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D-Unit 04-08-2013 06:22 PM

Forum Mock: NFL News Wire

Matthew Jones 04-08-2013 07:12 PM

Patriots discussing trade involving QB Mallett

The New England Patriots have reportedly discussed the availability of quarterback Ryan Mallett with other NFL teams; New England reportedly has at least one offer on the table for the 2011 third-round pick.

Mallett slipped down draft boards because of perceived character concerns, but has been able to stay out of trouble during his time in New England, recently receiving praise from Bill Belichick for his improvement from 2011 to 2012. At 6'6" and 245 pounds, Mallett is among the biggest quarterbacks in the league, and also possesses elite arm strength.

A two-year starter at Arkansas, he passed for 3,624 yards, 30 touchdowns, and seven interceptions in 2009, completing 55.8% of his passes. In 2010, Mallett improved his completion percentage to 64.7% while passing for 3,869 yards, 32 touchdowns, and twelve interceptions in a pro-style spread.

RaiderNation 04-08-2013 07:51 PM

Raiders Willing to Move Down From #3

There are multiple reports from the Oakland Raiders saying the team is actively trying to move from the 3rd overall pick. With 2 elite offensive tackles in this draft and many teams needing one, they are sure offers will come in before the draft. The Silver and Black needs picks, and are willing to move down somewhere in the top 12 if the right compensation is returned.

CJSchneider 04-08-2013 08:38 PM

After the arduous task of making sure the New Orleans Saints were under the salary cap going into the 2013 NFL draft, word has it that the team has placed RB Mark Ingram on the trading block. Team sources have also indicated teams have inquired about DE Will Smith.

sbh15 04-09-2013 04:23 PM

Jaguars looking to move down from 2nd overall
Reports out of Jacksonville say that the Jaguars are aggressively looking to move down from the second overall pick in the 2013 draft. With several teams picking in the top five looking at the three elite offensive tackles, teams looking to move up and secure one are the most likely trade candidates. Teams looking for one of the elite pass rushers could also be potential trade partners. The Jags appear to be looking to pile up current and future picks and would likely move down to any spot in the draft for the right offer.

Menardo75 04-09-2013 07:01 PM

Eagles Rumored In Multiple Moves

Eagles Targeting a QB in the upcoming draft?

New head coach Chip Kelly and Co-Gm's Sickwithit and Menardo have been doing their homework on this quarterback class. The Eagles have been rumored to covet E.J. Manuel due to his immense upside. GM Menardo75 had this to say about the quarterback situation in Philly, "We really like the QB's on the roster. Competition is always healthy." Could they be targeting him in the first round?, "Anything is possible." A very Bellichickian like response. With Michael Vick only on a 1 year deal and Nick Foles possibly not fitting in with the new regime all signs definitely are pointing towards the Eagles adding a young signal caller.

Jason Peters on the Block?

Sources report that the Eagles are actively shopping offensive tackle Jason Peters and are close to a deal with an anonymous team. When asked of the situation GM Sickwithit had this to say, "Jason Peters is an Eagle." The new regime is certainly tight lipped. I guess we will have to see what happens in the coming week.

robert pancake gallery 04-09-2013 08:05 PM

Jimmy Haslam III Announces Demands For Major Shoreway Renovation

AP - Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III has reportedly made demands to convert much of the downtown Cleveland shoreway into a major truck stop destination. The proposal calls for major renovation to current Burke Lakefront Airport and would seek to make northeast Ohio the "Mecca" of truck stops, featuring a hybrid industrial airport using preexisting capital.

"My vision for Pilot/Flying J is to revolutionize the way travel centers are used, to take advantage of Cleveland's accessibility to Lake Erie, and to utilize the existing airport to expand our clientele. For the first time we will be able to provide fuel stop accessibility for industrial airplanes and ships at our harbor. Still, the backbone of our great nation's economy is our beautiful interstate highway system, and this development will house the world's largest center for research and development of the latest semi-truck fueling technology, taking advantage of partnerships with both the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University," said Haslam.

"Our goal is to seek more efficient and clean solutions to fueling these large freighters and offer a platform to provide the latest technologies at the onset of their development; while it may take years or even decades for fuel alternatives to ever reach the market, our goal at Pilot is to cut down the time between trial and customer, and we plan to do it with the help of the Cleveland Browns organization."

