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carsonhoward_99 02-28-2013 10:34 AM

Bengals Dream Draft (Post-Combine)
These are not necessarily my predictions, this is my dream scenario for the Bengals. I understand that the 1st pick is a bit of a stretch and that the rest of the draft is derived from that pick, but there is a slim chance, I believe. What are we without hope?

1st Kenny Vaccaro – S Texas
There’s a nonzero chance Vaccaro falls to Cincy, if he does I’m going to scream at the TV. If he does, he’d be the best player available and arguably the biggest need for the Bengals.

2nd Arthur Brown – LB Kansas St.
With some quality LBs early in this draft, and Brown’s issues lately, I think there’s a good chance he is that at the top of the 2nd round. If so, the Bengals should jump at the opportunity. He doesn’t have the size the Bengals like at LB, but the kid can flat out play. He could play inside or outside, versatility to be envied.

2nd Marcus Lattimore – RB South Carolina
You can’t honestly say that Green-Ellis was meant to be the solution when he came to Cincy, he was a Band-Aid until they found their guy. The Bengals don’t want to spend a 1st rounder on a RB, but they want a guy who could be a franchise player. That’s Lattimore. Guys this talented, this proven, and this character clean don’t fall this far that often. I think if Cincinnati wants him, they have to take him here. Word is, he’ll even be ready for week 1. If not, you just have to give him some time, which shouldn’t be an issue. This pick doesn’t come without concern, but the potential reward is incredibly high for a guy with a string of back luck.

3rd Brian Schwenke – C California
Center is the weak link on the Bengals front. Schwenke is a versatile interior lineman who best fits at center, but can play guard too. Worst-case scenario, he adds depth and competition to a talented Bengals offensive line.

4th Ty Powell – DE Harding
With a good combine, Powell may not last this long. He’s a talented guy, a great athlete, and another versatile player. To play DE in the Bengals 4-3, he’ll need to bulk up a little, but is fully capable of being a difference maker if issues arrive with Michael Johnson this year or Carlos Dunlap next year.

5th Kenjon Barner – RB Oregon
Good quickness and speed would make him a nice complement and scatback in the Bengals backfield. He needs work, but could be what Bernard Scott never was. With Lattimore and Barner, the Bengals could find their backfield of the future in this draft. If nothing else, he adds energy and electricity to an otherwise unexciting group of RBs.

6th Matt Scott – QB Arizona
Nothing wrong with taking a QB late, especially one with Scott’s upside. Scott needs work, but he wouldn’t start (barring injury) for two years minimum. Andy has been good, but I’m not sold he’s a franchise QB. He leaves plays on the field and can be too conservative. Scott has great arm strength and great athleticism. He could develop into a starting QB and would be a nice backup to Andy. Give him some time, and see what happens. Wouldn’t mind Landry Jones, but don’t think he’s here.

6th Bruce Taylor – ILB Virginia Tech
Taylor’s inconsistency and injury history likely make him a late round selection. I think that the Bengals LB corps, other than Burfict is anemic at best. Taylor has good instincts and can shed blockers to get to ball carriers. Jon Bostic of Florida would be a nice ILB to keep an eye on in the 5th.

rickscott 02-28-2013 01:49 PM

I'd rather go with a safer bet at RB like Bernard or Lacy than gamble on Lattimore's health. I think with those questions, it's too early for him there anyway at this point. Don't think Matt Scott is a QB we can rely on as a backup. If we are going to draft our backup, it will have to be a little sooner or we must sign a vet again. Love getting a quality Safety that we can count on for years to come; like Brown at LB, I don't think the club feels the need for a Center. I think they are perfectly happy with Robinson and Cook fighting it out. I don't want a small college guy (Powell) that early either.

carsonhoward_99 03-02-2013 09:48 AM

I understand your thinking and the idea that Lattimore is a risk. In my opinion Bernard may be an NFL starter, but I don’t see him being much more. I think Lacy is closer to Ingram than Richardson and Ingram wasn’t worth a second round pick, let alone a first. Lacy and Bernard will probably both be gone at the bottom of the second and I think Lattimore, even considering the injuries, has the best chance of being a “special” player. Remember, there’s a difference between having injuries and being injury prone. I’m not a doctor but I feel Lattimore’s closer to the former. Ty Powell is a stretch, a little out of the box. I have no problem with Malliciah Goodman or Quanterus Smith (another small school guy) at DE. Just some thoughts and my opinions. Bottom line, I could take or leave Lattimore, but some food for thought.

hobbes2053 03-02-2013 05:11 PM

I love Bernard. Lacy was only impressive because of Bama's OL. I could be a stud running behind those monsters. I don't mind Lattimore, but there is a definite risk involved in him seeing he's had 2 major injuries in recent years. Either way, we must address RB in April.

