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Saints67 hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

Originally Posted by sweetness34
Originally Posted by Saints67
Originally Posted by sweetness34
Originally Posted by Saints67
oh it's going to be sweet when we beat the bears. 8)

it really irks me, to what i am seeing in this thread about my team.
Why? If you were in our shoes you'd be tired of it too. I'm sorry but this "team of destiny" crap has to stop, it really does.

It really irks me to hear the media talking about the Saints but not the Bears. It irks me to think that we don't even matter in this game. It irks me to hear the media acting like the Saints are the only ones playing for their fans and for their city.

I feel sorry for the city of New Orleans and the victims of Katrina, but but the players have not rebuilt any houses, they have not given anyone free tickets to the game, etc...

Take a look at the poll dude, if anyone should be mad it should be Bear fans, but we could really care less. We know we can win this game and we think we will win this game.
well deal with it with the saints and media coverage about it..it is what it is.

and no if i was another fan of a team, i would still pull for the saints..after what the team had to go through and the city...no-brainer.

and yes they have rebuilded houses, stadiums, and so on...you have to follow the local coverage though. they are also rebuilding the people, city's spirit...which for some local natives is more important. and they have given free tickets to victims...Scott Fujita (our LB) gave tickets away for the Giants game.

the people have their own opinion on who will win...whats wrong with the saints winning and not 'da bears'?? obviously they see who might be the better team. and obviously you guys care if you won' stop talking about the saints.

PS- your sick of the saints?? I live in Wisconsin...and i'm sick of how alot of radio guys here and fans think 'da bears' are the cream and crop of the NFC.
We've been the cream of the crop of the NFC all season long dude, we went undefeated against the NFC this season (I don't count the Green Bay loss).

You are cocky IMO about this game. You think you're just going to roll over us without a problem? If you think that, you're sorely mistaken my friend. Shows me that you don't respect us as an opponent.

I'm not guaranteeing anything, but the Bears and the Saints are very closely matched up.
you think you were the cream of the crop, look at your sec for the NFC along with playing each North teams 2 times. and you know alot of people think the bears had it easy.

and where does it say that im cocky and were going roll over?? no-where...oh you must be thinking when i said 'oh its going to be sweet when we beat them'...thats cause i was ticked off at what i was reading...you would be too.
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