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Poz51 03-29-2013 11:05 AM

Mock, Mock, Mock, Poz lost his mind?? 2 Rounds w/trades.
I will respond when I can, have at it...

2013 NFL Mock Draft
Round 1 (v6.2)

Kansas City trades the 1st pick to Philadelphia for the 4th and 35th picks in the 2013 draft.

1 – Philadelphia (via. K.C.) – Geno Smith (QB – W. Virginia)
Kansas City wants to trade back, the Eagles put Smith through the ringer, the Jaguars are putting it out there that they are interested, the Raiders are putting it out there that they are interested, the Browns are now even throwing it out there that they are interested, and everyone and their mother believes Arizona and Buffalo should be interested. If I am the Eagles, I know M. Vick is nearing the end and clearly not the long term answer and Nick Foles is not an schematic fit with what Chip Kelly likes to do. The Chiefs have let it be known that they will take less than market value (at least last years) for the pick, as G. Smith is not the commodity that A. Luck or R. Griffin were last year. I don’t see any teams offering more than a 2nd to move up and the Chiefs take the best offer, which comes from the Eagles who allow the Chiefs to recoup their 2nd round pick with the highest possible 2nd round option, while only having to slide down 3 spots in the first. Geno Smith has the football IQ, pass first, run second mind set, and physical skill set that matches up the best with what should be Chip Kelly’s NFL system.
Grade: 1st Round

2 – Jacksonville – Luke Joeckel (LT – Texas A & M)With Kansas City trading out of #1, Jacksonville lands the #1 overall prospect on the board. Jacksonville could go in any one of many directions with this pick and would love to upgrade the defense. However, Joeckel’s value coupled with the need for a temporary RT, team strength at running back, developing quarterback and receiving core, in addition to Eugene Monroe’s impending free agency next year make Joeckel the pick at this spot.
Grade: Top 5

Oakland trades the 3rd pick to Arizona for the 7th, 38th and 174th picks in the 2013 draft.

3 – Arizona (via. Oakland) – Matt Barkley (QB – U.S.C.)
As soon as Geno Smith goes off the board to Philly, an imaginary or non-imaginary “arms race” is created between Arizona and Buffalo for Matt Barkley, who is high on both of their boards in this mock. Arizona persuades Oakland to accept a slightly less than market value trade, but recovers a 2nd round pick in the deal, in addition to an 6th round pick which trumps the offer they (and I) believe Buffalo would be willing to make. Barkley gives Arians his mentally sharp QB, with the accuracy and just enough arm strength to run his offense and give him a chance to win early in his coaching career with the Cardinals. Barkley does not have elite arm strength, but his touch, sense of timing and anticipation on deep routes is good enough to make him a factor in Bruce Arians offense. Barkley can make all the throws, and Arizona takes his intangibles, work ethic, U.S.C’s offensive line and extenuating circumstances into consideration.
Grade: 1st Round

4 – Kansas City (via. Philadelphia) – Eric Fisher (LT – C. Michigan)
In trading back 3 spots the Chiefs effectively land pick 35 in this draft, the tackle they strongly considered with the #1 pick, solidified both tackle spots for this upcoming season and the LT spot for the next decade. The Chiefs seem content moving down in the draft and unless Arizona or Buffalo blows them out of the water with a deal that I don’t see either doing, this deal with the Eagles is a smart one.
Grade: Top 5

5 – Detroit – Ezekiel Ansah (DE – B.Y.U.)
Ansah is raw, but pure putty and a willing learner. Ansah has huge upside and as a natural 4-3 end, a critical piece to any Championship aspirations the Lions have. Ansah will take some time to develop but in the long game, has the highest ceiling of any of the 4-3 ends in this draft, with coaching should become an impact player, helping out the secondary which should receive some help later in this mock.
Grade: Top 20

6 – Cleveland – Dee Milliner (CB – Alabama)
Having a pretty empty cupboard opposite J. Haden and plenty of money to spend in free agency on other needs, Milliner gives Cleveland a pair of elite level corners that allow them to run the aggressive 3-4 defense they want, and that would allow them to be serious contenders defensively.
Grade: Top 20

