $4.9

Carolina Panthers: $3.7

Chicago Bears: $11.4

Cincinnati Bengals: $15.2

Cleveland Browns: $3.9

Dallas Cowboys: $0.0

Denver Broncos: $0.3

Detroit Lions: $2.3

Green Bay Packers: $23.7

Houston Texans: -$2.4

Indianapolis Colts: $2.5

Jacksonville Jaguars: $16.5

Kansas City Chiefs: $1.5

Miami Dolphins: $1.3

Minnesota Vikings: $6.6

New England Patriots: $14.5

New Orleans Saints: $2.7

New York Giants: $4.0

New York Jets: $3.6

Oakland Raiders: $0.0

Philadelphia Eagles: $1.2

Pittsburgh Steelers: $0.0

San Diego Chargers: $10.2

San Francisco 49ers: $3.2

Seattle Seahawks: $13.2

St. Louis Rams: $8.8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $20.6

Tennessee Titans: $11.8

Washington Redskins: $0.3

Matthew Jones 02-22-2013 10:23 AM


Beginning at noon today, I will begin accepting first-wave free agent offers. I will continue accepting first-wave offers until Sunday at noon. All offers on opposing restricted free agents must be made during the first wave of free agency. Restricted free agents without tenders are considered unrestricted free agents beginning at noon. At the conclusion of the first wave, all restricted free agents with tenders will either re-sign with their team or sign elsewhere.

The minimum offer for free agents during this period is $1 million per season. So, one year, $1 million, two years, $2 million, etc. During the third wave of free agency, teams will be allowed to make one-year, veteran minimum offers to free agents which will not count against the salary cap.

Not all free agents which receive offers will sign during the first wave. For example, if Reggie Bush's only offer is for $1 million, he will remain in the pool for another wave.

I will be determining free agent destinations based primarily on financial considerations; however, if two contracts are similar, I will decide upon the signing team based on which offer I think the free agent would prefer, with a slight preference given to the player's previous team (if applicable.) For example, if Matt Hasselbeck receives a $2 million offer from Green Bay and a $1.5 million offer from Jacksonville, I'll probably assign him to the Jaguars, where he can compete for a starting job.

Explanations for why your team would like to sign a player are not required, but they could potentially help you sign a player in a close competition by helping me understand how a player may fit into your team.

I will allow offers with amounts to one decimal place. For example, $1.0 million, $1.1 million, $1.2 million, etc. Since we kept track of each team's cap room to one decimal place, it only makes sense to allow offers including a decimal place as well. However, an offer of $30.2 million will not dramatically differ from an offer of $30 million.

Please list contingencies in your list, such as: I would like a maximum of two wide receivers from the following list (with the receivers listed in order of preference underneath.)

Please attach your team name to each free agent you make an offer to (because of the manner by which I intend to determine destinations.) The format for making an offer is as follows:


I would like a maximum of one of the following fullbacks:

1. FB James Casey
Team: New England Patriots
Offer: 1 year, $1.2 million
Reason: (Not required. An example may be: New England needs a starting fullback, and Casey's versatility is appealing.)

2. FB Shaun Chapas
Team: New England Patriots
Offer: 2 years, $2 million
Reason: (if applicable)

3. FB John Connor
Team: New England Patriots
Offer: 3 years, $3.5 million

Please do not include any guaranteed money or contract structures in your application. By signing a player, I will remove the average annual value of the contract from your salary cap. For example, in the example above, by signing Shaun Chapas, the Patriots would lose $1 million in salary cap space.

You may also continue to release players, or release players after signing other players. No players signed during this period may be traded or released later.

Please let me know if you would like anything else regarding the application process clarified.