SC Igniter 03-03-2013 08:04 AM

I think we can get wait until the 3rd round for Lattimore. Perplexing on what to do with him, he could very well be our future every down player if he remains injury free. I'm afraid the way he runs it will be much of the same for him hurt wise in the pros. Not sure if we should roll the dice? Kick ourselves either way if we're wrong.
For RB, I also like Bernard in the second round. Ellington in the 3rd is another option to consider, the knack on him not being able to block is overblown. I have seen all of these RB's in college and like them all.

It looks like we might need to pick up a OT in the early rounds should we lose Smith. Don't get a good feeling that we are going resign him.

So it is shaping up BA with S, RB, LB & OT out of gate.

rickscott 03-07-2013 09:26 PM

My only thing with Lattimore is that you need a backup plan that must include another relatively high pick at RB that can be our starter if he can not. We must improve that position this year

JungleRock85 04-02-2013 04:34 PM

Pretty good dream draft man. I will throw out mine as well. This is all based on the assumption that Andre Smith is eventually re-signed before the draft or things here would have to change some. Although if we don't re-sign him I would love to just add Eric Winston to fill the spot but that is a debate for another time...Remember this is my dream draft and I realize not all of these guys will fall to the projected spots I have them but I tried to keep them at least within a round of where they are being projected.

1st Round - Kenny Vaccaro - It is not impossible that he falls here if the Guards (Warmack and Cooper) fall to St. Louis and Dallas before us. Vaccaro has excellent coverage skills that set him apart in my opinion. He certainly isn't afraid to come up and hit someone either.

2nd Round - Alec Ogletree - Certainly would need some luck for him to slide all the way here. Ogletree is a top 10 talent that has fallen due to character concerns (Carlos Dunlap anyone). Love his sideline-to-sideline tackling ability and brings great coverage skills from his time playing Safety.

2nd Round - Giovani Bernard - The perfect compliment to BJGE. He is by far the best pass catcher out of the backfield in the draft and although he doesn't have the best breakaway speed he is quick and elusive and has enough speed and ability to break long runs for us.

3rd Round - Barrett Jones - I don't necessarily see the Bengals drafting an interior lineman but this is my dream draft and I would take the versatile Alabama lineman for sure if he falls to the 3rd round.

4th Round - Tyler Wilson - This is a little early for many people to want a back-up QB, but for once I would like to feel confident that if something unforeseen happened to our signal caller we would have something to at least have a little faith in. Wilson was once considered a first round talent but had a very poor season. He could serve as a quality back up to Dalton and hopefully push him to take his game to the next level.

5th Round - Leon McFadden - Another position that is not a huge need with the re-signings of Newman and Jones. McFadden could fill a roster spot and be a special teams contributor in the first season or two before becoming a more prominent member of the club.

6th Round - Kenjon Barner - I don't know if they would look at a 2nd change of pace type player but Barner could have an immediate impact in the return game and I also love his pass catching ability and big play ability.

6th Round - Gerald Hodges - He is currently projected as a 4th or 5th round player and likely won't be available here but would be great depth for SLB and a quality special teams player right away.

7th Round - Reid Fragel - He only played Tackle for one season at Ohio State but improved significantly throughout the year. He has tremendous upside and that is what we should be looking for at this point of the draft.

7th Round - Michael Williams - With Gresham and Charles on the roster and both guys being considered more pass catching Tight Ends than anything else I think it would be a good idea to fill the 3rd TE spot with a top notch blocker. Williams fits that description and would be solid depth at the spot.

*Considered a Wide Receiver at some point but I would like to see Green, Sanu, Jones, and Hawkins all on the field (or at least playing in a game) at the same time for once. Especially after a full off-season of working together with Andy Dalton we should see significant improvement from our WR's.

hobbes2053 04-02-2013 07:07 PM

I would love this if it were possible. If we are able to get 4 of those listed, I'd be happy as a clam. Vaccaro, Ogletree, Bernard, Jones, and Barner are my favorites from above.

StripedWalrus 04-10-2013 11:27 AM

1st Round - Kenny Vaccaro - S
2nd Round - Alec Ogletree - LB
2nd Round - Jonathan Franklin - RB
3rd Round - Jordan Mills - OT
4th Round - Tavares King - WR
5th Round - Quanterus Smith - DE/OLB

hobbes2053 04-10-2013 02:08 PM

I have a feeling that we're going to be forced to OT early :(

JungleRock85 04-10-2013 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by hobbes2053 (Post 3325851)
I have a feeling that we're going to be forced to OT early :(

We certainly haven't been making progress with Andre Smith. I wish we would at least bring in someone like Clabo to show we may sign another veteran if Smith doesn't sign. Also, I would love if we signed Dansby and Rhodes with the ability to still draft top talent at the positions but not to count on it contributing from Day 1.

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