7 – Oakland (via Arizona) – Star Lotulelei (DT/NT/DE – Utah)
Oakland needs a pass rusher, Jarvis Jones and Dion Jordan along with Lotulelei have medical issues, Lotulelei however, is the better run defender of the three and I believe is a better pass rusher than he is given credit for. When he is allowed to just play and use his instincts, he is an absolute animal inside. He is also the most diverse of the three, being able to play in any front and contribute on all three downs and can create pressure up the middle on passing downs. I see a lot of Holati Ngata in his game and will impact the Raiders defensive front, making those around him better as well.
Grade: Top 5

Buffalo trades the 8th pick in the 2013 draft and their 6th round pick in the 2014 draft to San Diego for the 11th and 76th picks in the 2013 draft.

8 – San Diego (via. Buffalo) – Lane Johnson (LT – Oklahoma)
San Diego moves up 3 spots to secure the future at LT for Phillip Rivers. Having watched and seen the value an elite LT brings to a quarterbacks well being, Mike McCoy and company ensure they get their man. Johnson has the most athletic ability of the top three left tackles in this draft and could be the best of the bunch 5 years from now. San Diego overpays slightly in this trade, as Buffalo has several options that they are seriously considering with this pick, including Lane Johnson.
Grade: Top 10

9 – N.Y.J. – Dion Jordan (OLB – Oregon)
The Jets entertain several draft trade scenerios but when Jordan falls into their laps they take the outside linebacking pass rusher who can cover and “convert speed to power” to fit into their aggressive scheme. Jordan is athletic enough to cover tight ends, and has the ability to rush the passer, creating pressure off the edge.
Grade: Top 10

Tennessee trades the 10th pick in the 2013 draft and an 6th round pick in the 2014 draft to Tampa Bay for the 13th and 73rd picks in the 2013 draft.

10 – Tampa Bay (via. Tennessee) – Xavier Rhodes (CB – F.S.U.)
Tampa needs corners and gives up a 3rd rounder this year to get their man. Rhodes ability to press and match up with bigger wide outs, coupled with his physical style is exactly what the Bucs are looking to add to their secondary. Even if the Bucs trade for Revis, this pick makes sense, as they clearly need two corners.
Grade: Top 20

11 – Buffalo (via. San Diego) – Shariff Floyd (DT/DE – Florida)
Buffalo moves down the board looking to land one of several players to help the offense, and despite being more tight lipped than in the past GM Buddy Nix has mentioned “a big bodied receiver”, and given his history, Cordarrelle Patterson or Keenan Allen makes sense and allows the Marrone and Co. to move Stevie Johnson into the slot in certain formations. Buddy Nix however, cannot overlook the value Floyd brings to the table and with Kyle Williams having Achilles surgery this offseason for a second year in a row and approaching “the wrong side of thirty” come June, the Bills take the highest rated player on their board.
Grade: Top 20

12 – Miami – Bjoern Werner (DE – F.S.U.)
Really hoping to land Rhodes, the Bucs along with the rest of the NFL draft world knew that, crashed that party and Miami who looks to build through the draft with the picks that they have, settle for Werner who might have the most field awareness of any of the defensive lineman in this draft. Werner is not a speed rusher, but uses his hands well in getting to the quarterback, sets the edge in run support and provides Miami with an NFL ready base 4-3 end who can contribute immediately.
Grade: Top 20

13 – Tennessee (via. Tampa Bay) – Keenan Allen (WR – Cal.)
Kenny Britt seems to be developing a disturbing pattern of behavior and is in a contract year, N. Washington is over paid and the Titans seem to be addressing the majority of their other needs in free agency. Allen is the #1 receiver on my board, and although his injury seems to be creating some funky amnesia in the draft community, he did the most of the top receivers with the least at QB, continually produced and is a top 10 caliber receiver. K. Wright and K. Allen give the Titans a bright future at wide receiver in Tennessee. Allen has strong hands, runs very good routes, and being compared to L.Fitzgerald and A. Boldin is never a bad thing.
Grade: Top 20