This isn't the first time a major american industry has sought out the NFL as a means of broadening their consumer appeal.

"Pittsburgh has ketchup, we have gas," said Haslam.

This announcement comes weeks after Ohio Governor John Kasich discussed potential plans to extend interstate 490 to university circle; additional suggestions have been made to complete the extension with interstate 90 near the Bratenahl exit.

Robcards 04-09-2013 10:07 PM

Darelle Revis Traded to the Eagles

After being snubbed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following months of negotiations, the new Jets GM wasted no time in finding another partner for the Revis deal. The Philadelphia Eagles were more than happy to trade for Revis' services, and have signed him to a 4 year extension, the financials of which have yet to be disclosed.

The draft picks exchanged were the Eagles' 4th overall selection and a 7th round selection (210th overall) in exchange for the Jets' Darelle Revis and 2nd round selection (39th overall). While the deal does not provide the quantity of picks that Jets GM Robcards had hoped for, it is obvious that he intends to trade back from the 4th selection to accumulate the picks required to build the depth that the Jets lack heavily.

The trade should be fruitful for both sides however, as the Jets have the ammunition to move back and accumulate more picks with the 4th and 9th overall selection and the Eagles get a perennial pro-bowl player at a position that is arguably their biggest need, while still having the ammo to get back into the 1st round with the 35th and 39th overall selection.

"I am not happy with the way [Bucs' GM bucfan12] dealt with the situation at all," said an obviously exhausted Robcards. "However, I am relieved that we were able to come to an agreement with the Eagles quickly and I am looking forward to the draft in a few days. I am excited to bring in some young talent and start to build a team that will be in the Super Bowl discussion very soon."

When asked if the rumors that there were talks with the Panthers regarding a Revis for Newton trade, the Jets' GM called such talk "absolutely ridiculous."

SickwithIt1010 04-09-2013 10:19 PM

Eagles Land NFL's Top Defensive Player: Revis

In a draft that many feel is loaded with contributors, but lack star power, the Eagles went out and got their man. The Eagles will send the 4th overall pick and 210th pick (7th round) to land Darrelle Revis who is arguably the best defensive player in all of football. The Eagles also aquire the 39th pick in this draft (2nd round).

CO-GM Sickwithit was asked for a comment on the trade. "We were in a situation at 4 in this draft where we did not know where to go. Jason Peters is at 100% and is the best LT in football so the talk of a need at tackle is overblown, and Corner is still a position we need help at, and who better to help out than Darrelle Revis?" Revis, who is coming off of an ACL tear is making great progress and is expected to be in the starting lineup from day 1.

Upon the approval of the trade the Eagles and Revis have agreed to an extension which will be $60 million dollars over 4 years with $30 million of that guaranteed. CO-GM Menardo added his feelings on the trade saying "Richard Sherman has been very vocal in saying he believes he is the best Cornerback in football, but we know who that is and it is Darrelle Revis, and he will be in Philadelphia throughout his prime".

Sickwithit and Menardo are behind Chip Kelly and what they are doing all the way. "We will continue to be aggressive in helping coach Chip Kelly bring a Lombardi trophy to this organization, we owe it to our fans and the people of Philadelphia"

Menardo75 04-09-2013 10:28 PM

Former 1st Round Pick Traded!

The Philidelphia Eagles have sent former first round pick Danny Watkins to the Patriots in exchange for a 7th round pick. "We appreciate Danny's contributions to the organization and wish him the best of luck" said CO-GM Sickwithit. CO-GM Menardo could not be reached for comment, but it is rumored Watkins did not see eye to eye with him, or fit in with coach Kelly's plans.

Matthew Jones 04-10-2013 06:07 AM

Patriots acquire former first-round pick Watkins via trade

The New England Patriots have reportedly agreed to trade a seventh-round draft pick (#226 overall) to the Philadelphia Eagles for offensive guard Danny Watkins, a 2011 first-round selection. Watkins, 28, was a two-year starter at left tackle at Baylor; he went on to start twelve games as a rookie in 2011 with the Eagles, as well as six games in 2012. While Watkins is considered a draft bust, he has been credited with just one sack allowed over 1,268 pro snaps by Pro Football Focus. None of Watkins' $1,096,450 base salary in 2013 is guaranteed; he is also under contract for 2014 at $1,357,175, a figure which, like his 2013 cap figure, is non-guaranteed.

