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Big_Pete 04-06-2013 04:27 AM

Here is my thoughts on a solution to the Victor Cruz situation
Here is my thoughts on a solution to the Victor Cruz situation.

Let me preface this by saying that I would love to see Cruz as a long term Giant, but honestly, I donít see it happening.

The Giants likely have their best and final offer on the table reportedly over $7m per year, but Cruz wants $11m. After 19 April, Cruz will have to play for his first round RFA tender of a little under $3m and he would become an unrestricted free agent next year. The fact that both sides have been in negotiations for over a year, doesnít give me any confidence that a deal can be done. Once we hit 19 April, unless Cruz drops his demands (which he has shown no signs of doing to date), and any solution is likely to be short term at best.

So here is my solution to the Victor Cruz situation. Trade Cruz and our second round pick (49) to Cleveland for their first round pick (6). Here is why it makes sense.

From the Giants point of view, we get good value for Cruz, equivalent to a first round pick. We would be in a position to get a top tier draft prospect at a premium position. Additionally we would be in a position to re-use the cap room we had planned for Cruz to either bring in a good free agent or to extend some of the key players coming off contract after the season like Nicks, Jospeh or Pierre-Paul. More importantly, this team does not need any distraction, particularly after last year; we need to get focused on the upcoming season. We need to get the Victor Cruz saga resolved one way or the other.

From Clevelandís point of view, they donít have a lot of needs but they do need to upgrade their offense. They have around $30m in cap room. At #6 there are few players in the draft that are good value and fill needs (is the 6th overall pick the best value for a #2 CB?). Sure the browns could have signed Cruz off the RFA tender, but the #6 is too much, however by getting the #49 they can still get a good player at their need positions.

Victor Cruz is a good fit for what Cleveland wants to do. Norv Turnerís offense schemes feature deep passing attacks, a power north-south ground attack and use the TE in intermediate areas. This also is very similar to what Chudzinski has done in the past with Carolina. The Brown have a lot of the pieces in place for this, but they do need good vertical threats, Cruz is a very good, proven deep weapon. Cruz also adds some legitimate star power and will excite fans. A quick turnaround on offense is the best way to turn around for the Browns franchise.

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