14 – Carolina – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR – Tennessee)
Dwan Edwards was a quality player who is 32 years old, next year is 33 with decline in the air, despite signing a contract to stay in Carolina the Panthers still need help at DT, but also need to surround their playmaking quarterback with playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, and look to Patterson to be that guy, who can grow and develop a long term relationship with Cam Newton. If the Panthers wish to compete with the Saints and Falcons in the NFC South, they will have to put points on the board, and Patterson is an explosive playmaker, who is threat to score every time he has the ball in his hands.
Grade: Top 20

15 – New Orleans – Jarvis Jones (OLB – Georgia)
New Orleans new 3-4 defense needs a pass rusher, and Jones on tape is the best in the draft. Jones medical and pre-draft workouts have been less than impressive, but if Jones is the type of player who takes it to a different level on the field, he could be a steal at this spot.
Grade: Top 20

16 – St. Louis – Chance Womack (G – Alabama)
Womack should and could come April be gone by this pick, but guards do tend to fall, and St. Louis having already added Jake Long can really turn the offensive line into a strength by adding Warmack to the line. Warmack helps in both phases of the offense and should be a pro-bowl player for a decade.
Grade: Top 5

Pittsburgh sends the 17th pick to Minnesota for the 23rd and 83rd picks in the 2013 draft.

17 – Minnesota (via. Pittsburgh) – Sheldon Richardson (DT – Mizzu)
Minnesota has other needs, but the chance to land a potential top 10 caliber defensive tackle to replace Kevin Williams at the cost of a third round pick is too tempting to pass on. Pressure up the middle is and has always been the best way to rattle QB’s and in their division, pressure is a must.
Grade: Top 20

18 – Dallas – Jonathan Cooper (G – U.N.C.)
If either Warmack or Cooper are available, I don’t know how Dallas passes on them, unless there is some phenomenal value, which in this case Cooper is set value. The more athletic of the two top guards, pairing Cooper with T. Smith gives the Cowboys the most young athletic tackle/guard combo in the league.
Grade: Top 10

The Giants trade the 19th pick to the 49ers for the 31st and 63rd picks in the 2013 draft.

19 – San Francisco (via. N.Y.G.) – Desmond Trufant (CB – Washington)
I have Trufant about even with Milliner and Rhodes, and ascending on my board, ultra competitive and well versed in all coverages, Trufant comes in and starts from day one for the 49ers. With enough ammunition to really make any move they want, I think the 9ers will target a corner and go get him, Trufant has the competitive nature on and off the field that will fit right into San Francisco.
Grade: Top 20

20 – Chicago – Arthur Brown (OLB/ILB K. State)
The Bears have done a nice job upgrading the offensive line in free agency, and have added some veteran players in the LB core, none of which are long term solutions. If Brown were just a little bit taller… Regardless, he is a athletic, physical defender with superb recognition skills, a tackling machine, who is a very capable pass defender, who can drop and should fit nicely in the Bears zone scheme.
Grade: 2nd Round

21 – Cincinnati – Kenny Vaccaro (FS/SS – Texas)
A cover safety will go a long way to help rectify some of the ills from last season, and Vaccaro should be that guy at safety, able to drop down and cover the slot, cover the deep half and add a valuable piece to a nearly complete secondary.
Grade: 1st Round

22 – St. Louis (via. Washington) – Tevon Austin (WR – W. Virginia)
Having already solidified the offensive line through free agency and using the 16th pick on Chance Warmack, the Rams look to give Sam Bradford a weapon to utilize in space, who compliments last years second round pick Brian Quick’s size on the outside, and a true playmaker who they can move around all over the field. If Austin is the type of weapon that will revolutionize the new NFL, than this pick is a steal.
Grade: 1st Round

23 – Pittsburgh (via. Minnesota) – Barkevious Mingo (OLB – L.S.U.)
Pittsburgh is rebuilding, and moves down the board, picks up an extra 3rd and still lands a top 20 player who they very likely would have been interested in taking at 17. All the while landing right infront of Indianapolis who does not have the picks to make much of a move in this draft, having already give up a second rounder in the Vonte Davis trade.
Grade: Top 20