RaiderNation 04-10-2013 12:46 PM

REPORT: Raiders Have Offer for 3rd Overall Pick on the Table

Rumors are the Oakland Raiders have been contacting teams in the top 12, and have now got an offer they would accept once draft day comes around. The Raiders are desperate to add picks, and believe they will be able to come away from the 1st round with as good of a player at 3 if they were to trade down. Nothing is finalized yet, so if a team is going to want to move up they better get in contact with the Silver and Black before the clock starts.

In other Raiders news, GM Reggie McKenzie has announced the Raiders have signed CB Mike Jenkins, FS Usama Young, DE Andre Carter and CB Joselio Hanson to 1 year deals to help boost the talent on defense. This will likely end the Raiders free agency until after the draft.

Matthew Jones 04-10-2013 01:36 PM

Patriots will not sign WR Sanders to offer sheet

The New England Patriots will not sign Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent Emmanuel Sanders to an offer sheet, a league source revealed. While New England is known to have investigated the possibility of making an offer for the 26 year-old wide receiver, they have allegedly opted not to pursue the matter further. Sanders, who caught 44 passes for 624 yards and one touchdown last season, would have required New England to part ways with their third-round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, #91 overall.

The decision leaves New England with five wide receivers on roster: Danny Amendola, Donald Jones, Michael Jenkins, Matthew Slater, and Jeremy Ebert. The Patriots are investigating current free agent options at the position, including Julian Edelman, who spent the past four seasons in New England.

robert pancake gallery 04-10-2013 03:06 PM

Film Preview: Campbell and Weeden Star in Controversial "Brown and Orange"

Cleveland - Director, producer and owner of the Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam III has finished filming "Brown and Orange", a film aptly name featuring the team's two quarterbacks in a storyline meant to parallel the 2013 season, but with a twist: the two quarterbacks take on the roles of misfit cops.

Jason Campbell plays the cocky, hot-headed new arrival at the station, while Weeden plays a pushover, clumsy cop. The oddballs come together to overcome obstacles and while they are initially at odds, they eventually overcome their differences and become best friends at the end of the film.

The NAACP and NAAG have already publicly spoken out against the film's title, suggesting it to be racially and follicly insensitive, but Haslam insists that it merely references the Browns color scheme.

sbh15 04-10-2013 09:18 PM

Jaguars and Chargers close to trade involving Danario Alexander
JACKSONVILLE -- As of about 10:00 P.M. tonight, the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers say that a trade sending restricted free agent Danario Alexander to the Jaguars is imminent. Sources close to the deal say that the teams will be swapping sixth round picks in this years draft and that the Chargers will receive another unknown draft pick. As a part of the trade, Alexander will agree to a 3 year, 5 million dollar contract with the Jaguars. Danario will reunite with his college quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, in some capacity and will boost an already impressive, young receiving corps for the Jags.

UPDATE: The trade is official. The final deal has San Diego sending Alexander and the 179th overall pick for the 169th and 209th overall picks.

CashmoneyDrew 04-10-2013 10:51 PM

Titans Bolster Defensive Depth With Veteran Additions
Written by:
Titans Insider Jim Wyatt

The Titans have not been shy with their money so far this offseason as proven by the many veteran signings they've made thus far.

However, even with all of the moves they have made up until this point, the Titans front office felt the need to add more veteran depth to the defensive side of the ball before the draft rolled around.

With newly acquired defensive end Israel Idonije, and cornerback Cedric Griffin, the Titans feel like they have positioned themselves with quite a bit of flexibility heading into a draft in which they currently have nine picks to make in seven rounds.

Owner Bud Adams was quoted as saying, "Yes, yes. Munchak's ass is on the line this year. He knows it. Everyone knows it.

I can't take all of this money with me to the grave anyways, so I decided to give Munchak carte blanche with my monies.

It's also why I decided to promote CashmoneyDrew and TitanHope to co-general managers of the team.

They are ballsy, and I just really like the cut of their jib."

Israel Idonije joins the Titans after playing the last nine seasons in Chicago, where he registered 28.5 sacks.

Idonije is scheduled to make one million dollars on a one year deal in which the Titans hope he can add a pass rush and some depth to a thin, and unproductive group of ends.

