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comahan 07-13-2013 03:08 AM

The All Time NBA Draft Selection Thread
Wooty - Michael Jordan, SG, Chicago Bulls, 1990-91
comahan - Magic Johnson, PG, Los Angeles Lakers, 1986-87
Paul - Shaquille O'Neal, C, Los Angeles Lakers, 1999-00
Scottyboy - Oscar Robertson, PG, Cincinnati Royals, 1961-62
Metsox - LeBron James, F, Miami Heat, 2012-13
TACKLE - Tim Duncan, PF/C, San Antonio Spurs, 2002-03
Brodeur - Kevin Garnett, PF, Minnesota Timberwolves, 2003-04
Bantx - Wilt Chamberlain, C, Philadelphia 76ers, 1966-67

Bantx - Larry Bird, SF, Boston Celtics, 1985-86
Brodeur - Chris Paul, PG, New Orleans Hornets, 2007-08
TACKLE - Dwyane Wade, SG, Miami Heat, 2005-06
Metsox - Hakeem Olajuwon, C, Houston Rockets, 1993-94
Scottyboy - Bill Russell, C, Boston Celtics, 1961-62
Paul - Kobe Bryant, SG, Los Angeles Lakers, 2007-08
comahan - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C, Milwaukee Bucks, 1970-71
Wooty - Charles Barkley, PF, Phoenix Suns, 1992-93

Wooty - Moses Malone, C, Houston Rockets, 1981-82
comahan - Karl Malone, PF, Utah Jazz, 1996-97
Paul - Jason Kidd, PG, New Jersey Nets, 2001-02
Scottyboy - Julius Erving, SF, Philadelphia 76ers, 1980-91
Metsox - Jerry West, SG, Los Angeles Lakers, 1964-65
TACKLE - Kevin Durant, SF, Oklahoma City Thunder, 2012-13
Brodeur - Ray Allen, SG, Milwaukee Bucks, 2000-01
Bantx - John Stockton, PG, Utah Jazz, 1989-90

Bantx - Dirk Nowitzki, PF, Dallas Mavericks, 2010-11
Brodeur - David Robinson, C, San Antonio Spurs, 1994-95
TACKLE - Dennis Rodman, PF, Detroit Pistons, 1991-92
Metsox - Scottie Pippen, SF, Chicago Bulls, 1991-92
Scottyboy - Tracy McGrady, SG, Orlando Magic, 2002-03
Paul - Chris Webber, PF, Sacramento Kings, 2000-01
comahan - Reggie Miller, SG, Indiana Pacers, 1993-94
Wooty - Gary Payton, PG, Seattle SuperSonics, 1995-96

Wooty - Dominique Wilkins, SF, Atlanta Hawks, 1987-88
comahan - John Havlicek, SF, Boston Celtics, 1973-74
Paul - Ben Wallace, C, Detoit Pistons, 2002-03
Scottyboy - Allen Iverson, SG, Philadelphia 76ers, 2000-01
Metsox - Patrick Ewing, C, New York Knicks, Year TBD
TACKLE - Bill Walton, C, Portland Trailblazers, 1976-77,
Brodeur - Paul Pierce, SF, Boston Celtics, 2007-08
Bantx - Clyde Drexler, SG, Houston Rockets, 1994-95

Bantx - James Worthy, SF, Los Angeles Lakers, 1987-88
Brodeur - Shawn Marion, F, Phoenix Suns, 2005-06
TACKLE - Penny Hardaway, SG, Orlando Magic, 1995-96
Metsox - Isiah Thomas, PG, Detroit Pistons, 1984-85
Scottyboy - Shawn Kemp, PF, Seattle SuperSonics, 1995-96
Paul - Grant Hill, SF, Detroit Pistons, 1995-96
comahan - Kevin McHale, PF, Boston Celtics, 1986-87
Wooty - Rick Barry, SF, San Francisco Warriors, 1966-67

Wooty - Elvin Hayes, F/C, Capital Bullets, 1974-75
comahan - Manu Ginobili, G, San Antonio Spurs, 2007-08
Paul - Derrick Rose, PG, Chicago Bulls, 2010-11
Scottyboy - Buck Williams, PF, New Jersey Nets, 1986-87
Metsox - Steve Nash, PG, Phoenix Suns, 20??-??
TACKLE - Elgin Baylor, SF, Los Angeles Lakers, 1961-62
Brodeur - Dikembe Mutombo, C, Denver Nuggets, 1993-94
Bantx - Amare Stoudemire, F/C, Phoenix Suns, 2007-08