24 – Indianapolis – DeAndre Hopkins (WR – Clemson)
I want to go pass rusher here, D. Moore and J. Collins are potential targets, but Reggie Wayne is going to be 35 in November, T.Y. Hilton is supposed to add weight but I think he’ll still be a slot receiver, and the depth behind them is pretty bleak. The Colts have addressed many needs this offseason, and even with C. Fleener and D. Allen at tight end, the receiving core needs to be addressed as Wayne’s age and the relative lack of depth is concerning. I have Hopkins as a top 20 caliber player and a great value at 24 in this mock. I see him as a Reggie Wayne type of player who will give Andrew Luck a similar target for much of, if not the rest of his career.
Grade: Top 20

25 – Minnesota – Manti Te’o (ILB – Notre Dame)
Minnesota has a nice little successful history with former Irish players and a need at inside linebacker, where the instinctual Te’o would be a good fit talent and scheme wise, where his instincts and coverage ability are a great fit. Minnesota is one of the best places for Te’o to go and put the past where it belongs.
Grade: 1st Round

Green Bay trades the 26th pick to Buffalo for the 42nd and 76th picks in the 2013 draft.

26 – Buffalo (via. Green Bay) – Ryan Nassib (QB – Syracuse)
Buffalo trades back, then uses the 3rd round pick to trade up and land “their” guy. I have Nassib rated as my #1 QB in this draft, his ability to read defenses and quick decision making are big reasons why, he has things to work on, like his deep ball and touch, but the coaching staff knows him well, as he knows the offense which will speed up his transition into the NFL. Green Bay slides this pick back into the second round and picks up a early third rounder to help rebuild (hard to say for a play-off team) and address their team needs.
Grade: 1st Round

27 – Houston – Justin Hunter (WR – Tennessee)
Andre Johnson is getting long in the tooth and it is starting to show. Hunter has the ability to be a #1 wide out in the near future, additionally he has the speed to be a real threat off the play action pass, and provide an immediate compliment to Johnson.
Grade: 2nd Round

28 – Denver – Kawann Short (DT – Purdue)
After adding T. Knighton in FA, the Bronco’s still could use more help inside, and adding someone with the ability to create pressure up the middle to compliment V. Miller off the edge will not hurt. I am still higher on Short than most, and have him as an impact, top 20 caliber player and a steal at 28.
Grade: Top 20

*Trade* New England trades the 29th pick and their 6th round pick in 2014 to Jacksonville for the 34th pick and 108th picks in the 2013 draft.
29 – Jacksonville (via. New England) – Damontre Moore (DE/OLB – Texas A & M)
Jacksonville needs a pass rusher, badly and with the Giants, Falcons, and other potential trade up partners looking to do so, the Jag’s get their man, who is capable of standing up and playing the “Leo” for Gus Bradley.
Grade: 1st Round

30 – Atlanta – Cornellius Carradine (DE – F.S.U.)
Even with Osi coming in via free agency, Carradine has the long term potential to compliment an explosive offense, and make an immediate impact.
Grade: 2nd Round

31 – N.Y.G. (via. San Francisco) – D.J. Fluker (RT/G – Alabama)
Fluker can come in from day one and start at right tackle not only getting push, opening lanes and enhancing the run game, but as S. Wright says; ” The addition of Fluker would allow David Diehl to move back inside to left guard, thus killing two birds with one stone.” Fluker is also a nice value and best available player pick.
Grade: 1st Round

32 – Baltimore – Kahseem Greene (OLB – Rutgers)
Kahseem Greene; 6-1, 241 lbs, Dannell Ellerbe; 6-1, 240 lbs. Ozzie Newsome is infamous for taking the best available player, and despite having Z. Ertz as my #1 at this point, Greene is #2. Greene added 10 lbs after the combine and not only gained a tenth of a second in his 40, but did not lose his agility at his pro-day. A playmaking, tackling machine, who is a former safety, capable in coverage, who also excels at attacking the line of scrimmage, and has a knack for making big plays at crucial times. I believe Greene is chronically underrated at this point, and can come in and start for the Ravens from day one and make an impact.
Grade: 1st Round