Cedric Griffin also joins the Titans on a one year, one million dollar deal after spending one season in Washington.

He is expected to provide veteran depth at corner behind Alterraun Verner and Jason McCourty.

Iamcanadian 04-11-2013 01:05 AM

Bullalo Bills announce the Signing of 2 FA's

The Bills have signed Rolando McClain, MLB from Oakland and Brandon Moore, OG from the Jets.

We believe we have answered 2 serious questions for our team and believe the draft will solve a couple more.

UTPATS 04-11-2013 09:34 AM

Broncos Add Defensive Weapons Via Free Agency

The Denver Broncos added two solid defensive players, yesterday, to their already ferocious defense.

Dwight Freeney (33) was signed to a three year, $6.5 million contract. Freeney, formally of the Indianapolis Colts, is slated to start at right defensive end, across from second year standout, Derek Wolfe.

Freeney will essentially replace Elvis Dumervil, who as you may recall, signed with the Baltimore Ravens after a fax fiasco that forced the Broncos to release him. Reportedly, Dumervil had previously agreed to reduce his base salary from $12 million to $8 million, saving cap space for 2013. However, the faxed contract was not sent before the deadline and the Broncos were forced to cut him or face a $12 million cap hit for 2013. (2013 dead money for Dumervil is $4.869 million)

An under the radar signing was also made by the Broncos yesterday. Restricted free agent Danny McCray (25), formally of the Dallas Cowboys, signed a three year, $3.75 million dollar offer sheet. Dallas had tenured McCray as an original pick restricted free agent, but since McCray went undrafted, the Broncos will not be forced to surrender a draft pick.

McCray was a special teams ace for the Cowboys for the last two seasons, mainly making a noticeable impact in 2012. When injuries struck the Cowboys secondary, McCray was able to contribute.

With Wesley Woodyard projected to play a more prominent role on defense this season, a gaping hole is left in the special teams captain's chair. A role McCray is suited to take over.

With these two moves, the Broncos have positioned themselves to take best player available in the first round of the April draft.

- Kent Adams, Broncos Beat Writer, The Denver Post

UTPATS 04-11-2013 11:48 AM

Report - Clady Wants Out of the Mile High City

Whispers out of the Broncos locker room is that Ryan Clady (26) will not sign a long term deal with the Broncos. Some are even saying it has nothing to do with respect or even money.

Clady prefers warmer weather
which is exemplified by his off-season home near San Diego, CA.

In 2012, the Broncos offered Clady over $50 million to stay long term in Denver, but Clady declined two different deals.

Executive Vice President John Elway would not immediately return phone calls but the General Manager, UT Pats, said he would listen to offers regarding their left tackle.

If this situation cannot resolve itself, the Broncos could be without a franchise left tackle in 2014.

Matthew Jones 04-11-2013 11:59 AM

Patriots add DE Abraham, re-sign WR Edelman

The New England Patriots were active on the penultimate day of free agency, securing the rights to defensive end John Abraham on a one-year, $3 million deal; they also re-signed wide receiver Julian Edelman to a one-year, $1.5 million agreement.

Abraham, 34, is one of the most feared pass rushers in the league; over the past three seasons, he has recorded a total of 32.5 sacks for the Atlanta Falcons. Abraham was one of the most efficient pass rushers in the league in 2012, recording 56 combined sacks, hits, and hurries over 417 snaps as a pass rusher. He will be asked to upgrade a Patriots defensive which accumulated 37 sacks last season, tied with Baltimore and Pittsburgh for 15th in the league.

Edelman is an all-purpose player who has played wide receiver and cornerback with the Patriots; he also functions as the team's starting punt returner and has contributed on kick coverage units as well. He averaged 15.5 yards per punt return in 2012, third in the league among all returners with ten attempts or more, and added 280 yards and three touchdowns on offense over 25 touches, four of which were reverses.