Bantx - Tony Parker, PG, San Antonio Spurs, 2006-07
Brodeur - Chauncey Billups, PG, Detroit Pistons, 2005-06
TACKLE - Tiny Archibald, PG, Kansas City Kings, 1972-73
Metsox - George Gervin, G/F, San Antonio Spurs, ????-??
Scottyboy - Bernard King, SF, New York Knicks, 1984-85
Paul - Chris Mullin, SF, Golden State Warriors, 1992-93
comahan - Glen Rice, SF, Charlotte Hornets, 1996-97

Wootylicous 07-13-2013 03:09 AM

91 Michael Jordan


Regular season: 31.5 pts/6.0 reb/5.5 ast/2.7 stl/1.0 blk/53.9% FG/60.5% TS/31.6 PER in just 37.0 mpg

Playoffs: 31.1 pts/6.4 reb/8.4 ast/2.4 stl/1.4 blk/52.4% FG/60.0% TS/32.0 PER

Finals: 31.2 pts/6.6 reb/11.4 ast/2.8 stl/1.4 blk/55.8% FG/61.2% TS/31.5 PER

Michael won the MVP, made the All-NBA first team and Defensive First Team, won the scoring title, finished third in DPOY voting, won the championship, and earned a Finals MVP while putting up historical, dominant numbers. Maybe not his best stats wise season but you could see in 91 that he was just on another level.

comahan 07-13-2013 03:27 AM

1986-87 Magic Johnson, PG

Regular Season
23.9 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 12.2 APG, 1.7 SPG, 0.5 BPG, .522 FG, 16.4 FGA, .848 FT, 7.9 FTA

21.8 PPG, 7.7 RPG, 12.2 APG, 1.7 SPG, 0.4 BPG, .539 FG, 15.1 FGA, .831 FT, 6.6 FTA

Notable Metrics
27.0 PER, .602 TS%, .263 Win Shares Per 48

NBA Champion
NBA Finals MVP
NBA Regular Season MVP
First Team All NBA
All Star
Assists Leader
Offensive Win Shares Leader
Win Shares Per 48 Minutes Leader

For Magic's first several years, the Lakers were Kareem's team. This was the year that he took the reigns as "the man" in LA, and he proved he deserved it. He led the Lakers to a playoff sweep over Denver, a 4-1 series win over Golden State, and a 4-0 sweep of the Sonics to get the Lakers to the finals against Bird and the Celtics, recording 3 triple doubles throughout the playoffs on his way there. In the finals, Magic averaged 26.2 Pts, 13.0 Ast, and 8.2 Reb as he led the Lakers to a 4-2 series win. Game 4 of that finals was the game in which Magic hit the game winning skyhook over McHale to win in Boston Garden in one of the most iconic moments ever.

Paul 07-13-2013 10:41 AM

1999-2000 Shaquille O'Neal, C

Regular Season
29.7 PPG, 13.4 RPG, 3.8 AST, 3.0 BLK, .574 FG%, 40 mpg

Post Season
30.7 PPG, 15.4 RPG, 3.1 AST, 2.4 BLK, .566 FG%. 43.5 MPG

1999-2000 Honors
Regular Season MVP
Finals MVP
All-Star MVP
All-NBA First Team
All Star
All-Defensive 2nd Team
League Leader in PPG
League Leader in FG made
League Leader in FG%
2nd in Rebounds

Completely dominant. Shaq in his prime was nearly unstoppable. The stats doesn't do him justice. To witness it was a site to behold.

comahan 07-13-2013 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by scottyboy

1961-62 Oscar Robertson, PG, Cincinnati Royals

Regular Season: 30.8 ppg, 11.4 apg, 12.5 rbg

Playoffs: 28.8 ppg, 11.0 apg, 11.0 apg

I'm not usually one to fall into a numbers trap when it comes to basketball...but let's face it, "Big O" AVERAGED a triple double for the season. That's absolutely insane. The only one to ever do so.. And this wasn't by the hair of his chin, the dude averaged 30 without the 3 point line and was well over 10 in assists and boards per game. He revolutionized basketball, being the first "big" point guard. His playoff numbers show that he could continue and show what a competitor he was on what was really, not that strong of a team, making the 11+ assists a game even more impressive