Matthew Jones 02-24-2013 02:46 PM


Arizona Cardinals ($5.1)

QB Brian Hoyer 2/$2 ($1)
QB Kevin Kolb 1/$2 ($2)
LB Quentin Groves 2/$2 ($1)

Atlanta Falcons ($1.6)

TE Tony Gonzalez 1/$6 ($6)
OT Sam Baker 3/$3 ($1)
DT Vance Walker 3/$3 ($1)
S Jordan Babineaux 2/$2 ($1)

Baltimore Ravens ($1.3)

LB Dannell Ellerbe 5/$26 ($5.2)
S Ed Reed 4/$22 ($5.5)

Buffalo Bills ($0.1)

RFA WR David Nelson 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
WR Kevin Walter 3/$6 ($2)
OG Andy Levitre 5/$36 ($7.2)
OG Chad Rinehart 1/$1 ($1)
DE Mike Devito 2/$5 ($2.5)
LB Calvin Pace 2/$6 ($3)
CB Leodis McKelvin 3/$9 ($3)
S LaRon Landry 3/$15 ($5)

Carolina Panthers ($1.9)

DT Dwan Edwards 2/$6 ($3)
CB Kyle Arrington 2/$6.4 ($3.2)
S Patrick Chung 2/$7 ($3.5)

Chicago Bears ($0.0)

RFA DL Nate Collins 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
OT Gosder Cherilus 4/$20 ($5)
DT Henry Melton 5/$30 ($6)
LB Chase Blackburn 3/$15 ($5)

Cincinnati Bengals ($27.2)

RFA DB Jeromy Miles 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
OT Andre Smith 4/$44 ($11)
DE Wallace Gilberry 2/$6 ($3)
LB Connor Barwin 4/$24 ($6)
CB Terence Newman 1/$2 ($2)
PK Josh Brown 1/$2 ($2)

Cleveland Browns ($13.4)

RFA C Christian Yount 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA LB Craig Robertson 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
WR Dwayne Bowe 5/$65 ($13)
TE Jermichael Finley 4/$25 ($6.25)
OT Geoffrey Schwartz 5/$25 ($5)
DT Sedrick Ellis 3/$10 ($3.3)
DE Juqua Parker 1/$1 ($1)
LB Rey Maualuga 4/$10 ($2.5)
CB Brent Grimes 5/$40 ($8)
S George Wilson 3/$15 ($5)
PK Phil Dawson 3/$10 ($3.3)

Dallas Cowboys ($0.0)

LB Anthony Spencer 4/$24 ($6)

Denver Broncos ($5.4)

RFA FB Chris Gronkowski 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA OT Chris Clark 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA DT Kevin Vickerson 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA P Britton Colquitt 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
WR Donte’ Stallworth 1/$1 ($1)
DT Terrance Knighton 3/$9 ($3)
DE Dwight Freeney 2/$10 ($5)
LB D.J. Williams 1/$1.5 ($1.5)
S David Bruton 3/$6 ($2)

Detroit Lions ($3.7)

RFA OT Jason Fox 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA DE Willie Young 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
CB Chris Houston 5/$30 ($6)
CB Greg Toler 3/$13.5 ($4.5)

Green Bay Packers ($27.9)

RFA C Evin Dietric-Smith 1/$2 ($2)
RFA CB Sam Shields 1/$2 ($2)
RB Steven Jackson 1/$4 ($4)
LB Brad Jones 3/$6 ($2)

Houston Texans ($4.9)

FB James Casey 4/$6 ($1.5)
DT Jay Ratliff 3/$7.5 ($2.5)
DE Adam Carriker 3/$6 ($2)
S Kenny Phillips 5/$42.5 ($8.5)

Indianapolis Colts ($6.9)

RFA OT Jeff Linkenbach 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA OL Joe Reitz 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA DB Cassius Vaughn 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
OG Louis Vasquez 4/$10 ($2.5)
DL Arthur Jones 5/$22.5 ($4.5)
DL Fili Moala 4/$6 ($1.5)
LB Paul Kruger 4/$34 ($8.5)
CB Aqib Talib 5/$50 ($10)
S Glover Quin 5/$32.5 ($6.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars ($5.9)

