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BallerT1215 10-08-2013 07:00 PM

Week 6 Discussion Thread
Hines is apparently balls deep in baseball so here we go - On to Week 6!

Denver vs. Jax should have an accelerated clock.

SunTzu_22 10-08-2013 07:05 PM

Get ready for The Thaddeus Lewis Experience!

On a homer note; I cant believe that the Ravens vs Packers isnīt at least a 4pm game.

BallerT1215 10-08-2013 07:08 PM

Thad Lewis .....is .....probably...going to disappoint my already low expectations.

And at least Flacco doesn't have to stare down Clay this week every play.

Pat Sims 90 10-08-2013 07:15 PM

No Thad Lewis will look like a Pro Bowl caliber QB and the Bengals will get stomped. Thats how this team works have a let down after a good win.

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