MetSox17 07-13-2013 03:52 PM

Lebron James, 2012-2013 (position TBD)
26.8 PPG (56%), 8.0 RPG, 7.3 APG, 1.7 SPG, 1 BPG, 31.6 PER, 64% TFG%, .322 WSP48m (regular season)

Regular season MVP
Unanimous All-NBA first team
NBA Champion
Finals MVP
All-NBA Defense first team


Lebron James over the past two years has exerted his dominance as the best basketball player in the world, and of this new generation. His refined offensive game and his ability to learn post play over the course of last season and this one has made him a completely unstoppable and ridiculously efficient player. Not only is his ability to score amongst the best in the NBA, but his passing ability and vision is next to none. He's a great passer, recognizing the open man out of the double team, he can finish at the rim and from 18 feet away, and shot the best percentage of his career (40%) from three, while having over 250 attempts. Not only that but he is now a two time NBA champion and two time finals MVP.

TACKLE 07-13-2013 05:02 PM

2002-03 Tim Duncan


NBA Champion
Finals MVP
1st Team All NBA
1st Team All Defense
NBA All Star
2nd Highest Finals PER Post-Merger (32.0)
Most Blocked Shots in a Finals Series (32)
Most Playoff Win Shares Ever (5.94)
Highest Playoff WARP ever recorded (8.0)
Best Regular Season Record in the League (60-22)
Regular Season Leader - Win Shares & Win Shares/48
Playoff Leader - Offensive, Defensive, and Total Win Shares & Win Shares/48


[Regular Season] 23.3 PPG (.513) 12.9 RPG 3.9 APG 2.9 BPG | 26.9 PER
[Playoffs] 24.7 PPG (.529) 15.4 RPG 5.3 APG 3.3 BPG | 28.4 PER
[Finals] 24.2 PPG (.495) 17 RPG 5.3 APG 5.3 BPG | 32.0 PER

Tim Duncan, the greatest PF of all time, put his team on his back carried them on his back in a way maybe no individual player has ever done. This was the season he took the crown from Shaq as the best player on the planet after winning his 2nd straight MVP. Only two other players on that team average double figures and that was rookie Tony Parker and Stephen Jackson yet Duncan was able to lead the Spurs to the best record in the NBA and won playoff series over Dirk's Mavs and 3-time defending Champion LA Lakers. In the series clinching Game 6 in the finals against the Nets, he had one of the greatest finals performances ever with 20 points/20 rebounds/10 assists and 8 blocks. He had better statistical regular seasons in other years but that was the year he took himself and his team to new heights and dominated in a way no PF ever had. Truly a year for the ages.

Brodeur 07-14-2013 12:21 AM

2003-2004 Kevin Garnett

1st team All NBA
1st team All Defense
NBA All Star
League leader in field goal makes, rebounds, PER, defensive rebounding percentage, win shares, wins produced
Dragged a team with a hobbled Sam Cassell and NOTHING else to the Western Conference Finals

Regular season: 24.2 PPG (50%), 13.9 RPG, 5.0 APG, 1.5 SPG, 2.2 BPG, 29.4 PER
Playoffs: 24.3 PPG, 14.6 RPG, 5.1 APG, 1.3 SPG, 2.3 BPG

It's overstated, but Kevin Garnett had NO help in Minnesota at all. Kevin McHale built a team of absolute **** around him at every corner, but they finally took the time this year to bring around a semi-decent point guard in Sam Cassell. While he may have generally more impressive years on the whole (the following year), what he was able to do this year was remarkably impressive. He led the league in rebounding, was the best non Vlade Divac passing big men, was top twenty in both steals and blocks, and was a force on both ends of the floor.

Minnesota that year was 58-24, their best record in franchise history. The team was a force in a powerhouse of a conference, and the help he had amounted to a PG slightly past his prime (Cassell, who became injured late in the year) as well as a snipe shooter (Hoidberg) and nothing else of note. Spreewell gets credit, but he was a worthless chucker who was always made to be more than he ever actually was. They got beat by the Lakers, largely because they had what amounted to a 36 year old Ervin Johnson (not Magic) and Michael ******* Olowokandi starting a center. Give KG a real team around him at that time, and he does not fall.

bantx 07-14-2013 02:21 AM

1966-1967 Wilt Chamberlain

Season Awards/Accomplishments
-All-NBA First Team
-NBA Championship
-Leading rebounder
-Best FG% with a 68.3% rating
-Had multiple quadruple doubles during the regular season
-Best Regular Season Record 68-13