WR Danny Amendola 3/$18 ($6)
DT Jason Jones 3/$12.6 ($4.2)
DE Cliff Avril 4/$32 ($8)
CB E.J. Biggers 4/$10.8 ($2.7)

Kansas City Chiefs ($1.5)

WR Greg Jennings 5/$48 ($9.6)
DL Tyson Jackson 4/$18 ($4.5)
P Dustin Colquitt 3/$11 ($3.6)

Miami Dolphins ($1.3)

WR Brian Hartline 5/$35 ($7)
WR Mike Wallace 5/$60 ($12)
OT Jake Long 5/$45 ($9)
OG Nate Garner 2/$4 ($2)
DE Randy Starks 4/$24 ($6)
S William Moore 5/$40 ($8)

Minnesota Vikings ($7.9)

FB Jerome Felton 2/$3 ($1.5)
OT Phil Loadholt 4/$22 ($5.5)

New England Patriots ($3.9)

WR Wes Welker 2/$14 ($7)
OT Sebastian Vollmer 4/$20 ($5)
S Charles Woodson 1/$3.2 ($3.2)

New Orleans Saints ($3.2)

QB Jason Campbell 2/$2 ($1)
LB Victor Butler 3/$3.6 ($1.2)

New York Giants ($11.7)

RFA WR Victor Cruz 1/$2.9 ($2.9)
TE Martellus Bennett 4/$12 ($3)
OT William Beatty 5/$22 ($4.4)
CB Kelvin Hayden 2/$2 ($1)

New York Jets ($8.1)

RFA OT Austin Howard 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
S Yeremiah Bell 1/$1 ($1)

Oakland Raiders ($1.9)

DT Desmond Bryant 4/$14 ($3.5)
DE Matt Shaughnessy 3/$6 ($2)
LB Philip Wheeler 3/$9 ($3)

Philadelphia Eagles ($5.7)

Pittsburgh Steelers ($0.0)

RFA RB Jonathan Dwyer 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA WR Emmanuel Sanders 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA DT Steve McLendon 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA LB Stevenson Sylvester 1/$1.3 ($1.3)

San Diego Chargers ($4.1)

OG Brandon Moore 4/$24 ($6)
S Rashad Johnson 4/$8.4 ($2.1)

San Francisco 49ers ($3.2)

WR Ted Ginn Jr. 3/$3.9 ($1.3)
WR Devery Henderson 4/$16 ($4)
DT Isaac Sopoaga 2/$9 ($4.5)
DE Ricky Jean-Francois 3/$6 ($2)

Seattle Seahawks ($14.2)

St. Louis Rams ($18.3)

DE William Hayes 2/$5 ($2.5)
S Quintin Mikell 1/$2 ($2)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($20.4)

RFA DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
DE Michael Bennett 4/$36 ($9)
CB Derek Cox 4/$28 ($7)
CB Brice McCain 5/$27 ($5.4)
FS Ronde Barber 1/$3 ($3)

Tennessee Titans ($3.7)

RFA C Fernando Velasco 1/$2 ($2)
QB Matt Moore 3/$3 ($1)
FB Greg Jones 2/$2 ($1)
WR Miles Austin 4/$28 ($7)
TE Jared Cook 5/$17.5 ($3.5)
OT Eben Britton 3/$3.3 ($1.1)
OG Harvey Dahl 5/$20.5 ($4.1)
DT Glenn Dorsey 5/$15 ($3)
DE Osi Umenyiora 4/$16 ($4)
CB Chris Gamble 4/$20 ($5)

Washington Redskins ($2.2)

RFA RB Darrel Young 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
RFA LB Robert Jackson 1/$1.3 ($1.3)
OT Ryan Harris 2/$4 ($2)
CB Keenan Lewis 5/$41.5 ($8.3)

Matthew Jones 03-14-2013 09:26 AM


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