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Ozzy 06-29-2013 09:03 AM

Players Who Will Take the Next Step
A few of the players I think have the most to prove and or showcase this season. Be it finally getting their chance on the field, or taking that next step to become a star player.

*Kelvin Benjamin RS SOPH WR Florida State:
No reason why he cannot be a star this year and dominate on the football field with his abilities. It would be a huge disappointment if he is not a major playing on the FSU offense.

*Damian Swann JR CB Georgia:
Stud corner, now he is arguably the man on that defense, easily has the most production as a defensive player for them. Ball hawk and if he can be as productive without the talent around him, watch out.

*Nick Brassell JR CB Ole Miss:
Cannot wait to see him play, hope he comes back hungry and he is such a fine athletic talent, expect huge things from him this year.

*Antonio Johnson JR OT North Texas:
Possible star at offensive tackle, very good athlete, big and strong, should be a big time prospect by the end of the year.

*Justin Jones SR TE East Carolina:
This is it for him, such a freak show talent with this size, long arms and speed. This is his time to produce and become a star player.

*CJ Fiedorowicz SR TE Iowa: Cannot see any reason why he should not have a monster year, not many other weapons to throw to on that Iowa team, he should get a lot of balls and finally produce to the level he should be.

*Rajion Neal SR RB Tennessee:
Should have a killer year, transition time for Tennessee but they have a very talented offensive line and if Neal stays healthy he could get the ball a lot.

*Brandon Watts RS SR LB Georgia Tech:
Very athletic player, thick and fast, should be a dominating player for Georgia Tech who has a fine defensive unit overall.

*Phillip Dorsett JR WR Miami FL:
Showed big flashes last year, and with a more polished Stephen Morris throwing the ball, Dorsett should really come into his own this year and prove his big play ability.

*Cam Gordon RS SR LB Michigan:
Waiting around for awhile for his time, this is it, he has always been an impressive athlete, very strong. He should be a fine player for them and could get consistent playing time on the field.

*Jemea Thomas RS SR Georgia Tech:
Can play safety or corner, love his size and toughness, he should really play well this year. There is not much to not like about him as a defensive back.

*Aaron Donald JR DT Pitt:
Not many people talk about the kid and he had double digit sacks last year. Very good talent and pass rusher, if he keeps up his sack numbers he could be a star 3/4 DE prospect.

*Max Bullough SR ILB Michigan State:
Had an awesome season last year, and is back for another. Very productive and tough linebacker, and with Michigan State playing with a chip on there shoulder, I think he could be a leader of that defense.

*Casey Pachall SR QB TCU:
Time to put up for shut up. Such a talent with his size and athletic ability, has a great arm as well. If he stays on the straight path he could easily be a 1st round pick, but he has to have a perfect season on and off the field issue wise.

*Chaz Sutton RS JR DE South Carolina:
A lot of people expect a lot from him and they should, showed flashes last year and now with more time he should play even better on that defensive line.

*Khairi Fortt JR LB Cal:
Waiting for him to get some time at Cal, very talented player physically, good athlete and there is no reason why he cannot be a star linebacker.

*Branden Oliver JR RB Buffalo:
Coming off injury, will see if he is the same but if he is, with his size, toughness and athletic ability he could dominate. Runs hard and has some make you miss to his game.

*Alex Carter SOPH CB Stanford:
Should become an elite corner, big kid, wide, good tackler and if he improves his ball skills and coverage he could be quite the talent.

*Corey Robinson RS JR OT South Carolina:
Huge kid, played well last season and should only get better with more playing time. Should become an elite name when talking offensive tackles.

*Xavier Cooper RS SOPH DE Washington State:
Like his size and motor, he should come into his own this season and play very well. If he can show a consistent pass rush at that size, wow.

*Craig Loston SR S LSU:
Has been around forever, but now he is the guy on that defense, he is the leader and should continue his fine play off last season which was easily his best in college.

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