Regular season: 24.1 PPG (68.3%), 24.2 RPG, 7.8 APG
Playoffs: 21.7 PPG, 29.1 RPG, 9.0 APG

Wilt led his team to a 68-13 record best record in nba history at the time, started the season at 46-4 also best 50 game stretch in nba history. Winning his 2nd consecutive MVP was probably one of his most impressive ones in this year.His FG% was at his all time best and also best in nba history shooting at .693 he bested himself later in his career. This was the year he brought his assist count up each game which took his game to another level. Wilt made defense look effortless his strength and length adjusted everyshot to make it as impossible to score on. Blocks weren't recorded during this time but he as one the best rim protectors in the game. Took his team to the finals and won it in game 7 with impressive playoff stats.

1985-1986 Larry "Legend" Bird

Season Awards/Accomplishments
Regular Season MVP
NBA Finals MVP
All NBA First Team
Associated Press Athlete of the Year
All-star 3 point contest winner
Lead the league in most 3 points made in the season

Regular season: 25.8 PPG, 9.8 RPG, 6.8 APG, 2.0 SPG
Playoffs: 25.9 PPG, 9.3 RPG, 8.2 APG, 2.1 SPG

Larry Bird was leading of what people would consider one of the greatest teams in NBA history. Leading that team to a 67-15 record. He took his 3 point shooting to the next level this season leading the nba in most made in a the regular season. Taking his team to the NBA finals and beating the Houston Rockets and winning the NBA finals MVP. This was his third consecutive MVP a title only 2 others had in NBA history.

Brodeur 07-14-2013 03:34 AM

2007-2008 Chris Paul

Season Awards/Accomplishments
-First team All NBA
-First Team All Defense
-Second in MVP voting (he was robbed)
-League leader in assists
-League leader in steals
-League leader in win shares
-Playoff leader in win shares per 48 minutes
-League leader in wins produced
-Second in PER

Regular season: 21.1 PPG (49%), 4 RPG, 11.6 APG, 2.7 SPG, 4.64 assist to turnover ratio
Playoffs: 24.1 PPG (50%), 4.9 RPG, 11.3 APG, 2.3 SPG, 4.82 assist to turnover ratio

As far as I'm concerned, Chris Paul is the best point guard not named Magic Johnson of the last 30 years. He's an incredible passer, an efficient scorer, an excellent defender and a good rebounder for his size. While he had perhaps a better regular season the following year, he had an amazing playoff this year that cannot go unnoticed. Just like KG, he pushed the team further than they ever should have gone with the talent they had. Hell, he really should have won MVP but that would require the media actually giving him credit for once. By the way, the playoffs that Paul had (yes they lost early, get over it)? Better than the last two playoffs for LeBron.

TACKLE 07-14-2013 06:20 AM

2005-06 Dwyane Wade

NBA Champion
Finals MVP
2nd Team All-NBA
Highest Finals PER since the merger (33.8)

[Regular Season] 27.2 PPG (.495) 5.7 RPG 6.7 APG 1.9 SPG 0.8 BPG | 27.6 PER
[Playoffs] 28.4 PPG (.497) 5.9 RPG 5.7 APG 2.2 BPG 1.1 SPG | 26.9
[Finals] 34.7 PPG (.468) 7.8 RPG 3.8 APG 2.7 SPG 1.0 BPG | 33.8 PER

D-Wade had a very solid regular season scoring 27 points on 50% shooting but his playoffs and legendary Finals performance is what makes this the greatest non-Jordan season for a SG ever. His 33.8 Finals PER is 2.3 points higher than Jordan's best finals and performance in those '06 Finals is regarded by many as the greatest in finals history. Young slash was phenomenal at getting to the rim and lived at the line. He's also one of the better rebounder/passers at the 2 guard spot and can create a lot of turnovers on the defensive end.

