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Brown Leader 05-06-2013 01:13 PM

2013 Browns Redraft
Did this last year so I'll keep it up. First I would have taken the Rams trade in a heartbeat because Mingo would not have been top 5 on my board.

1-16. they took: Mingo
I would have taken: TE - Tyler Eifert
Solid safe 1st choice. He's got more elusiveness in the open field than he's given credit for and a great target for Chud & Norv's scheme. Plus I'm not a big Cameron fan.

2-46. I would have taken: WR - Keenan Allen
I'm a huge Mathieu fan and consider him here but Allen's too high on my board to pass. Also not convinced Greg Little's a capable #2. My plan would be to move Little to RB/WR/RS and use him in the valued rec RB role that was bread & butter in SD with Sproles and Tolbert. He'd still line as a WR in spread sets. Little gets amped and can be a sparkplug with the ball in his hands.

3-78. they took: Leon McFadden
I would have taken: QB Tyler Wilson
My top QB in the draft. Stock nosedived after a difficult senior year and the pounding he took but I love that he plays with a chip and can make plays in crunch time.

*Bess trade was A+ same there

4- 111 They traded out
I would have taken: S - Shamarko Thomas
Screw you Steelers. I'm well into the minority that think Thomas could play in the box or in the deep half. I watched a handful of 12' Cuse games and what stood out to me was his SPEED and ability to close in the open field.
A solid tackler that might be even more reliable if coached to not always look for the knockout blow-although it's nice to have that right hand when it's needed. I also don't think T.J. Ward is strictly an inbox guy either-he played more deep half as a rookie and fared decently-just in case I'm wrong about Thomas.

*also fine with the 5th round trade out.

6-175. They took: Jamoris Slaughter
I would have taken: CB - Marc Anthony
Ended up a late 7th rounder but I would've taken him here in the 6th. More quick than fast but he's physical and worth developing as a starting outside guy. If that doesn't work, he'd also make a solid FS or nickel DB/special teamer. He reminds me of Keenan Lewis.

217. they took: OLB - Armonty Bryant
I would have taken: Same
Didn't have any problems with their 7th round picks.
Bryant's a guy that started creating buzz at his pro day and private workouts after a so-so East West week.

227. they took: OG/OT - Garrett Gilkey
I would have taken: same again.
I thought this guy had a very good senior week and game. He showed quickness and was stout given his length. Almost pegged him to the Browns in my last mock as a 5th rounder. Great value imo. Plus I like saying Gilkey! the same way Shrek says "donkey!".

keylime_5 05-07-2013 06:27 PM

Bleh on Keenan Allen. nice player, but big injury concerns for his career and he is basically another possession guy like Greg Little and wouldn't be anymore than the #3 or #4 WR as long as Gordon, Bess, and Little are on this team. WR was addressed by trading for Bess.

Same with Wilson, not a big fan. If we went QB this year I would've gotten Landry Jones later on. Also I like Duke Williams more than Shamarko Thomas, but unfortunately Duke was gone by our 5th round pick.

I would take my chances on Mingo, but trading down to take Jarvis Jones and get 2 extra picks would've been very enticing. I think I probably would've taken that trade even though I think Mingo is gonna be better than Jones.

Brown Leader 05-08-2013 11:21 AM

I would have gone Mathieu there in the 3rd for sure but since I didn't take a QB in last year's version, I figured I needed one. If I continue to track this, no QBs would be no bueno.

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