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mightytitan9 06-28-2013 12:35 PM

Rate My Team
My buddies and I always do fantasy football a little different. We always hold one draft the last week of June and we hold another the first week of August.

The June league is just for fun because a lot can change even from the draft to the season. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone though, as it takes a solid core of guys who will stick it out. There's no giving up when your 2nd round RB tears his ACL in training camp etc. The benefit to the June draft is we have two months before the season starts, so most teams look quite a bit different by the first of the season than they do after the draft.

Our August league is the one we take serious with a $75 buy in, first place gets $400, 2nd place gets $225, 3rd place gets $125.

Anyways, we concluded our June draft last night and here are the results for my team:

QB: Matt Stafford, Josh Freeman
RB: Trent Richardson, CJ Spiller, Steven Ridley, Darren Sproles, David Wilson, Ben Tate
WR: Victor Cruz, Dwayne Bowe, Kenny Britt, Eric Decker, Mike Wallace, Mike Williams
TE: None
K: None
D: Rams

I didn't draft a TE or K so far, I will try to trade for a TE but if not will grab one off FA. The Kicker I will sign just before the season, I figured Ben Tate was more valuable if Foster went down than the difference between a 15th round K and a FA Kicker. I know my QB is a little weak, but there's still some good players out on FA and I will try to upgrade that via a trade as well. Although I do think Stafford and Freeman will both have good years, and would be fine rolling with them if I had to.


mightytitan9 06-28-2013 03:42 PM

Also just accepted a trade that sends Darren Sproles and Mike Williams to a team for Jordy Nelson.

At first glance, I'm giving up two players that scored more points than Nelson last season. At second glance, Nelson has more upside than both players and I'm also doing a 2 for 1 deal that gives me a much needed roster spot.

If the season had ended tomorrow, I would have cut Ben Tate and likely Mike Williams to accommodate my two empty spots. Nelson will likely be the #2 WR or #3WR for me. The tough decision may be whether to start 3RBs or 3WRs each week, and who to start in those situations.

FlyingElvis 07-02-2013 01:48 PM

So this is the team.

You can guess how much I actually look at the fantasy section rather than the User CP for the FF thread. lol

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