Round 2

33 – New England (via. Jacksonville) – D.J. Hayden (CB – Houston)
Hayden would have been in the conversation regarding the top corners in this draft had it not been for a freak practice accident in November where he tore his Inferior Vena Cava, which could have killed him. Hayden blazed at his pro-day, and similarly to S. Lotulelei and J. Jones, his medical evaluations will have a lot to say about where he goes in April. Hayden is however just what the doctor ordered for the Patriots secondary who could use a hip pocket corner.
Grade: 2nd Round

34 – San Francisco (via. K.C.) – Jesse Williams (NT – Alabama)
Having added a play making corner to the secondary, the 9ers look to offset some of the free agent losses with a nose tackle who can come in and start from day one anywhere along the defensive line, helping the 9ers maintain their physicality up front.
Grade: 1st Round

35 – Kansas City (via. Philadelphia) – Kevin Minter (ILB – L.S.U.)
Kansas City looks to round out its linebacking core with their pick added via the trade down with the Eagles. Minters instincts, reaction and game speed will be an asset to the Chiefs defense in any situation.
Grade: 1st Round

36 – Detroit – Terron Armstead (LT – Arkansas-Pine Bluff)
Detroit is going to make Matthew Stafford an even richer man than he already is and protecting that investment should be a priority. Armstead allows the Lions to shuffle R. Reiff to right guard or tackle and provide some flexability along the line, while strengthening it in general.
Grade: 2nd Round

37 – Cincinnati (via. Oakland) – Alec Ogletree (OLB – Georgia)
Pairing Ogletree with Vaccaro will allow Cincinnati to improve their coverage ability defensively, while adding playmakers and improve an already very good defense. Talent wise Ogletree has almost everything you could ask for, but he has had off the field issues throughout his career at Georgia and has developed a pattern of behavior that is very concerning.
Grade: 1st Round

Oakland trades the 38th pick to Miami for the 56th and 82nd picks in the 2013 draft.

38 – Miami (via. Oakland/Arizona) – Tyler Eifert (TE – Notre Dame)
Once Eifert starts to drop inexplicably out of the first round, teams start working the phones, and Miami wins the derby. An absolute steal.
Grade: Top 20

39 – Cleveland – Josh Gordon Supplemental Draft

40 – N.Y.J. – E.J. Manual (QB – F.S.U.)
The Jets nab Manual in the early second to give him a year (or less…) to develop behind lame duck quarterback Mark Sanchez. Manual is on my bust list, but with M. Mayock recently putting him #2 on his QB list, some team is likely to take a chance on the next Jamarcus Russell, aka; “Athletic quarterback with arm talent”, hopefully for them it is not in the first round.
Grade: 3rd Round

41 – Tennessee – Johnathan Banks (CB/S – Miss. St.)
Banks played this past year hurt, went into the combine injured and ran poorly, but has the play making ability to help improve a Titans pass defense that was among the 10 worst in the league last year, slide A. Verner into the nickel back where he fits better. When fully healed (which he should be come training camp), Banks gives the Titans a playmaking ballhawk with length in secondary.
Grade: 1st Round

42 – Green Bay (via. Buffalo) – Zach Ertz (TE – Stanford)
Ertz, my 24th ranked overall player finally comes off the board. Ertz is a reliable target who can run block and will not rock the boat publically or privately, giving Aaron Rogers a reliable Jason Witten type of tight end for the rest of his career. A steal at pick 42, and an eventual end game to the J. Finley saga in Green Bay.
Grade: 1st Round

43 – Miami – Menelik Watson (T – F.S.U.)
Miami needs corners, but might need a tackle more with J. Long moving to St. Louis, and with the depth in this draft at corner, take the talented but raw Watson to compete with J. Martin for the left tackle spot.
Grade: 2nd Round

Tampa trades the 44th pick and their 2014 first round pick to the N.Y.J. for Darrelle Revis.

