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The Great Jonathan Vilma 05-07-2013 10:50 PM

2013 Dynasty League Targets
I'm jumping into a fantasy football dynasty league this year. The start-up is auction format. As I haven't seen all the prospects and am only able to watch X games per week, there are teams and players that fall through the cracks. Are there any players you would vouche for that you feel would be good selections? It may be due to talent, athletic ability, or opportunity. I'm interested to know who you would vouche for and why.

Appreciate any input that can help me dominate for years to come.

farfromforgotten 05-08-2013 06:28 AM

A little info about your league is needed. How many teams? Roster size? Auction budget? What is the scoring like? PPR or standard? Defensive players as well or only offense?

www.dynastyleaguefootball.com is a great site to use for Dynasty FF.

The Great Jonathan Vilma 05-08-2013 03:11 PM

Sorry, I thought i would keep it high level, but i guess those details will help to outline how deep into the well we are talking.

- 12 Teams
- 36 Roster Spots - 2 Practice Squad (rookies only)
- Auction Budget = $200 ($1 nomination, $0.5 increments)
- Scoring is too detailed for me to go too deep, but it is your regular stuff for offense primarily (Pass TD=4, INT/Fumble=-2, Pass Yards=0.04/yard, Rush/Rec Yard=0.1, Rush/Rec TD=6)
- Defense scoring is detailed (points for QB Hit, Tackle for loss, etc. with your usual Sacks, Tackle, assisted tackle, PD, INT)

- Offense - QB=1, RB=2, WR=2, TE=1, WR/TE=1, FLEX=1
- Defense - DL=1, LB=2, DB=2, DFLEX=2

Don't spend too much time on anything, just looking for added info from other football fans who may have some hidden gems, mid or low tier options to fill the roster.

SuperPacker 05-08-2013 03:30 PM

Jarrett Boykin could be one for the Packers. He's our #4 receiver at the moment. Nelson and Cobb were injured last season. Jermichael Finley and James Jones both have contracts that are up after this season. If we don't draft a WR or TE early next year he could end up being our #3 receiving option in 2014. But we also brought in two 7th round receivers with high upside this draft, so he could have some competition.

Johnathan Franklin, although he's probably not going to 'fall between the cracks'. Could end up starting over Lacy and Lacy has the injury problems that caused him to drop. Franklin could get quite a few catches as well.

The Great Jonathan Vilma 05-09-2013 10:01 AM

Appreciate the feedback SuperPacker. I was planning on trying to get Franklin, as the growing concerns on Lacy's durability continue to come up, and RB is definitely a position where lower drafted talent can explode. I hadn't thought about Boykin, so I will definitely keep him in mind as i try to stash some sleepers at the end of my bench for development.

LonghornsLegend 05-09-2013 04:00 PM

For me personally, I value high upside young players. It's dicey to have a team full of those types, but in my experience if you build a strong core around those guys then every year when you draft rookies it's like icing on the cake, vs if you have Reggie Wayne and the WR you draft you NEED to be a stud to replace Wayne.

Josh Gordon
David Wilson
Lamar Miller
Colin Kaepernick
Jordan Cameron

Are some names just off the top of my head. All are very young, provide huge upside, and should easily outproduce their adp. I target players like these, wherever you draft these guys odds are that next season they will go much higher, instead of lower. They aren't going to be the #1 scorers at their positions, but you can't have a team full of those guys.

Since you're doing auction, you can target who you want. So I look for guys with good value, young, that will outproduce their cost. Prime example, someone will probably overpay for Antonio Gates in your league, or Tony G. There is also a good chance that next year those same teams will be looking for a TE. Let teams fight over those type of guys, and bargain bin on Cameron.

If you can find a few guys/positions where you can save some money, you can go hard after a few guys you really like. If I just used my example, I wouldn't mind grabbing Miller, Wilson, Cameron, and Gordon as starters for a start-up. And with the money I saved on them, I could grab 2 WR's like Calvin and Brandon Marshall, and a QB like Cam Newton. Pick and choose your spots. It's really a pick your poison as far as getting a team you are comfortable with, but I prefer to finish with a starting roster I feel comfortable with the next 3-4 years if I had to start all those same guys, that way you aren't as pressed trying to replace starters with unknowns and rookies because it's harder then you think it'll be.

For every Doug Martin and Dez in the rookie draft there are twice as many Beanie Wells and Malcolm Kellys. Older guys like Andre & Wayne have a place, but if you take on a few of those guys keep that in mind as you fill out your roster. Having to rely/start a rookie going into any season is less then ideal. I'm in a total of 8 dynasties, 1 here on this site with Shane. I'm no expert, just some of what I learned through trial and error.

The Great Jonathan Vilma 05-10-2013 09:04 AM

Thanks for the detailed response. I'm shocked you think that people will overpay for older vets, as i'm thinking that I may be able to get some on the cheap to add some value in the short-term (ie. Get Gonzo dirt cheap to start while a young guy gets a year of development). I'm sure every draft is different, so i'm going to have to gauge how things go early in the draft and act accordingly.

I've created three (3) scenarios for planning my spending - Optimistic, Focused, and Depth. The Focused is more along what you said, where you save bucks in some positions by taking lower tier young guys with upside in some spots as starters, and use the funds saved to get some top tier talent at others. Optimistic is my target plan, which may have some hopeful values, and depth is to avoid 'top tier' at all positions, but really fill out the entire roster and hope you hit on a few depth guys.

I'll definitely be watching the going rate for the guys you mentioned. I expect Kap to not be cheap, but outside of him I was hoping to be able to get the other guys at a reduced cost.

Thanks again for the input. Appreciated.

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