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America 03-07-2013 08:18 PM

Richard Sherman
Going after Skip Bayless personally...."In my 24 years of life, I'm better at life than you."


BallerT1215 03-07-2013 08:47 PM

Man - he had an agenda and that was to tear up Skip.

Bob Sanders Dreadlock 03-07-2013 09:00 PM

Daaamn. He went balls deep into Skip, That was beautiful. Richard Sherman is now my favorite non-Colt

thebow305 03-07-2013 09:00 PM

Love the guy, but he came off ignorant and stupid to me. Skip was right. Sherman said he was letting the numbers speak for themselves, but he wasn't. He was ranting on first take, twitter and anywhere else that he could get his name and face out there. Guy doesn't have a chip on his shoulder, it's a friggin' boulder.

It doesn't seem like he'll ever get over being passed over so many times in the draft. But At some point he needs to chill out and get over it. He made it, he's the top corner in the NFL (IMO). Move on.

BallerT1215 03-07-2013 09:11 PM

Telling Skip he has accomplished more in his career in 2 years than Skip has in whole career was a little much.

I know Skip is all for rating/devil advocate now on ESPN 2- but he has a ton of credentials with the media since covering SMU back in the 80's.

Halsey 03-07-2013 09:23 PM

Sherman will have people gobbling his jock because he's a good NFL player, but he's making an ass of himself and proving that Skip Bayless is good at getting a rise out of people.

vidae 03-07-2013 09:34 PM

Richard Sherman is a total knob.

Cunningham 03-07-2013 09:36 PM

Perfect example of two guys who deserve each other.

Halsey 03-07-2013 09:37 PM

SickwithIt1010 03-07-2013 09:45 PM

I've always loved the way Sherman plays, just thought he talked a little much. However, I LOVED this. Skip is dumb ****, and Sherman said what just about every NFL player outside of Tim Tebow would love to say.

brat316 03-07-2013 09:48 PM

I like Smith's reaction.

abaddon41_80 03-07-2013 09:58 PM

I find it pretty hard to like this guy. He talks about how intelligent he is but only a total moron actually takes Skip seriously. Literally falls victim to a troll and then talks about how he is much more accomplished than said troll. Great move

Halsey 03-07-2013 10:02 PM

Maybe Sherman likes playing the bad guy. What if it's all an act. Like a heel on pro wrestling. If so, he's a genius.

TitanHope 03-07-2013 10:11 PM

Richard Sherman is a massive jackass.

But he's Seattle's massive jackass, so I can see why they like him.

WCH 03-07-2013 10:15 PM

This First Take dialogue looks like Trollception. Trolls trolling trolls. It's trolls all the way down.

Brodeur 03-07-2013 10:19 PM

Sherman is the best heel in sports. Also, awesome on the whole.

vidae 03-07-2013 10:22 PM

He's not a heel god damnit. That is a wrestling term. In football he's just a jackass.

Halsey 03-07-2013 10:24 PM

Maybe Vince should give him a call.

Eazy Picks 03-07-2013 10:27 PM

Dear Mr. Sherman

Youre right in many ways about Skip Bayless, and yes Skip Bayless is a joke. I often wonder if Skip can seriously mean the things he says or if hes just playing a character that he knows will get ratings by pissing people off. He was right in that Skip Bayless' opinion is irrelevant, because he is a joke and he doesn't really know **** about football and nobody who is actually intelligent about football or who works in football would ever take what Skip has to say as anything but entertainment.

You are a great young player, one of the leagues top rising stars, a graduate from Stanford so you are obviously very smart, but you need to just cool out. I love that you wasnt afraid to light into Skip Bayless, but cmon dont let him look more intelligent than you. you are right that he is a hack, but dammit you fell for his ****!!! Whatever he said about you, you should have laughed it off, and not let him get to you. When you said you were going to let your play do the talking and the film be your resume, you should have left it at that. You didnt have to point out that your an all-pro and have 12 picks, 4 FF in 2 years a thousand times. If his opinion is irrelevant, you dont need to try to argue with him about how good you are, all you need to say is Im an all-pro and my play speaks for itself. When he asks you about the Revis comments, all you need to do is say that you are a competitor and you are confident in your abilities and believe youre the best.