44 – N.Y.J. (via. Tampa Bay) – Barrett Jones (C/G/T – Alabama)
The Jets could go in several directions with this pick, but ultimately take B. Jones for his versatility, and ability to come in and start from day one at right guard, or right tackle if need be.
Grade: 1st Round

45 – Carolina – Eric Reid (SS/FS – L.S.U.)
Ultimately I believe Reid is a better strong safety, however, he can play free safety, where the Panthers had one of the worst starters in the league last year in H. Nakamura. Reid is a plug and play starter.
Grade: 2nd Round

46 – New Orleans – Bounty Gate

47 – San Diego – Kyle Long (LT/G – Oregon)
The Chargers take K. Long here over the higher rated L. Warford for Long’s athleticism. Despite picking up C. Rinehart and R. Ohrnberger in free agency, Long is an upgrade over Ohrnberger at left guard, and a potential upgrade over K. Dunlap at right tackle. L. Johnson and K. Long are huge upgrades along the offensive line that should help get P. Rivers back on track.
Grade: 2nd Round

48 – St. Louis – Matt Elam (FS – Florida)
Potentially the most glaring need on the Rams defense, and the ability to fill it with the playmaking ballhawk from Florida is the best option with the 48th pick.
Grade: 2nd Round

49 – Dallas – Jonathan Cyprien (SS – F.I.U.)
Dallas needs an upgrade at safety, both of them and while K. Minter is enticing to play the SAM backer, Cyprien at SS helps fill one of two spots of need in the secondary vs. one in the linebacking core.
Grade: 2nd Round

50 – Pittsburgh – Robert Woods (WR – U.S.C.)
Pittsburgh will need to address the wide out position if they wish to keep Big Ben and the offense viable and Woods gives them a wide out who can run the route tree, is a natural hands catcher, and competitive hard working playmaker.
Grade: 2nd Round

51 – N.Y.G. – Datone Jones (DE U.C.L.A.)
I have Jones as a top 30 player in this draft, and falls as teams match need and value. Jones can play base 4-3 end on run downs then slide inside and be a natural fit in the Giants “NASCAR” package on passing downs and create pressure up the middle. A steal in the middle of the second round.
Grade: 1st Round

52 – Chicago – David Amerson (CB/S – N.C. St.)
Chicago has/is going to have serious issues at corner in the near future, and will not be able to bring back all the current and eventual free agents. Amerson is a ball hawking corner who should be a great fit in their zone coverages where he can read and react.
Grade: 2nd Round

53 – Washington – Darius Slay (CB – Miss. St.)
Slay has been screaming up my board at corner back for a couple months, watching J. Banks, D. Slay just keeps jumping off the tape at me. He is so natural and fluid, almost always in the receivers hip pocket, and his coverage skills are a great fit for the Redskins defensive scheme.
Grade: 2nd Round

54 – Minnesota – Jamar Taylor (CB – Boise St.)
Loose hips, solid fundamentals, a wiling tackler who excels in zone coverage. Taylor is a natural fit in Minnesota’s defensive scheme and along with Richardson and Te’o gives the Vikings defense a solid foundation moving into the future.
Grade: 2nd Round

55 – Cincinnati – Eddie Lacy (RB – Alabama)
Cincinnati has solid backs, but Lacy adds a unique dimension in a power back with a lethal spin move, that counters defenders squaring up on him and with the Bengal’s offensive line being able to get push in the run game Lacy is a great fit and compliment to the existing pieces.
Grade: 2nd Round

56 – Oakland (via. Miami/Indy) – Jamie Collins (OLB – S. Mississippi)
Oakland continues to address the front seven defensively, with Jamie Collins who was the shining light on a bad S. Mississippi squad. Collins is still under the radar in general, but is getting is his due respect on several boards lately. A steal this late in the second round.
Grade: 1st Round

57 – Green Bay – Quinton Patton (WR – La. Tech.)
Larry Warford is the top available player, but with Guard not being a priority anytime soon, I have the Packers going with the 2nd best available and Q. Patton to help the receiver core keep A. Rogers flush with targets as G. Jennings has already left, and J. Jones looks like another free agent defection next year.
Grade: 2nd Round

58 – Seattle – Sylvester Williams (DT – U.N.C.)
Seattle looks to Williams to help solidify the interior of the defense, particularly when rushing the passer on passing downs.
Grade: 3rd Round

59 – Houston – Justin Pugh (T/G – Syracuse)
Houston could use an upgrade at Right Tackle and Pugh’s feet and athleticism would be great fit in their zone based run scheme and he could handle the edge in pass protection. Day one starter.
Grade: 2nd Round

Denver trades the 60th pick to Buffalo for the 71st pick and the Bills 2014 3rd Round pick.