MetSox17 07-14-2013 03:32 PM

Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, 1993-1994, C

27.3 PPG (52% FG), 12 RPG, 3.6 APG, 3.7 BPG, 25.4 PER, .210 WSp48,

NBA Champion
Finals MVP
Regular Season MVP
All-NBA First Team
Defensive Player of the Year
All-NBA First Team Defense

Where to start? Hakeem Olajuwon is widely regarded as one of the best big-men in the entire history of the NBA. The dream was unstoppable on offense and an absolute powerhouse anchor on defense. His patented "dream shake" and his vast array of post moves made him a matchup nightmare for the classic NBA big. His ability to stretch the floor to 12-15 feet made him unguardable, and his defensive prowess will go down as probably the best ever. One of four guys in the history of the game to lead the league in blocks and rebounds in the same year, and i'm not quite sure how many have ever won the MVP and DPOY in the same year.

scottyboy 07-14-2013 03:54 PM

1961-1962 Bill Russell, Center, Boston Celtics

18.9 ppg, 23.6 rpg, 4.5 apg.
playoffs: 22.4 ppg, 26.4 rpg, 5.0 apg

Winning. Defense. Rebounding. 3 words that define Bill Russell. Simply put, he's a winner. In all honesty, after MJ you could make a case for Russell for being the best player of all time. The dude just won. And those rebounding numbers are ridiculously staggering. In 61-62, Russell won the MVP and averaged career high in points in both the regular and post season. Oh, this postseason was also the year that Wilt had his 100 point game, and in game 7, Russell held him to 22 points. Which was less than half his season average. This was Russell's best offensive season, he won the MVP and continued his dominance on the glass and on defense. And of course, winning.

Paul 07-14-2013 04:16 PM

2007-2008 Kobe Bryant, SG

Regular Season
28.3 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 5.4 AST, 1.8 STL

Post Season
30.1 PPG, 5.7 RPG, 5.6 AST, 1.7 STL

All Star
All-NBA First Team
All NBA Defensive First Team

Say what you want about the Black Mamba, but you can't deny his talent ,his work ethic and his will to win. He didn't win a ring, he wasn't the scoring leader, but this was arguably his most complete individual season, helping lead the Lakers to the best record in the ultra competitive West and to the NBA Finals. Shaq and Kobe never played together in their respective prime, but an opportunity to match them up in the scenario is too good to pass on.

comahan 07-14-2013 04:58 PM

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C, Milwaukee Bucks, 1970-71

Regular Season
31.7 PPG, 16.0 RPG, 3.3 APG, .577 FG, 22.5 FGA, .690 FT, 8.3 FTA, 82 Games

26.6 PPG, 17.0 RPG, 2.5 APG, .515 FG, 21.1 FGA, .673 FT, 7.2 FTA, 14 Games

Notable Metrics
29.0 PER, 17.0 Offensive Win Shares, 22.3 Total Win Shares, .326 WS/48

NBA Champion
NBA Finals MVP
First Team All NBA
Second Team All Defense
League Leader in Points & PPG
League Leader in FGs Made
League Leader in PER
League Leader in Offensive Win Shares (#4 All Time)
League Leader in Overall Win Shares (#5 All Time)
League Leader in Win Shares Per 48 Minutes (#2 All Time)

Kareem, or Lew Alcindor at this point, led a 63 win Milwaukee Bucks to the title, doing a lot of the heavy lifting as Oscar Robertson missed a quarter of the year due to injury and played the majority of the season hurt. The most impressive thing about this season though, is how utterly dominant he was against the best centers in the league, a list of all time greats, in just his second season. Look at these numbers.

vs. Dave Cowens - 44.8 PPG, 17.0 RPG, 57.1 FG%
vs. Wilt Chamberlain - 40.2 PPG, 15.0 RPG, 50.0 FG%
vs. Willis Reed - 36.0 PPG
vs. Elvin Hayes - 35.4 PPG
vs. Wes Unseld - 34.2 PPG
vs. Bill Lanier - 34.2 PPG
vs. Spencer Haywood - 31.8 PPG
vs. Walt Bellamy - 29.8 PPG

Then we get to the playoffs, where he led the Bucks to series wins over the Warriors, the legendary Wilt/West/Baylor Lakers, and a sweep of Wes Unseld's Bullets in the finals. Oh, and he had a 40 pt, 20 reb, 11 ast triple double that season, just because he could. Who knows what that might be if they recorded blocks that year. As Walt Frazier said, Oscar was the orchestrator, while Kareem was the devastator. And it could be argued that no one was ever as devastating and unstoppable than prime Kareem with his skyhook, even Wilt or Shaq.

Wootylicous 07-15-2013 11:42 AM

Charles Barkley 1992-1993

In his magical first season with the Suns, he won the NBA MVP while leading Phoenix to the league’s best record of 62-20 and a berth in the 1993 NBA Finals. The Suns lost to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in a memorable six-game series. He led the team in scoring (25.6 points), rebounding (12.2 rpg) and total assists (a career high 385). He ranked fifth in the NBA in scoring and sixth in rebounding and finished with career-best number from three-point range (67-for-220, .305).