But a few things you should realize

-Nobody was calling Revis the best CB in the league after 2 years either. He had to work on his craft for years and shut down the best receivers in the league with consistency and help his team make deep runs in the playoffs to earn his nickname and his reputation as best in the league. You are quite honestly having a better start to your career than he did, but if you can't humble yourself and work on getting better, youll never evolve into the player he has become. Ask any QB in this league what CB you are most afraid to throw at, and Id be shocked if less than 90% of them said anyone other than Revis.

-Stop saying things like "get your picks up", youre better than that. If that was the thinking, DeAngelo Hall and Dre Bly would be considered two of the best corners of the recent era. Everyone knows a lot of the best corners dont get opportunities for picks, and some of the worst corners get lots of picks because they get thrown at so much. As it turns out, that isn't you. You dont let QBs pick on you, you break up a lot of passes, youre physical at the line of scrimmage, and your an opportunistic playmaker. And go ahead and say that if you want, but plz dont just say how many picks you have like that makes you right. But dont count on continuing to get this many picks as your reputation grows and QBs start watching more film on you and gamplanning against you. Thats why you will need to evolve your game if you want to be an elite player in the long run. You will learn that it is not just the number of balls that are thrown your way, it is the KIND of balls that are thrown your way, and that it is very difficult to consistently get large amounts of interceptions.

-Why are you going after Revis anyways? You have been in the league 2 years, I dont care how good you are, nobody is going to be willing to call you the best there is. Put Revis to to the side for a sec, Charles Tillman forced 10 fumbles and also had 85 tackles, 3 INT and 3 TD this year, a strong case can be made that he was the best corner in the NFL thi year. Back to Revis, you can never be as good as he is until you put together a body of work that can at least compare to his. No matter what happens from here, Revis will go down in history as one of the best shutdown corners the NFL has ever seen. What will be said about Richard Sherman? Maybe an all-time great, maybe just some guy who had a couple great years early and faded away. Revis is not some old guy who is past his prime, so its not some hes just living off his rep scenario (which is probably the case w/ someone like Champ Bailey, who many still falsely consider to be better than you), hes still in his prime. So really the only leg you have to stand on when trying to say youre better than Revis is that he was hurt last year and who knows how strong he will come back. And to go after him like that is completely classless. You may have a point there, but he could also come back stronger than ever like AP, and you should be rooting for him to do so, not rooting for him to come back weak so you can call yourself the best corner in the league.

-And just stop going after great players. Saying things like Roddy White is a "system" player, and the Pats run a "gimmick" offense just makes you sound dumb and is disrespectful to the league as a whole. If thats all it was, the rest of the league would have figured it out by now, you are not that far ahead of the curve. Be proud of your hard-fought victory over the Pats and be proud you picked one of the best QBs ever off in crunch time, and if Brady told you to see him after the game yea go ahead and give him some healthy trash talk, but no need to disrespect the guy and invalidate his success.

Brodeur 03-07-2013 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by vidae (Post 3294816)
He's not a heel god damnit. That is a wrestling term. In football he's just a jackass.

You are a heel when you get under people's skin by not actually doing anything all that wrong.

Halsey 03-07-2013 10:36 PM

It's funny how people say that Skip doesn't matter, yet he's always being talked about by pro athletes, on message boards, etc.

JordanTaber 03-07-2013 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by BallerT1215 (Post 3294743)
Telling Skip he has accomplished more in his career in 2 years than Skip has in whole career was a little much.

I know Skip is all for rating/devil advocate now on ESPN 2- but he has a ton of credentials with the media since covering SMU back in the 80's.

Not really. He was a shock writer, and now he's a shock TV personality. He went from outing Troy Aikman in his book to competing with Glenn Dickey, Ray Ratto, and Lowell Cohn for King Bay Area troll.

That said, Sherman came off like an idiot. "You're cretin." There are arrogant players like Sherman all over the NFL. Yet people think Terrell Owens is arrogant. :njx:

SunTzu_22 03-07-2013 11:04 PM

Damn Sherman, no need to rip Skip. Thats Terrell Suggs job, and he does it better than anyone :-)

Lolīd hard at the "Im better than YOU" line.

descendency 03-07-2013 11:05 PM

Sherman and Bayless are both just trolls.

soybean 03-07-2013 11:19 PM

Im a Sherman fan but I can't help but think he's going to have a let down year this coming season. Seems like it's all getting to his head.

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