60 – Buffalo (via. Denver) – Larry Warford (G – Kentucky)
Buffalo looks to the value Warford provides, and the help he can provide to the Bills run game in particular, while Denver picks up a third round pick next year and drops back 11 picks and takes a player they could take at this spot. Tennessee looks to make the same trade, but wont part with the added 3rd round value.
Grade: 1st Round

61 – New England – Aaron Dobson (WR – Marshall)
Dobson ran in the low 4’s at his pro-day, is an excellent route runner, who can make the tough catch in traffic and is a team leader, who is just what the Patriots need split out wide at receiver.
Grade: 2nd Round

62 – Atlanta Jordan Poyer (CB – Oregon St.)
The Falcons look to Poyer to make plays in their secondary and compete for a starting spot from day 1.
Grade: 2nd Round

63 – N.Y.G. (via. San Francisco) – Vance McDonald (TE – Rice)
The trade back with the 49ers is working out nicely as the Giants replace M. Bennett, with McDonald who is a high effort run blocker and an very good receiving tight end.
Grade: 2nd Round

64 – Baltimore – Da’Rick Rogers (WR – Tennessee Tech.)
The best available player from a purely talent standpoint, and 1st round caliber talent. Rogers has concerns, but the Ravens have a solid infrastructure that should help keep Rogers inline, which he appears to have been doing over the last year. Rogers gives Flacco a big target who can make explosive plays.
Grade: 2nd Round

farfromforgotten 03-29-2013 11:18 AM

It's a relatively small thing, but the 49ers have pick #61 in the 2nd round.

Now, in regards to the draft, I like it. I ultimately hope that if we are gonna do a trade to move up in round 1 that it would be for Vacarro, though I'm a big fan of Trufant's as well. Have him as my #2 CB, so I can't complain too much about that.

At 34 we could go a number of ways... and Jesse Williams is one of them. I also like Cyprien and Datone Jones there.

I don't know all team needs but the rest of the mock seems reasonable to me and well written. Good job.

AntoinCD 03-29-2013 11:20 AM

I like the picks for the Pats and the trade seems pretty realistic, however I would be pissed if they moved down with Tank on the board, hell even Moore at that stage

49erNation85 03-29-2013 11:26 AM

A meh ok draft for sf. I would rather just stick at 31 and keep our picks. No need to move around so early.

scottyboy 03-29-2013 11:55 AM

nice work and I like a lot of what you did. I'm fine with the Giants first 2 picks (and the trade) but I can assure you we don't pick a TE that early. We need LB and DB help after picking Fluker and Jones. We signed Myers, have Adrian Robinson who our staff is high on and Pascoe. Give us someone studly like Logan Ryan there instead :)

we're also in love for what you said about Khaseem

thebow305 03-29-2013 12:01 PM

Miami needs a RE to play opposite Cam Wake and Werner is probably a strict base 4-3 left end. Someone like Tank Carradine would make more sense there, or even Desmond Trufant because CB is arguably our top need there.

Eifert and Watson are rock solid picks in the 2nd though. Nice job.

K Train 03-29-2013 12:03 PM

at first i was gonna say **** YOU for trading down, i hate trading down this year...but i approve of mingo and woods lol

princefielder28 03-29-2013 12:40 PM

Aaron would be very happy to throw to Ertz and Patton.

BallerT1215 03-29-2013 01:42 PM

Well that would be an exciting first two days for the Bills with those trades.

I love the trade down idea in the 1st. If Floyd somehow did fall to 11, I could not see us passing up on him either. Plus with all the different defensive fronts we plan on using with Pettine, he would be very valuable.

As you know, I don't like Nassib as a prospect and trading up for him in the 1st would be upsetting to say the least.