Wootylicous 07-15-2013 11:57 AM

Moses Malone 81-82

Stats: 81 G, 42.0 MPG, 31.1 PPG, 14.7 RPG, 1.8 APG, 0.9 SPG, 1.5 BPG

Malone was an absolute force in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and his final season in Houston was certainly a memorable one as he took home his second MVP award. He finished first in the NBA in rebounding and second in scoring, and also led the league in minutes played as he shouldered a heavy burden on both ends of the floor for an otherwise lackluster Rockets squad.

During his remarkable season, he set personal bests in points in a game (53) and a season (31.1 PPG), and also set a league record for offensive rebounds in a game (21).

comahan 07-15-2013 03:50 PM

Karl Malone, PF, Utah Jazz, 1996-97

Regular Season
27.4 PPG, 9.9 RPG, 4.5 APG, 1.4 SPG, 0.6 BPG, .550 FG% (19.2 fga), .755 FT% (8.4 fta)

26.0 PPG, 11.4 RPG, 2.9 APG, 1.4 SPG, 0.8 BPG

Notable Metrics
28.9 PER, .600 TS%, 11.6 OWS, 5.1 DWS, 16.7 Total WS, .268 WS/48

First Team All NBA
First Team All Defense
League Leader in PER
League Leader in Win Shares
League Leader in Free Throws Made/Attempted
#2 in the League in Points/PPG
#2 in the League in Offensive WS and Win Shares Per 48 Minutes

One of the mailman's finest seasons, he recorded a career high in PER (which also led the league) to take the MVP away from some guy named Michael Jordan. His Jazz team won 64 games, while he helped them to series wins over Shaq's Lakers and Hakeem's Rockets on the way to Utah's first ever finals appearance, where they lost in six games to Michael's Bulls. Malone is arguably the greatest transition PF of all time, which fits perfectly next to the greatest fast break leader ever in Magic Johnson. Oh, and I think Malone's signature pick and roll perfection will be just fine without Stockton in this case. You have the unstoppable post game of Kareem, the lethal pick and roll of Magic/Malone, and two of the greatest transition players in NBA history, all in their best seasons.

Paul 07-15-2013 05:39 PM

2001-2002 Jason Kidd, PG

Regular Season
14.7 PPG, 9.9 AST, 7.3 RPG, 2.1 STL

Post Seasom
19.6 PPG, 9.1 AST, 8.2 RPG, 1.7 STL

All-NBA First Team
NBA All-Defensive First Team
2nd in MVP voting

Not a sexy pick, but it'll be difficult to find a point guard with Kidd's basketball IQ, court vision, leadership and ability to make everyone around him better. in the 01-02 season Kidd lead a mediocre Nets team to a 52-30 record and the NBA Finals. A 26-game improvement from the year before. A MVP type showing as he took a perennially bottom feeding team all the way to the finals. Kidd maybe one of the few point guards with the ability to keep both Kobe and Shaq happy. A must have on my team.

scottyboy 07-15-2013 06:06 PM

I forgot I have Internet phone. Dr j. 1981, MVP. Will edit later

MetSox17 07-15-2013 07:20 PM

Jerry "Mr. Clutch" West, SG, 1964-1965

All-NBA First Team

31 PPG (49%), 6 RPG, 5 APG. 25 PER, .261 WSp48

Playoff Averages: 40.6 PPG (11 games, NBA record that still stands), 5 RPG, 5 APG. 26.7 PER

6 game first round series vs Baltimore: 46.1 PPG (NBA Record, still stands)

The Logo is widely considered the second best shooting guard of all time, second only to Michael Jordan. He is literally the face of the NBA, his recognized cross over move became the NBA's logo after his magical career ended. Gonna grab some quotes here to help me describe Jerry West's illustrious career:

"What people don't realize is that Jerry West is one of the greatest defensive guards ever" - Red Auerbach, Tall Tales

"Jerry, i once wrote that success is a journey, and that the greatest honor a man can have is the respect and friendship of his peers. you have that more than any man i know. Jerry, you are, in every sense of the word, truly a champion. If i could have one wish granted, it would be that you would always be happy" - Bill Russell