In order to reach the 53-man roster limit, New England released quarterback Mike Kafka, wide receiver Jeremy Ebert, defensive tackle Brandon Deaderick, defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, and linebacker Niko Koutouvides.

sbh15 04-11-2013 08:19 PM

Jaguars wrap up active, successful free agency
On the final day of free agency, the Jacksonville Jaguars made a couple of moves to solidify various holes in their 53-man roster. After enduring a season with a highly underwhelming right tackle Cameron Bradfield, the Jags signed former Atlanta Falcons right tackle Tyson Clabo to a one year, four and a half million dollar contract. They hope that they can demonstrate to Clabo that they can contend and re-sign him to a longer deal after this season. The Jags also added former Seahawks corner Marcus Trufant, who has some familiarity with new head coach Gus Bradley. Though Trufant is not Bradley's ideal type of corner, he brings a veteran presence to a secondary in need of some depth. Finally, the Jags added veteran safety Quintin Mikell. Mikell recorded over 100 tackles, 3 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 2 deflected passes in 2012 and is a perfect fit as an in-the-box safety.

RaiderNation 04-12-2013 12:30 AM

Raiders Make Surprising Pick at 3, May be Looking to Deal Joeckel

After speculation of a trade down in the works, the Oakland Raiders decided to stay at their original 1st round pick and take what many scouts believe is the best player in the draft Luke Joeckel. While offensive tackle isn't a huge need, GM Reggie McKenzie had made it clear he will take the best player on the board, a philosophy he has taken out west from his days in Green Bay.

"Right now we are prepared to keep Joeckel in Oakland and perhaps has the best young pair of tackles in the NFL with him and Jared Veldheer. However if a trade offer comes our way for him we are open to work out a deal. It's a wait and see thing..." GM Reggie McKenzie said on a conference call.

The Raiders have contact 2 teams about possibly dealing Joeckel, but if a deal isn't reached tomorrow morning they plan to start him at left tackle.

skinsfan36 04-12-2013 09:37 AM

Redskins announce two free agent deals,extension
The Washington Redskins announced on Friday that they agreed to terms on a deal with RB larod Stephens-howling,formerly of the cardinals and Fs Corey lynch,formerly of the chargers. lynch played previously in Tampa bay for defensive back Raheem Morris. The Redskins also announced a two year contract extension with cornerback Josh Wilson. He is now under contract through the 2015 season. He is a DC native and originally signed with the skins in 2011.Terms of deal no immediately available.

Witten4HOF 04-12-2013 01:04 PM

There has been speculation around Valley Ranch that upgrading the offensive line talent was an offseason priority, but adding a premier free agent was out of the question due to tight cap restraints. That all changed with two coincidental moves, the first being Winston's release from Kansas City. The second domino to fall was the long term extension of Tony Romo which in turn freed up $4.4 mil in space for the Dallas to work with. Winston had been linked to the Cowboys weeks ago but the two parties had limited contact while his agent continued to shop his services around the league. A recent phone call to Winston's agent from Jerry Jones rekindled talks and the two sides we able to agree to terms. The contract is a 3 year deal worth $14.5 mil, sources tell the Telegram that there is $5 mil of guarenteed money through the first two years including Winston's entire first year. There is also an addition $1 mil bonus in day season if Winston reaches the ProBowl.

Expect 2012 started Doug Free to be designated a June 1st cut to open up approximately $7 mil of cap space. Free who has steadily declined after signing his 4 year $32 mil contract in 2011 and sources state he was given the option to take reduced pay or get released. With the signing of Winston the door for Free's return has been all but shut.

-Fort Worth Star Telegram

RaiderNation 04-12-2013 03:13 PM

Drama at the Draft: Oakland Trades Joeckel, Lands Jordan at 5th Pick

After a surprising selection at the 3rd overall pick, the Raiders have now dealt OT Luke Joeckel to the Detroit Lions for the 5th overall pick and their 3rd round pick(65). It didn't take long for them to decide to go after their target all along, Dion Jordan. Jordan is an athletic specimen at 6'6 248lbs and running a 4.60 40, and finally gives the Silver and Black a pass rusher on the outside.

Jordan fits perfectly into what Head Coach Dennis Allen wants to do on defense, being versatile. Jordan has spent time standing up and also putting his hand on the ground when rushing the passer and has experience dropping into coverage as well. While some bulk will need to be added to his long frame, Jordan is expected to be the Raiders premier pass rusher of the future. Being able to learn behind veteran Andre Carter is also a great asset for both the Raiders and Jordan, and hope the 2 together will get Oakland's defense heading into the right direction.

Now the Raiders have back to back 3rd round picks(65 and 66) as well with this trade, and expect them to add a big body inside on the defensive line and also address either offensive needs or secondary needs on defense.

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