Trading back into the 2nd to get Worford I would love as well. I like him a lot and as we know, We need OG's ASAP!

Good job Poz!

ChicagoBearsVet23 03-29-2013 01:49 PM

Great Bears Draft!

Pat Sims 90 03-29-2013 04:26 PM

I will take it.

Donno 03-29-2013 06:28 PM

You a Raiders fan? This would be heavenly!

Robcards 03-29-2013 08:09 PM

Jordan fits the Jets scheme alright, the scheme of needing to rush 7 guys in order to generate any sort of a pass rush. Would prefer someone who can actually rush the passer by himself like Mingo, not some versatile guy who can cover tight ends, we rush 5+ almost every play anyway.

rawdawg 03-29-2013 08:21 PM

I'd take that Bears draft. Would prefer Warford in the 2nd. But any combo of Brown/Austin in the 1st and Warford/Amerson/Patton or Wheaton in the 2nd would be nice.

Shupp 03-29-2013 09:09 PM

I don't like giving up # 63 to move up for Trufant. Maybe a later pick if he fell a little farther....

KCStud 03-29-2013 09:12 PM

I'm a KC fan and this is the best mock I've seen.

Legacy 03-29-2013 11:00 PM

So... Who's starting at NT for the Bucs then? Corvey Irvin? Gary Gibson?

No, thanks.

To be clear, I don't hate the idea of acquiring Rhodes or Revis. I just don't like the idea of losing a 3rd rounder to get Rhodes.

The Dynasty 03-29-2013 11:09 PM

As a Vikings fan I don't mind the trade up to get a top DT but I would be surprised if we don't draft a WR in the first 2 rounds.

phlysac 03-30-2013 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by Poz51 (Post 3315405)
The Giants trade the 19th pick to the 49ers for the 31st and 63rd picks in the 2013 draft.

19 – San Francisco (via. N.Y.G.) – Desmond Trufant (CB – Washington)
I have Trufant about even with Milliner and Rhodes, and ascending on my board, ultra competitive and well versed in all coverages, Trufant comes in and starts from day one for the 49ers. With enough ammunition to really make any move they want, I think the 9ers will target a corner and go get him, Trufant has the competitive nature on and off the field that will fit right into San Francisco.
Grade: Top 20

I don't hate it but it seems like a really big jump to get a 3rd ranked player.

Thecollegedropout 03-30-2013 12:25 AM

All these trades and the Jets don't do a single trade down? Better yet we take Manuel in the 2nd round?

I am alright with Dion Jordan, not jumping up and down and I can get behind the Revis trade and getting Jones but the Manuel pick ruined the whole thing for me. If the Jets instead took Lacy or Elam there....now we're talkin.

Bobo 03-30-2013 03:58 AM

Thinking outside the box for the Titans! No Warmack or Cooper at 10!? WOW! lol

Many of us Titans fans have had the WR talk. There's reason for it being an option. Seeing as how it is not a desperate need, the trade down makes it feel much better. I would take Patterson there, but I've only seen a bit of Allen so...

I hate to see Warford, Long, and Pugh go before our 3rd. I'd take one (in that order instead) instead of going after Banks.

rawdawg 03-30-2013 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by phlysac (Post 3316139)
I don't hate it but it seems like a really big jump to get a 3rd ranked player.

As a Bears fan, I'd take the Niners 1st and 3rd for the 20th pick. 1st and 2nd seems really steep. I believe NE gave up their 3rd to move from 27 to 20 last year. Moving up a few more spots so maybe would have to include something like a 5th from the Niners and 6th from the Bears, but I'd do that deal if I'm the Bears....provided the board lays out the way they want.

The_Dude 03-30-2013 10:13 AM

I like the trade up for Richardson. Teo is meh at best. But the Vikings need to come out of the first 2 rounds with a WR

jCut 03-30-2013 12:30 PM

Kawann Short definitely fits a need, but I would prefer Damontre Moore. And that 2nd round trade sucks, but I have a feeling you knew I'd say that.

Miaoww 03-30-2013 01:42 PM

As a Panthers fan - ew.

If I was a Cards fan I would be homicidal on draft day if that happened IRL.

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