"There is one intangible that nobody talks much about because it is hard to judge accurately, or even to judge at all. West seems to have a more settling influence on his team; he is not, like [Oscar]Robertson, a complainer. He does not bait officials" - Sports Illustrated, 1965

It is an absolute shame that The Logo didn't play in an era that kept track of steals, or had a 3pt line, as he would have greatly benefited from it due to his impressive range. He still managed to shoot 49% this year (a ridiculous number considering how long it took shooting to improve as a whole in the NBA), and had he had a 3pt line available to him, it would have stretched the floor even more to allow him space to create his own shot. As a defensive player, he was one of the best ever at playing passing lanes and swiping the ball away from defenders. The final year of his career was when they finally added the steals stat and he averaged 3 a game before he blew his knee out and ended his career. Jerry West is a winner, and an amazing scorer, and his presence not only gives my team another threat on the perimeter, but reinforces our defense with three of the best defenders in the history of the game.

TACKLE 07-15-2013 07:47 PM

2012-13 Kevin Durant


First Team All NBA
50/40/90 Club
NBA Allstar
#2 in MVP Voting
League Leader in Points (#2 in PPG)
League Leader in Free Throw Percentage (#2 in attempts)
#2 in PER, TS%, Offensive WS, Total WS, and WS/48
#3 in Defensive WS
Best Record in the Western Conference (60-22)


[Regular Season] 28.1 PPG, 7.9 RPG, 4.6 APG, 1.4 SPG, 1.3 BPG |.510 FG% (17.7 fga), .647 TS% ,.416 3P% (4.1 3pa), .905 FT% (9.3 FTA) | 28.3 PER

[Playoffs] 30.8 PPG, 9.0 RPG, 6.3 APG, 1.3 SPG, 1.1 BPG, .455 FG% (22.4 fga), .314 3P% (6.4 3PA), .830 FT% (10.2 FTA) | 26.0 PER

This was undeniably Kevin Durant's best year as a pro and one of the best ever for a SF. He joined the very exclusive 50/40/90 club which extra impressive for a jump shooter who takes as many shots and contested shots as he does. Really took a step forward as a rebounder and defender in 2012/13. Love what he brings to the table in this superstar team setting where he can create floor spacing for other studs, be a devastating sharpshooter working off the ball and has the ability to carry the offense.

Brodeur 07-15-2013 08:04 PM

2000-2001 Ray Allen

League leader in TS%
League leader in offensive win shares, regular season and postseason
Second in league in wins produced and offensive win shares

Regular season: 22 PPG (48%), 2.5 threes a game (43%), 5.2 RPG, 4.6 APG, 1.5 SPG
Postseason: 25 PPG (48%), 3.3 threes a game (48%), 4.1 RPG, 6.0 APG, 1.3 SPG

I wanted an elite shooter at shooting guard who didn't need the ball in his hands, but was still a very good passer for his position, so I took Ray Allen. Ray was absolutely amazing on offense this season, with a ridiculous 61% TS for a shooting guard. He capped it off by matching it in the playoffs, where he lead everyone in offensive win shares despite not making the finals. He took a team with very little talent to 1 win away from being in the finals. He didn't get the accolades he deserved in the regular season (he didn't have 900 shots a game like Iverson, clearly that's his fault), but he was clearly the superior player.

bantx 07-15-2013 08:31 PM

John Stockton 1989-1990
Dirk Nowitzki 2010-2011

Will post my write up tonight!

Brodeur 07-15-2013 09:06 PM

1994-1995 David Robinson

-First team all defense
-First team All NBA
-League leader in win shares, defensive win shares, offensive win shares
-League leader in wins produced
-League leader in PER
-Top 10 in steals, rebounds, points, blocks

Regular season: 27.6 PPG (53%, 60.2 TS%), 10.8 RPG, 2.9 APG, 1.7 SPG, 3.2 BPG
Playoffs: 25.3 PPG, 12.1 RPG, 3.1 APG, 1.5 SPG, 2.6 BPG

The last truly great all around center left, basically. I always say that I prefer Admiral to Hakeem, and I'll stick by that because I can. He might have had better years in a sense, but this year he went head to head with Hakeem with a worse team and put up a hell of a fight in the playoffs. He was an excellent scorer for a big man (more efficient than Hakeem), a great rebounder, a great shot-blocker, he could force turnovers, etc. He could basically do it all, and combine his ridiculous muscles with KG, and you have sexyness on the inside. Plus, all four of my roster so far are well above average passing at their positions.

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